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Nancy's Optimal Journal - cfs/lyme

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by Nancy Hampel, Jul 15, 2018.

  1. Nancy Hampel

    Nancy Hampel New Member

    Hello! I am 51, live in north central Idaho about 45th parallel. Moved to 20 acres last year in forested area further surrounded by wheat farming. No cell reception at house. In between work and planned to make living working on this place offering small workshops/retreats/airbnb/coaching. Very little exposure to blue light now.

    Health history: Late 20s viral onset of CFS.
    6 month before onset I had 4 hour surgery on face to check a neuroma. Moody and low energy after.,
    Then UTI, then flu with hives on chest and got abx and crashed into CFS. Was in grad school and took medical withdrawal.

    I lived in Madison, WI and crashed in spring.

    Did MANY holistic protocols, saw many docs, was able to work on my own terms but never got well...crashed in early 40s and got lyme diagnosis, Never did long term abx for lyme.

    CCSVI - venous intervention done about 6 years ago...veins were partially blocked due to lyme and blood was backflowing to the brain. Had MRI then. Helped with brain fog to a certain degree.

    MRI found my neck is very very straight. Got some oral inserts to help with oxygen flow to brain..retainers..but stopped using them as I got cavities and were very difficult.

    Did bio Identical cortisol for about 6 years and bio identical thyroid for about 4. Got of both of them 3.5 years ago.

    Major crash this spring. Then found this info. Leptin Rx helped pull me out of crash.

    Main sypmtoms: Brain fatigue/scattered thinking/brain fog/fatigue...comes and goes in day or some good days then bad ones.
    Not enough brain power to follow through on many things consistently.
    Intense fatigue at times for day or weeks.
    Exercise intolerance. Hard to tell how much activity I can do without crashing. Right now legs get tired walking up hill.
    Mother: Died of brain tumor at age 62 and had lung cancer 7 years previously. Smoker. I was not breast fed.

    Grandmother. Lived in remote Colorado mining area and committed suicide after her husband, my grandfather, died. My mother was about 5 years old and only child. This was about 1930

    Great Grandmother: Died in childbirth or shortly after giving birth to only child, my grandmother. age 19. It appears her mother was healthy...long lived and had large family. Something seemed to happen when they moved from the EAst to Guffey Colorado...then later female generations ....my mother, grandmother and great gran...died young.

    Currently doing Leptin rx for about 2 weeks, CT for 3 days, AM sunrise with feet on ground, hour or more of am sun ground with all skin exposed.
    90 percent of walking is barefoot or moccasins outside
    Blue blocker glasses
    bak soda/ac vinegar in water
    ordered Davinia water

    Question: What labs should I get? I will private pay, so want optimal ones, necessary but not extra.

    Question: How can I further optimize given this history?

    Thank you!!!
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  2. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    I would start with
    But d
    4x saliva cortisol.
    ,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,
    Get homocysteine slightly around 6
    Vit D over 100
    Nice cortisol profile
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  3. Annemarie Heise

    Annemarie Heise Gold Member

    welcome, I'm from Door County, Wisconsin and Brookfield, WIsconsin and also have Lyme disease.
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  4. Nancy Hampel

    Nancy Hampel New Member

    Great to meet you, Annemarie!
  5. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    welcome to journal land Nancy!
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  6. Nancy Hampel

    Nancy Hampel New Member

    Long time and here is my update: (20 plus years of cfs/lyme)

    Started keto/sun cycles, face dunks, leptin reset etc in July 2018

    Went to Yucatan for three weeks Jan/feb..felt great.

    Now: Lost 2 pant sizes from July to December. Ups and downs with fatigue until going to Yucatan.

    Since Yucatan and during (and adding carbs back in..stopping keto) I feel much like a person without cfs! For several weeks now.

    Had a blip of couple weeks with head pressure, fatigue, and hot flashes. Added carbs back and all stopped!

    I added ezekiel bread and grass fed kefir back in lat week.....but got inflammed and depressed and am taking them back out.

    I am a little too thin now..did keto a little too long I think,

    I could tell immediately in Yucatan that my body loved the grounding..I am quite sensitive to energies. I have fair skin and worked up to several hours per day in sun.

    Went barefoot almost constantly, ate fish and veg and some fruit. Sunrise daily, red flashlight at night.

    I also do herbs for CNS inflammation from lyme from Stephen Buhner's protocol. I feel they help.

    No meds at all, no hormones. Now doing lugol's and magnesium supplements. Eating lots of seafood and lamb.

    Loved Mexico!

    Going back March 26 for two months. Considering moving there...not only for health..I think now I could maintain here...but I loved the people and the expat community aspect and culture and nature. I am now without obligations and love to travel. Changed my life, really.
  7. Phosphene

    Phosphene Gold (finally)

    Fabulous Nancy! The culture aspect draws me as well. I think some of us just aren’t meant to be in any one place for too long. I’m grateful for what I have but there is so much more to explore!
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  8. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    nice update Nancy.........I haven't been to Mexico for years ....maybe need to rethink that!
  9. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Nancy, you learned something big about redox. GO FURTHER and build your MASTERPIECE with your new wisdom.

    Every life I treat as a surgeon is a canvas and every interaction I now have with a person is a brush to me, therefore I've come to be more wise and now consider how I "touch" the paint before I act. The different in brushstrokes is a touch between a masterpiece and a broken life of tragedy. This is a non-stop battle for the artist within the surgeon. This is #March2019webinar alert now on my Patreon.
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