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New 50% of code for Juil grounding sandals - valid unitl 17 april 2013

Discussion in 'The Cave' started by Shijin13, Apr 9, 2013.

  1. Shijin13

    Shijin13 Guest

    Friends always come first!

    You're a valuable member of the Juil family and this deal is just for YOU. This is a limited time offer for 50% off select styles with Coupon Code
    FORYOU50 at Juil.com

    *Offer valid while supplies last or until April 17, 2013 on the following styles - Holland, Napa, Mesa, Gaia, Mojanda, Vista, and Bali. Offer not valid on the Hera or Brio models.

    To make sure you continue receiving our emails to your inbox (not bulk or junk folders), please add info@juil.com to your address book or safe sender list.

    I picked up a 2nd pair!
  2. BJK77

    BJK77 New Member

    Thanks Gretchen! I love my Pluggz and have been thinking about trying the Juil sandals too. I missed the last deal that was posted and was hoping for another!

    Does anyone remember what Michael said during the Q&A about grounding shoes? I remember someone asking him and of course just as he was answering the kids pulled me away. I haven't seen the Q&A recording released yet; otherwise I'd just re-listen. Thanks!
  3. I've been happy with my pair of Pluggz... thanks for posting the Juil offer!
  4. cantweight

    cantweight Gold

    Thanks for sharing!
  5. tellmisty

    tellmisty Administrator

    I kept getting an error message... boo. I want to order a second pair, too! Called their support line and left a message.
  6. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    I thought that Michael was only okay with them ..... for me - I do a lot of walking on pavement - so I was paying attention to his answer. My understanding is that I won't get any electrons thru pavement regardless of what I am wearing. Is that correct? I think if you are walking in a park they would be great...
  7. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Does anyone have the mesa style? just wondering how they are fitting? He tacks on $45.00 to deliver to Oz - ugh! so half off would be okay.
  8. Vicster

    Vicster New Member

    I have two pair of the Vista and I love them! I am a half size so I was worried about the fit, but I just went on their recommendation to order the whole size down from my size (in that style) and they fit great! Very well made and the packaging is awesome!
  9. Just ordered mine by phone, thanks for the code :)
  10. Of course the offer is not valid on the one style I want - Brio! OK, I will wait a little while longer......
  11. tellmisty

    tellmisty Administrator

    Michael didn't say anything about shoes ... that is not his expertise, so his opinion wouldn't be an educated one anyhow (no disrespect, of course ... I just don't want members assuming he's an expert on that).
  12. opelecky@yahoo.com

    opelecky@yahoo.com New Member

    If you walk on the pavement you can be barefoot and it won't do you any good as far as grounding goes. That's my understanding.
    I bought a pair of Mojandas and feel that they are constantly falling off. I'll probably buy a pair of Hera but of course it's not on sale.
  13. kathylu

    kathylu Gold

    I had to buy Apollo (men's sandals), because I have very wide feet. Women's shoes usually do not fit me, one of the banes of my life! The shoes are ok, but very stiff (they actually look very like Hera). I can also feel the heel copper stud when I am walking. I'm willing to give it a few weeks to see if I can adjust, but I'm not thrilled so far.
  14. Ruthie

    Ruthie Silver

    Michael did actually comment on grounding shoes -- he said that it would depend on *where* you were walking. You could be picking up whatever emfs were in the environment. His saying that gave me pause, because I live in a very urban area. I take my shoes off in the backyard and the park and feel good; I'm not quite as sure about walking all around town grounded. Any thoughts?
  15. diane

    diane Gold

    Just got mine delivered - literally 5 minutes ago! I'm wearing them now - not because I think I need to, but I love wearing new shoes as soon as I get them. Won't be wearing them outside today - we're having a freezing/rain storm.

    They definitely fit me (I have ladies size 7 in the hera). As Kathylu said, they are a bit stiff, but they are also way more substantial than many summer sandals that I have. So I'm committed to breaking them in!
  16. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Thanks for saying that! I was sure he had mentioned shoes ...Misty made me feel like I was losing my mind! What he said gave me pause too. If you are walking dogs etc. in a park I think they would be great ..but not on pavement.
  17. Rachelle

    Rachelle New Member

    I think on the grass they would be fine and since so many still use weed killers that actually kill the grass, I feel safer with the Juils on.
  18. MeghanK

    MeghanK New Member

  19. tellmisty

    tellmisty Administrator

    I recall him introducing the caveat that this was beyond his expertise ... that's what I meant to convey. He was hypothesizing, but that's it.

    For context - Jack has been replacing his entire shoe collection with leather-soled shoes and boots, which is essentially the same "outcome" as the Juil's. Per the webinar today, if you want to know whether something is actually "working" as far as you're grounded while using the product, you would use a body voltage meter and the meter would say "0" while you're using the product. If it showed a charge above 0 at all, that means you're not grounded while using the product. I think that's the best way for to test this for yourself.
  20. Destiny

    Destiny New Member

    I wear them while working in the yard. My sleep after is fantastic!

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