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New podcast out 11/1/2017: Why I embrace discomfort.

Discussion in 'Redox Rx' started by Jack Kruse, Nov 1, 2017.

  1. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Part one was released last week and now Part 2 is now live in the HealthCast Now Podcast. Kevin says, "part two of my interview with Dr. Jack Kruse on the HealthCast Now PodcastPodcast." We get into why functional medicine has as deep a problem as allopathic medicine. We also also talk about Nick Lane's Vital Question for the coming age of quantum biology. We also talk about the coming age of Virtual hospitals and we talk about the functional medicine template and my Patreon blog called "Why ask why?" We talk about the Asprey podcast where I shifted gears and tried to get you to look off the menu of options. We talk about what happened in Vermont this past June about how the quantum biology was getting people to ask off the menu. We talk about the Paleo Fx keynote speech and why it is not about food. We talk about the 2017 Nobel Prize for medicine. We talk about why food events and conferences that create the group think mentality. We talk about why medical conferences invite discomfort and how it relates to negativity bias. We talk about autism cluster and the germ line. Why is this a big question??? It has been estimated by Dr. Doug Wallace that 85-90% of modern human disease is mitochondrial based. This is controlled by one of the genomes in cells. The two genomes in cells are the nuclear genome where DNA is located and the mitochondrial genome which is bacterial based that makes all the energy in a cell. Medicine and research completely focuses in on the nuclear genome and virtually ignores the effects of the mitochondrial genome on disease propagation. I did a presentation in June in Vermont 2017 and challenged my audience to see how missing AM light as the key point could lead us astray with our beliefs about obesity, another mitochondrial disease tied to a lack of AM sunlight in the Visible/IR-A/UV-A frequencies. This is akin to haveing an off the menu issue that goes unadressed can set you back far. Without knowing about this light issue in the eye, you can be taken advantage of by functional medicine and supplement makers by selling "detox solutions" instead of focusing in on redox answers to reverse the problem. The detox solution do nothing but enrich the messenger and do not help the patient. It turns out redox solutions are cheap and provided by nature, but are inconvenient for the modern lifestype. Nothing worth doing for mitochondria comes via a shortcut. Mold/fungus/toxins are all made worse by nnEMF because of one reason: Blue light and nnEMF decreases the amount of water a mitochondria makes. It also allows the cell to add too much deuterium to the water creation process that causes a cell to swell. When you couple dehydration and deuterium assilimation inside your cell this leads to ELEVATED HETEROPLASMY RATES AND CHRONIC DISEASES. This lowered redox state offers less protection of the interior of the cell to nnEMF/blue light because all forms of light radiation is drawn to deuterium and not to H+. Moreover, because water, in its H20 form, is a natural Faraday cage to all forms of nnEMF but the sun's spectrum. Visible light is unique in how it works with water without deuterium in it. So the less water our mitochondrion makes the more susceptible we become to the chronic effects of nnEMF. the more deuterium we collect the more electrosensitive to EMF we become and the lower the redox state is because it fosters swelling inside the mitochondrion. This is why mold/toxin/fungus are not something to detox from, instead the wise move is to increase your redox potential endogenously to foster a reversal by lowering your heteroplasmy rate as the FIRST MOVE. Functional and allopathic medicine are interested in treatments because they are businesses and quantum biologists are more interested in reversal of diseases. On the surface, to the non mitochondriac, this sounds very wrong and counterintuitive because they do not understand how light and deuterium work in quantized fashion. Moreover, to a mitochondriac it makes perfect sense because they know the first move is to hack the environment of nnEMF to improve the amount of water inside the cell, deuterium deplete and lower heteroplasmy rates. What does this best in a cell? SUNLIGHT and cold in combination improves the redox status fastest because it makes the most deuterium depleted water inside the mitochondria and cytosol of the cell. This water then becomes a perfect liquid crystal receptacle for solar energy in the visible range. We must always focus on redox, and not detox as the first Rx. People who have you focus on detox or supplements first, are people who are looking to separate you from your dollars. Mitochondriac handbook 101. Have a listen to part 2. https://www.facebook.com/healthcastnow/
  2. Jason Coates

    Jason Coates Losing the Shade.

    Autism and cold adaption??? “We suspect that the early development of inherited autism was in part an evolutionary response to ultra-harsh climatic conditions at the height of the last Ice Age. Without the development of autism-related abilities in some people, it is conceivable that humans would not have been able to survive in a freezing environment in which finding food required enhanced skills”, she said.

    Prehistoric autism helped produce much of the world's earliest great art, study says
    Harsh Ice Age conditions may have favoured the selection of genes which allowed some humans to focus on tasks in great detail for long periods, scientists believe


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