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My Quest To Be Better Than The Rest

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by Alex Fergus, Aug 31, 2015.

  1. Alex Fergus

    Alex Fergus New Member

    Hello everyone.
    I have been reading Dr Kruses' work for a while now (I heard him on Ben Greenfields show a while back). I have only recently joined the forums and started reading the vast wealth of knowledge here. I want to know more about the body and how to achieve optimal health.
    I am a personal trainer, competitive athlete, and a coach.

    I am 28 year, Male, living in sydney. 100kg at about 8% bodyfat. I am strong, I have achieved a lot in sport and I'm fit. However I'm by no means perfect. In fact I'm far from perfect. My testosterone levels are very low, and a recent DUTCH (dried urine test) showed i have high cortisol metabolites. So this is why I'm here.

    I want to improve, and I aim to journal it all here.

    My background:
    5 years full time personal trainer
    Starting to do more online coaching now (shameless plug - you can see everything at afcoaching.com.au
    Born in New Zealand, raised on a farm, moved to sydney to work in an Investment Bank, hated it.
    Represented NZ in rowing, broke Australian powerlifting records, and have won national bodybuilding titles. All natural, I care about my body to ever go down that other path.

    My Situation:
    June 2014 I had a bunch of lab tests done. At this stage I had been following a Carb Backloading (john Kiefer) type diet, but was slowly becoming more aware of paleo and primal eating. I was eating grassfed beef but I wasn't eating organ meats or bone broth for example.
    The test came back showing very low cortisol, low T, high E and all sorts of issues with my thryoid, iron, crp (was 2.0) and a few other markers.
    You can see my BLOOD tests here:
    https://www.dropbox.com/s/4yqs6jr9qv47fhp/ALEX FERGUS JUNE 2014 BLOOD.pdf?dl=0
    And my Saliva tests here:
    https://www.dropbox.com/s/36a9kdixwghcakj/ALEX FERGUS JUNE 2014 SALVIA.pdf?dl=0

    This was the turning point, and I started throwing myself at health and learning more.

    I have since done a genetic test:
    I have methylation issues.
    Compound heterozygous for MTHFR and homozygous for COMT.
    Followed up by a methlyation test:
    https://www.dropbox.com/s/yby39a7yn1c626q/ALEX FERGUS Methylation.pdf?dl=0

    I have done urine organics acid test:
    https://www.dropbox.com/s/z094j7dhq6bbf5e/ALEX FERGUS-1 Organic Acids.pdf?dl=0
    This showed poor gut health, maybe candida?

    The last few weeks I have done another blood test looking at my thryoid:
    https://www.dropbox.com/s/kod43z4b8073jdp/ALEX FERGUS Pathology August 15.pdf?dl=0

    And just received my DUTCH hormone results:
    https://www.dropbox.com/s/f7odyungynvzci2/alex DUTCH July 15.pdf?dl=0
    These done 14 months after my JUNE 2014 tests.

    Nutshell - My thryoid has improved, but its still not great. CRP is still 2.0
    My cortisol has gone from low to really high.
    Test has stayed low.
    Estrogen has gone from high to low.

    My Training.
    As a PT and athlete, I train hard. I have backed off BIG TIME since my June 2014 results (stage 3 adrenal fatigue?).
    Nowdays, I use HRV every day to gauge whether I should train. but typically I do:
    2-3x weights/strength sessions
    1-2x HIIT sessions

    I also walk alot and use a stand up desk.

    My Diet
    I think its pretty good:
    Smoothie in the AM (egg yolks - free range, coconut cream - BPA free, 90% dark choc, 1/2 avocado, some cold pressed NZ whey powder - full info HERE).
    Lunmch - Leftovers - roast beef and vege, steak and vege etc
    Snack - macadamia nuts & butter
    Dinner - curries, slow cooked stews, wild salmon (once a week), roast
    Dessert/Evening - Carbs - sweet potato, white rice, ripe banana. With a lot of raw milk

    Rinse and repeat
    I also eat organ meats eat plenty of raw saurkraut and drink only raw milk. I make and drink a lot of bone broth. I eat alot of vegies. I am careful with protein. My marcos would be 60-70% fat, 20/20 carbs/pro

