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My Optimal Journal

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by DebraGM, Apr 1, 2021.

  1. We have all weaved our thoughts together; then later -> re-organize ...
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  2. For the purpose of others who may read our discourse, we know the following:

    Magnesium is a cofactor ingredient in the following processes of the methylation cycle:
    • MAT1A – this gene produces S-adenosyl methionine, or Sam-e, which has been shown to improve depression, osteoporosis and liver health.
    • GSS – Glutathione Synthetase – the process coded for this gene creates the body’s master antioxidant, glutathione, which helps protect other tissues and even DNA from damage. Glutathione is implicated in nearly any condition that involves inflammation and is often decreased by lack of cofactors relied on for its production, such as Magnesium.
    • MTHFS – this gene produces methenyltetrahydrofolate synthetase, which controls the folate cycle, a process critical to the workings of each cell in the body. Defects in the folate cycle are also implicated in birth defects, heart and neurological disease, osteoporosis, cancer, and kidney disease
    • COMT – Catechol-o-methyltransferase plays a major role in regulating our neurotransmitters, or brain chemicals, such as dopamine and our adrenalines, epinephrine and norepinephrine. COMT issues have been implicated in neurological disorders such as Parkinson’s disease.
    • PTS – 6-pyruvoyltetrahydropterin synthase – this enzyme is not only responsible for dopamine and serotonin regulation, it also creates nitric oxide synthetase, or NOS, which is an important chemical in the body that promotes heart health and blood vessel formation.
    • SPR – Sepiapterin reductase – a gene that dictates serotonin and dopamine levels in the brain, and deficiencies can lead to muscle regulation issues such as involuntary muscle contractions.
    Also, different magnesiums have various therapeutic outcomes:
    • Magnesium citrate is an excellent form of magnesium to maintain digestive health and is often used to clear bowels and prevent constipation. As a muscle relaxant, it can help in leg cramps and is one of the most easily and rapidly absorbed forms of magnesium available. However, the citrate version produces the greatest “cleaning of the bowels”
    • Magnesium malate is crucial for ATP production and some research shows it can benefit patients with fibromyalgia and is an energizing, rather than relaxing, form of magnesium.
    • Magnesium glycinate is complexed with glycine, which acts as a calming agent in the body. Glycinate forms of magnesium may not have a laxative effect and have been shown to reduce back pain due to muscle spasm and can calm the nervous system to further combat chronic pain.
    • Magnesium threonate provides the greatest benefit to the nervous system. It can cross the blood brain barrier and is associated with increased scores in short-term and long-term memory when given to patients

    Just as we know an overactive methylation pathway can have downstream secretions. We also know the methylation pathway is very ATP intensive.

    When we look at electrolyte balancing, we know the kidney’s distal convoluted tubule uses massive amounts of ATP for processing & managing potassium and magnesium volumes.
    The Distal Convoluted Tubule cells contain an extensive basolateral membrane system and are mitochondria-rich, indicating high transport activity. These processes require considerable ATP consumption and active transport of electrolytes driven by the basolateral Na+-K+-ATPase.

    A family of proteins called With-No-Lysine [amino acid=K] kinases (WNKs) phosphorylates and activates two related serine threonine kinases, the Ste20-like proline-alanine rich kinase (SPAK) and oxidative stress responsive kinase 1 (OSR1).

    Ideas: If you’re taking folate or SAMe, you may want to back off on those, and focus on getting your ATP engines running at “higher” voltage first.

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  3. What are your actual side effects of vit supplementation? The magnesium helped at first - relaxing me down. But as I gradually increased the d3 over a period of about 3 weeks, the symptoms returned. 500 - 1000 IU seemed to be ok, but as I approached 2000 I noticed the side effects creeping in.

    Yes, I agree with you re modern humans hiding from the sun - we've been conditioned to be that way and I dont think its accidental.

    I think there are ways of building a DIY light therapy set up with UVA/B, IR & red, but I dont have the knowledge to build one. But I think there are people on this forum who can.
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  4. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    Humic and Fulvic Acid
    We had discussions about them previously.
    @Jack Kruse
    Just started two threads on them.


    Forum: Ask Jack

    Fulvic acid education.

    Forum: Ask Jack

    Not sidetracking but,
    my GF is into gardening and trying to figure how to get the best quality compost.
    I am trying to prevent her from making compost on our (rather small) garden.

    Humic and Fulvic Acid Supplement
    Humic and fulvic acids represent the missing link in achieving optimal health, with their ability to revitalize the body as a whole by getting rid of toxins and stimulating overall immunity. Here's what you need to know about taking Supersmart’s humic and fulvic acid supplement.

