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Naggu's Journal

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by Naghman, Nov 7, 2021.

  1. Naghman

    Naghman Naggu

    Hi All,

    I am in early 40s. I work in a high EMF environment. I was born on a 31 latitude currently living in UK. I hope to get to 33 latitude or 24th latitude in 2 years time. Until then I need help to biohack myself.

    My issues include:
    High EMF sensitivity
    Hypermobility and poor posture
    Neck and pelvis injuries
    PTSD and overthinking
    Stiff and cramping muscles
    Lyme disease
    Sleep issues
    Dry eyes syndromes (had celazion removed surgically form both eyelids)

    Routine so far:
    3 to 4 ice baths per week. Lasting 10 mins. I tend to shiver a lot after CT. Takes time to warm up, hence, I warm up by sitting in front of fan heaters after CT.
    Mitogen light panel morning and evening. 10 mins each
    Watch sunrise during breakfast. Lasting 10 mins
    Blue light blockers
    Meat and Veg diet seems to work best for me but I am sick of eating meat and relapse to gluten and dairy intermittently

    Biohacks hoping to try in near future:
    Sperdy D light
    Bed Canopy

    Look forward to your help and suggestions
    Last edited: Nov 7, 2021
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  2. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    See chiropractor 2-3 times per week.

  3. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    Skinny---->>low brown fat---->easy on CT

    Skinny----->> wheat, white potatoes, butter, bacon, olive oil, avocado oil

  4. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

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  5. Naghman

    Naghman Naggu

    thanks Janz

    I find it hard to get into ketogenic/fat adaption.
    I dont feel any side affects of Wheat.
    what about glyphosate in wheat?
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  6. Naghman

    Naghman Naggu

    One more issue I forgot to mention

    my house has high humidity and possible leaks and mold
  7. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    If you have good health, that should not bother you.

    There are good molds and bad molds.
    I just bought two humidifiers to increase the humidity in my home.
    Good Mold - Bad Mold. Mold gets a bad rap of late, but good mold does exist.
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  8. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    I don't think that sitting in front of fan heaters after C/T is a good idea.....might be a question for Dr. K.

    There are a few people who shouldn't do C/T - another question for Dr. K.
  9. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    your n=1 is different from everybody else's

    Baby steps until you find what is your n=1

    You must already know that your environment/work sucks for so many reasons.

    Jack always tells us that we can't get well in the environment that we got sick in.
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  10. Hi @Naghman oh my goodness where to start!

    I am not anywhere near as well versed on the biology side as the others in the group so will leave that to them to help you with, however I can certainly help you when it comes to the environment.

    @caroline is correct......we always tell clients you cannot heal in the place that made you sick so with that in mind ........do you feel better when you are away from your home?

    How do you feel when in the park/in nature or at the beach or away on holidays?

    If you do feel better then that is the obvious sign that your environment ie your home is causing some of your issues - biology aside.

    My questions aren't comprehensive, its late here but just to get you thinking about your environment and I or anyone who will offer to help you will need more detailed info to offer more detailed responses.

    What is the reason you are you staying in that house? Is it because you own it? Can you find another home to move to or is that not an option? Are you in a large city or are you in a rural area?

    If the house is indeed making you sick then a move should be considered unless there are financial or physical reasons why you cant and then it would be a matter of whether mitigation and remediation are viable to undertake.

    The immediate (and obvious) issues with your environment are EMF's, Mould & Indoor Air Quality and Toxins/Chemicals.

    Q - You are highly EMF sensitive/have EHS. Have you worked with an integrative GP? How did you find this out ie how was it diagnosed?

    Q- Is all your equipment hardwired or are you still using wifi and bluetooth?

    Q - What work do you do and why are you in a high EMF environment?

    Mould and Indoor Air Quality
    Q - Do you have leaks/water ingress? If so have you traced them back to the source? If yes have they been repaired?

    Q- Do you have visible mould?

    Q - Are you using a hygrometer to measure humidity levels?

