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Myopia - partially reversed

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by Sun-sybarite, Apr 29, 2017.

  1. Emma Sabin

    Emma Sabin Gold

    Things do happen for the oddest reasons. I'd be unable to leave the house without mine! Good luck
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  2. Emma Sabin

    Emma Sabin Gold

    Thats super interesting thank you. I've started mine, so fingers crossed....:)
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  3. ScottishEmma

    ScottishEmma Silver

    What's your prescription?

    I found my glasses after I got re-tested. The result was another half dioptre improvement in one eye. I'm going to get one more test in September before my move to Spain to see the lay of the land.
  4. ScottishEmma

    ScottishEmma Silver

    Can I ask why your face is red? Out of curiosity.
  5. Danny

    Danny New Member

    Muy interesante
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  6. Emma Sabin

    Emma Sabin Gold

    Hi - that is awesome news Scottish Emma! Well done!

    I'm -13 in my right and -12.5 in my left. This makes not using them very very tricky. I can't drive or use this computer at all. I just had my eyes checked yesterday and no change ;( In fact the machine read my left eye as -20! But I think its the cataract blocking it. I am disappointed to say the least, however with my history I know this could take time. I'm not getting sunset on my eyes as I'm not close to it at night (the other side of the island), but but I do get the sunrise on most days.

    The red on my face is on my chin and nose and is from when I was young and burnt it sunbathing. I used to use factor 50 to protect it but don't like doing that obviously. With the amount of sun I get now its getting quite sore,

    Where are you moving to in Spain?
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  7. ScottishEmma

    ScottishEmma Silver

    Wow, that's quite a prescription!! I know it's frustrating but I think you're right, it will take time. I'm super impatient but if you've read Vision For Life (forget who it's by), the guy was totally blind and can now see and it took a few years...

    I'm interested about the redness. I have a red nose and a bit on my cheeks. I think it was from being burnt and all the chemicals I put on my skin trying to clear up acne. Do you think there's a way to get rid of it? My face is slightly tanned right now and looks way better but I still use some makeup on my nose as I'm so paranoid about it!
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  8. Emma Sabin

    Emma Sabin Gold

    Yes I'm with you on the red on my face. I'm tanned now too so it's a bit hidden but it gets so easily red when in the sun. I don't want to damage it anymore hence why I sometimes put factor 50 on it. I have a laser light that I'm using for my thyroid and I'm considering using it on my red chin and nose (its like a red beard!) but bit worried about making it worse. Its used for acne and scars apparently. I'll let you know.

    And I have that book I think on my kindle so I've just got to get round to reading it. Something else to read! Thats my problem if I read too much I get stressed with everything I have to do!
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  9. ScottishEmma

    ScottishEmma Silver

    Yep, overwhelm, right?

    What colour is the laser light? I used blue light to get rid of acne in the past. I'd be interested to hear how you get on. I'm kinda hoping the more tanned I get the more it will 'fix' it. It is off putting. People would either think I had a really cold nose or I was burnt. That's why going out without make up on is such a huge deal for me. I've only just started doing it recently but yeah, I feel like I need a bit of something on the nose. Sorta puts me off wearing red too haha!

    Glad I'm not the only one in the same boat!
  10. Emma Sabin

    Emma Sabin Gold

    Its a green light. I'm not sure whether I'l use it on my face yet, Bit scared! I'll do a bit more research.
    I used to cover mine with make up too but then realised I was making it worse so don't anymore.
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  11. Chaostheory

    Chaostheory New Member

    How much are these mitochondria eye drops?
  12. Emma Sabin

    Emma Sabin Gold

  13. Chaostheory

    Chaostheory New Member

    What benefits have people noticed?
  14. caroline

    caroline New Member

    Too early to tell for us .......we will see our Ophthalmologist in a couple of months
  15. Emma Sabin

    Emma Sabin Gold

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  16. Tyler Chism

    Tyler Chism New Member

    I can't recommend this podcast enough. http://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=...ner-96&usg=AFQjCNGODW61rOHXvbR1Z8ae8R7U6radaQ

    last year this time I had -4.00 diopters in both eyes. now I'm down to -2.75 in both eyes. many people who follow Jakes methods (found on the website endmyopia.org) are now down to no glasses at all. Jake himself was at -5.00 diopter and now has perfect vision. He says that a reduction of about .75 diopters a year is what you can expect.
    I recommend it because there are some things that if you aren't doing you will eventually plateau even if you cut out blue light and are getting outside often.
  17. ScottishEmma

    ScottishEmma Silver

    I listened to that when it came out. If I remember correctly though - I may be wrong - wasn't he talking about making sure your room was well lit for reading and computer work etc.
  18. Tyler Chism

    Tyler Chism New Member

    As a disclaimer; Jake doesn't know about Jack Kruse (at least not that I'm aware of). That being said, Jake begins the podcast talking about artificial lighting not being good for your eyes at all and how important it is to get natural sunlight. Aside from that he gives very particular instructions and habits that must be done if you want your elongated eye to shorten. It took years for your eye to grow as long as it is, it will take a few years for it to shorten while you gradually reduce your prescription and follow the other techniques (especially avoiding wearing your full prescription while doing up-close work). I don't see any reason you couldn't combine Jakes method for improving vision and Jacks fundamental lifestyle of getting natural, unfiltered sunlight especially in the AM.

    I know if you're like me you would do anything (aside from surgery) to be able to see 20/20 without glasses. This is the only technique I've found that is really working. I've reduced my prescription be a whole diopter in 1 year! this is huge to me, I hope that other people can experience the same thing.

    Also I think it important to mention that you should really avoid eye doctors, there are many (most in fact) that don't believe reducing myopia is possible, and they will not help you in your efforts to heal your vision. Jake explains how you can measure your diopters on your own, and you can purchase glasses on your own from websites like zennioptical.com for around $20 (much better than the 300 to 400 the eye doctors are charging you).
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  19. ScottishEmma

    ScottishEmma Silver

    I just listened to it again. Thanks so much for posting about it as I forgot how much great stuff is in there. Off to join his forum and find out more!
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  20. Jake Tassell

    Jake Tassell New Member

    My subjective ten-penneth...

    I don't wear glasses, so I can't speak for people who have myopia, elongated eyes, etc, but it seems to me, good eye-sight comes and goes.

    I remember, back-a-while in my early twenties, I had a gig doing illustrations for a book publisher. After working there for a time, my eyes started fuzzing up, so I went for an eye-test.

    Optician: "You need glasses".

    I got some specs. After wearing them for a bit, I could feel all the muscles behind my eyes squirming about, shapeshifting to accommodate this new state of affairs and I didn't like it at all, so I ditched them and sure enough, after a week or so, normal service was resumed.

    That's happened quite a few times in my life. I've felt my eyesight was going, couldn't read the small print, couldn't see the number on the back of a bus, etc, but it always restored itself without any help from me.

    Blood pressure is probably the same. Every now and then my girlfriend has her blood pressure tested. I always think 'what's the point?', 'cause before she goes, she always takes prior measures: not too much wine with dinner the night before, no coffee in the morning, don't get stressed or walk too fast on the way there, 'cause instinctually she doesn't want to be 'frozen in a moment in time' at the GP's over something which is probably a passing phenomenon, or so it seems to me.

    We live in a different environment now with the majority of bods stuck in front of screens day in, day out, so some of the above may not apply in the way suggested, but hopefully you see what I'm saying, a lot of the time, but not always, if you don't go there in the first place there's nothing to reverse.

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