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My Optimal Journal

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by KrusinWitchie, Jun 28, 2018.

  1. drezy

    drezy New Member

    When I feel down I have a very non-PC non-woke meditation that I run quickly in my head.

    Somewhere back, my great*nth(where n is an integer from 1-1000) grandmother probably had a moment where she was emotionally and possibly physically beaten down. I carry her mitochondria. I take a deep breath in and imagine that if she saw me crumbling from my now luxurious 1st world problems she'd run up, kick me square in the sack (or vag for you), and lumber over me writhing in pain and explain "I didn't give birth to any weakling line of people. Get the fuck up!"

    It probably doesn't matter what incense you have burning during that particular meditation FYI.
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  2. Phosphene

    Phosphene Gold (finally)

    Big Witchie hug for you. Men can be a pain in the tush, can’t they?

    I’m not the ideal relationship expert, but I have a sense that you two aren’t done yet.

    Is there a reason you can’t move south sooner? Seems like his job could be pretty mobile.

    I’m doing a little personal silent retreat this weekend, but PM me if you want to talk. I break silence for mitochondriacs. :love:

    Oh, and I second Drezy’s maternal meditation. Chin up gorgeous girl!
  3. KrusinWitchie

    KrusinWitchie New Member

    Thanks for the laugh Drezy
  4. KrusinWitchie

    KrusinWitchie New Member

    Thank you... yeah they sure fucking can, lol. please, resume your personal silent retreat. I’m overwhelmed by your kindness :)

    My day was refreshingly silent today following quite a raucous one yesterday. I spent some sunlight hours shoveling and giggling at my goofy dogs romping around in the fresh snow. I even managed to see a quick semblance of the sun between parting thick grey clouds. No nude snowangel making, but I’ll get there.

    I think you may be right about my relationship. This week we’ve fought about math problems and lollipops and you would’ve thought the world was ending based on the nature of our argument. Drama has always been a knee jerk reaction for us, but I see that it will be different once we completely shed who we thought we were and uncover our naked mitochondrial core. Thinking about entropy helped me snap out of a tirade I was going on yesterday. I didn’t want to create chaos. So even though things are unsettled, I am comfortable with that.

    We have lived in 8 different places the past five years in 4 states so you would think we would be game to bounce and head south. But when we moved up here this past January, we thought this would be it for the long haul. My parents bought a house near them for us to rent out.. yikes. We are finally in a place where we can afford 2br in order to attempt a better custody/timeshare agreement for our stepdaughter. Mainly my hesitation to leave so soon is because of the sticky situation with my parents. My mom is thirsty for family time after working like a dog our whole lives, but hasn’t been here this whole year.. she’s been in Spain working. Ultimately I can’t let that affect my own families future.

    Yes, he could transfer easily to another store once his contract is up in January. I recently saw that there was a Whole Foods in New Orleans that needed a Store Team Leader and my heart skipped a beat. The idea has been percolating since this past Spring, and I think we are both feeling guilty about that. My Japanese friend and my Jamaican friend both warned me about the agreement to move here and rent from my parents. I thought, how could they know to proceed with caution if they didn’t know my parents? My older friends offer knowledge from their experiences that I’ve learned I shouldn’t ignore.

    I know I’d feel much better about all of this and how to plan our future if I was a member. I don’t want to make a big decision like moving without a consult. In order to afford the membership I want, I need to get creative with money. I’ve gotten lots of encouragement from FH to start a blog and have that supplement our finances. The idea makes me cringe but I think it would be phenomenal for building my self confidence and my voice.

    Thank you again :)
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  5. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

  6. KrusinWitchie

    KrusinWitchie New Member

  7. KrusinWitchie

    KrusinWitchie New Member

    My constant nagging has potentially rewarded us with a trip to PDC possibly first week of February! That wasn’t my plan. My plan was just to get him to toss creature comforts here and there. It’ll be real once tickets are bought, so I guess I should start nagging about that :)

    I was asked not to stop the nagging moving forward, even if a certain someone’s dopamine is too low to appreciate it.

