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Nado Ro's Journal

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by NadoRo, Sep 18, 2015.

  1. NadoRo

    NadoRo New Member

    I should have started this journal 5 weeks ago when I started the Leptin Rx, but I didn't because a part of me didn't believe I'd follow through this time. I'm surprised by how easy it has been to stick to the Leptin Rx protocol. I tried it 2.5 years ago and only made it a few weeks. Then, I was in San Diego and saw weight loss success almost immediately. Now, I'm in suburban Denver and progress is not happening as quickly as I had hoped or expected.

    My reasons for doing the Leptin Rx (first step to optimal living):

    38.5 % body fat (always hovered around 20% naturally before having my second kid, mid-30's)

    167 lbs (was always 138-145 lbs until second kid)

    Very. Bad. Sleep. Many nights it's fractured with multiple wakings and, at worst, 2-4 hours of broken sleep.

    Diagnosed Adrenal Fatigue

    SIBO (diagnosed by Genova Stool Test)

    Depressed thyroid

    Depressed sex hormones

    Very elevated cholesterol levels

    Moved to Denver a year ago from SoCal. Found a functional medicine doc who does affordable quarterly testing and supports BHRT where there's a deficiency. I've been working the last year to raise hormone levels through supplementation, improve thyroid numbers with Naturethroid, and clean up my diet. I got serious 6 weeks ago about eliminating all grains completely and staying consistent with a low carb primal diet and adding at least one meal, if not more, of seafood per day.

    Started Leptin Rx 5 weeks ago. Here's where I am today:

    Lost 7 lbs

    Clearly improving body comp (back fat down, yay!)

    Binge eating tendencies are in check, even during monthly cycle

    Sleep, however, is not good. It started to improve rapidly and then took a nose dive 3 weeks ago into some serious night wakings and insomnia. I'm now struggling to stick to the big protein breakfast in the am because I'm exhausted. I want to get out there for the sunrise, but I've usually only fallen asleep an hour or two before for the night. My biggest win will be when I can go to bed, fall asleep, sleep uninterrupted for 7.5-8 hours, and wake up up refreshed! Right now, this is feeling like an impossible dream..but what alternative do I have but to continue on?
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  2. caroline

    caroline Moderator


    Your post code is a problem

    non native EMF? have you got all electronics out of bedroom?

    How much computer time ? wifi?


    what time are you going to bed? do you leave at least 4 hours after eating and before bed?

    what kind of water are you drinking?

    how much time outdoors?
  3. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    How much seafood are you eating?

    It is all about the three legged stool ...... water, magnetism and light.

    Do you have blue blockers?
  4. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    AM light on your face and CT on your skin and cornea.........
  5. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Cooler surfaces increase UV assimilation.
    Don't place a fitness solution on a medical problem
    So instead of "You are what you eat", it's more like, "You are what you absorb, repel and emit.
  6. NadoRo

    NadoRo New Member

    Thank you, Caroline and Dr. Kruse! I have lurked on your site, and read the blogs for 3 years (get the gist of each, if not the science always). I own your book, but am finally putting all the pieces together in a full court press to wellness now that the youngest child is in school full time.

    Zip code is definitely a problem, but we will move to SoCA or NoVA in 1.5 years. My focus is to do what is actionable in this environment, knowing that the environment should improve when we move. Blueblockers? Check. They go on at sunset. Orange or red lightbulbs in any light that gets turned on at night. Husband is not on board but wants to see me feel better (and look better, I suspect). But I have to tread lightly. Any action I take is for me alone..I'll have to be the example before he becomes more interested. We do have electronics in the bedroom--red light clock, white noise machine, humidifier. I wear an eye mask to sleep because I am very sensitive to light (blue eyes).

    Eating seafood 1-2x a day (shrimps, scallops, tuna, salmon)..still looking for oysters in Denver! Very low carb eating style while on Leptin RX. Need to tighten up dinner time, though. Will focus on finishing 4 hours before bedtime. Run into problems there because of kids' activities on some nights. I walk barefoot outside as much as possible. I just spent 3.5 hours at morning soccer games, standing barefoot in blinding sunlight..no sunglasses for the last 5 months, ever. I drive with the car windows down so there is no glass between me and the sun.

    I just switched to spring water. Had thought my delivered water was spring and was VERY DISAPPOINTED to find that I've been drinking "purified" water for the last 3 months. My Bun/Creatinine ratio is 18, so working on improving that with only spring water now.

    I'm off and on the computer all day but do not work outside the home, so I'm not tethered. Spend most of my time online reading Jack's blogs and forum threads! I've started disconnecting the wifi when I'm home and not on the PC. Definitely have to tread lightly there when my husband is in town as he is not on board with any of the EMF stuff and would dismiss my ideas as fringe. No smart meter that I know of at the house..

