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New here. Greetings From northern Utah!

Discussion in 'Meet and Greet' started by Nick84032, Jan 8, 2019.

  1. Nick84032

    Nick84032 New Member

    Hi all.
    Been a devout follower of jack on fb for a year and a half now. Figured id step it up a notch and actually join in to the thick of it here. Since a lot of the fb posts are just teasers. Silver member as of last week, going to cut back on some other expenses and move up when I can.

    No lights in my House concentrate the blue spectrum. Either all red lizard lights or 40-60w incandescents. After sun is down candles or one 50w red light are on. Of course morning sunrise every morning. Cold showers, the works. I even use my fireplace instead of central heating when I can. Idk if that makes a difference but doesn’t hurt. Got a flicker free LED PBM device on the way too.

    Currently eating only meat till spring comes around, I try and not eat after 3-4pm. All nnemf that is in my control is off except when I need it. I’m single so that makes all of this really easy lol.

    What led me here:
    I had the damndest time falling asleep for years and was fairly obese and had been my whole life. Randomly a friend showed me jacks fb page and it all started there. I began with the leptin rx (last winter), doing “the winter protocol” as i call it, and despite eating carbs in summer, I’m now a healthy 175 lbs (down from 245) and work as a furniture mover, and I fall asleep really easily. Very active. Lots of sunlight everyday. I basically work out in the sun. It’s been a blessing. Since I started using jacks wisdom I have gotten two raises and was able to become a crew leader.

    But I live at 6000ft... Trying to find a way to move south and to lower elevation. I moved up here from sea level 3 years ago, today actually, and could not climb stairs easily at all for 5 months. I also came addicted to IV heroin, I came for rehab. I watched the sunrise every morning I could because “sun gazing” was something I learned about in my late twenties and tried it for 30 days and it helped then with my anxiety and other mental problems. But was told that after 30 days I could no longer do it lol. What a joke. After doing it again I was the happiest most energetic patient in my rehab. I was the one spreading hope that the pain of withdrawal would end. But I was still 240 pounds and gaining more each day. (Trading alcohol and drugs for carbs is a common practice... and now I was at 6000ft in the dead of winter) interestingly, as noted above, today is my 3 year anniversary of my last day of shooting up drugs. 1/8/16 was the last day I used.

    Reading more I’ve realized that my years in front of a computer from a VERY young age was what did it. And explains why I was a MASSIVE 235 pounds at 12 years old.....I see my life in retrospect wishing to have been able to make one change that would have prevented All the misery... cut out the computer... my myopic vision would be better too. Only one in my family with glasses....

    Anyways I hope to grasp this wisdom at a higher level here and begin attending member events. I’ve begun studying biochem in my down time, currently starting with metabolism/AMPk, UCP1, lipolysis/glycolysis etc. The basics. As well as their upstream signaling pathways. Whenever a new term or pathway is mentioned I briefly look it up and take notes. I have a thick notebook that is filling up quick. Complete with diagrams and details. It’s addicting and I hope to maybe enter the world of biochem professionally someday, albeit armed with mitochondriac wisdom.
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  2. Congrats on being clean for 1 year! Keep up watching the sunrise everyday and eating seafood. There's a ton of info on the forum and in the blogs and webinars. The podcasts Jack has been on are likewise really great starting points.
  3. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator


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