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Name five things you would do

Discussion in 'The Cave' started by jeanie@truelongmont.com, Oct 11, 2012.

  1. FarmersDaughter

    FarmersDaughter New Member

    Quelsen, I would happily pay money to hear you speak, if you speak at all like you write.
  2. Today I'm dragging out the old college transcripts, my what a Bon-Vivant-Polymath experience my education has been. I currently have degrees or almost degrees or licenses (I'm a learner not a rule follower).

    Trombone - full on degree in trombone playing. WTF was I thinking!

    Music Education - full on degree, I got this after having the WTF was I thinking regarding trombone. I loved marching band and drill writing. To this day the only "sport" I can stomach is marching band exhibitions.


    Physical Science


    Physics - not even close to a degree more of a set of classes with mediocre grades, I couldn't do maths

    Art History

    Elementary Education


    Real Estate

    I did spend almost 9 years in school - not graduating. Until the financing plugged got pulled. Current day Cavemam would be outraged at her waste of tax $!

    Anywhoo, I digress. . .it relates to this thread as the REASON I'm going down this memory lane is because I am going to take my first class in the spring towards some kind of medical thingy. This class could towards Paramedic or Nurse. I have had many of the classes before (25 yrs ago!) so I'm not sure what they will "accept" as completed so I'm not sure WHAT class will be my starter.

    I'm being a bit of a princess on it, I don't want to take the night class or early class for circadian rythms - and I don't want to take one of the long ones because I do need to do my paying work, too.
  3. Huck

    Huck Silver

    Buy an RV {travel trailer) and spend half the year traveling.

    Build a small house where I have my (orchard, grapes, berries, and garden- already have this part).

    Develop a suite of educational programs I designed in my mind about 10 years ago.

    Go fishing on the Outer Banks every fall that I am physically able to.

    Find a fantastic woman to travel with me.

    Make $500/month on the Internet to cover entertainment expenses while traveling.
  4. AmyK

    AmyK New Member

    1. Work as a National Geographic photographer

    2. Travel, hunt, explore, and create "as if" I were a National Geographic photographer, but not actually work as one

    3. Restore old houses

    4. Connect mindfully and bring out the best in others

    5. Serve the highest good of all, in whatever way possible

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