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My Optimal Journal (Sampath)

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by Sampath, Jan 28, 2019.

  1. Sampath

    Sampath Gold

    From Southern India. Vegetarians for generations. Rice, wheat staple food. Started wearing glasses at 20. Used to be very thin. Now: height 5.11, 160 pounds ( fat, 3.5%, bone 4.5, muscle mass, 92%). Visible visceral fat. Diabetic for nearly 20 years. A1c: 6.4, fasting 151.
    Regular exercise, but blood sugar levels remain that way. Other problems: tinnitus, eye floaters, not unfamiliar to insomnia, constipation. Living in WiFi at home, mobilephone, iPad. Read books on kindle. Retired life (67].
    Always in good sunny conditions both in India and now in California. Started with infrared sauna for 30 min last week. Propose to try cryogenic therapy. Last week got the labs: HS-CRP 1.0, Vitamin D 40, DHEA 33.
    Last quarter vitamin D level was 70. So, restarted D supplements.
    Wish to see the blood sugar fasting levels below 88. Get rid of visceral fat so I can wear a M tee and look ripped!
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  2. Sampath

    Sampath Gold

    More recollections: I was largely ignorant of measuring and tracking my health stats, because I wasn’t aware. Only around the age of 50, I quit the stressful job of a police officer, diagnosed with diabetes and BP, and stared exercising regularly. Was prescribed Metformin and Glimpiride, which continue till date. My parents hated going to a hospital, never kept any record nor discussed any ailments. My father died early(72) and suddenly without any particular ailment. Me mother died (78) of pancreatic cancer. Her father also, I guess, died of cancer, so also at least a couple of my cousins from mother’s side died young of cancer. On my father side my grandfather lived up to the age of 95. Wondering whether I should get DNA testing for cancer genes. So far, the healthcare system has been doing fecal globing tests regularly and giving negative results.
  3. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Hi Sam and welcome. Your Vitamin D is low ....you need lots more sun and grounding......and a new postcode.

    Did you listen to the January 2109 Q&A?
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  4. Sampath

    Sampath Gold

    Hi Carolyn,
    Thanks. Last June D level was 70. Hope to improve it back to that level soon. I'm working on sunlight and grounding. I live in Sunnyvale, which has plenty. I'll harness more.
  5. Sampath

    Sampath Gold

    I'm yet to listen to it
  6. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    PROBLEM: " tinnitus, eye floaters, not unfamiliar to insomnia, constipation. Living in WiFi at home, mobile phone, iPad. Read books on kindle" Lived in India and California = both blue lit and 5G.

    It is not that hard to solve this one. Are you ready to make some big environmental changes because your cells are screaming for them.
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  7. Sampath

    Sampath Gold

    Yes Jack. Thank you. You can't imagine the struggle I'm having with myself ever since I came in contact with you. Pardon me for the time I'm taking. But yes I'm ready.
  8. Sampath

    Sampath Gold

    Jack, whoa! I found a float tank within 4 miles from where I live. Wondering what would be the ideal frequency, say in a month? My other question is what do you think of cryogenic therapy where you get exposed to cold up to -250 degrees for about 3 min?
  9. Sampath

    Sampath Gold

    In my previous journals I forgot to mention two things: nerve tingling in the toes and trigger finger right middle.
  10. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    I'd go twice a week

    If youre a vegetarian the numbness is likely a B12 or folate issue. Go to see your doc.
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  11. Sampath

    Sampath Gold

    Thank you Jack!
  12. Sampath

    Sampath Gold

    my first lab tests based on Jack's book, are in. Could be treated as baseline.

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  13. Sampath

    Sampath Gold

    some more
  14. Sampath

    Sampath Gold

    some more

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  15. Sampath

    Sampath Gold


    About glucose, insulin, cortisol and inflammation levels. Though they are shown as within range, except glucose, it’s evident there’s scope for improvement. Is it possible that all the three resistance ( leptin, insulin and Adrenalin) are present in pre-stages?

    I’m looking at my daily routine. Morning rise between 7-730. Sunrise around 730. Right now sitting in bright sun in the front yard. Have a cup of coffee. After sometime take the first medicine of the day, Amaryl 2.0 mg before breakfast. Previously I used to have toast, oj, or oatmeal. Nowadays nothing but some whey protein in milk. Followed by supplements like Vitamin D, fish oil, and some random ones read here and there. Of course, now Metformin 500 mg.

    Then go to gym. 30-40 min of workout. Six days a week. Weight with intensity once a week. Rest cardio like treadmill, cycling, etc. Have lunch at noon. Usually rice or quinoa, brown rice, greens, vegetables lentils, curd. A typical South Indian vegetarians meal. Watch tv, read. Nap for an hour. One cup of tea. A lot of reading on iPad, kindle. One cup of coffee in the evening. Dinner usually wheat chapatis(tortilla) with some vegetables. Night usually watch movies on computer screen. Screen time is considerable as nothing else to do. Retired life.Sleep problem is chronic. Frequent resort to melatonin or restyle 2.5 mg, or both. Lay awake until midnight or sometimes beyond.

    Now, with inputs from Jack, I’m setting my goals. 1. Sleep well. 2. Bring fasting glucose to <88. 3. Reduce abdominal fat. Though my overall weight is okay at 160 lbs, 71 inches ( muscle mass: 92%, bone mass: 4.5, fat: 3.5), the abdomen could be more tight. Is insulin causing this? Is cortisol disturbing my sleep? Is grain based diet is harming?

    I’ll find out.

    My bloodwork is out. Waiting for DEXAFIT, micronutrient panel, UBIOME gut flora situation.
  16. Sampath

    Sampath Gold

    Recipe for optimal life

    Optimal life possible only with

    1. optimal body

    2. Optimal mind

    3. Optimal consciousness

    For this the recipe is

    I. Take a body

    1. Add good fat diet
    2. Exercise thoroughly
    3. Relax completely
    4. Avoid supplements, grains
    5. Cook in sunlight
    II. take a brain

    1. Add a few rays of sunlight

    2. A pinch of leptin, dopamine, serotonin, and ez water.

    4. Connect through dendrites and gut

    5. Stir

    6.Avoid nnEMF, deuterium rich water.

    6. Keep it on magnet for 15 min.

    7. Stir and serve.

    III. Take mind

    1. Add concepts, read books, watch documentaries

    2. Add Meaning

    3. Don’t lose Identity

    4. Add a few tablespoons of philosophies

    5. Bake the mix in Consciousness

    6. Add awareness to taste

    7. cool it

    7. Serve.

    IV. General

    1. Wash liver, kidney and bowels to detox

    1. Take a cold thermogenesis And float.
    2. Take a lab every quarter.
    Morning inspiration. Jack’s philosophy is like poetry; simple, natural and beautiful. So, my humble attempt! The mind part is mine, as I’m a Consciousness student!
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  17. Sampath

    Sampath Gold

    Trying to get micronutrient test by SpectraCell. California needs a referral. The functional Medicine guys want me to become their patient, pay up to $800 for various examinations before giving a referral.
  18. Sampath

    Sampath Gold

    Even during my younger days in India, I used to feel hot. Though the thermometer would show normal. They called it something to the effect the heat was internal. Nothing worked to cool me down. If my nose bled I knew it was the heat. Then I take an oil bath; usually gingelly oil or sesame oil. Once in a week.
  19. Sampath

    Sampath Gold

    DexaFit results are out. Looks like Visceral Adipose Tissues (VAT) Of 4 lbs needs reduction and brought to zero. How, is the question. TC?
  20. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Fasting CT and sun.
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