    Q - Do you have a dehumidifier?

    Q- Do you have adequate ventilation in this home?

    I don't know how much you know about these areas but many of your symptoms are indicative of both EHS and Mould because they have many of the same symptoms, the symptoms/adverse health effects of both overlap.

    Mould will also exacerbate your EHS symptoms.

    Some suggestions/comments based on the limited info you have given and my understanding of the environment.

    Knowing you have electrical hypersensitivity and stating the obvious, you should definitely be minimising/limiting your exposure to EMF's if you haven't done so already.

    Without seeing your environment/knowing how you are set up the obvious things I would suggest which you may already have done are:

    - do not use wifi/blutooth and hardwire your computers/devices

    - use minimum Cat 6 or if you can get Cat 7 shielded cables when hardwiring and also ground your devices

    - always use a wired keyboard and mouse

    - depending on where your electrical meter box is and the levels/frequency its transmitting, a BB can use test for this and if required use shielding products and test again to see if the levels have dropped to minimise them.

    - being electrically sensitive you may also possibly need to wear shielding clothing to protect your heart, your brain and your reproductive organs so a singlet/t-shirt, a beanie and underwear when working on a computer would be helpful.

    - what sort of lighting do you have? Do you have dimmer switches and downlights?

    - hire a building biologist to come and check your EMF levels including RF, electric and magnetic fields and dirty electricity. They will locate the sources and offer mitigation solutions.

    - Need to find any leaks and fix them.

    - If visible mould you should be away from it, have it assessed and remediated if possible.

    -If you have visible mould do not attempt to clean it, you will make yourself sicker by causing mould spores to become airborne when you disturb them.

    - Use a hygrometer to know your humidity levels and use a dehumidifier to filter your air for mould as well as chemicals.

    - If you have a split system air conditioning unit this can be used as a dehumidifier also if it is clean and not contaminated with mould (they usually are). This can be checked easily.

    - Consult with an integrative GP/naturopath and get a mycotoxin test (urine) to see what your exposure levels of mould are and work with them to eliminate the mould from your system. The protocols I have seen used for mould successfully are by Dietrich Klinghardt, he and his practitioners are also Lyme literate so perhaps do your own research around this.

    I highly recommend getting a building biologist in not only to measure your EMF levels and offer solutions bu also to conduct a mould/moisture assessment so you can understand what all the issues you face in the place you're living are and make an informed choice whether to remediate or move to a safer home.

    I didnt see how much ALAN you use, need to follow Jack's advice here and no lights esp. blue light after dark. Optimise your light environment.

    Your body is not only overloaded with mould/ehs issues but your toxic load will be sky high also if you aren't watching for toxins in your food and environment. With your system under assault your liver will struggle to filter out the toxins which will keep circulating throughout your system rather than being cleared out so you need to minimise exposures to take some pressure off your system.

    Q - Do you use chemical cleaning and personal care products?

    These must be eliminated and replaced with natural products otherwise you're exposing yourself on a daily basis to hundreds of chemicals in these products alone.

    Q - Do you eat fresh, organic produce or packaged foods?

    My suggestion regarding your food is to go completely organic - all of your food has pesticides inc. glyphosate in it which is contributing to the overall body burden. You need to help your body to recover through Jacks biologic ways but you can help and support your body by eliminating all unnecessary insults to give it an opportunity to heal.

    Go to farmers markets or straight to farmers and buy from them, if not organic produce then at minimum pesticide free should be the choice.

    Ideally find ways to stay off gluten and dairy as they contribute to your toxic load.

    Q - Do you live in an old or new home? Do you have new carpets or new furniture? Has the house recently been painted? If yes to any of these questions then all of these off gas adding to the toxins you are breathing in, your indoor air quality will be poor if this is happening and defiantly open windows to allow for ventilation and to dilute the toxins but also use air purifiers to filter your air.

    A building biologist or 'low tox' coach should be able to help you audit your home for chemicals and give you safe alternatives to use.

