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My Quest to Look Good Naked

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by Hilltowner, Jun 23, 2012.

  1. Hilltowner

    Hilltowner New Member

    Just finishing week 3 of the LR and still reading the MDA monster thread and figured I should start logging what I'm doing.

    Female, 52, 5'2" and 123. Not entirely sure I am LR in all aspects but flab is on love handles and saddlebags. So in love with the BAB I can see doing it forever.

    Background: born biggish (8+ lbs), never breastfed, grew up on SAD with a mom who hated to cook. Always small and underweight. Undiagnosed ADHD but did well in school. Stayed at 115 or less through age 35 or so, through 3 easy pregnancies. Did not really worry about weight until at about age 41, after yet another baby at 38. Over the last decade I used lower carb and weightlifting off and on to keep myself in an acceptable range but it seems to have lost its magic in the last year. Last period was February and they have been 6 to 8 months apart for over a year.

    Current supplements:

    Natural Sources Raw Thyroid

    Jarrow DHEA 50 mg

    Carlson Vit D3 4000 IU

    Thorne Vit K2. 15 drops

    Lugol's 2% Iodine 1 drop/ day

    2 BrazilNuts

    Emerita progesterone cream 2 x day

    Magnesium Citrate 400 mg

    I need to get a hormone panel and a cortisol test. I feel like most of the 5 or so pounds is water. I did strict ZC for over 2 years and while I felt good through most of that time, I do wonder if it is the best long term solution for me. I do not really believe that LC vegetables are harmful for me; I only eat fruit that is growing in my yard.

    I also wonder about my thyroid; my hair is thin, and my body hair (arms and legs) almost nonexistent. My eyebrows are almost invisible. I don't feel tired but am unmotivated when it comes to exercise.

    Libido...ehhh. Really want this to improve, as I have a wonderful, affectionate husband.

    Really happy to be in such a thoughtful group!

  2. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    If youre serious......then you need to listen to the Deep CT webinar and you better listen up to the June webinar and the post that is going to come on June 30th......because those are critical to good nakedness.
  3. Hilltowner

    Hilltowner New Member

    Thanks for the input, will do!
  4. Hilltowner

    Hilltowner New Member

    Slept from 10 to 5:30... Vivid dreams as usual the last 2 weeks. I was sure it was Monday ( not Sunday) for several minutes and now am so relieved I still have some weekend left!.

    123 today. I did CT on my belly last night with the ice wrap. I need to buy another to go around the back side. I found this much easier than the cold tub I had done the 3 nights previous, even though we had had temps in the high 90s.

    Breakfast: bone broth, chicken sausage, leftover NY strip

    Lunch: chopped tomatoes with evoo and balsamic, yogurt

    Dinner: yellow bell pepper w/ tahini dip, oven "pancake" (eggs, CO , butter and almond flour)

    Crio Bru, 2 homegrown strawberries
  5. Hilltowner

    Hilltowner New Member

    Lots of dreams again, featuring my co-workers!

    124 today. Dairy, why do you hate me? I don't seem to get the sinus/ cough issues from yogurt that I did from even the tiniest amount of cream, but the bloating still happens.

    Breakfast: bone broth, 1/2 lb burger.

    Dinner: 2 chicken skewers, tomatoes in evoo/ balsamic, 1/2 orange bell with tahini

    4 strawberries, Crio Bru

    Current supplements:

    Natural Sources Raw Thyroid

    Jarrow DHEA 50 mg

    Carlson Vit D3 4000 IU

    Thorne Vit K2. 15 drops

    Lugol's 2% Iodine 2 drop/day

    2 BrazilNuts

    Emerita progesterone cream 2 x day

    Magnesium Citrate 400 mg

    I should get some prenenolone today or tomorrow in UPS?

    Did not get hungry at all at work. I noticed late this afternoon that I managed to get frostibite on a few spots around my waist last night using the ice wraps. It didn't feel uncomfortable at the time but i guess it went numb.
  6. Hilltowner

    Hilltowner New Member

    124 . Still feel puffy. No CT last night.

    Breakfast: bone broth, TJ Kobe burger, decaf coffee with coconut milk

    Dinner: pork belly, kimchi, orange bell pepper w/ tahini sauce

    crio Bru

    Coconut water while at the vitamin shoppe

    Added: B complex and potassium. Bought some maca and prenenolone too.
  7. Hilltowner

    Hilltowner New Member

    123. Did not sleep well; woke up around 2 and stayed awake for an hour. i now know it was because one of my aged chickens was being taken out by a fox or some other critter, judging by the feathers in my backyard. We will miss you, Farmgirl!

