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Nathan's Journey to Optimal

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by Nathan, Aug 14, 2013.

  1. Nathan

    Nathan New Member

    Glad to hear your are sleeping better too! What a difference that makes. No...what is BPC?

    I CT'd today and wore a hat. I guess it made a little difference. I'm sticking with it. I don't wear socks because my feet are always cold anytime the temp drops and I want them to cold adapt. They actually feel pretty good in the water for a while. I'll keep them in for 20-25 minutes and take them out when I start feeling really cold and that gives me a little longer before I start shivering too much and have to get out.

    I got an email for the sleep webinar so I will definitely check that out and I look forward to it. I'll be upgrading to gold soon for the sleep webinar and will check out the others as well. I have listened to the EMF, CT, and Autism webinars. All great information.

    That is so great that you are close to the ocean. Nice to always have a good source for grounding. I walk barefoot when I can but I'm not sure how much good it does close to my house with power lines and pavement everywhere. Can't wait to see the ocean again.

    Did you throw up from eating a bad oyster or because you don't like them? Food poisoning is enough to turn anyone off of something for a very long time.

    So how does a fellow north American end up on the other side of the world? I grew up in NY on Lake Ontario and we would go to Kingston quite a bit since it was so close and the exchange rate was much better in those days.

    Not sure if my wife will start a journal or not but my mother in law may. We gave them the book a week or so ago and my mother in law lost 6 lbs in her first week! I got a copy for my parents and I need to call to see how they are making out.

    Thank you so much for all of your advice and encouragement! You are such a wonderful person to spend so much of your time helping so many on their journey! :)
  2. Nathan

    Nathan New Member

    Thank you Freesia! So what other benefits have you gained from your cold adaption? Do you still have symptoms from your ME/CFS? That is some really cold water! The lowest I can get my tub is 53. I'll be getting a water cooling system soon though so I can get my water colder.

    I saw some dude running in the rain yesterday and it was about 58F out. I wanted to stop and ask him if he was trying to cold adapt. I guess that's another way to do it. I took my dog for a stroll today after my CT session and it was about 63 out and felt great. By the time I got done I was wishing it was down in the 50s. It will be soon enough.

    All the best!
  3. Nathan

    Nathan New Member

    Oh now I know what BPC is...I drink it on the weekends and had a cup after my CT today...hopefully I added to my BAT stores! I had to cut out coffee for a while. When my Lyme was worse any stimulants like caffeine would just make me more tired. Now I allow myself coffee on the weekend because I do enjoy it...and even more so with CO. :eek:
  4. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    next blog has biggie on BCP's and estrogen..........
  5. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Hi Nathan - we wound up in Oz because our daughter married an Ozzie and we have 2 little grandsons here. We were coming here so often it was just cheaper to move here! but I love it......

    The oysters .... I had been eating them for about a year and was fine. I don't know what happened. Dr. K. thought it was a bad batch .... but I forgot to tell him that there was 6 others eating the exact same thing......

    your MIL is doing so well ....I hope she joins the forum....

    I do love doing this but it sure takes a lot of time........but I do have time - and I remember how hard it was starting out here on the forum - especially if you have never joined a forum before - it can be very daunting ....and you have so many questions - but everyone here has always been great ...even to the aussies ..;)
  6. Nathan

    Nathan New Member

    Very cool, sounds exciting. I've never been to Australia but it's on my list!

    Well it only takes one bad oyster. I've gotten sick from shell fish before when others ate it too and they were fine. Just a hazard of shellfish but worth it to me. I actually picked up 2 dozen oysters yesterday and will eat them tomorrow for dinner. Hopefully you take the plunge one of these days soon and here's to no more bad oysters!
  7. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Thanks Nathan .....I do have to get some and just go for it......good luck with yours!

    Are you feeling better? any progress you care to share?
  8. Nathan

    Nathan New Member

    Been continuing to do CT. Had some good sessions over the weekend. Saturday was 57F and rainy so I went in my back yard in just my swim trunks and flipflops for 35 minutes. I have to say it was a lot easier than doing the tub. I also did 30 minutes in the tub on Sunday and on Monday and I'm getting ready to hop in the tub here in a few minutes.

