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Nathan's Optimal Journal -- It's about time!!

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by Nathan Campbell, Jun 2, 2019.

  1. Nathan Campbell

    Nathan Campbell New Member

    Hello everyone, I have been procrastinating and finally decided to post my journal. I have been a member for a few months and have read and listened to anything I can finc to learn more about optimal wellness. Just starting to realize the benefit of these forum's although my wife @Emma C has been plugged in daily and keeps me informed.

    Age: 43
    Height/Weight: 5'10 190lbs (down from 205lbs)

    Labs taken pre-Jack due to mystery chest feeling mentioned below. Collected 2/08/2019:

    BUN/creatinine ratio: 16
    Creatinine serum: 1.18 mg/dL
    BUN: 19 mg/dL
    Vitamin D 25-Hydroxy: 29.1 L

    History of severe asthma/allergies as a child (prescribed theophyline), had severe ear infections which led to tubes, several round of steriods and antibiotics. Also developed an allergy to shellfish at age 6 while vacationing in Ocean City Maryland.

    Spent a lot of time outdoors growing up on the Potomac River where my parents had a boat and riding horses with my grandfather in the mountains, etc. My grandfather (mother's father) died of a Parkinson's related fall and my aunt (mother's sister) also has Parkinson's. Grandfather had high cholestrol and was taking way more Cholestyramine than recommended by his doc since he was very much a "if a little is good, than a lot is great" kind of guy. He was also a legitimate cowboy from middle of nowhere Colorado and my hero growing up.

    Asthma has mostly disappeared except for occassional use of albuterol triggered by allergies. Otherwise "felt" healthy except for feeling irritable especially after travelling a lot (which I do for work) and sitting in front of a computer. I say "felt" because now that we have changed our lifestyle I feel way better and didn't even know how tired and slow-minded I was.

    Recently, I noticed an odd sensation in my chest which I had a very hard time pin-pointing. After a trip to the GP (Nurse Practitioner thought I had reflux and prescribed Zantac) and then Cardiologist it was discovered I had an "incomplete bundle branch block". Cardiologist said I performed extremely well on stress test. Cardiologist seemed to think this was not a huge issue given the fact my mystery feeling in my chest was not exacerbated by exercise or labor. He said it was "just something that happens". I definitely feel it more when I am driving near low hanging electrical lines or in a building loaded with WiFi and am attributing to nnEMF's at this point. Hoping this is not a sign of more to come...

    Post Jack my wife and I see the morning sunrise, eat epi-Paleo diet, and only have edison bulbs and red headlamps for nighttime lighting. I am getting to bed much earlier and rising much earlier feeling refreshed. I have also purchased daytime and nightime RaOptics for when I travel, or have to do some work on the computer, and have been diligent about using them. I also play soccer regularly, have stopped going to the gym due to blue light toxicity, and do lots of work outside on our little farm.

    After having an EMF consultant come out and show us what we were exposing ourselves and five children to, we have; hard-wired our internet (turned off the wireless router), eliminated all bluetooth and wireless devices, grounded our copper roof (there is a power transmission line very close to our home), installed some greenwave filters, and moved ours and our children sleeping locations to the best options in our current home. I have attached the report from the EMF consultant. If anyone would like to comment on numbers or make suggestions feel free.

    I am very interested in ways to mitigate nnEMF's and would love to transition into something around this full time as a career. I know @Scompy and is also very into this and his EMF Warriors Podcast is actually the reason I originally found Jack. Recently, I have been a little disappointed in some of the training offered since they seem to be just as much about selling products that may or may not work and not solely focused on mitigating, educating, and helping others get well. Would love to connect with anyone who is experienced in this...

    My wife and I are also interested in making an impact on the next generation. As mentinoed, we have five small children (12 and under) and can see clearly the effects of blue light and electronics in them and their peers. I also have a 22 yr old daughter who is plugged to her phone, sleeps until midday, and thinks the sun is the devil. We are huge fans of @Matty_M and all that he is doing to educate those around him. We would love to help influence this generation in a positive way....

    My background seems to have led me here. I got a degree in Biology mostly because of my innate curiosity to find out more about life. I have worked in the pharma industry selling Micardis, Mobic, Aggrenox, Spiriva, and Mirapex for Boehringer-Ingelheim, then moved into Jack's world working with Spine Surgeons in the OR at UVA Medical center (I am sure he knows Dr. Chris Shaffrey), and now manage a sales team selling Class IV therapy lasers (photobiomodulation) to veterinarians.

    We are extremely excited to connect with all of you. Thank you all for your dedication and courage to be different!

    Favorite quote:


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  2. Nathan Campbell

    Nathan Campbell New Member

    Adding CT to the list above. Mostly daily showers but also some mountain streams w wife :thumbsup:, early spring ocean, and bathtub. Feel great afterwards....
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  3. Welcome!
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