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newbie called "Nyseides" makes progress

Discussion in 'Optimal Labs' started by nyseides, Jul 25, 2013.

  1. nyseides

    nyseides New Member

    I've never posted here before but have been reading for months. I'm 49, hashi's hypoT with persistent symptoms even on NDT when tsh totally suppressed, even when I've had decent Ft3 and 4 levels.

    I have been low carb for 18 months. I lost weight but got clinical depressive relapse after 6 month VLC... argh. I'd "carb-up" , not be able to stop, and gain a bunch of weight. tried again. same. vlc x 6 months, become suicidal, eat for a month, gain 15 pounds. my all time high was 185 lbs. i'm 5'4 currently 160. bf around 38%.

    read in kruse forums that i might have Iodine deficiency problem.

    sure enough got tested at hakala labs and they said my I uptake only 69% (optimal 90). Don't have fluoridated water here so didn't test that. did test for bromide. My bromide excretion was 4.19mg/24 hrs (range <5mg/24 hours though interestingly, i have reverse slope hearing loss...the very very very rare form of hearing loss of the low sounds that bromide exposure as a kid can cause. so. i was interested if that was related...I dunno)

    i did not begin Iodine supp yet because i knew in the past whenever my thyroid was working again my adrenals tanked, so I thought I would explore adrenal health first.

    I began by following leptin reset x 10 weeks, autoimmune epipaleo diet, (i eat very high fat diet. moderate protein very low carb. daily i have seafood. eg canned oysters mussels, tuna. or frozen scallops, shrimp, fish, occassional fresh fish caught in northwestern ontario. trout. yum. also eat some beef pork baconfat. main fuel is coconut oil in tea, or i make it into "bars" like pemican. no eggs. i use goat milk for tea but no cheese. i eat fermented food eg miso, strained goat yogurt, gonna make pickles with the whey. i love kombucha, bubbies pickles $$. eat raw almonds. some greens, cucs, no goitrogen veggies...makes me very hypoT.

    bought bluelight blocker glasses, in bed by 11, turned off the wifi. no clue what else I'm 'posed to do about emf's but willing. magnetico could be this month because i getting a bucket of money end of july. is that a priority? i am organic gardener and am already outside in the dirt every day.

    have done CT x 2 weeks so far. shopping for neoprene.

    pretty significant changes to my life. holy. giving up eggs was hard but i don't miss it now. giving up the microwave was hard but now i make tea in a copper teapot and cook every day in cast iron.

    got first set of labs, and based on that, added supplements.
    4 June 2013

    ecg =normal

    B12= 330(198-615 pmol/L)

    (note started taking high potency liquid multi B with tons of B12, every second day)

    hemoglobin = 137 (120-160 g/L)

    ketones= >8 mmol/L) = hi

    fasting glucose = 4.8 (3-6 mmol/L)

    creatine =57 (45-97 umol/L)

    ALT=28 (10-44 U/L)

    alkaline phophatase = 63 (45-129 U/L)

    ck = 52 (29-165 U/L)

    LDL =3.44 mmol/L (high?)

    HDL = 1.86

    chol = 5.75

    TG =1

    (note these labs reflect me still on NDT 1.25 grains - signs of severe hypoT)

    FT3= 4.9 (3.5-6.5 pmol/L)

    TSH =<.05 mIU/L = lo

    FT4 = 16 (9-23 pmol/L)

    anti TPO = 60 = hi (:love:5 IU/mL)

    anti-TG = 746 = hih (<40 IU/mL)

    (Note am open to the idea of low dose naltrexone therapy for autoantibodies. my doc said no. of course. she refuses to write t3 only therapy too, but she is willing to refer if I find someone who will. so far I have not found anyone in ontario. I'm in thunder bay. I asked jack on facebook if he has any buddies in toronto or winnipeg he said nope... i bought t3 online from mexico and began on my own. went off NDT.

    ferritin =38 (10-291 ug/L)

    (note started taking 350 mg ferrous gluconate 3 x/day with vit c, eating liver pate, cooking in my cast iron)

    albumin creatinine ration U = .7 (<2.8 mg/mmol)

    25 hyydroxy vit d = 108 (75-250 nmol/L)

    (note starting taking 10,000 IU and more time outside, as soon as i wake up, 7 am go for a walk. got rid of sunglasses.)

    part two of post to follow
  2. nyseides

    nyseides New Member

    was reading about Reverse T3, but could not find a way to get the test here. Made a lot of sense that I was not getting T3 into cells even though labs are normal.

