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New Guinea Pigs

Discussion in 'HCG Protocol' started by colleencoble, Mar 19, 2012.

  1. miper70

    miper70 New Member

    Ok, so I am thinking of doing this also. I have had my weight off by doing hCG for 3.5 years now, but I never lost the last 10-15 lbs that I could really afford to lose. I thought the leptin rx would help with this, but it hasn't. I "may" start a round of hCG with added CT the second week of April when I get back from vacation.

    I will tell you though, I just got blood work back and my numbers look fantastic (been doing rx since October). My autoimmune disease (hashis) is nowhere to be found. My ANA titer was negative and no antibodies at all. Mt reverse t3 is cleared, etc. I could go on and on with all the good things happening, but I know this is not the right thread for that.

    Now I just want to lose my last 15 lbs and be done with it.

  2. momto2

    momto2 New Member

    Yes I am doing HCG as well :)
  3. Honey Crisp

    Honey Crisp New Member

    You can't count me in! I have 10 to 15 pounds to lose. I've been on the fence about doing another round, but decided to go for it after experimenting a few times with CT. Today is my first loading day.
  4. Ane

    Ane New Member

    Lori - I use Neutrogena oil-free moisturiser for face and Bare Minerals for make-up while I am doing VLCD. Hope that helps!
  5. Shinegirl

    Shinegirl New Member

    Hello everyone, today is my first day on round 3 p2. Gained 10 lbs on loading yesterday. WHY didnt i think to load OPTIMALLY? I felt so horribly bloated i could barely sit! From 143 to 153 overnight. The only thing that helped me feel better was an ice bath. Today...miserable and cold. I need suggestions as how to proceed. Going all bland foods for 21 days just need to know timing and micronutrients. Please!
  6. colleencoble

    colleencoble New Member

    [QUOTE I am currently taking thyroid medication, Cytomel, can I continue on this during HCG? I plan to cut out all the oil based vitamins such as A and D3 and the fish oil, but want to keep the L-Glutamin, adreanal booster, and any others that are non oil based, is this a good idea or should I stop them all? When TOM rolls around again, I stop the patches, but continue to eat on plan, correct? I am currently looking for a no oil foundation, any suggestions. I currently use make up from 100% pure, but my tinted moisturizer has oil in it. All other makeup I will discontinue.

    Looking for flaws or suggestions for my plan.



    You can take your meds. I take all mine when on hcg. Just be watching for signs that you may need to lower your cytomel. I also stop oil supplements myself.
  7. colleencoble

    colleencoble New Member

    I'm not sure what you're asking, Shinegirl. Are you doing something different from the normal hcg foods. I've never tracked micronutruients and actually don't plan to. I'm just going to follow protocol with the addition of going at least 5 hours between food and adding CT.
  8. Shinegirl

    Shinegirl New Member

    Colleen, im disappointed in starting off on the wrong foot with the loading. When doing LRx before everything was great, timing, meal contents, etc. Now im just so lost starting p2 I just want to know how much protein/veggies and when? Protocol with fruit or protein only. Doesnt dr K eat more carbs in spring and summer (seasonal foods)?
  9. colleencoble

    colleencoble New Member

    If I do another round, I will eliminate the fruit and add in 200 calories more of protein which I'll eat in the morning. Is that what you mean? I don't weigh veggies. I just eat what I want of the allowed veggies.
  10. Raine02

    Raine02 New Member

    Perfect, thanks!
  11. Raine02

    Raine02 New Member

    Thanks for all the help. I also plan to continue my CT, I won't be starting for a few weeks but will keep everyone updated on my progress, this is a great group.
  12. Shinegirl

    Shinegirl New Member

    Yes! This is what i was asking.
  13. rbu5@sssnet.com

    rbu5@sssnet.com New Member

    Colleen, are you going to eat a total of 700 cals per day then? Going to 2 or 3 meals a day.

    I am just eating the protein in the am, veggie at lunch and then both at dinner. I just like having that little to eat in between meals.