    Breakfast: burger with some Bubbie's pick relish, bone broth, 2 Tab CO ( I also get one with my K2 dose), decaf coffee with coconut milk

    Started 30 mg prenenolone today, dropped my DHEA to 25. Started Maca (500 I think) also.

    Dinner: a small piece of pork belly, grilled salmon with butter, some kimchi and 2 squares Lindt 90%

    No lunch, but felt kind of nauseated today around 1.
  8. Hilltowner

    Hilltowner New Member

    122. Did not get to sleep til about 11, and woke up with the alarm at 6. Something I added this week may be doing this, or maybe the 1 drop increase in iodine? I also seem to have some nasal stuff going on. Plus I think I need to take my mag by 8 pm and I was out with ds13.

    Breakfast: 4 egg omelet in a little butter with leftover salmon, bone broth.

    That held me REALLY well all day; none of the sleepy feeling like yesterday afternoon. Not starving at 6 when I got home

    Dinner: grilled marinated chicken thighs, an orange bell pepper with tahini dip. A little Bubbie's sauerkraut. Crio Bru, though it wasn't all that special today.

    DD19 found me some 99% chocolate at a World Market ( we have none anywhe close) but it is silent so far.

    My frostbite spots are better but it still feels like someone beat me.

    Took my magnesium before 7; I have to be up by 5 a.m.
  9. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    if youre going to be looking good naked you must get more sleep.......
  10. Hilltowner

    Hilltowner New Member

    Agreed, and I was getting 8+ before I tweaked some supplements this week.
  11. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    sleep is greater than supplements.......for nakedness
  12. Hilltowner

    Hilltowner New Member

    i was in a great mood all day long, and now I have a job interview first thing in the morning. Wish me luck! I am happy to be employed right now, but really want to be doing something more challenging.
  13. PaulaRichards

    PaulaRichards New Member

    Good luck!!!
  14. Hilltowner

    Hilltowner New Member

    Thanks Paulalynn.

    122 today. Sleep was evasive so I am omitting new supplements. Today I left out the maca capsule.

    Breakfast: bone broth, leftover grilled chicken. 1/2 cup of black decaf. 2 tab CO.

    I thought the interview went pretty well, but what do I know.

    Dinner: garlic chicken wings, 2 squares Lindt 90%.

    really good day as far as mood/ lack of hunger. Vacation tomorrow!
  15. Hilltowner

    Hilltowner New Member

    122 again, surprise! i am leaving town for a week and getting away from the scale will be a good thing; I realize I let it affect my moods.

    Sleep was a little better but still not perfect. Today I will skip the 30 mg pregnenolone and see what that does.

    Breakfast: bone broth, burger.

    Dinner: greek salad with minimal amount of chicken breast; best I could do! 1.5 glasses of mediocre white wine, 1.5 squares 99% chocolate. Maybe 4 oz pork belly cause I was hungry.
  16. vkiernan

    vkiernan Silver

    Hi Hilltower. Just curious, why do you weigh yourself everyday anyway? At 122, I don't see where losing weight is a good thing. I weigh about what you weigh and I actually want to gain. But, I want to gain muscle not fat of course. Someday I want to weigh at least 130 but have a rockin' bod.:cool: I have a friend who is a year older than me (50) and she is my height and outweighs me by 13 lbs or so and is for sure a size smaller. My thinking is to not weigh myself but rather use my pants as a guide. They should become too big if you are on track. If they start getting tight you need to get tested, if you have not, to see what really is up inside. Throw your scale away or at least put it in the basement or somewhere not easily accessible. Anyway, I hope you have a great weekend.
  17. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Looking good naked is all about body comp which is all about your hormone status............your scale contains none of that vital info..........but it will increase your cortisol and make you look like **** when your naked. My PSA for the entire thread.
    Hunger4More likes this.
  18. Hilltowner

    Hilltowner New Member

    Hi guys--

    Vkiernan- Just a habit I guess; I am certainly not the only one doing that on this forum. I know the range I am happy with considering body comp is 113 to 120, because I've been there before back in my LHT days. I am only 5'2" and small framed. I DO use my pants as a guide. I would look horrible at 130, sorry!

    Completely agree on the cortisol and hormone testing, and this is on my to-do list after my week away. I think I am going to switch to a functional medicine dr just so I don't have to fight my PCP, who doesn't know me in any case since I never go in.

    ETA: CT last night for about 20 minutes. I did not check the temp, but we have well water so it was fairly cool.

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