    What are the Humic and Fulvic Acids?
    Humic acid is a mixture of water-soluble organic substances often found in surface water.

    Fulvic acid is one of its many sub-groups. Scientists have discovered that fulvic acid is made up of tiny fragments of DNA from past generations, which have remained intact as if to ensure continuity of life. It may, therefore, serve as a “bridge” between minerals and living organic matter.

    These two acids are found together in decomposed plant material and organic and mineral substances that have accumulated over years and seep out from bituminous rocks, particularly leonardite.

    Any reading of Ayurvedic medical texts will show that taking these two substances together in their natural state has been recognized for over 3000 years. Traditional use of this combination is rooted in its powerful tonic and adaptogen properties. Taken regularly, it increases energy and stamina by restoring levels of cellular ATP.

    Humic Acid Supplement Benefits
    Because humic acid supplements have a negative charge, they can combine just as well with “aromatic carboxyl” groups as they can with “phenolic hydroxyl” ones. They act as ion exchangers, releasing metal ions of low atomic mass in order to chelate heavy metals.

    The best humic acid supplement encourages complete detoxification by supporting the main emunctory organs — kidneys, skin, intestines, liver and lungs. A humic acid dietary supplement also helps eliminate toxins, parasites, fungi and heavy metals, particularly in the colon.

    Studies show this process results in increased energy, an improvement in mood, better quality sleep and a decrease in intensity of arthritic problems.

    Studies also show that the humic acid detox supplement can increase healthy bacteria in the colon. Taking a humic acid health supplement might aid overall well-being and health with these benefits.

    Fulvic Acid Supplement Benefits
    The fulvic acid supplement accomplishes a different goal. While humic acid helps increase the absorption of minerals, trace elements and ensures homeostatic balance, minerals that come into contact with fulvic acid combine and become bioactive, bioavailable and organic, according to research.

    A fulvic acid mineral supplement is also able to change the molecular structure of water, making it more active and enabling it to penetrate better, thus promoting transport of micronutrients to all cells and elimination of toxins and heavy metals — aluminum, mercury, lead, etc. So by taking the best fulvic acid supplement, you can magnify the benefits of a humic acid nutritional supplement.

    What do studies show about Humic and Fulvic Acids?
    According to studies conducted by the National Institute of Health, humic acid provides effective support for the immune system and inhibits certain viruses: influenza, herpes (shingles, Epstein-Barr), rhinovirus and the norovirus.

    Through its electrolyte properties, fulvic acid is also a remarkable immune modulator, according to research. A decrease in electrical potential (Zeta potential) leads to a general decline in health and premature aging, causing people to want to take advantage of a fulvic and humic acid supplement.

    As an electron donor and receiver, studies show fulvic acid stimulates electrochemical equilibrium and helps restore the body's homeostasis. In terms of immunity, it stimulates the production of lymphocytes, activates macrophages and NK cells, and induces the production of both cytokines (alpha, beta and gamma interferons) and TNF-alpha (tumor necrosis factor).


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  5. Charmane

    Charmane New Member

    My "side effects of D3 sups" : recurrent mild dry cough and tighter feeling chest, noticeably finding swallowing a more "conscious effort" than usual, thicker feeling tongue, dizzy spells, heart palpitations once or twice a day, fast heartbeat whenever "busy," skin itchiness just short of hives, puffy face and eyelids especially when I first woke up, I'm always tired but with D3 sups tiredness feels like something "clinging to me" if that makes sense. Basically every single "symptom" on this list (NOT a site I would ever normally recommend, but it did have "a list that matched").: https://www.drugs.com/sfx/vitamin-d3-side-effects.html

    Irritability and frustration came with all these, so the magnesium idea made some sense to me. 2000 IU of D3 was also something of a threshold for me...

    I also believe we have been conditioned to believe the Sun is barely (and even perhaps annoyingly) necessary to Life. I even have a strong intuition that there is "something compelling" (shared by many) that prefers to interfere with Humanity's receptivity to Sunlight--some sort of "sense" that if too many humans optimize and tone what/who they are... that this is too free and unpredictable and threatens some sort of devotion to "control" and "security." Sounding mystical there, I suppose, but it's true enough, "mystical" is indeed a way of living that attracts me, generally speaking.
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  6. Charmane

    Charmane New Member

    Is it possible to have a more potassium based humic/fulvic acid combination? As a "terminal" cancer survivor, I'm picky about my intake of sodium.
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  7. Ok, so quite different to me bar the irritation part. Yours sound like they could be part of an allergic reaction. Which could be good to know because if its just cholecalciferol that triggers it, then you might be ok upping your dietary vit D (fresh salmon, mushrooms etc), or using a vit d lamp (or both). Ive been eating salmon and mushrooms on a daily basis for a year now, and although my levels are low, I think they are pretty much stabilised as a result.