    Marine Phytoplankton (is this any good?) daily
    5-MTHFR folate 5x a week (400mg)
    Coq10 (thorne qbest 50)
    Vit C
    Tian Chi chinese herbs
    Green Tea
    D/K2 drops

    Since June 2014, I have improved my sleep (it used to be rubbish). My room is pitch black _ i can't see my hand. Lights off at 1030pm no matter what. Up around 630am. Sleep good 80-90% of the time (wake once or twice). I use blue blockers and candles at night. Flux if I have to use my computer.
    I am outside walking to work 2-3x a day (I go home in between clients). So I move alot and sydney is very sunny.
    I go to the park 3-4x a week
    I don't drink booze or coffee.
    I have a pretty low stress life - self employed, but I'd rather say no to a client and lose $80 than get up at 5am etc. Health is my priority. Performance is second.

    I live in a dense apartment building - a lot of EMF
    I don't do much for EMF protection - I don't use wifi but there are alot of networks that come up on my computer.

    I wear a cool fat burner ice vest for 2-3 hours every day. I have just started doing this (2-3 weeks now) and I'm doing cold showers a few times a week.
    Occasionaly I nap.

    The Problem.
    I don't know what it is.
    Why is my Test so low. My Naturapath (Michael from planetnaturopath.com) said I don't have any genetic issues for low T.

    He is surprised how I am 100kg with abs and plenty of muscle, doing some impressive things in the gym, yet I have low T.
    My libido is non existent. It picks up for a day or two, then disappears for a month.
    My recovery is pretty solid, but I'm keeping my volume low due to the high cortisol.

    I do have skin issues - tinea outbreaks, and pimples on my arms (but no where else).
    I also have a white coating on my tongue, and occasionally my poops look weird (soft and lots of little bits and pieces in there).

    I was tested for a parasite last year - I was fine.

    Oh, and I take digestive enzymes with meals. I don't have bloating or gas. But I think something is wrong with my gut.

    My Naturopath & I are starting to think it could be Candida. Would this explain the low T, high cortisol and high CRP (2.0).
    How is the best way to fix this? Low FODMAP diet?
    What do you guys think? Is there something else I'm missing?

    Appreciate any comments. I'll be adding to this as my journey continues.

    Again, I'm pretty new with all of Dr Kruse's work, so I'm sure the more I read and learn, the more my lifestyle/diet/training/supplementation will change (and hopefully my hormone levels!)

  2. Sue-UK

    Sue-UK Gold

    Hi Alex and welcome! :)

    Are you covering all the low hanging fruits of the 3 legged stool? light, water, magnetism? are you going outside as soon as you wake up to get the morning light on your eyes to help set your circadian rhythm? Do you/ can you sunbathe nude when the sun is at its most healing? (On a man's tackle it should do wonders for his hormones,;) and if candida is an issue uv light is anti fungal - it can help change the terrain so the baddies can't thrive......) how much and what type of water do you drink? Are you doing any barefoot walking or something else to regularly ground?

    Can you up your seafood intake?
  3. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Welcome Alex.......
  4. Alex Fergus

    Alex Fergus New Member

    Hi Sue, thanks for your response :)

    Are you covering all the low hanging fruits of the 3 legged stool? light, water, magnetism
    To be honest, I am still learning the ways of Dr Kruse. I have been focusing on diet, exercise and sleep. But I'm trying to read and apply as much as possible. So I'm probably not doing that well on that front at the moment.

    Are you going outside as soon as you wake up to get the morning light on your eyes to help set your circadian rhythm?
    I walk to work 30mins after waking in the morning. Its a 10min walk outdoors. I try and look towards the sun during this walk. I also try and get out on our balcony (I live 5 floors up) and look towards the sun every morning. I will make this more of a priority (especially on weekends).

    Do you/ can you sunbathe nude when the sun is at its most healing? (On a man's tackle it should do wonders for his hormones,;) and if candida is an issue uv light is anti fungal - it can help change the terrain so the baddies can't thrive......)
    not. I don't think I have every done this in my adult life. I think I would be arrested if I did this on bondi beach haha. Maybe I can find a nude beach. Otherwise I try to exposre as much skin as possible when sunbathing.

    how much and what type of water do you drink?
    A couple of litres a day. I'm actually making an effort to drink less, as I'm always going to the loo. I have a RO system and I only drink that. I even take this water to work/training. I removed the alkaline filter. Is this water ok? I've been drinking this for 2 years.