    CT...buying a thermometer today to start face dunks! I've dabbled with CT, but have never fully committed to the protocol. For me, I think that will be the game changer. I just have to carve out the time to do it!

    Now I guess I'd better get off the computer and get outside..
  7. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

  8. NadoRo

    NadoRo New Member

    Thanks, Jan Sz! I have actually read many of your forum posts on hormone replenishment, and it was these posts (and my reading of the blogs) that pushed me to increase my supplementation of Pregnenalone and 7 Keto DHEA. That's raised my labs to a great level as of August, though the numbers are not yet within Dr. Kruse's optimal ranges. I'm running into a problem with my practitioner, who is wedded to the slightly lower hormone levels recommended by Neal Rouzier, and doesn't want me to move beyond them. Wish there were a Dr. Kruse-minded practitioner here in Denver!
  9. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Dr. kruse was/is doing on line consults for members this month.

    print off Dr. K's blogs and then sit outside and read! or read while C/T'ing!! Can you get an outside tub? some here have a cheap one they get at a hardware store I think....

    Sounds like you are doing great ..... you need to take care of yourself first.........
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  10. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    These weekends have been quite busy with members live.......and several visiting doctors.
  11. Lahelada

    Lahelada New Member

    Hello Nado,
    My water says purified,too. I thought the same as you and was not going to drink it.But curiosity hydrates the cat so I dug a bit into the history of the company. It turns out that apart from some colourful vignettes of life when sodabars existed they also have a quality orientated business model. The purified water is actually reverse osmosis water,which for rehydration purposes is better than spring. None of the water here is ideal except for gota water maybe as it comes in a glass bottle ,the rest come in plastic bottles. The till receipt for the got a is enough to cause you a heart attack. So you may want to branch out your search and look for purified reverse osmosis water in glass bottles or spring water in glass bottles. Caution often you have togoogle deep. The info for mine came from a blog about arsenic in Argentine waters a project by a local agronomy engineer. The dots you need to connect are sometimes miles apart. :D
  12. NadoRo

    NadoRo New Member

    Thanks for the reply, Lahelada. The water was from Deep Rock, and when I ordered it at Costco, I was assured it was spring water. After I'd been drinking it for a few months, I noticed the bottle label said "purified water." Then I went on the website to find a water report of what was in it, thinking it might be RO, and there's no information on their site. Figuring that was a bad sign, I cancelled the monthly deliveries and went with El Dorado, which is a spring water source from Colorado where I live. Their water information is readily available on the website, which I appreciated. I have really searched online for RO water here in Denver and can't find anything. So strange! There were several locations for RO water in San Diego where I lived before, and I assumed CO would be equally easy.

    I know I'm deydrated based on where I live, my bun/creatinine ratio, and other markers so I want to rehydrate as fast as I can. I'll look for RO brands that I can buy in the store here.. I appreciate the tip!
  13. NadoRo

    NadoRo New Member

    And speaking of dehydration, I stumbled upon the "Dehydration" thread in the forum yesterday and am so energized by the information I found there! There's a lot of actionable stuff in that thread, I just couldn't believe my luck. I've been working on low progesterone levels for a while and have toyed with upping my progesterone to help with sleep. Intuitively, I have known that improving my low progesterone levels is key to feeling better, but I didn't realize until I read Diane's and Shinjin's explanations WHY raising my levels are so important. Last night I doubled up on progesterone, up to 200 mg, and slept well for the first time in many days. If I can crack the sleep thing, I'll know I'm making progress.

    Also, started CT protocol last night, after dinner, with face dunks. Completed 4 dunks, with a final surface temperature of 65. My kindergartner was intrigued and did face dunks too! I guess kids know intrinsically what is good for them.. Feel like I need to start getting cold adapted before true winter hits the Rockies!
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  14. NadoRo

    NadoRo New Member

    Need to start tracking grounding/light exposure and CT activity to see how labs and sleep are affected. I'm still doing the Leptin Rx, and still eating 3 meals a day..no snacking at all.

    Grounding: Yes. About 3.5 hours between reading and walking outside barefoot.

    Water: Spring. 120 oz +

    CT #2: 4-5 face dunks in 40 degree water. (5 y/o was participating so I lost track of how many I did)

    Seafood: Dinner of tuna salad made with TJ's albacore tuna, lime juice, macadamian oil, sea salt, olives, green onions, avocado.
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  15. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Get AM UV IR light...........it is a must.
  16. NadoRo

    NadoRo New Member

    After reading your other comments on AM light..I've started eating my BAB outside, sitting in the grass, facing the East.. I haven't gotten through all of your blogs yet, but my guess was that this was the best way to get the kind of light you're referencing above? The bulk of my grounding is done in the morning, shortly after sunrise with my BAB, and then between 9 am & 12 pm. I am also outside, grounding, a few days a week during soccer practices that fall between 5 & 6 pm. I'm also making a point to get outside at sunset, though I can't always see the actual sunset because we live in a neighborhood and trees/houses block my view. I don't work out side of the home, and I'm lucky to have the opportunity to get outside to ground in daylight a lot if I prioritize it..and I am. I rarely have any artificial lighting on during the day as there is no reason for it..windows are open in the house to allow unobstructed sunlight. I drive with my windows down. Never wear sunglasses..stopped that 6 months ago.
  17. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