    Several years ago when I first went on dessicated thryoid, I was accidentally over-medicated, but for two years. It was a nightmare. Doc was not used to the dosing. I was asking for increases, and she agreed. I ended up with what i think was severe adrenal problems although I did not fail synacthen (ACTH test) so its not Addisons. But I never got Saliva so not sure what my cortisol status was. medical labs said normal right. i self treated with hydrocortisone x one year, took up yoga, and gardening. i think it saved my life. i recovered, but still had that terrible fear of adrenal crashes. I was in and out of emerg so many times. i resolved to never get over-medication on dessicated again. but never really got rid of my hypothyroid symptoms. (i suspect most conventionally treated hashi's never do, because of course medicine does not treat the illness, only symptoms.)

    now, I'm determined to get rid of symptoms of hypothyroidism and adrenal weakness. i do not accept being depressed and fat and fatigued and balding unless there is nothing left to try. lol.

    so I was reading with great interest about circadian T3 method to strengthen adrenals, and decided it was a good experiment. so july 8 i quit taking my dessicated thryoid, and went on T3 only.

    began T3 only with 10 mcg , 1.5 hrs before waking. in one day on T3 only, I felt like my old self. I mean, holy relief from hypo-T symtpoms : feeling cold, brain fog, depression, joint pain, fatigue, carpal tunnel in both arms, constipation, swollen tongue. i can't tell if my hair is growing back but I feel so much better. just had TOM and it was normal. no more heavy heavy bleeding. like it was 5 times lighter than lately. also, no more migraines. wow. could T3 help so much so fast? a few days later I tried adding 5 mcg in afternoon. Bad idea.

    I am having (what i think are ) terrible adrenal crashes since I switched to t3 only therapy. Its like any demand like stress or exercise, trying to start a new job, disagreement, sunshine, working outside when its warm, any demand on me and my BP crashes, blood sugar crashes, I get dizzy, diarrhea, stomach pain, shooting pain in the kidney area, nausea, weak, fainty, brittle, completely unable to cope with any stress, fall to pieces, cannot think, cannot stand. Lying down, my BP goes back up a little. I discovered drinking licorice tea (someone said 1 T powdered licorice = 22.5 mg hydrocortisone?) and miso broth (sodium?) and sips of coconut water (potassium) helps. I will start to feel better after a while, but it leaves me feeling like I got run over by a mac truck.

    I'm a mess. but i don't see hydrocortisone as a good thing for me. when I was on it, (20mg) before is when my weight went up to 185. sucks. i ordered licorice root powdered at the health food store.

    Need to talk to someone. Got new labs back today and curious where to post to ask for suggestions. I'm resourceful and committed and my income is from social assistance disability only so i find ways to use provincial health insurance and my drug plan...

    hscrp = 1 (<1 =low risk of cardiovascular event 1-3 =average risk, and >3 =high risk)

    (note last month been taking 6 g fish oil, 5 g vit c, 1200 mg vit e)

    p:e2 ratio day 23 of cycle= 37

    (just started taking maca 1500mg, milk thistle seed 80% extract 750mg. can look into aromitase inhibitors as well. do not want to take hormones if not necessary.

    testost= 1.4 (<1.8nmol/L)

    FSH =6 (luteal 1-8 IU/L)

    cortisol 8 am serum 431 (170-720 nmol/L)

    (note today I got my doc to order pm cortisol, 24 hour cortisol i would try to do as a "spot test" late at night. what other labs will help?

    any suggestions gratefully appreciated. I'm so bummed to be a shaky weak mental case. I was so encouraged that T3 only worked! should I stop taking any thyroid hormone for a while? Is that what's crashing my adrenals? i'm a smart girl but I'm baffled. thanks. xo
  3. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Hi and welcome. If I understand your post correctly. ....you seem to be applying a lot of things on your own? You really need a Doc who will be a partner in all of this.
    Dr. K. Isn't a fan of fish oil and I think hydrocortisone is pretty serious stuff. Are you under a Doctors care?

    There is a post your labs thread - someone will have a look as soon as they have a spare minute.

    In my opinion - you need to slow down a bit and read Dr. K's blogs .....especially ones that pertain to your situation....
    Hormones 101 and 102 etc.

    It is not optimal to throw the kitchen sink at yourself until you get a plan of action.