    Finally one very important thing is your sleep hygiene. When you sleep you need to allow your body to rest and repair. If it is under constant assault from EMF's and Mould you will have no chance to do so. You need to create a safe sleeping space, a sleep sanctuary.

    This should include:
    - No electronic devices whatsoever.

    - No mobile/cell phone

    - Complete darkness, if you cant or dont have dark enough blinds use an eye mask - they are a brilliant and inexpensive hack!

    - If possible can you identify the circuit breaker/power coming to your bedroom? If so is it able to be safely isolated/switched off? This would be the best possible scenario for you if you could switch off the circuit breaker to your bedroom (safely) when going to bed so you 'kill' all power in the room where you sleep, the other option if it is on a circuit breaker with other areas is to get an EMF literate electrician to install a 'kill' switch near your bed that cuts all power to your room at the flick of a switch.

    - No bedside lamps either in your room.

    - If you can keep a window slightly open to allow for some air circulation and to keep your room cool enabling better sleep.

    -Definitely sleep under a bed canopy until you can sort things out, you need to protect yourself at all time remembering that being under a bed canopy is like being in a faraday cage so you cannot and must not bring a cell phone or laptop under there with you, it defeats the purpose and magnifies the radiation bouncing around in the canopy which will make you sicker.

    There is a ton more that could be said however this is a starting point.

    If you have any questions reach out.

    Good luck, Laudy

    Note: I have edited the response becasue after a sleep and coffee I remembered more so I have added more!
    Last edited: Nov 11, 2021
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  11. Naghman

    Naghman Naggu

    Thanks all.
    I work at airport.
    There is no visible mould in my house.
    2 leak areas I need to sort out.
    I was in Australia for a year. I felt no different.
    I have seen naturopath for a year and then a Dr Klinghardt naturpath for another year. Did liver flushes and parasite cleanses and parasite medications including lyme herbs etc. No difference. My symptoms get worse with these protocols. Actually my EHS got worse with these protocols. I was told by Klinghardt practitioner that I won't get better unless I block EMF properly.

    Laudy. your information is very useful and you have raised many questions. I am stuck here for possibly 2 years before I move closer to 33 latitude. Which Is why I don't want to move house or spend any money on it.

    My plan is to sort out my sleep sanctuary, Canopy, magnetico, EMF clothing and DDW.
  12. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    Dr Klinghardt
    Dr Amy Yasco

    bad rabbit holes, no end in sight
    So far I see only guesses.

    Post the tons of tests that you did so far.
    Make sure to make copies of the whole test report's outputs.
    DO NOT rewrite and post.

    Last edited: Nov 13, 2021
  13. Naghman

    Naghman Naggu

    Hi all

    I will post all the tests I had in the last 3 years.
    see what u think
  14. Naghman

    Naghman Naggu

    let me know what you think

    the visible mold Is cleared

    but 2 leaks not cleared atm
  15. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    When you go to a surgeon he will find what to cut in you.

    When you go to a psychologist he will find that you ......

    When you go to XYZ specialist, he will find XYZ problem that you have.

    (Given enough $$) Every self respecting specialist will find problem (that needs to be solved urgently).

    Brainwashing from Pavlov to Social Media

    Biology of Belief by Bruce Lipton

    Think happy thoughts

    Last edited: Nov 14, 2021
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  16. Naghman

    Naghman Naggu

    I totally agree.

    A lot of it is to do with psychology.
  17. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

  18. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    25 HydroHealth
    are all good DDW waters.
    The question is cost.
    I live in the USA and drink 25HydroHealth for many years. Recently purchased newbatch.
    Had to wait a few weeks this time (due to Covid), otherwise a newer problem, quick delivery.

    Other waters are usually mineral waters. There usually is not much value in them when you are concerned about deuterium.
    If some of them are missing a few atoms of deuterium, they usually make every big deal about it, but there is no merit in those claims.

    There is no need to mix DDW water with any other water. But you can if you like it.

    If you drink 1.5 liters daily that is 3 half liters bottles.