    Also, if your problem is due to a complex hormonal signalling issue(like you mentioned previously), then perhaps a move to sunnier climes might rectify it after a while. Leptin rx, sunrise, avoiding alan and nnEMF's, DHA, etc (I dont know how much of this youre already doing).

    RE sunlight and conditioning, I agree with you there. The powers that be know exactly how imperative sunlight is for optimum health and well being. Governments throughout history have sought to elevate them selves mentally, physically and spiritually above their subjects/population, and I dont think much has changed. Artificial lighting gives them huge control over our health, mood, reproduction and work based productivity. Im not sure about the mystical part, but what I do think is that the end goal is to have a human race with zero capacity for intuition, spirituality or deep connection with nature - they are in the process of severing our connection.
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  8. @Charmane - Have you looked at Caroline’s question on Red Light Panels https://forum.jackkruse.com/index.php?threads/red-light-panels.26557/

    Question: What is your sensitivity to photobiomodulation?
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  9. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    If I thought that someone needs a list of my tests, you would be on the top or real close to it.

    Spectracell Micronutrient analysis and lipoproteins(plus)

    Fatty Acid Profile, Comprehensive (C8-C26), Serum
    IGF-1----(measured by RIA, radioimmunoassay)

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  10. I thought that supplementing vitamin D was never recomended because 1. its not a vitamin, but a hormone 2. exogenous supplementation decreases endogenous production 3. your n=1 is screaming to quit taking them. I am all in on Vit d, but would never supplement. Good luck.
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  11. Perhaps, we've missed Caroline’s question on Red Light Panels https://forum.jackkruse.com/index.php?threads/red-light-panels.26557/
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  12. Charmane

    Charmane New Member

    This is kind of a short list. A "starter list?"
    And, if you don't mind me asking, when you say "a list of MY tests," how did you come to create the list? Do you regularly counsel others?
    I admit I'm not a "regular" here on this site, but since 2019, I've found it's the best I've yet found in regard to nnEMF information. I've been very happy with my health/healing since 2016, so "so far so good." I just got rattled when I had a gut feeling that the vitamin D supplement I started taking "for brain health" might need to go if I was going to get over whatever "bug" it seemed I had in January 2020. Quitting the supplement had me almost completely recovered within days. Trying to balance things as best I can. You DO seem to be a "regular" here. Just curious as to your background.
  13. Dan2

    Dan2 Pedantic schlub

    "Is it possible to have a more potassium based humic/fulvic acid combination? As a "terminal" cancer survivor, I'm picky about my intake of sodium."

    White stone oil a.k.a. brakshun


    White stone oil combines well with shilajit; they both have lots of trace minerals (about 40-50 kinds in each, apparently) and the fulvic and humic acids in the shilajit help make the trace minerals in each available in cells. That combo is a traditional folk medicine in Russia for helping treat almost all kinds of health conditions (because the blend of many trace minerals helps so many metabolic functions).

    (Make sure to read the paragraphs above the Youtube video in this post, which are the impressive culmination of my white stone oil research:
    https://forum.jackkruse.com/index.php?threads/napping-in-the-sun.25075/#post-290503 )

    About shilajit... (Fulvic and humic acids are in shilajit. (They're also in the supplement called Restore promoted by Zach Bush, but that's filtered Chinese lowest-grade coal (not even good enough to burn for heat, or, I forget, maybe only good for that, that is unless you dilute and filter it and sell it for $50 a quart) water, and I have to say that because I'm still super mad all the time that I researched it for about six hours checking that that is what it is and that they sell that for $50 a quart)):


    @Matt Fowler
    "I think there are ways of building a DIY light therapy set up with UVA/B, IR & red, but I dont have the knowledge to build one. But I think there are people on this forum who can."

    This search is for my posts that have "Sperti" in it, which is a manufacturer of a UVB lamp, and some of these posts also have details about how to pretty well (not as good as the sun but pretty good) combine other kinds of lightbulbs with it to add infrared and warm proportions of visible wavelengths (or you can combine a "blacklight blue" kind of blacklight with the other bulbs for morning or afternoon when you might not want to have the UVB lamp on but still want some UVA (the Sperti UVB lamp also has lots of UVA)).

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  14. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    Do you regularly counsel others?
    I do not counsel. I have no medical qualifications whatsoever. My background is not medical.
    But I share what worked for me.

    The other reason is that I may learn from responses to what I posted.
    I am regular here because I have paid the membership fee.
    That allows me to get access to information here in a much easier way than otherwise.
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