    Are you doing any barefoot walking or something else to regularly ground?
    I do alot of this on the weekend, not enough during the week. I may need to buy some of those grounding sandals. We (my girlfriend and I) used to sleep on a grounding mat. But we disconnected it recently after fearing that is was acting as an amplifier given that we are surrounded by wifi signals in our apartment. How effective are grounding straps/mats. Should I use one when working at my desk?

    Can you up your seafood intake?
    Yes and I will.
    How effective is Sunfoods Marine Phytoplankton? I take this daily. Is this ok? Or should I use a fish oil capsule?
    What about tinned wild salmon? I avoid it due to the BPA lining. But I've just found a BPA free wild caught salmon product. Are these ok? I'm really nervous about omega 3 oxidation.
    Can I cook salmons? Or should I eat it raw (due to omega 4 oxidation)

    Thanks for your time and helping me out :) I'm very grateful, please let me know if I can help in anyway in return.
  5. Peertje80

    Peertje80 New Member

    Salmon alone won't cut it. Try shrimp(you can get them frozen), mussels, oysters, mackerel, roo, sardines, herring ... I cook, grill or bake salmon unless I know it is very fresh and wild caught (which is like never were I live). I don't know about the plankton. Is that like, really just plankton? I think the fish needs to eat it first so you can make optimal use of it. Wouldn't go for fish oil either. A lot of brands are not of good quality. Also it needs to come in the fish package to give you more benefit. Only take caspule if you have nothing else.

    Also I would do leptin reset when summer is over. And during the reset I would stop working out all together. Just some light walking maybe. It can help you maybe with the cortisol issue. But others may know or understand better then me why to do this.
  6. Alex Fergus

    Alex Fergus New Member

    Ok great thanks.
    I have set myself a challenge for september:
    To eat oily fish every day.
    Today was day one, so I had a tin of sardines for the first time:

    Oh and also read as much of Dr Kruse's work as possible (I'm a few chapters into his Epi-Paleo Book).

    Re the Phytoplankton - you can see more about it here - http://bit.ly/afc_marine - but pretty much they are plants, an algae I guess?
    This from google:
    Plankton are microscopic organisms that float freely with oceanic currents and in other bodies of water.Plankton is made up of tiny plants (called phytoplankton) and tiny animals (called zooplankton). The word plankton comes from the Greek word "planktos" which means "drifting.
    I have so many questions, coming from the paleo/primal world I'm starting to question things that I though I had just figured out. I'm sure I'll find the answers to these as I spend more time reading Dr Kruse's work!

    Re the training - I have decided to cut back on my training load. Less volume, but the same intensity.

    Thanks guys and girls :)
  7. Lahelada

    Lahelada New Member

    Welcome Alex,

    a suggestion for the nude tanning.It is ojk to tan in front of an open window. If you have a window where the sun reaches teh floor between 9-11 and or 3-5 you can do it without being seen. I do this when I am home and my neighbours are in teh garden
  8. Alex Fergus

    Alex Fergus New Member

    Great idea, I can see the sunrise from my balcony, so I've been sitting on the balcony every morning since being on this site. In the afternoon we get two hours of sun coming through the kitchen. I'll put a towel down and sunbathe there!

  9. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    You said, "very low cortisol, low T, high E and all sorts of issues with my thryoid, iron, crp (was 2.0) and a few other markers." = low UV and IR 6-10 AM.

    CT 7 and Ubi 24 marry them...............

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  10. shah78

    shah78 Gold

    You are doing extremely well for beginner. My only issue with you is you are still over training. I was in exactly the same position . Pick one of your workouts each week and divide it into three or four days. Yes, cut down by about 80%. I know, I know you already cut down your training.:( This program will give you effortless body composition results, but you have to fix your problem first. I'm almost sixty yo and have never had such a body in all my thirty years as a personal trainer. This is Star Trek stuff. But you have to board the Enterprise first! No?
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  11. Alex Fergus

    Alex Fergus New Member


    Yeah I have cut it right back - only 2 weights and 1 or 2 30min HIIT sessions a week. With plenty of walking etc.

