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Need advice – nnEMF causing health issues

Discussion in 'The EMF Rx' started by Sea Girl, Sep 9, 2018.

  1. Sea Girl

    Sea Girl New Member

    I have been having constant headaches, fatigue and muscle pain for 3 years which I can only attribute to a high level of nnEMF on the island where I live (my full story is in my Optimal Journal).

    When I travel to other places my symptoms go away. Sun / grounding / swimming in the ocean also make me feel great really quickly, but as soon as I get inside my house (or most other dwellings on the island) I start feeling the jaw and muscle tension. I get the same sensations when I am in the car, passing any cell towers, especially with dishes.

    There is a direct view to one high mast with dish from our house (which is only 500 meters away). I suspect it as main source of nnEMFs affecting my health. If I point Cornet ED88T in its direction outside it gets the reading about 0.2 mW/sq m with the frequency around 2367Hz. Inside the house in the front room - around 0.07, in the bedroom – 0.005. So it seems like the house screens this frequency quite well. LF magnetic and electric fields are low too. However, I feel worse inside than outside.

    JK recommended hiring a building biologist with 5G meter. I talked to a few people, but most use GigaHertz Solutions which only measures up to 10Ghz. Could anyone recommend a good building biologist or electrical engineer in Australia (Victoria) or NSW (as we might move north eventually). Or any other country who could help me understand what is going on.

    The other option is to invest in a better meter that would also come in handy if we decide to move. If I understand correctly Cornet does not measure the frequencies lower than 50Hz, between 10kHz and 100MHz or higher than 8GHz. What meter would you recommend in my situation?

    If you have any ideas or advice to help me understand what is going on, I’d be very grateful. I am so tired of being tired while doing all the things right.

    Sea Girl
  2. ElectricUniverse

    ElectricUniverse New Member

    Sea Girl,

    If you are getting reliable meter readings from your Cornet device then it appears your exposure levels to microwave RF radiation are not decidedly elevated.

    Precautionary exposure guidelines rate exposure at 0.1- 10 μW/m² as being of slight concern, and you seem to be well under those levels inside your house (of course less is always better). And frankly, I believe a majority of world's urbanized populations are getting far more power density than you, if that is any consolation.

    Regarding 5G coming to Australia, a report released by LifeWire stated that: 'Telstra announced in August, 2018, that they had "switched on 5G technology across selected areas of the Gold Coast," giving Queensland the country's first 5G-ready network. According to the CEO, Telstra will have 200+ 5G-capable sites live before 2019.'

    Other Australian telecom providers will be following close on heels of Telstra.

    It is my understanding that 5G initial roll outs will use frequencies < 6GHz (as do present 4G networks). The 'fun' will begin later with a broad spectrum of much higher frequencies and evil millimeter waveforms. So unless there is some other rogue RF source in your area using frequencies higher than your Cornet's 10 GHz limit then you are probably detecting everything near you in RF band.

    Are you able to ascertain that your N=1 personal health problems are unique to you, or can you find other people (house mates, neighbors, etc) that have similar complaints?

    Could mold, geopathic stress, or other factors be involved?

    In any case, a good building biologist could be your best ally right now.
  3. Sea Girl

    Sea Girl New Member


    Thank you for responding and sharing your thoughts. I agree that the EMF level measured by Cornet inside my house is really very low, I would even say surprisingly low considering that the cell tower is only 500m away from our house. However, judging by my symptoms and my inner feeling there must be some weird frequency involved that is not measured by Cornet.

    I am pretty sure it’s not mold or geopathic stress - as I mentioned in my Optimal Journal when we moved to another house in the same estate that is double storey and sits high on the hill (with great view to 4 mobile towers) I felt horrific with all the classic symptoms of electro hypersensitivity like more tension headaches, dizziness, heart palpitations, muscle spasms, depression, insomnia, brain fog etc. The headache pattern (locations / sensations) was exactly the same as in the old house, just 4-5 times stronger (multiplied by the number of cell towers?). I felt so bad - I couldn’t stay in that house for more than a week.

