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Myopia - partially reversed

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by Sun-sybarite, Apr 29, 2017.

  1. Sun-sybarite

    Sun-sybarite New Member

    I have always loved the sun. My idea of a heavenly holiday would be sleeping under a pleasant sun by water with all the yummy food - fruit juices and fried prawns! - I want at hand. Getting my daily dose of sun just makes me happy and I have noticed from childhood on the days that I don't I'm less happier.

    But then everyone started talking about sun being bad and SPF and what not. I was a late adapter to the SPF usage. I hate it, in fact I hate putting cosmetics on my face. I live in tropical India. In daytime if we go out in the burning sun, our skin can get cooked and leathery. But I always came back and put a herbal face pack with yoghurt or some Vit C containing fruit pack or licorice powder and my skin was as good as new the next day.

    What I liked the most about Dr.Kruse's blog was he gave the sun its due importance. Without sun there is no life and so many people, doctors, dermatologists etc are vilifying it , which is ignorant. Forget about everything else. They should know deep within themselves that the sun is important.

    While going through the forum I came across this post and wanted to try it since I have had high myopia from childhood. Also after my exhausting nausea/bed-ridden pregnancy 10 yrs back, I developed some pigmentation and loss of eyesight in my right eye.

    So for 5 weeks, I looked at the early morning sun for 60-90 minutes. Some cloudy days it was lesser, but mostly I was able to get an hour or more. In the beginning it was hard, but later it was easy. After that I drank a large glass of fresh fruit juice(water melon, pomegranate, tomato) and iced my eye for half an hour. I avoided looking at the computer, digital devices and wearing my glasses.

    After two months when I wore my glasses I could tell they werent right though I wasn't sure what happened. I got my prescription checked and from -12, my power was down to -10.5 a reduction of -1.5 diopters!! I was so happy. My eye was also in good shape apparently though they want me to come for another check up for my right eye.

    So there you have it! Due to work I can't stay away from the computer entirely. But I want to try this again for a month this year to see if I can't get my power back into the single digits.

    I have tried so many treatments, worried so much and suffered so many headaches bcos of eye strain and increasing power. But now no more headaches. I want to say thanks from the bottom of my heart because I feel light has been shed and no more am I wandering in the dark. I have hope now:)
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  2. caroline

    caroline New Member

    could we have a better pic please........
  3. Sun-sybarite

    Sun-sybarite New Member

    Hi Caroline, I have updated with new pic, hope this one comes out okay. Although I do use technology, I'm not that great with it, plus for some weird reason I hate taking pics of myself.
  4. caroline

    caroline New Member

    Thanks - it is so much better to see who we are talking to. I hate taking pictures of myself too!

    Thanks for telling us your success story.....
  5. Sun-sybarite

    Sun-sybarite New Member

    Oh really? I'm glad to have company!! Sometimes others make fun of me for not wanting to be in pictures. Everyone is so busy taking selfies, you see. But I just feel awkward.

    My story gave me hope and there are so many myopia sufferers, even very young children, here in Asia. I wanted people to know because the cure literally costs nothing. Just some time and effort. But sometimes people would rather spend more on expensive instant cures that are easily accesible than choose the one thats free but needs some consistent effort.
    This can also be a good preventative,I'm making my kid get some sunlight in her eye everyday as I now firmly believe that'll help prevent any future eye problems! As for me, I still have someway to go, but my goal is to be completely glass free within the next 5 yrs.
  6. DLO

    DLO StarFish

    Hope your progression stays plateau free. Looking forward to updates!
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  7. Danny

    Danny New Member

    I'm reading the book "Take Off Your Glasses and See" By Liberman. I just started the book and just started taking off my glasses for extended periods throughout the day. I still need my glasses for some of my work especially when indoors. I'm going to try and get a weaker prescription. I'll write an update when I finish the book
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  8. mitch.moore1

    mitch.moore1 New Member

    Sun-Sybarite how much do you wear your glasses during the balance of the day?
  9. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

  10. Mystic Rose60

    Mystic Rose60 Let the sun shine on you :))

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  11. Sun-sybarite

    Sun-sybarite New Member

    Hi DLO! By nature of the treatment, I'm afraid there will be plateaus, this requires weeks of you staying away from all digital devices, blue light. I was able to do this in a period between jobs. Now to do this again, I will have to find a month at least away from work, emails and reports. But I will surely find a way bcos this is important to me!

    However for those people whose work is more outdoors or away from digital devices I think if you can find some sun, this is a good thing to do in the morning - not only to reverse myopia but also to prevent.
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  12. Sun-sybarite

    Sun-sybarite New Member

    During those 5/6 weeks I never wore them. After reading Dr.K's blog, I stopped wearing glasses unless I absolutely needed them - which is unfortunately still a lot. At home while puttering around I barely wear them. I still need help from others bcos my power is so high. I sometimes mix up cooking herbs and stuff bcos I can't see the minute differences. I remember once I made my kid a sandwich without realising small red ants were on the bread - I couldn't see them without my glasses! I guess its a trial to others too, lol, you have to balance it out!