    I also track my HRV every day. I use an app called Elite HRV (you can read more about this HERE), and if it spits out a orange or red I don't train. No matter what. I'll do some stretching and or go for a walk instead.
    However upon seeing my DUTCH results, I figured I will have to cut it more. So I will apply your advice and drop it back to a max of 3 sessions per week, only if my HRV is solid and keep the sessions short and sharp.

    I don't train for my body, I am competitive so I train for sport. My body is great, I'm actually in the best shape of my life (and thats saying something - I've had 6 pack abs since I was a teenager). I'm ~100kgs, 10% bodyfat etc. But I want my health to be perfect, so I'll make the changes. It's not hard cutting back, it was last year when I first received my labs back, so that mountain has been conquered. I honestly just thought 4 sessions a week would be ok :p
  12. Alex Fergus

    Alex Fergus New Member

    Thanks Dr! That comment was in regards to my first lab tests - done June 2014.

    My most recent results (as in a few weeks old now) showed changes:
    Are your recommendations the same?
    I'm have just started working in your protocols (again I'm still reading your book and your blogs - so I'm pretty new with everything). I watch the sun rise from my balcony, I'm going tot he park at least once a day to sunbathe for 30mins. I'm outside walking at least 3x a day. I sleep in complete darkness and use blue blocker glasses and only a low wattage incandescent light in the 2-3 hours prior my 10pm bed time. The diet is pretty solid, though I wasn't eating enough seafood, so I have set myself a challenge of eating oily fish every day for the month of september.

    I have booked in a infrared sauna session this weekend.
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  13. Inger

    Inger Silver

    I am dirty.. lol I eat farmed salmon raw too.... never had an issue with it.. even if it says on the package it has to be heated through before eaten
    I also eat mackerel that is not always so fresh... raw! I always eat it raw. How could it get better if I cook it? I personally think it can only get worse..lol

    But maybe I tolerate it all so well because I tan so much nude and avoid fake lights whenever I can? ;)
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  14. Alex Fergus

    Alex Fergus New Member

    Thanks for the comments.

    So I've been eating oily fish and or shellfish for a week now, I set myself a challenge of having to eat oily fish/shellfish every day this month (this is a big change for me!).
    I've had a few tins of sardines - they weren't too bad!
    Today I had mackerel, and that was actually quite good.
    And I've had a few servings of oysters, oh and the usual wild salmon and some canned salmon.

    Today being monday was also the start of my low FODMAP diet for my candida issue.

    I'm still so confused about how to fix candida, and whether low FODMAPS are the way to go. After reading this blog by Dr K - https://www.jackkruse.com/brain-gut-9-what-really-killed-michael-jackson/ - I haven decided to make it a low carb, low FODMAP diet. As my carb intake will be much lower this month (how long should I be on this diet do you think?), I will cut back my training load to try and bring my cortisol levels down.

    Along with these changes, I will be taking the following supplements for the candida:
    Thorne SF722

    Candida Support


    Prescript Assist

    Plus a lot of oil of oregano and coconut oil.

    Again, I'm still not 100% sure what the best way is to fix this, but I'll start with this.

    Re light exposure - I'm watching the sunrise for 20mins in my undies every AM. I'm grounding myself at the park 1-4x a day, and I'm sunbathing with my shirt off at the park for 20mins+ Night time is very stict low light with candles, blue blockers, and a pitch black bedroom.

    A few questions:
    1) Low Fodmap/curing candida diet - Raw Sauerkraut- Yay or Nay?
    2) RO water - is this ok? I had a alkaline filter attached, but I removed this a few months ago.
    3) I had a 40min infrared sauna on saturday - it was good. Wanting to make this a weekly thing. Is this enough?
    4) CT - I do 203x cold showers (5mins) a week. And 2-3 hours wearing my cool fat burner vest. Though sometimes I hardly get to the goose bump stage. Is this enough or do I need full blown shivering?