    I also feel the same areas in my head (jawline, back of the head) start tensing up when I am in the car driving near cell towers, especially those with dishes on them. This happens anywhere, but is more pronounced on the island. The car cabin must be creating the resonating effect. I wonder why the house works the same way (could be aluminium insulation wrap behind the plaster?).

    My headaches usually get worse inside the house when the temperature rises (when using heating in winter or when the weather is getting hot in summer). I was thinking maybe this source of nnEMF is responsible for creating positively charged ions in the air that aggravate my symptoms?

    Still looking for a good electrical engineer or a building biologist and searching for a decent RF meter that measures the frequencies that are blind spots for Cornet. Any advice?
  4. ElectricUniverse

    ElectricUniverse New Member

    Sea Girl,

    If your gut instinct is telling you that nnEMF is a causative factor in your health problems then I would advise you to follow it implicitly until you know otherwise.

    Your symptoms definitely include some of the classic ones for EHS (Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity Syndrome), so you may be one of our unfortunate 'canaries in the coal mine' that are 'ahead' of us in this problem.

    With 5G and its demonic brethren coming it is only a matter of time for those of us who are now 'pre-EHS' to develop into full-blown EHS. My heart goes out to all our unsuspecting neighbors and friends who have no inkling about what's insidiously coming to town on light beams.

    Since you are Down Under, please contact the Australian Institute of Building Biology to help you locate a practitioner. Good luck there.

    • One more thing you can check with your Cornet is electromagnetic ELF and electric fields. Sleuth around your dwelling for any 'hot spots' that could arise from dirty electricity. You might be surprised.
  5. Sea Girl

    Sea Girl New Member


    Looks like I do have EHS – which means I have a bunch of symptoms in the bad environment, but they go away surprisingly quickly when I move to a better one. Luckily I don't have any chronic illnesses and never take any medications (even if I have a bad headache I prefer to know what is happening to my body). I feel fantastic after an hour on the beach or in the forest.

    In a way, it’s a blessing, because my body tells me something that most other people don’t notice (until it’s too late and even when it is). When I am in the car I feel like I have a meter built-in in my jaw – it’s that sensitive. We’ll go north for the next 2 weeks to explore places, so I will keep a record of my readings.

    I talked to a few Building Biologists from this Institute, but they don’t have 5G meters yet. Will try to contact electrical engineers.

    Electric fields are low in my current house. Can you estimate the amount of dirty electricity by the electric fields readings or only with stezer meter?
  6. ElectricUniverse

    ElectricUniverse New Member

    My Stetzer Microsurge Meter Model GS-M300A measures dirty electricity EMF using a somewhat arbitrary numerical scale, but they do classify the readings in an understandible way:

    < 25 Good
    25-50 Average
    > 50 Undesirable (need to install filters)

    I just measured dining area receptacle and it read 55. Good thing I am vacating this place soon.

    Stetzer and other companies sell special filters (they plug into wall outlets) to remediate high readings (and I have a few). They are not without controversy-- there have been questions raised about effectiveness and safety of these devices.

    As usual, it's complicated, always complicated. Technology used to solve technology problems is never neutral and always, always causes unintended consequences.

    You probably know that RF armour is popular among EHS sufferers (you know-- the RF reflective mesh or foil clothing that is supposed to shield body from effects of mw EF).


    In fact, it has been popular for decades with pregnant women in China (by contrast, many pregnant women in USA are ignorant and put their smart phones, lap top computers, etc. on their laps and bellies).

    I've considered buying protective briefs and T-shirts but am hesitant to do so. This clothing, as far as I know, has not been thoroughly tested for safety.

    Big question is where does RF radiation go that slips into body that is not covered by shielding? Does it ricochet inside body tissues because it can't get out through shielding (thus amplifying exposure?

    There are some severely compromised EHS patients that have to wear full body armour head-to-toe, including a veil over head. That might work, but who wants to go around looking like wispy ghost? :eek:

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