    I also wear contacts sometimes when I go out bcos my glasses are so thick - its more for cosmetic reasons than anything.

    So to answer your question, I guess if I'm awake 15-17 hrs, I'm wearing glasses 3 to 8 hrs in a day.
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  13. Sun-sybarite

    Sun-sybarite New Member

    @Danny, Yes, it feels like you're sometimes chained to your glasses and never can get completely free - although they are a very useful invention! I guess it also depends on the work you do.
    I hope your eyesight improves. Thanks for mentioning that book - will have to see what it is about...
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  14. Sun-sybarite

    Sun-sybarite New Member

  15. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    When you find ants hill, put handkerchief of some other cloth on it and then disturb it slightly.
    Wait couple minutes, watching ants walking over that cloth.
    Then shake the ants out and put that cloth on your face, inhale.
    Hope that you like that smell, I do.

    ... [​IMG]
  16. Sun-sybarite

    Sun-sybarite New Member

    I am too scared to do that, not fond of antbites, but they do smell nice when rainwater falls on them. Sometimes the smell of mud when its the first rain makes me want to eat mud. I have a spoonful of Bentonite clay in water then.

    Anthill mudpacks are used by some folks here for some health issues, I forget which.
  17. Emma Sabin

    Emma Sabin Gold

    Hi Sun syberite :)

    So good to hear your story. I am so impressed that you managed to go so long without using blue light products and glasses! well done to you.

    I am a little more myopic than you -12.5 and -13 and also have a cataract. Since February I have not worn my glasses despite my awful vanity needs ;) and I don't have any lights in the house after dusk and don't use any blue light products after dark. However I struggle to not wear my glasses because I can't see much out of my right eye (with the cataract) even with glasses and I also live in the middle of nowhere now in Ibiza (having moved in Feb to get away from London and get more sun in my life) and so I have to drive everywhere. I do take my glasses off as much as possible but I couldn't possibly do what you've done. In know what I'm doing is a lot better than what I was doing for the last 43 years so this is a good start but I want to make progress so I'm using you as inspiration. I've been chatting Caroline who's in this chat too. And I'm getting my eyes tested tomorrow by a different opthomologist tomorrow to see how my cataract is and also to see if my right may have improved at all. I'm going to look at the links you posted above too about stem cell therapy - thank you.

    Can I ask what you used to make your eyes cold? I have so many questions but I am currently inside and on the computer so I must get out!

    Thanks again

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  18. Emma Sabin

    Emma Sabin Gold

    Hi Janzs
    Have you bought some of the mitochondria drops? If so where did you get thgejm from? I'd like to give them a go.
  19. Emma Sabin

    Emma Sabin Gold

    Does anyone know if this is being practiced anywhere yet?
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  20. Sun-sybarite

    Sun-sybarite New Member

    Hi Emma Sabin,

    I used ziploc covers filled with water which I had frozen or filled them with ice cubes, whatever works in a pinch.
    It was indeed hard to stay away from technology, even if you want to stay away, the world will not let you do that so easily. But you must be alert . It also helped that I was between jobs at that time. You can ask for help from people you're comfortable with so that can read out stuff to you if necessary. But if you live in a remote area that can be tough.

    After icing I also drank fresh juices - veggie or fruit. They really help and I could feel the difference overnight. I live in the tropics and so does the poster who inspired me (Thailand, I think) so its fine for you too I think. Maybe it is the EZ water in them.

    Cataract is a sign of the eye trying to protect itself from excess blue light as I read here on the blog. I will tell you what I do. It is in no way a medical suggestion nor do I recommend it. Its just what I do,fyi.

    I take pure castor oil - highest quality -what people of colder countries say cold-pressed- and put a drop into it each eye before bedtime. The first time I did it my eyes burned and watered. I washed it off. The next night I tried again and slept with the oil in my eye. In the morning I had a lot of those eye deposits (the ones you get sometimes in the morning, you know) at the corner of my eye which I washed off. I did it for 5 days. the first 3 days when I woke up there were eye deposits but the last 2 zero eye deposits and also zero irritation. I could have been putting water in my eye there was no difference.

    I feel the castor oil removed the beginnings of a cataract for me.
    Now I put in a drop of the oil one or 2 nights everymonth. the first night it does irritate a teeny bit, but it is much much less compared to the very first time I did it. I get some gunk in the eye the next morning. If its a lot I also do it the second night. My eyes are so white and clear now!
    Even the opthalmologist said my eyes look good!

    Here in India people put castor oil on the eye for cooling so it is a perfectly safe procedure and in my experience also.

    You told me you don't wear blue light products. Till recently I didn't either, but I got a pair of the amber glasses and let me tell you, they feel so refreshing and cooling to the eye. Its as if it cools down my brain. I can wear it only for that ! They are affordable and if you get a chance to buy them, try giving them a chance. But I understand if you want to keep it all-natural;)

    I know how hard it is to stay away from glasses with such a high power. I am glad my story inspired you. Please feel free to ask me questions and I will do my best to answer!!
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