    If you have a hard time (financially) drinking all of it as DDW-25 (like do), then you drink one or two bottles of DDW-25, and then keep drinking the other water.

    You can safely assume that normal water is 150ppm (D/H)
    If you would drink two half-liter of DDW-25 and one-half liter of 150ppm
    (2*25+150)/3=66.66ppm (D/h)
    If you would drink one half-liter of DDW-25 and two half-liter of 150ppm
    (1*25+2*150)/3=108.33ppm(D/h)------>>>this would be a good choice

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  19. Hi Nagman

    Looks like you have spent a fortune on various testing. Some good info here to work with, thank you for sharing.

    I am not a naturopath nor medical doctor and cannot possibly and would not attempt to even decipher your medical tests so hope someone in the group may be able to help you there.

    I understand why you don’t want to move yet, however in the back of your mind know that you cannot heal fully in the place that is contributing to and affecting your health so it is no wonder that the Klinghardt Protocol didn’t work given you seem to have high EMF exposure levels both at home and at work so you are being bombarded all the time while also being exposed to mould when you are at home from the house itself via the water leaks. Another potential source of exposure from looking at the mycotoxin test indicates potential exposure via your food source.

    You can and must mitigate all you can and hack your environment until you can move. Do the best you can until then.

    The fact you work at the airport and you are electrically hypersensitive is insane. I suggest shielded clothing to protect you at all times possible while at work.

    In what seems to be a report you have uploaded, Point 1 very good and I like that they tell you the pros and cons of each suggestion but thats about all I like about it.

    What is the justification for shielding? It is used for very high levels of RF which would be coming from an external source?

    It says here you have many cell towers around you but I cannot see how close/far they are. Did whoever wrote your report test with professional meters such as Gigahertz? What was the outcome? Do you know your exposure sources and levels?

    Did they look at location maps to see how close the cell towers were?

    Are there any towers less than 400 meters from your home and in the ‘line of sight’ of your home because this will definitely need to be addressed if there are and if this was the case with no other solutions then in this instance you would consider shielding.

    In my opinion shielding is horrendously expensive and very difficult to ‘get right’, bearing in mind if it is done incorrectly then it will make you very sick and is very difficult to remove. I will only ever advise shielding paint as a very last resort so do not rush into something like this and don’t let anyone talk you into it without proper testing and explanation.

    Under no circumstances should shielding ever be done by anyone who doesn’t know what they re doing, it could be catastrophic. I also didn’t see it written anywhere on your report however in all of my reports if shielding was to be recommended I add the details of an EMF literate electrician to work with to come and install a grounding plate, ensuring the wall/walls/ceiling are properly grounded with no joining surfaces left unexposed.

    Without this it will be a nightmare where EMF fields become attracted to the shielding paint and will be amplified. We often see many many electrically sensitive clients come to us who have spent thousands of dollars on shielding recommended by someone else that is installed incorrectly and they become very ill after the shielding is attempted and there is not much we can do to help them in these cases, so again please proceed with caution if you decide on this option.

    If you are concerned about RF from satellites I would rather you put in a metal roof which will shield the whole house rather than painting the ceiling of one room - it seems pointless.

    It also seems like this consultant has lumped all the EMF’s under one umbrella and not distinguished between internal and external exposures. They should be dealt with in different ways as shielding wont address all EMF’s and it certainly will not have any effect on geopathic stress.

    Geopathic stress needs to be identified and remedied by a geomancer, again, who knows what they are doing.

    Geomancy is the study and art of recognisig that our surroundings can play a role in ill health. By remedying geothpathic stresses we’re able to support and allow the immune system to function optimally to fight illness and disease. Geomancy is a useful tool to create a balanced and harmonious environment and life.

    Richard Creightmore summised Geomancy beautifully explaining that ‘Geomancy is dealing with subtle earth energies and their relationship with living a balanced, healthy and bountiful life. It is considered that enhancing these energies will bring human endeavours into happy relationship with the “Spirit of Place” ’.

