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New Guinea Pigs

Discussion in 'HCG Protocol' started by colleencoble, Mar 19, 2012.

  1. Hi Colleen,

    I'm starting day three of HCG tomorrow after starting the paleo diet a month ago (and finding Jack's website just before that), I thought I would give HCG a go... but having read as much as I can here - and its not all of it as I have to go to bed now (its late), I wondered could you please tell me - do I stick to the HCG protocol and not substitute grain for more protein? And do I add in CT or not? Thank you :)

  2. What I've seen is:

    1. CT seems to interfere with some of the HCG magic (loss of hunger). I had a very good first round, and dropped CT. I think if you wanted, I would get into your HCG groove FIRST so you could know if the CT were messing up your hunger signals. Jack will say I'm nuts that CT can only help, but that's not been some N-1 experiences. If it were me, and you are doing something as damaging as only eating 500 calories a day for 4-6 weeks, I'd want to have it be as successful as possible and learn from successes that have traveled the road before you.

    Jack is a man, his N-1 is simply different in a major way.

    2 - I'm assuming you mean substitute protein for grain? Meaning NO TOAST, NO GRAIN. . .yes. Drop the grain. Don't eat grains. Up your calories to the 500 with more protein.

    I know I'm not Colleen - but I though I would throw in a different $.02. Good Luck. Follow the protocol even if it does seem silly.

  3. Thank you Cavemam... you have given great advice and I will follow it. I just finished my first day of the 500 cal diet today, and I am so out of eating grains and fruit that I never even thought of them, so didn't have the grossini or fruit but instead I doubled my protein at both meals. I must admit I felt hungry this afternoon - will that start to ease? Already thinking about those BIG ASSED BREAKFASTS!! I really hope this works because its difficult to do. It's murphy's law, but we really don't go out much at night and in the last week I have been invited to 4 partys within the time I'm doing HCG! Damn! :)

  4. You can do it!!! I had my 4th of July weeklong family vacation and packed all of my food, so damnit, you can't handle a party! (channeling Jack).

    Dosing/hunger is the hardest thing to dial in! What HCG are you taking, how much? give details. First 4 days are the hardest - so many things to adjust to. The good part is you have the big weight losses so that motivates.

    Colleen is the dosing master, but chances are if you are feeling major hunger/cravings you are taking too much. I can only speak to the subq injections.

    Two types of hunger to be aware of. . .

    1. actual physical discomfort in the tummy area, like it's moving around going "hey bitch, what's up with this!"

    2. cravings, wanting to eat!

    Lastly, I think you may want to consider adding in either strawberries OR an apple for late meal each day. There are some extra properties these fruits have that assist with all kinds of biological functions - fructose/carbs are NOT the only consideration when it comes to fruit. Your body is going through ALOT- help it how you can and apples have something that help you keep fat burning. If you you are low cal/in ketosis. I did not take supplements, but in retrospect would do it if I did it again. Search Jack's blog - he lays out a list of them.

  5. Hi Cavemam,

    YES I can do it!! The first social gathering is tonight - I think I will skip that one though. Have woken with a headache - not a bad one, perhaps detoxing? But I have lost 1.2 kilos (2.4 pounds) so I'm really happy about that.

    I'm taking the homeopathic HCG - it was the only one available here in New Zealand that I know of, I'm taking .38 mls 3 x per day before meals.

    My hunger was manageable, I was a little grumpy though, which made me realise being on paleo for a month really stabilized my moods too, I hadn't been grumpy for a while. I think it was just the cravings/wanting to eat discomfort. Another thing is I just can't stand black coffee, so after having one cup black, I thought stuff it, I'm putting milk in this one, so I had 2 cups with a little milk.

    I'll start having an apple at my evening meal, strawberries are not available now at all, so will have an apple.

