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New baby

Discussion in 'Optimal Kids' started by Rubicon, Jul 26, 2018.

  1. Rubicon

    Rubicon Avoiding Equilibrium

    My wife Tania and I are expecting our first child on Aug 7. Unfortunately, a c-section is scheduled for that date. I thought I'd do a little write-up on how it's gone sofar.

    We did a couple of rounds of IVF last year. My very low sperm count made it impossible to become pregnant naturally, hence the need for IVF.
    Each round of IVF produced around 7 viable eggs that were fertilized via ICSI, and in the end we were left with 4 viable embryos in cold storage. One was implanted Dec 7, 2017 and pregnancy was achieved.

    We spent 4-weeks in Mexico in Dec/Jan to hopefully help get a good start to the pregnancy with lots of sun exposure. Otherwise, we've been stuck up at the 55th latitude for the remainder of the time. Pretty early on Tania found she lost her appetite for butter and salmon and switched from a low carb diet to a lot more carbs, dairy, honey, fruit, etc. Oysters have been tolerated and we've eaten them regularly. She's used her phone, wifi, and computer more than I have liked, but it was difficult to compromise on that. Wifi and power to the bedroom get turned off every night, although wifi from neighbors houses has the same signal strength as our own router. Also, there are at least 2 wireless smart meters at our house, one in the basement and one on the outside of the house.

    This summer we've been getting tons of sun and going to a nearby river valley where there are no cell signals. A day in the sun at the river is noticeably more refreshing than a day in the sun in town (a small city of about 60,000 people, ton's of cell towers, airport).

    A day of sun at the river, water is still pretty cold:


    The final ultrasound was completed last weekend. It showed baby is in the 80th percentile for fattiness, and Tania has a lot of water. The baby is sitting laterally instead of head down, with the cord wrapped around the neck. The obgyn does not feel it's safe to attempt to move the baby into proper position, a breach birth is too risky, and has gone ahead and scheduled the c-section. Aug 7 will be 38 weeks & 4 days of the pregnancy.
  2. Jenelle

    Jenelle Evolving

    @Rubicon ~ congratulations & best wishes!

    My clinical experience last night was in labor & delivery, and I woke up this morning still thinking about it. How timely to see your post today and this wonderful picture of your wife. Your baby is so fortunate already.

    Please update when you can! I'll be thinking of you. :)
  3. Phosphene

    Phosphene Gold (finally)

    Wow that’s a great pic! I imagine it couldn’t have been all THAT comfortable for her. Most mothers will do almost anything to give their kids the best.

    Speaking of which, I’m curious what Dr. K thinks of this. Unnecessary? Dangerous? I’d be tempted in a healthy mother.


    FWIW, my first son was born with the cord wrapped around his neck. Dad still cut it and now son is doing this:


    You still have time for the positioning to shift naturally. Best wishes!
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  4. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    thinking of you and your wife and baby ........Can't wait to see pics of your bouncy bundle of joy!
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  5. Rubicon

    Rubicon Avoiding Equilibrium


    A baby girl, Sara, was born via c-section in early August and is doing great! 6lb 14oz and 19" long at birth.

    Mom had rising blood pressure leading up to the delivery date so the Obgyn opted for delivery at 37 weeks and 4 days. Following the c-section, mom had some complications that led to internal bleeding. It became such an issue that she ended up requiring a transfusion of 2 units of blood. A little scary there, but everything stabilized quickly afterward. I used a red UFO light on mom while she was still recovering in the hospital.

    Mom had difficulty getting enough milk the first few days after delivery, so we purchased a 4-day supply of donated human breast milk from the local milk bank. Since then mom's production has been steadily rising and there have been no issues breastfeeding 100%.

    Sara's had some ongoing reflux, but has been generally in great health. She's gaining weight fast and has nearly doubled in weight to 12 lbs.

    Here she is at 0 days old in the recovery room. We changed out the bulbs in there to red lights of course :)

  6. Rubicon

    Rubicon Avoiding Equilibrium

    Temperatures cooled off unusually early this year and in Sept/Oct it was typically too cold to take Sara outside without bundling her up with many layers of clothing and blankets. It was only warm enough to take her out naked for full body sun exposure probably about 3 times in her first two months since being born, but we were able to at least get her some exposure on her face for a few minutes at a time throughout each day.

