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My Unintentional, Unknowing Experience with the Leptin Rx

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by TheKid, Mar 18, 2012.

  1. TheKid

    TheKid Gold

    I've been on the Leptin Rx for 6 weeks and have been doing CT for 2 weeks. Not much success so far. However, back in November, before I had become aware of the Dr. Jack, I think I had an unintentional run-in with the Leptin Rx and CT. I will note my observations after the narrative:

    Back in November of 2011 I was vacationing with the family. During the first week, nightly temps were in the low 40s at best. Durnig the day it would hit the low to mid 60s. Our accommodation was rustic: there was not heating other than a space heater and showering was done essentially outdoors. So despite taking a warm shower, there was constant cold otherwise.

    During the second 2 weeks, the temps increased a bit, but nights were still pretty cold. Throughout this time, we would just wear jackets during the day to stay comfortable and would bundle under heavy covers at night.

    Interestingly, I was very inactive this entire time. Because of an autoimmune flare and a ligament pull, I was not able to really exercise much. The first week I walked for 3 hours one day. The next week I did some kettlebells and squats once. The last week I did about 8 sprints. That's it.

    In terms of eating, I was downing immense amounts of fatty meat and eating salad. I added in a small amount of seasonal fruit in the last week.

    So to summarize, it was very cold, with no real indoor heating. I ate ton of protein, fat and leaves. And I slept for as long as I wanted and sat around most of the day with exception of a few bouts of exercise and small amounts of light walking.

    The results were amazing. Pounds were just flying off. My pants were fitting so loose it was unbelievable. In the pictures I took during that period, I look like a different person.

    Since returning, and discovering Dr. Jack, things have not gone so well. Weight is up, I'm stalled out, and have even experienced cravings. So here are my observations of my unintentional Leptin Rx w/CT:

    - Being naturally exposed to cold all day for extended periods is maybe superior to trying to "dose" yourself with cold each day through CT.

    - Being fully and completely ketogenic may be a game changer. And the carbs some of us may be counting out each day on the Leptin Rx may lead us unwittingly out of ketosis.

    - By exerising once a week, I probably allowed my body to reap the benefit of full adaptation to the exercise stimulus.

    - Sleeping to as much as your body seems to want is probably a very good thing. Even though we try, many of us probably don't sleep as much as we should, and the quality of sleep during a normal night vs. a vacation night is probably not as good.

    - Stress can be a game changer. Sure, I was sick and not feeling well, but I had no responsibilities other than restnig and trying to feel better. I bet that helped me.

    Anyway, just my experience. Thought it migth be helpful.
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  2. BJK77

    BJK77 Gold

    Very interesting and so true about your quality of sleep. I know how essential it is yet in this crazy and hectic modern world we all live in it's one of the most challenging aspects of this journey to optimal.

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