  18. NadoRo

    NadoRo New Member

    Suboptimal sleep last night. Finally fell asleep from 1;30-6:45 am after taking 2 chewables of Insomnitol (sleep supplement with melatonin, 5 htp, etc.) and 4 mg glycine. Took 200 mg. progesterone, 400 mg mag glyc., liquid mag on feet..was so tired but couldn't fall asleep. Possible factors? No seafood at dinner, dinner too late (7-7:mmpft:0 pm due to soccer practices). Will start to track food, meal timing to see if sleep is affected one way or the other..

    Breakfast: 7-7:mmpft:0 am Chicken, Cheese & Egg Quiche, small coffee with coconut "crack" creamer
    Supps: 100 mg Pregnenalone, 25 DHEA, Dessicated liver pills, 10,000 D3, 40 mg Iodoral, 200 mg Selenium, B-100 capsule, 90 Naturethroid, 500 mg. Niavasc
    Lunch: 12:mmpft:0-1 pm 5 raw oysters w/Frank's Red hot (yum!), small coffee with ccc, cheeseburger w/raw cheddar (Duozymes, 4 capsules)
    Supps: 200 mg. Mag Orotate, dessicated liver pills, 500 mg Niavasc
    Dinner: :mmpft:0 pm- 6pm Monkfish fillet, cauliflower faux tatoes
    No supps post dinner..activated charcoal for stomach ache. Hope it wasn't the raw oysters at lunch!

    Will do face dunks post dinner..
    Last edited: Sep 23, 2015
  19. NadoRo

    NadoRo New Member

    Just lost my whole post. Darn.
    Ate a bigger breakfast with large portion of a chicken burger (ground chicken, salt, pepper in butter) and two pastured eggs, coffee. Wasn't able to fit in lunch at the right time, so I skipped it and felt fine. Ate a seafood dinner of monkfish & shrimp in butter at 5 pm. Definitely need to get the bigger protein breakfast going..would love to skip lunch regularly--one less meal to fix! I know chicken isn't optimal but I calculated that the higher protein count would make a difference in hunger, and it did. For the sake of the Leptin Rx, I'll keep it up.

    Cut back on the Niavasc..only took 500 mg after dinner. I think it's been causing stomach upset since I made the move to 1500 mg/day earlier this week. PCP wants me up to 2,000 for cholesterol levels, but I don't know if that's possible giving how it made me feel.

    Sleep wasn't great. Both kids woke me up around 3-4 am and it's hard to fall back asleep after that.

    Face dunks planned for sunset.
  20. NadoRo

    NadoRo New Member

    So face dunks didn't happen last night, but feet dunks in the chilly creek did. Took the kids to the playground and creek for sunset. Put my feet in the water for 15 minutes and they became almost instantly warm. I had foot surgery for a neuroma in May, and bare feet is still painful. I hope CT can help with that.

    Sleep: Good. Slept through the night until 6:30 am. Woo hoo!

    Weight: 160.8

    Breakfast (w/in 45 min): very large portion of ground chicken, 3 pastured eggs, coffee w/half & half

    2+ hours of grounding on soccer fields for kids' games 9 am-12 pm

    Lunch: really tired & didn't have much to choose from..i.e. totally unprepared. Tried drinking a vanilla protein shake..gross. Was STARVING and super cranky by 4 pm. Dinner time!

    Serious afternoon fatigue. Could barely peel myself off the couch and very irritable with kids' demands.

    Dinner: 4:30-5 pm: What happens when I skip a meal? My eating goes off the rails..I haven't felt this much since starting the Leptin RX.
    One spoonful of peanut butter, a heaping plate of mussels with a few bites of almond pasta (paleo pasta), now 85% dark chocolate from TJ's with another generous spoonful of peanut butter smeared on for good measure. And, 2 deviled eggs. And a few forkfuls of Bubbie's sauerkraut. Gotta get some more diverse gut flora going to fight this SIBO dx. This feels like a binge, but is far less in terms of quantity and pretty decent for content.

    Why am I not in ketosis? Why am I still subject to intense hunger if a meal is missed? I've been on the Leptin RX for 6 weeks...It's frustrating.

    Time to count my gains:
    1. Very few cravings, as long as I eat 3 meals a day. I cannot skip meals!
    2. 7 lbs weight loss

    Must start CT for real. Will hit Costco on Monday when kids are in school for ice.. Spot icing starts Monday. It's hot today--high 80's--that sounds so refreshing right now.
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