    The south wall of our house has no windows, so there's no option to let sunlight in during the main portion of the day at any time of the year. However, the east and west walls do have small windows, and for a few weeks every year in the Fall/Spring the sun rises/sets at just the right angle and position to receive morning/evening sun through a window that can be opened. The sun moves fast during those times and it only lasts for about 30 minutes before the sun is blocked by the wall. We took full advantage


    Leading up to delivery, mom was getting a lot of sun exposure daily in the summer months and when Sara was born her skin was quite tanned brown...surprisingly dark. But by the end of September and into October both mom and baby's skin started to lighten quite a bit. I was not expecting that.

    Into Nov/Dec things start to get really dark at 55 degrees latitude. The sun rises so far south on the horizon and does not get much higher than 10 degrees altitude by Dec 20. For a baby like Sara born late in the summer, her first scheduled vaccines are due to begin being administered in late fall at 2-months and continue regularly throughout the winter. In light of all of that, we've decided to put our house up for short-term rental on AirBNB, and re-locate to 5 degrees latitude in Colombia for maternity/parental leave the next 5-months. Sara's 3rd to 7th months of life will be spent deep in the tropics.
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  7. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    Good luck with Sara.
    we've decided to put our house up for short-term rental on AirBNB,

    Do not know where you are, I am in NJ USA 07054
    How this AirBNB works?
    Can you just hand a key to the house to someone (a broker or agent who would look up tenants)
    come back 9 months latter (with the house in shape as you left it)???

    My house is a single family, self standing, requires lawn and greenery care, snow removal, heat and AC.
    Removal of furnitures would be a deal breaker for me.
    Last edited: Nov 26, 2018
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  8. drezy

    drezy New Member

    I've rented a property out and have also rented houses.

    The process is not difficult.

    Someone needs to be able to transfer the key.

    Cleaning needs be done.

    The users of the service will usually not require any furniture to be moved at all. Yes, they will sleep in your bed.
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  9. Rubicon

    Rubicon Avoiding Equilibrium

    AirBNB lets anyone list their residence on the site for short-term rentals. People book for a short time, and then you can approve/deny them (I do the booking). Everyone has a profile so you can see their rental history and reviews. I've stayed at AirBNB's that are basically residences converted to hotels, and also in people's places that leave most of their personal stuff in the residence. Some people list whole places, or just rooms within a shared home with people living there. While away from home, we're often staying in an AirBNB apartments/houses. It's a nice alternative to hotels.

    We have a 'manager' available to stop by if there's an issue that requires urgent attention. We also have a cleaner that will clean the house everytime someone checks out.

    A number code lock lets me just give the entry code to each new guest so there's no need to meet to distribute keys. Mine needs to be programmed manually by the cleaner, but it's possible to get automatic ones that can be accessed via wifi and changed remotely.

    We moved our personal belongings and mattresses into the basement and locked everything up down there. Beds on the main floor have new mattresses with good mattress protectors for use by guests. We'll switch everything back when we return in the spring.

    AirBNB provides insurance coverage in case of any damage to the premises by guests. I've been meaning to purchase supplemental insurance on top of that as an extra layer of security as well.

    All in all it was a bit of an initial expense/effort to get setup, but it runs with not too much ongoing work now.
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  10. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    Thank you. Specially for the details.
    Something to think about for me.
    Looks like practical alternative.

    After all expenses, how this compares with locking the whole house up
    and asking my daughter who lives few houses away, to check it up periodically?

    Is there any net income (to be taxed)?

    Definitely I will have to get more familiar with renting somebody else AirBNB's.

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  11. Phosphene

    Phosphene Gold (finally)

    It can be very lucrative. My friends in Maine are renting out their large family home for the winter for $1700/month (plus some utilities).

    I’m sure it’s taxable income but I imagine you can deduct some expenses. My friends have another rental property as well, so use a tax accountant. However, so many people are getting into this now it can’t be that hard.

    There are also services like this that handle all the details for a percentage of the income. Might be a good place to ask some questions.

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  12. Where in Colombia are you going? We just returned from the Santander/Boyaca area with intent to settle there in the next year. I felt more energy almost instantly after resetting circadian rhythm. Hope you have a similar experience. We stayed in an air b&b outside of Barichara that was mito-noteworthy; dark cool adobe bedrooms attached to a completely open kitchen, living and dining area. Private enough that i didnt need a tankini ever.
    Took my emf meter. Found less emf while driving in Bogota than Seattle and just like every other place Ive taken a reading, my own cell phone is a bigger liability to me than the most heinous looking cell tower i can find and stand next to.
    Hope you have a great time and share some thoughts on living there.

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