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Mystery Rashes upper arms

Discussion in 'Beginners Area' started by Martha Ray, Feb 28, 2021.

  1. Martha Ray

    Martha Ray New Member

    Upper arm rashes (hives like) began onset Dec 2019 when HVac heat came on and they have gotten progressively worst since. I have experienced occasional twinges of upper arm discomfort in the past when exposed to throw pillows while traveling and a few times out of the blue perhaps from eating out...I've thought it was a signal for some toxin exposure. I have mild MCS and EMF sensitivity as well as food sensitivities to gluten, nightshades, MSG, Oxalate and high histamine foods...Also sensitive to nickel...(had to stop wearing earrings about 14 years ago) so I question a lot of things.

    We replaced our HVac and duct work went from fiberboard to metal duck work...rashes have only been worse. I asked the installer to please wipe down the metal with rubbing alcohol before installing...I do not believe they did that as when I asked they said it would be fine since all metal was covered over...I should have pressed harder as I have no idea how much nickel might be the duck work. I has been 4 months getting worse was as weather has gotten colder and the system runs more. Vents are also is putting out more dust than I think they should. We have two Austin Air units I run to try and keep particles down.
    I am the worst at night when I lay down. Bed is dunlop-latex have had 10+ years. Took all bedding mostly organic cottons and down pillows to commercial washers and washed them and dried them multiple times and I replaced any old foam ones with perma-loft down alternative –that I know bothered me topically. Replaced a lot of older bed sheets and linens as well.

    I have a very long list of things I've questioned and a very long list of things I'm trying...some are a natural antihistamine recipe, coptis tincture, black seed oil, oregano oil, ..... salt and baking soda baths and drinking 1 tsp charcoal powder in water helps when I'm at my worst.

    DO doctor suggested:
    -GI Revive by Designs for Health
    https://shop.designsforhealth.com/gi-revive-powder?quantity=1&custcol_dfh_size=30 for gut lining and skin.
    -Rubbing my arms regularly with coconut oil with drops of essential oil of either lavender or oregano.
    He suspects a 'bug' … parasites.

    So I wonder about...
    Parasites? HVac, w/ metal duct work? EMF? Oxalate dumping?
    Food ? -may need to do an elimination diet-..I mostly eat seafood and other meats, leafy greens and non- starchy veggies. But I have had too many food indiscretions in regard to my sensitivities pushing the envelope this past year at least more so than preceding decade. Hoping to get strict and stay there. I Intermittent fast daily 18/6 for over 4 years now and do 3 day water fasts 2 or 3 times a year.

    I suspect any and all of the boat load of supplements I take-- working on a list of current ones. I have done a ton of looking at and learning and I have experienced a lot of them. I have a 57 page Word document 11-point font, single line spacing of what I've taken over the past 12 years after cancer. Some stuff for upper right quadrant pain, possible candida, lower right quadrant pain, other rashes for 5+ years (after seeing many derma and MD’s I finally Dx myself with Intertrigo). One spot cleared completely and one spot controlled w/ rotations of B-6 & keeping dry), blood clot, ulcer, hypothyroidism, inflammation, multiple severe sore throats, joint and musculoskeletal pain and multiple other strange side effects and sensations again long list of those.
    I also hate fillers in supplements but fall for the propaganda and 'hope' in a bottle mentality. The illness is that I keep buying and trying them. There needs to be some experts who help people evaluate what supplements they take to see if they are at all needful. I took Biotin but upped it and added ALA due to Dec 2020 Spectracell Micronutrient test showing low in those—‘me thinks’ a possible misnomer to think that pills will help.

    I suspect my pharmaceutical drug and fillers as well. I take only NP thyroid brand desiccated thyroid now. Had to change brands during time of rashes worsening.
    I hate pharmaceuticals-one conventional MD prescribed Ketoconazole Cream 2% last month for my arm rashes ...but while I filled it I have not been able to take it, first due to hating drugs and secondly because I also found it has a black box warning.

    Lastly I have one crown that might have decay under it set to see new biological dentist in March.

    I have not had back to back pain free weeks since 2009 cancer and cancer treatments of cut, poison and burn. I feel I have reasonable internal health...no colds or flu for the past 7 years. Digestion is good and elimination and sleep are fair.

    I am thankful for the suffering I have had because it keeps me seeking recovery and optimal health.

    Anyone with clues to upper arm rashes?


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