    Sleep was not good last night. I forgot to take my desmopressin and had to get up to pee twice so that was the main reason. I am definitely sleeping deeper though. I went to bed around 10:30 and woke up to pee and thought it was the early morning but it was only 11:30. Not ideal but I am glad to be sleeping deeper.

    I ordered a 23andme test for my wife and me so interested to see what that looks like.

    Reading the CT series now so it's keeping me motivated to take my baths. Great stuff!
  9. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    You should be naked in your backyard ....... Just saying.....
  10. freesia

    freesia Old Member

    Hi Nathan,
    My most difficult to shake symptoms are fibro type pain deep in muscles and cognitive symptoms. I still need to pace really carefully.
    CT, being strict about avoiding blue light post sundown, and a Ketogenic diet (after Leptin reset) together were the winning combination for improving things in my case.
    I improved fitness, respiration, autonomic function, sleep...stamina...probably a few other things. I have to keep those things up to maintain the gains I've made so they're a lifestyle thing, which is fine! No pharmaceuticals. Go me! :D
  11. Nathan

    Nathan New Member


    That is fantastic! Glad to hear about your health improvements! No pharmaceuticals is great too! Keep up the great work!

  12. Nathan

    Nathan New Member

    Hi Caroline,

    My oysters were great and can't wait to eat some more!

    My health continues to improve slowly. I've definitely been feeling better overall however occasionally I have a bad day. I think at this point it's a matter of my hormones continuing to balance and going from good most of the time to great all the time. Sleep is still my missing link although it has improved a lot. I still wake up once on average during the night and have been waking at 4:30-5am on most days. I'll be tuning into the upcoming sleep webinar for sure.

    I'll have my alpha MSH retested at some point but I'm guessing it continues to climb. I have much less pain than I used to and my sense of well being has really improved.

    Still doing CT. I've managed to stay in for 35 minutes in 53-54F water with an icepack on my torso. Hopefully I can get up to 40 minutes by next week. I am noticing slow changes. I walked my dog this morning in shorts and a t-shirt and it was in the high 50sF and felt great. I'm actually looking forward to the temp continuing to drop.

    I had a dr appointment the other day and told my dr I was done with antibiotics and she backed me given the overall improvement in my symptoms and put me on Banderol and Samento, which are herbal. It does feel good to be off antibiotics and hopefully I'll be off all pharmaceuticals very soon. I also started drinking again. Not a lot but a few glasses of wine on the weekends. I did miss my wine! What a difference in makes with dinner on Friday and Saturday night.

    Still haven't had my HS-CRP tested. For some reason my doctor has resisted doing it. I asked her about it on my recent visit and she finally said ok and said she would look up the code and they actually draw blood at her office. I got the test back and she pulled the wrong code and tested my CRP-quant. Soooo I went to Lab Corp's website and looked up the correct code and sent it to her and will get it in a month or so when she checks my blood again.

    I need to start meditating again. I haven't done so well with it in the past but I really want to give it another shot. Just need to get back in that groove.

    My MiL has lost 9 lbs on the diet so that is great and she has also decreased the amount of insulin on her insulin pump. This in the span of 2 weeks so that is just amazing!

    My wife continues to shed weight. Most of her clothes are now really loose on her...the down side of weight loss...having to buy new clothes.

    I am almost back to 160. I was stuck in the low 150s for months so I'm very happy about that. I can wear my wedding band again without fear of losing it. My goal is to get back to 170 at some point. This past week my appetite has been huge so that is helping me get there. Looking more and more like my old self every day.

    Soooo...what is new with you? Still soaking up lots of sun on the beach and checking out the hot men? ;-)
  13. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Hi Nathan ... yep still soaking up the sun ...and checking out the hot men! It is not so much that they are hot - just very vibrant......unfortunately these are the young men - the older men [my age] always seem half dead ....extremely uninteresting and uninspiring and, might I say, misshapen ........

    You are making great progress - I am very proud of you .....just imagine where you will be 6 months from now :)

    I understand completely your wife's shrinking body....on one hand, it feels so fantastic .....but on the other, it is pretty costly. I have gone thru 3 different sets of clothes now in the last 16 months.

