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N=1: My journey on the Leptin Reset

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by Shijin13, Mar 14, 2012.

  1. Shijin13

    Shijin13 Guest

    Ok, here's my n=1 on the LR.

    This journey didn't begin in May 2011 it began back in 1999 when I was medically discharged from the Air Force, for Migraines and asthma both which became uncontrollable. I had both migraines and asthma since I was a child. It was something I lived with, just part of my life. I processed out of the military, and into the VA medical system, where I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and PTSD. I was treated with medications that targeted both my migraines, the bipolar disorder and the PTSD, and placed on asthma controller medications.

    I worked as a Logistics Consultant for a government contractor and found myself an active participant in the response to 9/11. In this high pressure and high stress job, I suddenly I gained close to 30lbs. I wasn't sleeping well, in fact I never really slept well. I joined weight watchers, only to have my weight plateau at 160lbs at the lowest weight. I'm 5'3"; at my highest I was 190lbs. I found that that my weight bounced back and forth between 160lbs-185lbs over the next 7-years; I never could break through the 160lbs barrier.

    Between 2002 and 2003, the VA diagnosed me with Fibromylagia and Chronic Fatigue syndrome. My health began to deteriorate, and by 2004 I had reactions to the medications I was on for my migraines and psychological issues. The reactions were so sever the VA Neurologist took me off all my medications and sent me to a chiropractor. I found some relief with the chiropractor, by going gluten free, and dairy free, but I didn't see any changes in weight.

    In 2008 I had my first child. My pre-pregnancy weight was 165lbs, at delivery of my daughter I weighed close to 200lbs, I never reached my pre-pregnancy weight, and even with doing P90x, before I became pregnant with my 2nd child. During this time I was also diagnosed with sleep apnea as well. My 2nd pregnancy was hard on me. I gained close to 230lbs at time of delivery and I was placed on bed rest at 34wks due to high blood pressure. Once I got cleared to work out, I began P90x but was only able to get down to 190lbs and saw no forward moment in weight loss. I was still in maternity clothes 6 months post-partum. I was frustrated because every one I knew lost weight while they were breastfeeding, while I had no success.

    In October 2010, I stumbled upon Mark's Daily Apple. I bought the Primal Blueprint and I took a primal leap. Going 100% grain free was easy. The hard part was kicking the sugar from my diet. It took me almost 4 months to completely kick sugar to the curb. Once I did, I saw improvements and by February 2011, I was out of maternity clothes, and in size 12 pants. Then I stalled out, in my weight loss.

    I tried counting calories. I increased my fat consumption; I cooked everything in bacon fat, coconut oil, or ghee. I increased my protein. I tried low carb, and I tried moderate carbs. I made sure I moved slowly every day and Lifted heavy things 2-3x/week and sprinted 1x/week. But no results, no change in body composition. But I wasn't giving up. This was the easiest effort I'd ever put forth in attempting to loose weight, I figured it took me 10 years and 2 pregnancies to get to where I am, and I might not happen over night.

    I discovered Dr. Kruse's Leptin Reset at the end of May 2011. I figured why not try it. How hard could eating 50grams of protein for breakfast cooked in Coconut oil within 30mins of waking up be? My first breakfast was a salmon burger, 3 eggs and cheese, plus my coffee w/the Primal Coconut “Crackâ€Â Creamer, which is 1 egg, a can of whole fat coconut milk, ½ cup of Coconut oil and a splash of vanilla extract blended up. I could barely finish the meal, but I forged ahead. Every morning I ate this way. Soon eating 50g of protein was easy. The one thing I didn't follow regarding the reset was the no exercise. I felt I really needed it, so I continued to run and walk daily, along with 2-3x week heavy lifting sessions and my one sprinting sessions. Looking back, I think working out held me back.

    Within the first 6 weeks, I began to see some of the Leptin Sensitive Signals begin to appear. My nails started growing at a phenomenal rate, such that I needed to cut my nails weekly. Prior to the rest I cut my nails every 3-4 weeks, and they'd break really easily. I also saw an increase in my sex drive – which is a big deal, when you're nursing. Up until July I had no desire for sex. Around this same time, my cycle began to return after being with out it for 4years of pregnancies or nursing. I also began to start sweating really easily within the first 5 minutes of working out and I began to get hot within 30 minutes of eating. For the first time in my life I wasn't cold in the middle of a Washington DC summer, I found that amazing!

    While I was beginning to see Leptin Sensitive Signals, I also gained weight and I was frustrated. Dr Kruse answered my questions on the monster thread as to why was I gaining weight, instead of loosing. His response was that I had hormonal issues that needed to be addressed but in order to pinpoint them I needed to run tests. I balked at running tests.

    But after 12 weeks on the reset with only some Leptin Signals I gave in and tested. I paid for most of my tests out of my flexible spending account. My labs identified what was holding me back. My cortisol levels were backwards, they were elevated at night, and low in the morning; the complete opposite of what they're supposed to be! No wonder I had a hard time waking up in the morning! The only other labs that were alarming was my NMR lipid profile, specifically my LDLs. My LDL shot up like a rocket, the only good thing about my LDLs was they were the light fluffy pattern A, not the plaque and artery clogging patter b! Fortunately, my HDL had almost doubled from the previous lipid panel I had run in Nov 2010, and my Trigs dropped to 30.

