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My Optimal Journal

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by Maureen M MacDonald, Aug 31, 2018.

  1. Maureen M MacDonald

    Maureen M MacDonald New Member

    4 years with a functional medicine (IM) doc to deal with menopause. (Age 55) My learning: just taking a bunch of supplements doesn't work and is a huge waste of money and just creates stress to get them all down. (I hate taking pills.) Hormone replacement helps, but these docs are still learning- and know nothing re: methylation cycle issues (COMT++) that can complicate their dosing. My HS-CRP has been high (>4.0) for 4 years despite downing more fish oil than I ever imagined. I finally asked to get a stool/ gut test-- yes leaky gut issues and dysbiosis. More pills to swallow.
    So then I found Jack-- had no idea both sun and nnEMF were so important. Love his biology explanations of everything. My stress has been chronically high for at least 10 years (single parent and business owner); working on meditation and just relaxing much more-- not take life so seriously would be good for me. I can think my way to a hot flash or cortisol flush-- training my mind seems more important than any damn supplement I might take.
    Leptin Rx makes sense-- very close to Terry Wahls Protocol.
    So ready to go with Leptin Rx/ Wahls eating (3cups greens, 3 cups sulphur veggies 3 cups color veggies/berries) -- Paleo Rx at its best.
    Last labs: Vit D 45 (had been 27); CRP 5.0; Ferritn 142 (had been 62); HDL 75; LDL 158; Triglycerides 117; Fasting glucose 90; HBA1C 5.3; DHEA 203; Pregnenolone <20. Omega 6:3 ratio in 2014 was 5:1; Reverse T3 11.
    Taking desicated thyroid-- last labs: Free T4 1.14; T3 87; Free T3 2.9; Reverse T3 10.
    Morning cortisol was high in '15 (8.5) then low in spring '18 (3.3) -- Weight down 10 lbs since 2015-- now 152; BMI 24.0
    I get it. Time to reverse all this stuff.
    Wish me luck- our modern world and most people's eating habits are not supportive to change; so will look to this group to keep me going. Thanks in advance.
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  2. drezy

    drezy New Member

    Most people's light & environment habits are way worse.

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