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New Guinea Pigs

Discussion in 'HCG Protocol' started by colleencoble, Mar 19, 2012.

  1. Ane

    Ane New Member

    Welcome Momere!
  2. Thank you. I am off to shop for compression shirt and ice packs. I have loads of sweet potatoes in the oven and pork roast/bacon on for loading days. Coconut milk and chocolate?

    Am I missing anything?
  3. Shinegirl

    Shinegirl New Member

    Good job planning an optimal load. Wish i would have thought of that. Sugar starch loading all day packed on some serious lbs! No joke 15lbs in 2 days! Learn from these mistakes people!!!!
  4. Honey Crisp

    Honey Crisp New Member

    Today is my VLCD 1 for me. I can't say I enjoyed my loading day. I am ready to get this round done and head into Leptin Rx.
  5. colleencoble

    colleencoble New Member

    trish, it might be that hcg helped your thyroid so much that it elevated your temp. Many of us are cold on it though. Did you use real hcg?

    momere, your planned break will be fine. Sounds like you are doing great!

    Honey Crisp, I always hate loading days so I'm not actually going to load this time. I'm just going to eat normal paleo. I might indulge in a bit of dark chocolate but that's going to be it. :)
  6. jeepifer@gmail.com

    jeepifer@gmail.com New Member

    1. Vegetables have carbs.

    2. You body will convert any glucose it needs from protein.

    Don't sweat it, skip the breadsticks and fruit. ;)
  7. rbu5@sssnet.com

    rbu5@sssnet.com New Member

    Omygosh--dropped 1.4#'s in one day. I usually am a .5 pound or nothing loser.

  8. colleencoble

    colleencoble New Member

  9. lynn@ellijay.com

    lynn@ellijay.com New Member

    I have now been on this round - HCG (inj) + CT for one week. Really my losses have been very typical of my other 2 rounds, maybe a bit less but of course I am not starting at the same place as I was for the others. But truly what I want to happen with adding the CT to the protocol is an easier stabilization. It would be great to have that LIW be the real sticking point without bouncing around, especially those first couple of weeks on P3. I have been doing more spot CT'ing than the baths because it is just harder to get in the cold bathtub when I am colder on the HCG (more shivering!) And really I'm colder - about 1 degree less than normal. I eat 2 meals without the breadsticks and usually no fruit, but I have had a couple of apples when I feel like I need it. I have NO hunger on the shots; have done the hHCG drops/pellets the last times and this is SO much better. Will keep you posted. :)
  10. Shinegirl

    Shinegirl New Member

    Colleen, you said that you dont weigh veggies and you eat as much as you want. Is this okay if it goes over 500 cal limit? I feel like i need my stomach to feel very full to last the 5 hour break between. Big salads are my lunch and dinner. All my protein for breakfast. Getting CT through drinking lots of iced beverages, baths and spot CT. It helps stave off hunger for me.
  11. Zoe Patricia

    Zoe Patricia New Member

    Colleen, brilliant... skip loading. I am terrified of it as I gained so much last time. I was thinking of just adding sweet potatoes and butter to my mostly steak diet for loading. but now I am thinking I will just add an extra steak.

    My plan for protocol is to weigh out 500 calories of grass fed lean fillet mignon and divide into 4 portions. 2 portions for breakfast and one portion for lunch and one for dinner. Do you think there is a problem with eating meat every day, or most days. I do eat shrimp and lobster but I feel best eating meat.
  12. I need a little advice I mixed a 5000 iu vial with the 2cc of B-water then added it to the empty vial but I guess my vial is too small I was only able to about 10 cc or ½ the water needed. Would this mean I need to take less mixture in my morning shot? Maybe 3cc’s instead of 6?

    Went to Target and they had tons of the MAXCOLD natural ice. I got six there where $2.99, also bought a Bell slimmer belt men’s. I may get another one. Need to see how well this works first.

    Thanks for the warm (cool) :) welcome. Need to find a site to post meals, daily weight, and measurements. What site do you use?
  13. colleencoble

    colleencoble New Member

    shinegirl, what dose are you on? There shouldn't be a problem going at least 4-5 hours between meals. The empty feeling is actually good as long as it's not actual hunger. You should not go over the 500 calorie limit. I can only eat so many veggies and I've never gone over the limit.

    Momere, you have a total of 10 cc of mix with your 5000 hcg? That's fine. You'd take 30 units for a dose of 150 iu.
  14. Shinegirl

    Shinegirl New Member

    Hhcg 20 drops 2x day in am after breakfast and again after dinner : /
  15. colleencoble

    colleencoble New Member

    You might try skipping your drops and see if the hunger is gone by the end of the day.
  16. Honey Crisp

    Honey Crisp New Member

    I'm contemplating journaling this Hcg round/Leptin Rx. Should I do it under the HCG Protocol or Optimal Journal?
  17. Shinegirl

    Shinegirl New Member

    Ok. Im also skipping breakfast to see if losses are any different. 1st loss day vlc i dropped 5 lbs - Simeons timing. Exactly 1 lb loss each day after with Kruse timing and subbing more protein. All with CT. It is the first week though and i am menstruating everybody! Finally!

    I 'll let you know if i stay hungry and or drop more or less!
  18. Honey Crisp

    Honey Crisp New Member

    Yesterday was my first day of VLCD. I gained 5 lbs from loading and I dropped 2.4 lbs today. I did CT, showering and tub. I've been keeping my menu/timing according to Hcg Protocol. I'm waiting for my mailman to deliver all my vitamins and supplements recommended for Hcg Protocol.

    I did my first iced face dunk this morning.
  19. eleveneleven

    eleveneleven New Member

    Hi! I've done one round of hCG before, but I managed to gain all the weight back (devastating, but...it happens). During my first round, I lost 15 pounds in 35 days (including the load weight, I lost about 20 lbs) which wasn't TOO great, but it got me pretty close to goal. I've started eating paleo and in accordance with the leptin reset, but since I need to lose about 30 pounds, I'm waiting for more hCG to get here and then I'm going to do a second round. I've already decided to eat only Simeon's approved foods but with leptin reset timing, and then add CT in at night after dinner. Because I'm going full paleo, I'm leaving out the fruit and the breadsticks. I know I'm most likely not going to be able to start until the first or second week of April, depending on when the hCG gets here, but this is what a day will most likely look like for me:

    Breakfast (within 30 minutes of waking):

    8oz chicken breast

    1.5 cup spinach

    .25 cup raw kraut

    Calories: 273, Protein: 54g

    Lunch/Dinner (timing depends on hunger, but no later than 6pm):

    4oz sea bass

    100g asparagus

    .25 cup fermented vegetable (either a different kind of kraut or sugar-free kimchee)

    Calories: 198

    (might be a bit higher or lower each day depending on protein and vegetables)

    I'm excited to try this, truly. I might add in lunch with a few ounces of protein and another vegetable if I'm really hungry some days, but I'll never exceed 500 calories or go fewer than 4 hours between meals. Can't wait to see the results you guys have with hCG and CT, too!
  20. rbu5@sssnet.com

    rbu5@sssnet.com New Member


    I'm not sure it's protocol to do 2 veggies in a meal. Maybe Colleen will chime in on that. I keep my veggie to one a meal but just eat more protein and veggie to get to the 250 cals/meal. Sometimes I just add it up and add extra at dinner. I do know it is hard to get all the calories in I need to without the fruit and melba, but I do try.

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