    Thank you Cavemam!
  6. colleencoble

    colleencoble New Member

    Sorry I've been traveling and am just getting caught up. Cavemam gave you good advice though. :) I would not add in CT. It derails hunger for way too many for me to recommend it. :( I think they fight against one another in some ways. Hope you're losing well!

  7. Hi Colleen, no worries... I am on day 9 now of the VLCD and have substituded the fruit and melba toast for extra protein. I have lost 10 pounds so far - very happy with that. I started to experiment with just face dunking and I did a short face dunk on the night of day 6, then I did a longer face dunk on the next night, then yesterday I was hungry for the first time! So much so that I had a little cheat - I ate some of the delicious paleo seafood chowder that I made for my family (about half a cup). I thought that I will definately not lose after that... but this morning 1 and a half pounds lost, which is more than my usual loss! So was it the face dunking that would cause me to lose more? And I think it was the face dunk that caused the hunger. I think I'll skip the face dunking -not worth feeling hungry.

    What do you think about cycling? I am doing a 40 day round but I don't know how I'm going to make it. Its really difficult with having to feed my family at the same time. I thought perhaps I could split the round in half and do three weeks of paleo/LR in between? For me I'm thinking that would be easier to do?
  8. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    melba toast? Is not that a grain?

  9. Yes it is - therefore why i'm not having it and eating extra protein instead.

  10. blink blink. whaaat?

  11. Perhaps he was answering to a different thread. I did the no toast, more protein thing - calories right at 500 a day. I also found just fish just would not keep me on track.

    How are the losses going?

  12. Hi Cavemam, I'm ok i think - I've lost 12 and a half pounds and I'm on day 13 of vlcd. Thats about a pound a day average so that's good isn't it? I've decided to split my 43 day hhcg in half and do LR and CT for a few weeks in between. I'm very excited about the weight loss - I have lost 20 pounds all up with the paleo i was doing the month before i started hcg.
  13. colleencoble

    colleencoble New Member

    Glad you're doing well, Amber! Though I don't recommend skipping both fruits and subbing in protein. I tend to see people struggle more to maintain in P4 when they go too low in carbs during P2 and P3. I think it's that super low carb diet's effect on the thyroid. I don't mind doing it to break a stall, but not for the full time on P2.
  14. LinD

    LinD New Member

    I think this was said in a tongue in cheek way. He knows and is pointing it out that 'we' should know better.

    Sarcasm in writing can be difficult to discern.

  15. Yes - one needs to see the facial expression!

  16. Ah, Ok, ill start adding my fruit in tomorrow. I continue to be amazed at the weight loss - down 1.7 pounds today. I have never been able to lose weight like this. So do you think its ok to split the 40 day protocol in half?
  17. kandc88@gmail.com

    kandc88@gmail.com New Member

    I actually think he misread it and it's written a little confusingly (is that even a word) "(I)have substituded the fruit and melba toast for extra protein. " What you have done is substituted extra protein for the fruit and melba toast. I think he actually thought you had eaten fruit and toast in place of protein...I had to read it a couple times cause it didn't make sense to me and then I realized what was meant...course Jack is the king of confusing writing and ramblings so one would think he'd be a great decipherer!
  18. colleencoble

    colleencoble New Member

    No Amber. You really need a minimum of 23 days on hcg just like the protocol states. And I see way better stability in people when they do at least 30 days. There is no reason to split it unless you are going to have to eat off protocol 4 or more days. Otherwise, just push on through. :)

  19. Now I'm confused.... because when I say I substitute something FOR something - its the latter 'something' you are having instead???? Not so? Well I meant I'm having extra protein and not toast.

  20. I'm getting such good results that I think maybe I should just push through now, I was finding it very difficult before but now I've got into the groove of it. Is it not beneficial to give the body a break from it though? My skin is looking very dry (from not having any fat I presume). Can I take a break from eating off protocol for a couple of days? If so, how do I do that? Do I stop taking the drops two days before my planned 2 days off?

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