    As far as travel to PDC goes, I am a bit apprehensive with flying having learned all about Gadolinium. However, when I flew to Florida in July I followed Jack’s recommendations and felt great. On the way back I did not follow the same guidelines and I was zonked out for a few days. Ultimately I know it will be worth it.
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  8. KrusinWitchie

    KrusinWitchie New Member

    B6EB6CF3-774D-4453-9C3F-4A514DAA549E.png 99F171DE-DD76-4396-AF95-FBB0C6AB5C2E.png 3F530055-863B-4121-A04B-C17E96909184.jpeg 9202F9EE-4A2C-4B0B-B249-67572B52E168.jpeg E45A2028-F8AF-4622-86E5-702900958FFB.jpeg Remove:
    • Activated Carbon (from guava or avocado)
    • Deferasirox (iron chelator, not strong)
    • Deferiprone (iron chelator, not strong) - decreased the release of catalytic iron by cells treated with Gd
    • Deferoxamine (iron chelator) - doubled urinary excretion of gadolinium
    • Diethylenetriaminepentaacetic acid(DTPA) - stronger affinity to Gd than EDTA
    • EDTA - weak affinity to Gd
    • 1,2-HOPO SAMMS - has high affinity, rapid removal rate, and large sorption capacity for both free and chelated Gd
    From: https://mybiohack.com/blog/gadolinium-based-chelation-contrast-agents-removal

    Exploring 1,2-HOPO SAMMS...

    Sounds like something no one is using. Synthe Tech in Oregon is making it.

    In this work, nanostructure silica materials that have been functionalized with 1-hydroxy-2-pyridinone (1,2-HOPO-SAMMS) have been evaluated for selective and effective removal of both free and chelated Gd (gadopentetate dimeglumine and gadodiamide) from dialysate and blood. 1,2-HOPO SAMMS has high affinity, rapid removal rate, and large sorption capacity for both free and chelated Gd, properties that are far superior to those of activated carbon and zirconium phosphate currently used in the state-of-the-art sorbent dialysis and hemoperfusion systems.



    Research and development is continuing on the preparation and testing of metal-chelating SAMMS. Chelating functional groups (such as EDA, ethylenediamine triacetic acid, 1,10- phenanthroline, HOPO, etc.) are attached to the surface of the mesoporous materials using similar chemistry as is used for preparation of the thiol-SAMMS. The chelating group is tailored for the targeted metal; for example, EDA for Cu and HOPO for the actinides. Results have shown that selective removal of metal ions can be accomplished by various chelate-SAMMS forms, and research is continuing to optimize the synthesis and metal loadings.

    A similar acid strip has been shown to be effective for the carboxylic acid forms of SAMMS used to bind the lanthanides (e.g. Gly-UR SAMMS), and these materials have been shown to be able to go through over a dozen regen cycles with no loss of sorbent activity. (Why not test Gd removal with something like this with more of an affinity to lanthanides vs actinides as in HOPO?)

    Here, we have investigated the structure, binding and energetics of trivalent and tetravalent Ln/An (Sm3+, Eu3+, Am3+, Cm3+, Th4+, Pu4+) ions with spermine-based octadentate hydroxypyridinonate chelators, namely 3,4,3-LI(1,2-HOPO) and its 3,3,3 variant, using relativistic density functional theory (DFT). Furthermore, we have performed orbital and density based analyses to elucidate the nature of bonding in these complexes. In accordance with the experimental stability constant, we found the maximum binding free energy for An4+ (Pu4+, Th4+) as compared to trivalent metal ions. CDA and ECDA analyses along with orbital-based population analyses confirmed the higher ligand to metal charge transfer for An4+ than for trivalent metal ions. Furthermore, the aromaticity index analysis suggested the presence of crucial chelatoaromatic stabilization for all these metal ions with the maximum for An4+.

    A unique feature of diatom anatomy is that they are surrounded by a cell wall made of silica (hydrated silicon dioxide), called a frustule.[18] These frustules have structural coloration due to their photonic nanostructure, prompting them to be described as "jewels of the sea" and "living opals". Movement in diatoms primarily occurs passively as a result of both water currents and wind-induced water turbulence; however, male gametes of centric diatoms have flagella, permitting active movement for seeking female gametes. Similarly to plants, diatoms convert light energy to chemical energy by photosynthesis, although this shared autotrophy evolved independently in both lineages. Unusually for autotrophic organisms, diatoms possess a urea cycle, a feature that they share with animals, although this cycle is used to different metabolic ends in diatoms.

    Diatoms are often referred as "jewels of the sea" or "living opals" due to their photonic crystal properties.[20] The biological function of this structural coloration is not clear, but it is speculated that it may be related to communication, camouflage, thermal exchange and/or UV protection.[21]

    Diatoms build intricate hard but porous cell walls called frustules composed primarily of silica.[22]:25–30 This siliceous wall[23] can be highly patterned with a variety of pores, ribs, minute spines, marginal ridges and elevations; all of which can be used to delineate genera and species.

    Evaluating the potential of chelation therapy to prevent and treat gadolinium deposition from MRI contrast agents

    SciTech Connect

    Rees, Julian A.; Deblonde, Gauthier J. -P.; An, Dahlia D.