    You will know if a geomancer is well versed in this art if they talk about looking for geological faults, geomagnetic lines, ley lines, mobile personal lines, water courses, negative psychic impressions as well as checking for Hartmann & Curry Grid positions in your home. I only saw Hartmann and Curry Grids mentioned in your report however there should be eight in total if the person knows what they are looking for. I believe this is always a wonderful addition to an assessment of any home to balance and eliminate any negative energy.

    One of the biggest issue with EMF’s I see often are the habits and exposures we have in our own homes. We are best to resolve the exposures at close range in the house before worrying about external RF unless you are in close proximity to something such as a cell phone base station in which case you would consider each case on its merit.

    I agree with point 2 that both shielding and a bed canopy are excessive whoever wrote that.

    A bed canopy is on your list already and should be helpful when you sleep, in fact when you are home and not working it would not hurt you to be under the canopy however you cannot bring electronics in there.

    It is good practice to have all electronics switched off at all times unless you need to use them as this will lower some of your exposures, by switching electronics off also you’re helping to lower some of the harmonics/the dirty electricity, electric fields and magnetic fields emanating from them, there will still be other sources however every small change reduces exposure a little bit more so should not be discounted.

    Also lowering dirty electricity comes via not leaving your appliances in stand by power mode as this contributes significantly to dirty electricity. Best thing to do is switch them off completely when not in use. Eliminating a source is always going to be far better than remediating it.

    Be very careful with dirty electricity filters, the report is correct in stating that the Stetzer filters have been known to cause fires. If the filters are not balanced correctly then this will be a problem and dirty electricity is so difficult to mitigate. For example there could be changes outside of your house such as a neighbour who installs solar power panels and this will generate a huge amount of dirty electricity that may upset the balance of your filters as dirty electricity travels along power lines so proceed with caution. They are not cheap either and you cant just put a filter on one powerpoint, the whole house will need to be done to make it work properly.

    You won’t know what to address unless you have measurements showing where the problems are ,that is, where the direction and source of the EMF/s are coming from and this will enable you to address them.

    According to the Geovital Report from what I have read it would confirm what I suggested earlier which is to leave the home or remediate it - neither of which you are willing to do until you move.

    It’s great that there is no visible mould in the house and I don’t know how the mould was dealt with/remediated previously however you still have two leaks.

    Any water ingress left unattended to for 48-72 hours will allow mould to start to proliferate so keep in mind there may not be visible mould in your home however the leaks are in the loft with no air extraction or movement and high levels of humidity alongside dust in that area are the perfect storm for mould to proliferate, so without inspecting it I would suggest start with fixing the leak/s, then mould needs to be eliminate up in that loft and address the air movement to prevent a reoccurrence.

    As a temporary measure to get some air vented out of the loft is it possible to have what we call in Australia a ‘whirly bird’ or something similar installed to help duct air out of the loft?

    It goes without saying that you should not enter the loft with active mould growth present.

    A HRV would be excellent but it sounds like you don’t want to spend the money on the house, perhaps as a compromise you could purchase a few dehumidifiers to place in the most humid areas and these can be taken with you when you leave.

    Always ventilate the house wherever possible, open doors and/or windows to allow for air flow to reduce the high humidity/moisture levels (unless the humidity is higher outside in which case you wouldn’t open doors and windows because it would get worse).

    Always ventilate when cooking and showering to allow for moisture escape.

    If possible install more heavy duty extraction fans to help remove moisture in the wet areas.

    Klinghardt protocols didn’t work for you however you are living in a house with water ingress and I am assuming active microbial activity, you are working in a very high EMF job with daily exposures, so logically no treatment can work with these ongoing exposures, you need to be away from both exposures for anything to work.

    It was excellent you had the Great Plains Mycotoxin test, obviously showing exposure to 3 different mycotoxins.

    When looking at mould you should not only address mould in your home, however we need to really drill down into your food and its source as well as potential sources of contamination.