    Finally, this is my full supplement protocol that covers general supplements, candida supps, and supplements for my low methlytion & COMT gene:
    Thorne 2/Day

    Sam-e 200mg

    TMG 500mg

    B6 P5P 20mg

    PS Choline – 400mg

    Thorne SF722

    Candida Support


    Prescript Assist

    PQQ – 20mg + (if training)

    Vit D

    CoQ10 – 100mg+

    Vit C

    Magnesium 800mg

    Zinc 50mg

    Thanks all
  15. Alex Fergus

    Alex Fergus New Member

    Hi everyone.

    So the more I read of Dr Kruse's work, the more I think I have leptin resistance.
    I don't have any weight to lose - I'm about 10% bf at 100kg. I'm fit, strong and I'm happy with how I look. I never thought I would have LR, but after seeing my labs I think I might.
    This is a recent photo of me. As you can see I'm in not overweight or underweight - I have I being eating a primal diet using Carb Backloading Timing for the past 2 years, and train a few times a week.

    However, these are my recent lab numbers:
    and my hormone numbers:

    Regarding these numbers, should I start a Leptin Reset protocol? I don't have the high evening cortisol, but I do have high Rev T3, High total cortisol, and high CRP (2.0).

    Or should I follow more of an adrenal fatigue protocol?

    If I do the Leptin Rx, will I be ok training 3x a week (2 strength sessions, 1 sprint session).

    I appreciate all your time and wisdom!

  16. Danny

    Danny New Member

    what time does the sun set for you?
  17. Alex Fergus

    Alex Fergus New Member

    Hi, I'm in Sydney so its around 6pm at the moment, getting later by the day.

    Depending on what time I get home from work (anything from 5pm - 8pm) I go low light as soon as I can, plus I wear my blue blocker glasses right away
  18. Danny

    Danny New Member

    Low light is good, but no light is best. Do you know if it's low enough to not suppress melatonin production. You could effectively still be getting a daylight signal for 4.5 hours after sundown. I know that it might seem to be a rough transition when the days are short, but those are mother nature's rules and we pay a price for violating them. You have to learn to be more comfortable w/ darkness especially in the winter. The leptin Rx was how I first started. My desire for afternoon naps went away completely after a few weeks. I used to always tire out in the middle of the day. Now, I NEVER do.
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  19. Alex Fergus

    Alex Fergus New Member

    Its as dark as I can make it.
    We have a 7w incandescent light on in the bedroom. And a 15w incandescent light on in the kitchen, and if I need to I use my phone which has flux installed, the colors reversed and I wear my BB glasses. That's as much as I can do at the moment. Saying that I'm falling asleep really well at around 10pm now
  20. Alex Fergus

    Alex Fergus New Member

    Hi all.

    So an update.

    I have been doing the Leptin Reset protocol for about 2-3 weeks now.

    Every morning I have lots of bone broth, some meat and vege while sitting in the sun for 30-40mins. I've cut my training RIGHT back, sleep is solid (only candles from 7pm, no technology at all - waking naturally at about 5-6am after 8-9 hours deep sleep). And 3 meals no snacks is going great.

    I'm also eating a lot more seafood. Sardines most days. Shell fish 2-3x a week. Wild salmon 1-2x a week. Prawns 1-2x a week. Drinking bone broth daily.

    And I'm going to the park 1-2x a day. I'm taking my laptop to the park and doing work there when it's not wet. I've actually got a nice tan coming on! Someone asked me today If I had been on holiday!!

    So things are going well. In fact my diet/appetite has changed big time.

    I'm a solid guy, I used to eat a lot, but now I feel like I don't need much at all.

    Today I had bone broth, a steak and some spinach at 6am. I felt like I should eat something at 1pm, so I had some more BB and a handful of macadamia nuts. Usually I'd have a sardine salad, but I just wasn't hungry. At the moment its now 5pm and I'm still not hungry. I'll make dinner soon, but it's so weird. Usually I eat like mad (100kg at 10% bodyfat usually depends a lot of food!).

    The only downside I have is this - I still have fresh blotches of tinea on my skin. And I still have a white coating on my tongue. I should mention I'm eating a low fodmap and low carb diet. I think I have some issues in my gut with candida. I've noticed great changes in many areas of my life since starting the Leptin RX, but this is one aspect that hasn't changed much so far :(
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