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new beginnings, everyday blessings

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by rlee314, Dec 27, 2014.

  1. rlee314

    rlee314 Silver

    loving the bracelette kate custom made me. starfish and mother/chlid charms and the beads are from a jade necklace i've had for years.

    Attached Files:

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  2. rlee314

    rlee314 Silver

  3. caroline

    caroline New Member

    Beautiful bracelet ...... Beautiful son.....

    How is our gorgeous babe?
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  4. rlee314

    rlee314 Silver

    thanks caroline!

    we're all doing so well! FOTB0A4.JPG
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  5. rlee314

    rlee314 Silver

    enjoying easter with my littles

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  6. rlee314

    rlee314 Silver

    trying to get a 'good' shot where everyone is looking at the camera...haha. nope.
    LOVE my life and the people in it. including many of you all. i've found so much inspiration reading threads and journals in these forums over the years. i've learned and benefited soo so much! i have so many updates to share. but, honestly, i'd rather be beach'n it with these 2-and their dad, not pictured. FOTE345.JPG
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  7. caroline

    caroline New Member

    What a gorgeous family! Thanks so much for sharing these beautiful pics! All of you are the picture of health and vitality and love.

    You cut your hair?!

    Do the kids play naked in the sand/surf?

    How is everyone sleeping? What is your daughter eating now?
  8. rlee314

    rlee314 Silver

    no. i just have my hair pulled back in a bun. keep it out of my face and baby's hands.
    yes. kids are nudists at the beach. it's great! you can tell who the 'locals' are and who the tourists are by the naked kids and of course the tourists are usually much more covered up than the locals also.

    she loves food--but is still mostly breastfed. she's eating salmon, sardines, avocado, kefir, poi, seaweed and whatever nibbles she gets from my plate.
  9. caroline

    caroline New Member

    It is hilarious to think A baby would eat sardines! simply awesome!

    What great wins you have had as you move forward......
  10. rlee314

    rlee314 Silver

  11. rlee314

    rlee314 Silver

    spent the weekend celebrating my 2nd baby's 2nd birthday. my epi paleo baby. these 2 LOVE the water/ocean. it's our happy place. i'm forevre grateful that i listened to my intuition during pregnancy w/my son and moved from portland oregon-very little LIGHT-to SUNNY hawai'i.

    feeling blessed and grateful to be part of dr. kruse's starfish community. image000000 (1).jpg
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  12. rlee314

    rlee314 Silver


    last year on her 1st birthday
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  13. rlee314

    rlee314 Silver

    "if there is magic in this world it is contained in water" image000000 (2).jpg
  14. drezy

    drezy New Member

    Baby butts FTW!
  15. caroline

    caroline New Member

    What beautiful pics of a beautiful family - thank you so much for sharing! Your son and daughter look so healthy - as do you.

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