    Several MRI contrast agent clinical formulations are now known to leave deposits of the heavy metal gadolinium in the brain, bones, and other organs of patients. This persistent biological accumulation of gadolinium has been recently recognized as a deleterious outcome in patients administered Gd-based contrast agents (GBCAs) for MRI, prompting the European Medicines Agency to recommend discontinuing the use of over half of the GBCAs currently approved for clinical applications. Here, to address this problem, we find that the orally-available metal decorporation agent 3,4,3-LI(1,2-HOPO) demonstrates superior efficacy at chelating and removing Gd from the body compared to diethylenetriaminepentaacetic acid, a ligand commonly used in the United States in the GBCA Gadopentetate (Magnevist). Using the radiotracer 153Gd to obtain precise biodistribution data, the results herein, supported by speciation simulations, suggest that the prophylactic or post-hoc therapeutic use of 3,4,3-LI(1,2-HOPO) may provide a means to mitigate Gd retention in patients requiring contrast-enhanced MRI.

    SO, after reading all of that, my question is:

    If someone with Gd3+ in their tissues (unknown exactly where) was stranded on a desert island with preferably coscinodiscus species diatom frustules and a relatively endless supply of sperm, would that person be wise to remove it by mixing up the frustules with the jizz and consuming orally?
  9. Phosphene

    Phosphene Gold (finally)

    Can’t help with the gadolinium but glad to hear you’re back in the saddle with your beau. Anyone who approves of your choice of dentifrice is surely a keeper!

    Blog sounds like a great idea—you’re a natural writer. I thought about it years ago when blogs were just barely a thing, but couldn’t settle on a niche, or justify adding one more thing to my overloaded plate.

    And good news about Mexico! If I manage to stretch my time out longer we might just cross paths. :)
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  10. KrusinWitchie

    KrusinWitchie New Member

    Yes, stay as long as you can! Meeting up with you would be a gift :) I bet you can’t wait to be there already. From my perspective, the end of the year always seem to rapidly pass by. Although it would be nice to fast forward to tropical latitudes in February, I am making an effort to slow down time this winter. DC414E6F-EA6B-467C-A90F-B9965B3B0EFA.jpeg Things around here aren’t moving too fast, either. This birch has been bent like this for three days straight now.

    We currently have more than 18 inches of snow. I started building my igloo blocks two days ago with all of the snow that fell off of the metal roof. I have around 20 big blocks made and am itching to finish. Well yesterday my brother’s full grown Australian Shepherd puppy had me flat on my ass in our icy driveway... and I still had more snow to shovel (with an iron shovel at that because I broke the regular shovel). I think that the bare ass sitting on the snow immediately after the tumble was what propelled me into shovel/survival mode. Towards the end of the day I found myself telling myself that I didn’t deserve to be living in such atrocious weather. Lol, dopamine. Things are hurting though, so I will be headed to a chiropractor for the first time.

    Shit got real when he walked in on me doing an enema a few years back. Since then I don’t think I’ve been able to surprise him much with any more weird shit. Most recently he caught me mooning the sun, spread cheeks and all. I have to lead by example, of course!
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  11. KrusinWitchie

    KrusinWitchie New Member

    We have been sleeping like logs lately. My straw mattress ended up too small for 2 but is turning out to be a hit with the dogs. I pull a mattress from the smart meter bedroom into the living room each night, as far away from it as I can.

    After temps rose into the 20s and 30s after our dip into negative temps, I have been hot at night. I am really looking forward to finishing my igloo ASAP.

    Sometimes we go to sleep by 6:30, sometimes 8, sometimes 9:30. Going to sleep early is the best.
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  12. KrusinWitchie

    KrusinWitchie New Member

    I am very thirsty for all of the controllables that I am doing wrong so that I can change them. It’s very humbling to be introduced to them so often.
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  13. KrusinWitchie

    KrusinWitchie New Member

    Still also go to sleep past midnight once every week or so due to work schedule. Pretty clear patterns have shown themselves on these days.
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  14. KrusinWitchie

    KrusinWitchie New Member

    And just got word that our little one may be spending Christmas with us in New Hampshire. My dad looks like Santa Clause, exactly, except a foot shorter than me. All of her Frozen dreams are about to come true! #CT
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  15. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    Familiar story.

  16. drezy

    drezy New Member

    If horses saw that they'd think it's a big waste of food.
  17. KrusinWitchie

    KrusinWitchie New Member

    Straw would give the horses a bloated tummy if they ate any considerable amount.
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  18. drezy

    drezy New Member

    That bent tree is actually really pretty.
  19. KrusinWitchie

    KrusinWitchie New Member

    Familiar except I did not look as jolly as this here lady.
  20. KrusinWitchie

    KrusinWitchie New Member

    Isn’t it? I may just have to elope to let it be an altar.

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