    Everything has changed ...... mind, body, spirit .... what is not to love about this journey.......
  14. Nathan

    Nathan New Member


    Once again I must thank you for helping me keep things in perspective. Your comment made me reflect on where I was 6 months ago and I was in a very different place. I have always been a very social person but for the past year I have been in a bit of a personal hibernation from my friends. I just didn't have the energy or desire to socialize. My wife would have to drag me along to social events and I just wanted to chill at home and watch a movie. I'm now back to an active social life and spending a lot of time with friends and doing various activities that I hadn't done for a while. It feels good.

    Looking back just 6 weeks I have come a long way. Sometimes I loose track of that and want to be 100% immediately. Well...I can only imagine where I'll be in 6 months.

    And look at you...3 different sets of clothes in 16 months! I hear you with the cost aspect but that is just fantastic! I am so happy for you! Well put...mind, body, spirit...what is not to love about this journey. I may have to use that myself ;)
  15. Nathan

    Nathan New Member

    Doing my bath today I started to shiver uncontrollably just 5 minutes into my bath. I didn't feel that cold but I was just shivering away. I did make it 35 minutes although barely. Still hoping for 40 within the next 5 days or so.

    I did not sleep well at all last night. No bath yesterday so maybe my body was missing that. I went to bed at 10:30 and woke up at 1:30 and had to use the bathroom. I checked the time after and was thinking it was 4:30-5, the time I've been waking but what do you know it was only 1:30. Tossed and turned for a while and was pretty restless the rest of the night. Hopefully today's bath leads to a solid nights sleep.
  16. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Hi Nathan..... I always find now - if I really think about it...... a definite correlation between my sleep and what I have done during the day. Sometimes on my computer way too much ..... TV really bothers me - seems to be the flickering I am discovering. My ipad puts my whole system in overdrive and I don't know if you read about my encounter with a copper bracelet. I have now taken off all adornments!!!

    A really big thing for me is eating early. I feel great if I eat around 3:30 - 4:30 pm - last night it was around 5:30 - 6:00 because I had been out. That seems to be way too late for me - I struggled all nite. I also do way better if I eat over the space of an hour .... sounds crazy I know ...:)

    Just some random thoughts....

    I am so glad you are interacting with friends again .......really important for your wellbeing.....ups the happiness quotient :)
  17. Nathan

    Nathan New Member

    It's been a while since I've posted. Just been busy with work and always seems to be lots of stuff on the weekends. Plus after being on the computer all day at work I usually have no desire to get on at night.

    I would say overall I am continuing to see improvement. My sleep has been improving too and still needs some work. I have been getting to bed around 10 lately and I fall asleep pretty easily and I sleep solidly as far as I can tell until 4:30 - 5am and then I'm wide away and can't go back to sleep. If I could just make it to my alarm at 6:30 I would be a happy man. My sleep quality has come a long way so I am making progress.

    I am also noticing that I am adapting to cold. I was able to get up to 40 minutes in the tub last weekend. I was also outside last weekend all day and into the night. We were at an outdoor festival and it was a beautiful day in the 60s and sunny. The temp dropped to around 50 later in day. I was fine and definitely felt some pride as I saw people putting on their jackets. We then took a water taxi back to my friend's house and everyone on the boat was freezing with their jackets on. I was still in my t-shirt and felt fine. I also drove to work a few days last week with the windows down and it was in the 40s in the morning and it actually felt pretty good.

    So life is good and I am definitely on the right path. I've been spreading the word and am definitely getting some people interested. My wife's friends are even more interested because they have never seen my wife this skinny. She has really noticed a difference in how she feels as well.

    I looked into getting a mold test done but we knew the person and they recommended we get our vents cleaned first so that is scheduled for about 2 weeks from now. I noticed that when I slept at my friend's house last weekend that I did not wake up stuffy. Sooo...I'm thinking my vents are really dusty or maybe they have mold in them but getting them cleaned should make a big difference. We'll see.

    Not much new other than that. All I can say is thanks JK, your stuff works and I'm a believer. I just need to get more of my friends to do it so they can be optimal with me.
  18. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    I love your update Nathan.....keep em coming. :) you and your DW are taking no prisoners! What an awesome example you are setting......
  19. Nathan

    Nathan New Member

    Thank you Caroline. As always appreciate your never ending support.

    I hope you are well and enjoying your walks on the beach!
  20. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    My pleasure Nathan. The scenery and walking at the beach and reading the blogs under a conifer ....all good! .....thankyou

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