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My wife xo.

Discussion in 'Meet and Greet' started by Karen & Glen C., Jan 15, 2019.

  1. Harmony is the 'kaname',, or essential point. From here we can absorb information and lever or hinge,. in any direction.
    Not to difficult but this takes control..control means no denying...that takes guts or your life on the line. What are we willing to do or accept.? A question rarely self answered..and completely altered by your very own version of good.
  2. Hatsumi-sensei.
    "The Essence of Budo". IMG_20190726_150219971~2.jpg
  3. Nothing usual here. IMG_20191002_183824.jpg
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  4. Skill is perishable, however the kukan or 'space' is not. Control your space.
  5. Look in Jack's direction, it's that easy.
    Worked for a scaffolding company once and the motto was, "For building perfection, get an auscope erection".

    I wonder what 'planet earth' will be called later on?
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  6. Don't cut the connection with JK. 1572297760586.jpg
  7. Joining dots leads to change.

    12/05/2017 - Session 1: Wallace:
  8. Rossbach 1757. IMG_20191127_084620.jpg
  9. Poltava 1709. IMG_20191127_084456.jpg
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  10. Quebec 1759.
    Note the Indian (bottom left).
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  11. Demise of modern hu-man.
    *Cooking food.
    *Wearing clothes. 15748053567457043604726388217053.jpg
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  12. + - transfers require nothing using the space.
  13. Light bulb moment.
    The subtle details Jack puts out there.
    You truly have to be patient enough to read between his lines.
    It's all unfolding in front of your beliefs.. right now!
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  14. Inger

    Inger Silver

    this pictures tells a ton without words
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  15. Change is a crucial element of all life.
    If we stick to the same ol same ol, we never actually get a chance to see our own character.
  16. Newbie advice.
    Keep going, think about questions even if you don't ask any. Barnacle up on Jacks underbelly and ride.
    You will see the light and you will play the - & + game. IMG_20200512_171616791.jpg
  17. Anyone matching what thier childrenl wear in any given season?
    Currently in aus with a mild winter at 800mtrs and wearing less than my boy.tIts taken some balls to dd I'll say.

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