    After reading Dr Kruse's response on the Perfect Health blog, in Sep 2011, regarding increased LDL in some people on a paleo/primal diet, I realized the crazy cortisol I had, in combination with the high LDL I was dealing with pregnalone steal syndrome, and my brain had turned off my hypothalamus-pituary axis, essentially shutting down my thyroid to a maintenance level, which was making it difficult to lose weight. It also explained why my Thyroid panels (TSH and T4- were normal!) This became a vicious cycle. So I continued to make LDL, but the cortisol was shunting the pregnalone so I wasn̢۪t turning the LDL into the appropriate sex-steroid hormones. This was my biggest AHHAAA moment in my quest for health. I then focused on fixing the cortisol through the use of adaptogens, I gave up my beloved coffee for decaf, and I stopped working out.

    6 weeks after this AHHAAA moment and I stepped on the scale and suddenly I was 10lbs lighter and 160lbs! Shortly after that around the second week in October, I began to start to work out, lifting heavy things, and High Intensity Interval Training, in addition to walking the dog with the kids. At this time I was in size 12s for most of my work suits. I had size 10s in my downstairs closets that I couldn't fit in. At the end of October I had combined my LHT/HIITs by doing 12min work outs using bodyrock.tv. When you have two kids under 4, work full time, and you're also trying to be a supportive/participative wife and maximizing your work out becomes critical! Following the LR principles, and working out right before or right after dinner made the world of difference. By December I was in my size 10 suits and I had to go out and buy size 8s pants/jeans for kicking around on the weekend! I haven't been in a size 8 since the 90's and I was less than 160Lbs for the first time in almost 10years!

    At this point, I began to focus on trying to sync everything I was doing around the circadian rhythms Dr. Kruse kept blogging about. I began to forego sunglasses during the day, trying to get as much sunlight as I could. At this point suddenly I found myself realizing at 3:30-4pm that I̢۪d missed lunch. I wasn't hungry and so I didn't worry about lunch, and I began to take walks during my lunch hour. I've experienced all the Leptin Sensitive signals, things began to fall into place. I'm sleeping better than I can remember and I'm waking refreshed at 630 in the morning!

    I've seen major body composition changes since the beginning of December, as well as increases in strength with the bodyrock.tv workouts I've been doing. While I'm not Optimal yet, I'm on my way. I'm not in a bikini yet, but I will be and I'll have a crazy six-pack of abs to complement the bikini. The most amazing thing about the entire reset is how my perspective has changed. My entire way of thinking has changed. Stress doesn't affect me like it used too. I'm a better mother, and wife. Do I have bad days? yeah sure I do, but more often those aren't bad days but a bad moment within a day that quickly is replaced by something positive. Am I the best person I could be every day? Probably not but that's a piece of what becoming Optimal is about. Every day I'm better than I was the day before in everything; in my health, in my mental state, in my role as a wife, in my role as a mother, in my role as an employee. Yeah, the weight loss, and increased health are excellent benefits too but each day I become a better version of me and that for me that's the most amazing thing about what the Leptin Reset has done for me.

    My most recent labs, show that things are beginning to turn around, my thyroid is waking up, I also discovered my PCOS is back in full swing and I found a doc in my local area who will work w/me on bio-identical hormones, to mange my PCOS. I also discovered in these last rounds of tests I've got parasites and I'm currently finishing the detox for those, and I'm also detoxing from candida.

    but for those who are trying the LR...here just one example of success... each of us are different... YMMV
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  2. Glamorama

    Glamorama New Member

    I'm excited to see how far you'll get, you're the star-student in "our class"!
  3. Shijin13

    Shijin13 Guest

    Thanks Ivy - but really Jon is the star student... he's got this cold! I should get to bed... but I'm waiting for diapers to finish - so I can rinse them again... hehehehe (Cruncy Mama.... "Do you have the good stuff?")

    speaking of cold - I should have done a bath tonight... but instead I've been on here and working on defrosting the freezer component of our fridge - which is on the fritz... looks like its time for a new fridge/freezer combo - as all the grassfed/finished beef/pork has taken up the deep freezer!
  4. healthnut

    healthnut New Member

    This is very inspiring, thanks for sharing! I could really relate to your story and have some very similar issues.
  5. Shijin13

    Shijin13 Guest

    glad to share... I'll have to post some pics - unfortunately I don't have any good before pics.... Dr K has given me a hard time about it as well...
  6. BenG

    BenG New Member

    One quick way to tell if you have fluffy ILDL or the sdLDL if you don't test specifically was from Chris Kressler. Divide your Triglycerides by your HDL. If the number > 3.8, your LDL is mostly sdLDL (from carbohydrates) and that is the dangerous kind.
  7. Shijin13

