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My optimal journey

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by Mike David, Jul 1, 2018.

  1. Mike David

    Mike David Same name new person

    Yes I did. I supplement with floss. Works good. Doesn’t taste as bad as I thought it would.
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  2. Antonis

    Antonis Free diving

    I was doing it with brush tho
  3. Mike David

    Mike David Same name new person

    I get a kick out of going against the experts advise and spending less money while achieving the same results if not better because of the other ingredients in the paste. My ingredients list can be counted on one hand with two fingers missing and no thumb.
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  4. Mike David

    Mike David Same name new person

    The sun is rising,the clouds are rolling,the leaves are rustling,the wind is blowing,the rain is falling,the bees are buzzing,the dogs are sniffing,the cats are purring,the birds are singing,the grass is growing,the squirrels are scurrying,the deer are foraging,the locust are loud,the crickets are chirping,the trees are housing,the snake is slithering,the fish are swimming,the crayfish are crawling,the water is rippling,the ants are gathering,the earth is resonating,the human is thinking while the monkeys are talking and plotting their destruction.
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  5. Mike David

    Mike David Same name new person

    What is my optimal? I think it’s like laundry. No matter how much I do there will always be more the next day. It’s more mental than physical. It’s about being a mathlete as opposed to an athlete. Optimal is about never ending discovery. Just like an athlete no matter how many achievements always says there’s room for improvement and goes to practice the next day. Our environment is constantly changing for better or worse and I have to be the water that can form to any container I’m placed in (shout out to Bruce Lee). In the past optimal was not on the menu also I knew nothing of what was on the optimal menu. So the journey starts by realizing your clothes are dirty and they need washing. The journey washes the dirty clothes then dries dries them so they can become dirty once again. My ignorance made me believe my fate was predetermined by genetics. I was going to succumb to heart disease in my 5th or 6th decade like the rest of the men in my tree. The responsibility for my own well being was bypassed with this knowledge and I was free to do as I pleased knowing my fate was predetermined. Coming to the realization that this is not the case and the decisions I made every day had everything to do with fate was hard to come to grips with. A sort of guilt of ignorance. But how was I to know any better. When I was 16 my parents gave me a carton of cigarettes in my stocking for Christmas. We had a tv and an ashtray in every room of the house including the bathroom. The ignorance was all around me and permeated through my being. I had to realize comfort was the enemy an illusion of my existence. If I was going to live a long healthy life and buck the trend I was going to have to get out of my comfort zone and not fall back on excuses (they are like assholes everyone has one and they all stink). But where to go for answers. I would latch onto an idea and ride it out until I found a flaw then I would throw the baby out with the bath water. This would continue while the obvious remained in my blind spot. Certain things I did every day provided enough comfort that made searching for a solution hypocritical. It wasn’t until every hypocracy was addressed that I felt I was in the right road. I had to ask better questions and become adapted to finding my own answers. A world of discovery opened up to me that I could have never imagined. The fear of the unknown has turned into the path of the curious. The knowledge that one person or book or YouTube video could never provide all the answers is huge. The simplicity of the solutions is astounding. I am in a never ending search to expand my menu and alter my thinking. When the mind is right the body will follow telling the mind your on the right track. The circle of life comes back to the beginning to start a new circle that is better able to reach the beginning once again.
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  6. Mike David

