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New Guinea Pigs

Discussion in 'HCG Protocol' started by colleencoble, Mar 19, 2012.

  1. Pamela

    Pamela Gold

    I've done a few rounds of HCG and am now just finishing my 3rd round. The first round, last year at this time, I lost 20 lbs and within the first 3 days of being on Stage 3 I had a gallbladder attack that took me to the hospital. At that time I knew nothing of Paleo, Primal etc. so had the GB removed and while it could have been salvaged I still am glad I had it out. After several attacks I couldn't take it any more. Then I did another round of HCG last summer and lost another 16 lbs. In Sept of last year is when I found Leptin reset so I tried it but gained weight. Was not happy. Has a physical and found thyroid antibodies high so am now on Armour but only .5 grain.

    Now, I am at the very end of the 3rd round and at 160 lbs, 5"9 female. Would still like to lose another 10 lbs but I don't think it will be on HCG. I'm hoping that with the thyroid it will help stabilize my weight. I was waiting to finish the round before doing CT since Dr. K said to have a high fat meal while doing it. So this next week I will start even though I hate cold. Good thing is it is no longer winter here in Chicago and I can deal with the idea of cold water better.

    I'm a little leary of jumping to the reset right off of HCG. Colleen would you recommend this?
  2. This is my first post and I hope I'm doing this right. Hello to you all from Texas.

    I've done several rounds of hcg, but either had trouble stabilizing or gained some of it back. During the last round I started having gallbladder spasms and had to stop. I want to start hcg again, but am still having spasms periodically and know that the protocol can sometimes make things worse.

    I don't have insurance right now and I also don't want to lose my gallbladder. I've done liver/gallbladder cleanses a couple of times where you do the epsom salts and olive oil, and passed quite a few stones, but the thought of drinking all that now makes me gag.

    Doc do you (or anybody else) have any suggestions as to what I could do? Will CT hurt/help my gallbladder?

    I'm really anxious to do hcg again, but not if it means losing my gallbladder. Help please ... Thank you.
  3. Ane

    Ane New Member

    Hi Colleen,

    I am on day 10. I have officially cut out fruit and am only eating protein and veggies. It looks like we have a great group here. I am excited to see everyones results!
  4. Syl

    Syl New Member

    nice to see someone from Chicago...and yeah now that the winter seems to be behind us it's so much easier (at least for me) to do CT. for the past week i found myself "craving" CT. i can't do it before bed though because i can't sleep, but if i do it in the morning or after lunch i feel clear headed and love the feeling. i will have to buy a termometer to check the temps of my tap water ...it seems to be warmer now for whatever reason. . . well anyway glad to see another Chicago'an :D
  5. Excited to see the results from those of you that have started this already. I will be doing another round of HCG in about a 10 days. This will be my 3rd round of hcg.last round I only ate the protein and veg,extra protein to get 500 cal. I also ate breakfast and early dinner. I lost 18.2 lbs. I am already doing CT and hoping for good results this round!
  6. colleencoble

    colleencoble New Member

    I doubt you're on enough Armour. Make your doctor check your free T3 and free T4. They should be near the top of the range. And I'd recommend jumping straight into leptin reset but NOT with eggs. You have an autoimmune disease that is attacking your thyroid and eggs are inflammatory.
  7. colleencoble

    colleencoble New Member

    So glad to see this great group gathering! And eager to hear your results. :)
  8. Colleen and Jack

    I've never done HCG, but want to give it a shot. I'm 10 yrs post gastric bypass surgery, about 70# to lose. I've been paleo for 9 months. I'm doing ct and reset now. Would you let me know if there is something I should pay attention to, or if there is a reason this would work differently because of surgery? (vagus nerve severed). I'll order from the place mentioned earlier. I'm assuming I can find the original rx online somewhere.

  9. colleencoble

    colleencoble New Member

    We've had tons of people on the forum lose successfully after surgery. My cousin also. The main problem you will have is after the round. Many surgery patients have trouble getting down enough meat after the surgery. They fill up too fast to get down the meat and fats they need. So that may be a challenge for you.
  10. JoanneA

    JoanneA New Member

    Ive done one round already of hcg. Ive started this one 7 days ago tonight will be my third cold shower..........maybe bath, we shall see what happens in the future with hcg+CT i will keep you all posted!!! One note: i had hot baths every night of my first round so i will compare!
  11. colleencoble

    colleencoble New Member

    Good comparison, Joanne!
  12. PaleowannaB

    PaleowannaB New Member

    Hi, I am new here and have been reading this forum for a few days now with great interest. I did a round of HCG a year ago and lost 38 lbs and about 28 inches all over, dropped 4 sizes in clothes and thought this was the best thing ever. I kept the weight off over a three week vacation with no trouble and through the next month. After that I noticed the weight and mostly the inches came back on gradually but over the next four months I gained all but five pounds back! Grrr, not a happy camper. On Feb. 25, 2012 I decided to do another round of HCG while doing CT (ice packs on stomach for that nasty belly fat). Two weeks in I lost 12 lbs but not without feeling starved the entire time and angry that I couldn't eat and felt horrible. On March 10th (the last day of being 49 yo) I gave up HCG and started the Leptin Rx instead. Loved that I could eat again and felt wonderful. I'm now 10 days in and haven't lost any inches, my weight has gone up one, down one, up one, down one, etc. for the last 10 days. I'm considering going back on HCG and doing CT but increasing my protein and very little veggies. Is this going to screw up my brain and any progress I am making that I may not see yet? Sorry this was kind of long, thank you for any advice I can get!
  13. colleencoble

    colleencoble New Member

    If you were hungry on hcg, your dose was off. What were you taking?
  14. SuzieQ

    SuzieQ New Member

    I am doing CT and HCG... shared a bit on the other thread... I am trying to follow the LR timing, eating breakfast and then just a late lunch/dinner. Following protocol but not eating the fruits or bread. I find I get hungry more so because it is a long stretch from 7am to 5pm (ish) on such little food. I don't know if the HCG dosage I am doing is off or if it is the length of time in between meals. My stomach is growling now at 3pm... I might have my dinner now and hope that I do ok till bed. Cold..brrrrrr, I can't get warm.
  15. colleencoble

    colleencoble New Member

    It could be either. That's a long stretch with not much food. What dose are you taking?
  16. PaleowannaB

    PaleowannaB New Member

    I was doing .20 of HCG.
  17. SuzieQ

    SuzieQ New Member

    I am taking the prescription HCG (would have to get up from under the covers to go look at brand name...brrr lol), sub-lingual, .50 in the am and pm. If you need to brand name, I can look. :)
  18. colleencoble

    colleencoble New Member

    I don't need brand name. :) That's the typical dose but it often needs lowered with each round. Try skipping your hcg tomorrow and see how you feel by evening.

    Paleowanna, if that's mixed the way doctors often do, that's 200 iu and too high for most people so that's why you were hungry. :( If you do it again, we'll talk about dosing. I would start you on 150 and you might need to go down from there.
  19. PaleowannaB

    PaleowannaB New Member

    That is interesting, I was told since I was hungry to up the dosage. Maybe I should've stuck it out at 150. I was also just thinking, I'm a big breakfast eater, (get nauseous when I don't eat it), is it possible to do a bigger breakfast and little to no lunch with higher protein and still lose weight?
  20. SuzieQ

    SuzieQ New Member

    If I skip tomorrow, what am I to look for? How will this tell me to raise or lower my dose?

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