    Shijin13 Guest

    yes this is correct - the issue w/excess or High LDL can be an indicator of pregnenolone steal, due to cortisol imbalances - which if you have over a long period of time will turn of your hypothalmus-pituarty-thyroid access. causing your body to function just enough to keep you alive. this can lead to premature aging, inflammation and disease - b/c your body is operating well...

    my ratios are freaking awesome...but when you're in a managed care system - like the VA CW is what they look at...not new literature that indicates you need cholesterol to function...

    now that I've got a new doc that understands what cholesterol is about - the statin pushing has dissipated - she's fully in the Paleo camp and pushes for 20g of carbs or less/day

    she recently had a CIMT run on me and it showed my atrial age was 51 - due to inflammation - I'm 38! I've got a lot of work to do...
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  8. Birdy

    Birdy New Member

    You are such an inspiration
  9. jeepifer@gmail.com

    jeepifer@gmail.com New Member

    Thanks for sharing! I'm new to the LR world, but not to paleo/primal. Although, knowing and implementing are two different things. :p You've given me a lot to think about, which is a good thing! Thanks again...
  10. healthnut

    healthnut New Member

    Shijin~ I started this journey last September. I noticed a lot of health improvements, especially sleep improvement. I also experienced recovery from stage II adrenal failure. Problem though, I have not really lost a lot of weight. I am still a good 40# overweight. I began exercising again after seeing signs like heat generation after meals and increased am body temps.

    Another problem for me has been blood pressure, it is rising. Also, the more strict I am w/carbs, the higher it drives up the BP.

    I have abnormally elevated sdLDL (Apo E4 E4 genotype) and LDL particle numbers... in spite of a LR ketogenic diet.

    Has your sleep stayed good or does it seem to be a work in progress? I am curious if anyone experiences a regression that has cortisol issues? My sleep is doing that right now. I have not added in the CT yet. I suspect it may further create further stress on adrenals/cortisol from what some others have hinted on MDA?

    Did you eliminate dairy during your LR? Just wondering how many here with success have ditched diary (including butter/cream). I also would like to know how many here use exclusively pastured meat/eggs? Seems like many here included processed meats like sausage & bacon, cheese, butter and cream.
  11. Shijin13

    Shijin13 Guest

    I did ditch all dairy but ghee back in september - but by december it had slowly creep-ed back in...now I'm trying to get rid of it...

    as for adrenals at CT - CT is good for the adrenals...it will actually wake them up! for me I have to do my CT in the am... if I do it at night while i maybe sleepy it takes me a good hour or too to get back down...

    so if you have low cortisol in the am... hit the CT then... it will wake the adrenals up and begin to leverage the trap door - for rewiring your HPA and thyroid axis....

    As for foods - we eat 85% grassfed/finished beef/pork, about 5% is chicken and about 5% fish, and 5% conventionally raised meats (b/c dh can't pass up a good deal) we've got our own garden...and we try to buy veggies in season....
  12. nonchalant

    nonchalant Silver

    Thanks, Shijin, for your explanation of pregnenalone steal syndrome and cortisol. It's nice to hear a real-world example. Easier to relate to. What adaptogen did you use?
  13. Shijin13

    Shijin13 Guest

    I use maca,l-theanine, rohidila l, b-complex, 4000 IU vitamin C, plus apex energetics adaptocrine -

    i used the "Quelsen" method of dosing.... I followed my intuition until I knew I was at the correct amt.... especially w/the maca
  14. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    thanx for telling us your story - amazing things happen when you take charge of your own health
  15. Bee

    Bee New Member

    So inspiring, Shijin! Thanks for sharing this :)
  16. L8F

    L8F New Member

    Shijin, love this story. Yours is the one I followed closely when I read thru the whole monster thread in 2 weeks. It convinced me to give it a try. The coolest part of reading all these people's story is how smart and thoughtful everyone is, and has become even more so over the course of the transition.
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  17. Shijin13

    Shijin13 Guest

    THanks Ladies

    Lucy...we still need to talk about BPII....
  18. rbu5@sssnet.com

    rbu5@sssnet.com New Member

    Shijin13, reading your thread gives me hope. I think you even helped me back in Jan/Feb when I just began my Leptin journey to cut a long swath of "chasing tail" time. Made me realize I can't wait on Labs and just keep stabbing in the dark and hope to hit the golden ring. Thanks!

    And your pregnenolone steal explanation really made sense to me--someone who has to read and reread and ponder and hope I am understanding all this medical/physiology talk. :) I have it printed out and will present it to my new endo when I see him in May.

    Will continue to follow your progress...and you are making amazing progress!!
  19. Groketteliveson

    Groketteliveson New Member

    Wow Shijin13 thanks for sharing that! You've not only given me hope but im sure to many others by reading your journal as well. Now if I could just know where to begin in the search process. .There are just so many tests and trying to figure where to begin seems so confusing and overwhelming at times.
  20. L8F

    L8F New Member

    Yes, I had *almost* forgotten!

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