    I am slogging along, losing the usual 1/2# per day for the last 14 days. Stair step too, just like before.
  14. MaggieC

    MaggieC New Member

    In thinking about P2, isn't the only thing that matters is that you keep your calories at or around 500? If we did that, no matter what we ate, we would have to burn the fat in our bodies to make up the deficit. Wouldn't eating fat (as we do eating primal) just prime our bodies to burn fat instead of sugar?

    The Gods know I'm no scientist, and Simeon apparently got it wrong about our bodies needing carbs for our brains to work. I bet it would be worth a test to see if we could do 200 calories worth of protein and the rest fat to see how our bodies react. What do you guys think of that? Has anyone tried it? I'm wondering if Simeon said "NO FAT" to keep his patients from going down a slippery slope. For us it would make more sense to say "NO CARBS"!

    I agree with you Colleen, I won't be eating apples and oranges if I go back on P2, I would rather have the protein. Maybe an occasional handful of raspberries, which is what I do now. I have to do blood work and see where I'm at before I think about going back on P2. If I have to then, I'll count fish oil capsules toward my calorie count. I think I'm better off with it than without it, just a hunch.
  15. rocketmom

    rocketmom New Member

    Interesting concept. However, I think I would kill :p for an apple after going three weeks without fruit. I remember barely making it thru Atkins and feeling less hunger because I was so bored with the meals. I was able to easily forgo the melba in R1, and don't plan on adding it to R2. Maybe I need something to look forward to even tho I may or may not feel hunger on the hcg VLCD part of P2. I love the baked apples and really think it makes a satisfying end to a day.

    Just my opinion. Everyone is different. I will look forward to seeing if this works for those who will eliminate the fruit.

    I always say I can do anything for three weeks, lol!


    who is on day one of loading for round 2 using paleo style eating...gathering nerve to stick my kisser in the sink full of cold water...
  16. colleencoble

    colleencoble New Member

    No RBee. I'll take out 200 calories in fruit and add in 200 calories of protein. I would not lose on more than 500 calories. :(
  17. rbu5@sssnet.com

    rbu5@sssnet.com New Member

    Ahh, ok. That is what I thought. I've been keeping it under 500 cal/day and find it hard to get up to 500.
  18. trish3

    trish3 New Member

    Hello all. I have done one long and one short round of hcg. Between the two rounds I stabilized perfectly using the LR. What I find so confusing, is that during R1 (40 days) I was comfortably warm for the first time in years. I lost 23 lbs during that round, slept great, felt rested and was WARM.

    Any ideas?
  19. trish3

    trish3 New Member

    i should also add: my thyroid functions at the low end of normal. I am chronically frozen (long underwear Sept to June), frozen feet year-round. Why would R1 make me warm?

    Separate comment: being terrified of the cold as I am, I surprised myself with the CT. Day 1: 81F, day 2: 70 F; day 3:62 F; stayed at 62F for the next ten days (tub alternating with spot CT and cold outdoor walking). Today, day 13 i did a 50F tub x 30 min (lower body) no problem. I have done face soaks only twice, found them easy and invigorating.

    As Dr Kruse has commented: your attitude/thoughts are the only thing holding you back. Just do it :)
  20. Hi I am starting HCG today. I did this two years ago and lost 60 lbs kept off 30lbs. I will add CT to it this time.

    Could you please tell me about planned breaks? It seems that every four weeks or so I have function I cannot get out of.

    This time I have 30 days before I leave for a business trip that will last six days. I plan to restart HCG when I return and do enough days to finish the 40 day plan. Will this work? I have been mostly Paleo for months now, just still having trouble kicking the sugar.

    I lost 30lbs on my first round then did a few more small ones and took off another 30lbs. I had such a feeling of wellbeing that I had not felt since my 20’s, a happiness that was not tied to weight as I still needed to loss another 30lbs. My energy of my youth returned, my arthritis fingers stopped hurting and I went searching as to why. AT first I thought it was the hormone then could it be no carbs? I found out about the carbs and arthritis then I found information on Carbs and Arthritis. Then I found low carb sites and Paleo.

    I have been playing with CT but got sick with a bad cold and could not force myself to continue. Brr is really brr when you feel bad.

    I am on Armour 2GR.

    Thanks for all the work.

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