    Just keep reading and asking questions....

    I can certainly understand your frustrations with all your health concers - it is the same for all of us but we didn't get broken overnite and it is going to take time. Some here have been working on their health for years.

    Dr. Kruse is teaching us to understand our own issues and then learn how to fix them - but we certainly need a partner Doc.

    Have you listened to the last webinar with Misty and Gretchen? And Gretchen is going to be doing a boot camp on this very subject.

    The webinars are extremely helpful and Jacks podcasts as well.

    Jacks book is a great resource for an overview of all of this ....available on amazon ....in paper or kindle
  4. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    I agree with Caroline. You're in the right spot but you lack the info to create the wisdom you need right now.......you will get there if you put in the effort.

    If you have a plan in life and you are using someone elses energy to get there; this is not a plan, it is a problem. Our goal should be to create our masterpiece from our passions and efforts. At the moment of our greatest accomplishments, human nature is to slow down and begin to enjoy the moment. Success breeds comfort and comfort leads us to slack from our mission. If the slide is short, a slacker can still maintain great potential. But if it lasts more than a few days, the result can be the formation of a 'lacker' because they begin to refuse to use their efforts.

    Even successful people can become slackers because we can bask in the glory of our accomplishments and retire early. Remember there are no parking lots in the road to your optimal. Don’t give in to the inertia of ordinary living or average performance.

    Begin to live as though you will be judged one day by "what your potential was" not on "what you did in life". Give life 100% of what you got every day you can, no matter your success or failures.
  5. nyseides

    nyseides New Member

    My intuition seems to be coming online. Have peaceful sleep now, with dreams. (LS?) What came to me yesterday was that adrenals prolly not able to produce enough cortisol if only taking 30 mcg T3. so I took 40 mcg yesterday and no adrenal crash. Sometimes Ocar is right lol.

    My lovely GP has entirely conventional understanding of adrenals. I'm lucky she wrote dessicated thyroid based on symptoms. I respect that she refuses to write T3 only, and has offered to refer me to someone who does, and that someone I have yet to find. Have advertised online and to the universe that I am shopping for a doc who will. In the meantime, I informed her that I went ahead without her, bought the T3 online. She has agreed to do the labs. My doc's response yesterday to my fears about adrenals was to offer to have me wear BP holter for 24 hours, and to send me for another AM/PM serum cortisol. I am under a doctor's care. She was interested to hear T3 only therapy gave reprieve of hypoT symptoms. And then she reminds me I'm the big fat placebo queen. lol. I love her. She's allowed.

    My deep wish is to create a network of practitioners who follow Kruse protocols to assist others. I see myself organizing part of the media machine that's going to be necessary to create the political will to get shit covered by insurance. I've been involved in similar campaigns, and as a systemic advocate, have had some success in Ontario getting various laws changed that affects funding for disabled people in Ontario, for example.

    One of my heroes is Canadian Dr. Jay Wurtman - from "My big fat diet - the documentary. He proved he could save Canadian Federal Gov't health budget billions from results of his experiment putting the entire Aboriginal community of Alert on VLC diet and cured their diabetes, for example. I believe he had funding through Atkins guys. We need longitudinal studies using Jack's protocols. Not sure who could fund a study on Jack's ideas, but based on the high number of cult-like followers around here, (like moi) and the supernatural results possible, am completely confident we can find funders. Let you know when I find them. Cheers. xo
  6. nonchalant

    nonchalant Silver

    I think the Magnetico is a good idea.
  7. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    July webinar hits that Nonchalant.....in a bigger way than ever before.
  8. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    Consider getting back to Natural Thyroid hormones, but reduce dose to such that will give you TSH(0.5-1.0)

    Eat selenium and Lugol's, gradually get into 50mg/day iodine.

    Do not eat nightshades.
    Do not eat fish oils or krill oils
    Eat (Epi-Paleo-Rx) per dr Kruse
    Follow all dr Kruse's recomendations.

    Look at my posts on this thread:

    Spectracell test
    Look at my long list of tests meant for LabCorp.

    Try to recreate similar list for lines
    1, 4-19
    do blood draw for that list on day 2-4 of your menstrual cycle
    for a month or better two months before blood draw,
    stay on exactly the same schedule with all your supplementation and any medications.

    Post results here I will help you to optimize your Steroid Hormone Panel.
    Post results of Spectracell test. All defficiencies and close calls will need to be supplemented.

    I am not a doctor.


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