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My optimal journal

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by Luisa88, Apr 11, 2019.

  1. Luisa88

    Luisa88 Silver

    I figure I should start one of these.

    I am 31, female, Western Australia. Main issues anxiety (mostly panic attacks related to claustrophobia and fatigue). I am quite functional but far from optimal.

    Maternal haplotype I2

    Homozygous c611t and the mao snip

    Older sister is 17 months older than me. I Was not planned, mother has CFS and probably did when I was conceived. Her mother is pretty robust. My mother was born in Perth, Western Australia 1954, her mother born further south and inland Western Australia.

    Osteomyelitis 8 months old, broken leg 14 months old and chronic bronchitis as a child. I remember anxiety starting around age 8. Panic attacks started age 12. Not random always triggered by performance or public speaking or confined spaces. Very very thin as a child, could not gain weight.

    Anxiety was severe age 21 to 25 after a burn lead to a skin infection that required antibiotics and seemed to wreck havoc in my brain and body. Developed eczema badly. Poor sleep. This was whilst I was in dental school getting a lot of mercury exposure and blue light exposure and stress.

    Gaps diet helped age 25 and was my first introduction to sunlight and not fearing the sun. I would get 2 hours of midday sun but I was skipping breakfast as felt sick in the morning and always eating after sunset and going to bed late and waking late so not seeing sunrise. (No wonder my liver sucked). Mold exposure 4 years ago set me back a bit with anxiety. This all changed in the last 4 months.

    I eat BAB, 4 days a week I am in morning sun from when I can see the sun (west coast it’s hard to see the actual sunrise) until 9am. I look forward to this every morning. Other mornings I get light in my eyes but not full body exposure. Drive to work with the windows down getting sun on my face. I do however work in a blue lit fluorescent light, no windows can be opened building with air ionisers and medical equipment. Cannot get outside between patients currently but trying to change this. I only work 3 days a week and now knowing what I know from this site am thinking I have to keep it this way!

    I am eating so much seafood. I wasn’t before due to major histamine intolerance and mercury fears. Seafood at least once day. Oysters, sardines, squid, salmon and whiting.

    Taking 100mg prometrium orally. Helps me sleep so well. I think I’ve been progesterone deficient my whole life. Can’t really take any other supplements as I’m so sensitive and they often make me anxious.

    Doing cold showers and face dunks. Did ice baths but had to slow down due to what seemed like die off. I swim in the ocean (no wetsuit) all through winter and surf a bit (wetsuit). So figure I was doing CT even though I didn’t realise.

    Fixing my airway with orthodontics. Had UARS which I believe had a huge effect on my sleep issues and anxiety. I can breathe better than ever.

    So now I’m on a mission to heal my PVN and Calcium efflux problem which I figure is the root of my panic attacks. Still very phobic about flying. General anxiety and sleep and energy is so much better but I still don’t have fantastic energy. I really want to heal my panic attacks whilst flying and it’s a big driver of why I’m here.

    I’m also a major empath and wonder if this is related to my PVN/adrenals too or just a personality thing. I was a sensitive kid and still feel things so deeply and hard - sometimes that’s exhausting but also sometimes beautiful.

    I realise I’m not as bad as a lot of people on here so feel a little silly starting this but would love an optimal life

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