    Mike David Same name new person

    Went to the pool today was raining on and off and you would say who cares your at the pool right. Well every time it started to rain like 90% of the patrons went running for the hills swimsuits and all. They waited under a roof overhang for the rain to stop. That made the once crowded pool quite the roomy place to be. People even left the pool itself because it was raining. Must be tough going through life thinking nature is out to get you. Went over to the Giant today didn’t feel like fighting traffic to the Wegmans and I had to replenish my water stock. Wegmans doesn’t sell non plastic water. To my surprise the mountain valley was $1 off cleared the shelf. I scored some wild caught gulf shrimp and some nature valley wild caught scallops. They will go good with the salmon fillets. I ran into William today at the park he walks around with a cockatiel on his shoulder and stops to talk and let the baby touch his bird(that was for you Drezy). Dan was out patching his front walk and we a had a good chat about random stuff. I told him I was going to start CT. He asked why I told him just trying to stay alive you know. He wears a funny hat that covers his neck and face from the sun poor Dan. John was out mowing his lawn again sometimes he takes off work to do it always worried about his lawn not looking like Pebble Beach. He wears long pants and shirt to “protect himself from the sun”. Here I am with just mesh shorts living it up telling him how good the sun is for you. Something tells me he thinks I’m crazy well his loss I guess. I helped my 12 year old build a fort in the backyard and he attached are new country flag to a pvc pipe and put it on the fort. That’s are capitol building where are citizens can come once a week to air their grievances and propose new laws to vote on. Yesterday I read a good bit of Dr. Moreno’s book going somewhere a real page turner. Today I resumed the CT series on the blog and gave a listen to the Power Company webinar. It’s crazy I haven’t played chess or listened to the sports talk app in months. I used to be obsessed with both don’t miss them at all. But I’ll take up anyone on a chess challenge any place any time. No more effects whatsoever with my foot I almost feel indestructible. Well off on my three dog walk gonna crank up the Quantum Computer webinar and roll out. Cheers
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  7. drezy

    drezy New Member

    When Halloween comes that dude will just need an eyepatch and he's set.
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  8. Mike David

    Mike David Same name new person

    Ayyy matee just steer me clear of those chocolate faced skallywags or I’ll make you walk the plank.
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  9. Mike David

    Mike David Same name new person

    I am ready to move on the lab work. Need to know where I stand. Do I go to my GP and just ask for certain lab work? I have no idea how to go about this being that I avoid this whole industry at all cost. Would like to see if my insurance can cover any of this seeing that we pay them $1700 a month and never use it.
  10. drezy

    drezy New Member

    vitamin D and calcium index score sounds like a good start to me.

    @JanSz is the lab pimp these days as far as knowledge on how to work the system.
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  11. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    Ask your doc to either:
    draw blood for this tests in his office
    give you script with word attachment pointing to this list:

    1 ------- Pregnenolone, Mass Spectrometry--Test Number: 140707 CPT Code: 84140
    2 ------- Progesterone--Test Number: 004317 CPT Code: 84144

    3 ------- Cortisol, AM & PM Test Number: 104000 CPT Code: 82533 (7;30AM and noon)
    4 ------- Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) Sulfate--Test Number: 004020 CPT Code: 82627
    5 ------- Testosterone, Total, Serum Test Number: 004226 CPT Code: 84403

    6 ------- Testosterone, Free and Weakly Bound--Test Number: 143255 CPT Code: 84402; 84403
    7 ------- SHBG
    8 ------- Estrogens, Total; Test Number: 004549 CPT Code: 82672

    9 ------- Estradiol, Sensitive Test Number: 140244 CPT Code: 82670

    10 ------- Estrone, Serum Test Number: 004564 CPT Code: 82679

    11 ------- Metabolic Panel (14), Comprehensive Test Number: 322000 CPT Code: 80053
    12 ------- Complete Blood Count (CBC) With Differential Test Number: 005009 CPT Code: 85025
    13 ------- NMR LipoProfile® With Insulin Resistance Markers (With Graph)
    Test Number: 123638 CPT: 80061; 83704
    14 ------- Thyroid-stimulating Hormone (TSH)- Test Number: 004259 CPT Code: 84443
    15 ------- Thyroxine (T4)- Test Number: 001149 CPT Code: 84436

    16 ------- Thyroxine (T4), Free, Direct, Serum-Test Number: 001974 CPT Code: 84439
    17 ------- Triiodothyronine (T3)- Test Number: 002188 CPT Code: 84480