    There are close to a dozen dangerous mycotoxin producing moulds of which three showed up in your urine sample. Aspergillus (Ochratoxin), Penicillium (Mycophenolc Acid) and Fusarium (Zearalenone).

    Aspergillus/Ochratoxin A results are borderline however it is worth noting that OTA is a nephrotoxic, immunotoxic, and carcinogenic mycotoxin. Exposure is primarily through water damaged buildings where it can be inhaled and is more prominent in humid environments.

    It is also a mitochondrial poison causing mitochondrial damage and it’s believed that OTA exposure can contribute to neurodegenerative disease also.

    Minimal exposure can occur through contaminated foods such as cereals, peanuts grape juices, dairy, spices, seeds and grains, wine, dried vine fruit, and coffee. They can also found in eggs, milk, and meat from animals fed contaminated grains.

    Treatment should be aimed at removing the source of exposure and working with a mould literate practitioner using various modalities to help you detox (when you move from your current exposure).

    Mycophenolic Acid (MPA) is produced by the Penicillium fungus.

    MPA is an immunosuppressant increasing the risk of opportunistic infections

    It is often found in indoor environments and is responsible for many allergic reactions. Penicillium is also a known contaminant in many different food items.

    Many different types of citrus fruits can become contaminated with Penicillium, but it can also contaminate seeds and grains. In the home, Penicillium can be found in wallpaper, carpet, furniture, and fiberglass insulation.

    On this note, an example to help you put this into perspective would be if the house you are living in has fibreglass insulation in the areas where there are leaks the mould could be proliferating inside the wall cavity with the fibreglass insulation acting as the food source feeding the mould and you would not know it because it is not visible to the eye yet it is still there and airborne because most homes are ‘leaky’(not sealed properly) and you could be reacting to it along with eating contaminated nuts and seeds

    High levels of Zearaleone Fusarium were indicated in your testing. ZEA is a known endocrine disruptor and contaminates cereals and food stuffs worldwide. It may also be found in air borne dust in buildings where mold contaminated feed exists, such as in the air of poultry buildings or facilities processing mold contaminated grains into flour.

    Estrogenic effects of ZEN differ from males and females. In males, major effects of this mycotoxin are immunosuppression, reduction in testosterone level, lower testes weight, reduced spermatogenesis, feminization and reduction of libido.

    Zearalenone is found in corn, wheat, rice, oats, barley, sorghum and rye as well as grain flours or processed food made from them. It may additionally be found in mouldy hay as well as malt, soybeans and beer. Dairy, Meat And Eggs May Contain Zearalenone Mycotoxins.

    So, I think your immediate plan should be to create a sleep sanctuary with a ‘kill switch’ and a bed canopy is great.

    Further add shielded clothing to protect your major organs and the others can advise about the magnetico and DDW.

    I would seriously consider you should eliminate all chemicals in your environment, personal and cleaning.

    Also consider purchasing organic food and scrutinise where you buy your food and how it is handled as there could be indirect mould exposure due to the growth and handling of dry goods, legumes, nuts etc.

    Look at some portable dehumidifiers and air purifiers to help filter the air you are breathing to reduce any airborne mould spores and to reduce humidity. A very interesting comment one of my lecturers made a few years ago was to advise her clients to ‘get a filter or be the filter’ (your lungs act as filters).

    Attend to the water leaks and undertake any remediation required to make the house safe from mould.

    Good luck, I hope my ramblings shed some more light for you and help to understand what you still need to do to hack your environment.
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  20. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    Personally, I don't use magnetico. Lots of money. Also, I spend lots of time on the first floor exactly under my bed on the second floor.
    Magnetico, thicker better. Thin not worth bothering.
    Caution must have a large room to place it on, preferably on the ground floor.
    You or your companion do not want to spend any significant time on the side or under magnetico.

    Watch this board, from time to time, people are selling their magneticos at good prices.

    Some people report no effect from magnetico.
    Consider first visiting the Chickilub crater, to feel how strong the magnetic field affects you.
    Instead, I spend $$ on testing.


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