    18 ------- Triiodothyronine (T3), Free, Serum- Test Number: 010389 CPT Code: 84481
    19 ------- Reverse T3-Test Number: 070104 CPT Code: 84482
    20 ------- Prolactin Test Number: 004465 CPT Code: 84146

    21 ------- Fatty Acid Profile, Comprehensive (C8-C26), Serum
    22 ------- IGF-1
    23 ------- IGFBP3
    24 ------- Insulin, Free and Total, Serum Test Number: 140350 CPT Code: 83525; 83527
    25 ------- Hemoglobin (Hb) A1c With GlycoMark® Reflex Test Number: 503205 CPT Code: 83036; 84378
    26 ------- Homocysteine, Plasma Test Number: 706994 CPT: 83090

    27 ------- Vitamin D, 25-Hydroxy Test Number: 081950 CPT: 82306

    28 ------- C-Reactive Protein (CRP), High Sensitivity (Cardiac Risk Assessment) Test Number: 120766 CPT Code: 86141
    29 ------- Tumor Necrosis Factor-α -----------M17.12

    ------- ------- ------- ------- ------- ------- ------- ------- ------- -------

    E03.9 E11.9 E27.40 R63.8 E29.1 E78.4 N41.9 R42

    R35.0 E23.0 E27.8
    E05.90 E55.9 E78.0 R53.82

    E72.11 R79.82 M17.12


    Last edited: Jul 24, 2018
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  12. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

  13. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

  14. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    Remember calcium scoring is directly tied to homocystine level.
    So if you have to minimize any labs, you must do homocystine (hell or high water)
    Go to place where tests are done.
    Ask for a calcium score test.
    they call it (CT CARDIAC SCORING)
    Use my test as example.
    It cost me $90 out of pocket.
    Look at my place's website, possibly you can get some info for your area.


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  15. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    I do not wait with my homocysteine until I am able to reside on equator.

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  16. drezy

    drezy New Member

    I pretty much just called in the test Odin there
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  17. Mike David

    Mike David Same name new person

    Shit thanks guys. The Don Corleone of labs has spoken.
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  18. Mike David

    Mike David Same name new person

    Just watched a video that brought a tear to my eyes. Captain Galeazzi had both his legs blown off by a roadside bomb and his left arm was completely mangled. Not only did he survive he thrived. After enduring horror and pain of an unimaginable level and countless hours of rehabilitation he passed his MCAT and got accepted to Harvard Medical School. When asked what kind of doctor he wants to be he said “a good one”. That last part reminded me of a certain neurosurgeon we all know. Keep up the good work Dr. Kruse.
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  19. Mike David

    Mike David Same name new person

    Man babies are a lot of work. Little man is getting around a lot better now I’m like a lion chasing a gazelle almost constantly. But he’s not used to all the activity and gets worn down fast. Why do you have to put everything in your mouth? Love this little dude wouldn’t trade a second of it. I followed Dr. Kruse on Facebook and their is a lot of good stuff in there. I noticed my tech time increasing gradually have to put a bit of a leash on that. We’ve had the worst weather here the last four days raining constantly. Dying for some good sun maybe instead of a rain dance I’ll devise a sun dance and sacrifice a goat to the gods over a nice campfire. Oh wait everything’s wet and it’s impossible to keep this thing going. That must be why the big man invented gasoline and cardboard. This goat isn’t getting any riper better get this thing going.
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  20. Mike David

    Mike David Same name new person

    I don’t buy vegetables at the grocery store anymore. I go in my backyard and pick the leaves off the weeds that grow naturally without me tending to them. I found the most common one outback is a plant the Indians called white man foot. Grows well in rocky soil without me using hose water to maintain it. My neighbors spend tons of money on chemicals to eradicate this weed from their lawns. Just have to make sure the dogs didn’t pee on it before I eat it. Takes some getting used to but my taste buds are coming around. I also learned it’s good to crush up and use for bee stings and mosquito bites which comes in handy when you walk around barefoot mostly naked all day. Funny thing is I almost never get mosquito bites living by a creek and being outside almost all the time.
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