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My Optimal Journal (l.i.am)

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by l.i.am, Oct 29, 2018.

  1. l.i.am

    l.i.am New Member

    Mid August 2018 was my personal discovery of 2016 and 2017 Vermont talks that left me with an immediate spark that this information resonated with my search for answers to questions on health and renewed a passion to understand life. I quickly began to increase sunlight exposure and make better food choices.

    Yet my past choices have taken a toll on the state of my health. On September 25 an overwhelming difficulty in mental decision making/ cognitive function and mood led to an ER visit and I have been off work for most of the past month. Other Dr visits / started lab tests followed.

    Medical history
    Maternal grandmother - Grace H. 1899 - 1985 lived whole life in Ohio, farm/ rural living
    petite woman but not overweight, anxious tendencies, known health issues rheumatoid arthritis, heart disease in later life. 4 children my mother was 2nd child

    Mother - Norma B. 1926 - 1994 lived whole life in Ohio, farm/ rural living
    petite but overweight/ obesity problem, also anxious tendency, Gall bladder Sx 2 years before I was born, hypertension, T2 diabetes, heart disease - h attack/ CHF / multiple bypasses & valve replacement. I am the 10th child born when she was 42, probable gestational diabetes

    My childhood - despite large family, relationally isolated/ lack of confidence & support, passive defiance behavior. Early bouts of bronchitis/ hay fever issues. had mumps, near sighted age 10, appendectomy at age 12, shingles reaction early teens

    Family history of hemochromatosis, uncle, brother affected clinically

    Adult medical issues - 1988 moderate (?) head trauma/ sutures to forehead, no known related issues

    Esophageal issues
    1996 unknown cause to swallowing issue at the time lasted for multiple hours before resolved
    1997 food obstruction at LES, endoscopy for removal and later balloon dilation Tx - Rx - Prilosec/ Nexium on/off and various times of similar swallowing difficulty over years
    2016 second endoscopy for food obstruction, biopsy/ culture - positive for Candida growth

    Allergy issues
    asmtha/ inflammatory airway tendency +/- infection, mild sensitive to mold, now sensitive to cat dander, take Ceterizine as needed for problem episodes. times of GI / food related sensitivity to shellfish

    Heart palpitaion / Hypertension tendency
    anxiety related symptoms at university
    tendency from mid 30's for pre-hypertension to hypertension, no current medication/ normal
    pressures when monitored at home. periodic feel heart arrhythmia/ racing heartbeat
    Sep 2018 ER diagnosis - Sinus bradycardia with occasional PVC, nonspecific ST abnormality

    Depression/ Anxiety / Mood issues - Has been my primary ongoing health issue
    some symptoms present since adolescence, multiple SSRI's used over the years with varied to poor
    response, Bupropion of moderate help but variable compliance after symptoms plateau
    Stress with adjusting to professional and personal life triggers
    Diagnosed as variable issues over the years - adult ADHD, Type 2 Bi-Polar (questionable IMO,
    Cyclothymia, but Major Depressive Disorder is primary recurring Dx. currently on new SSRI.
    Counselors of variable help.

    Labs - 23andme and MTHFR support variant report have been done
    Maternal haplogroup H5a1, paternal haplogroup R-Z159

    mostly normal labs at ER, CBC tendency for high relative Eosionophil count
    Metabolic panel - my total Bilirubin runs between 1.3 (2016) and 2.0 mg/dL (10/26/18) but otherwise pretty normal - BUN:Crea ratio >10:1

    other labs just run. hs-CRP = 1.4 mg/L
    Vit D 25-Hydroxy = 29ng/ml
    Cortisol (10 am sample) = 13.2ug/dL
    Iron = 174 ug/dL 56% Sat
    TIBC = 313 ug/dL
    UIBC = 139 ug
    Ferritin = 410.8 ng/ml

    Lipid panel Chol, T = 195
    Trigylceride = 91
    HDL = 49
    LDL = 116
    Chol/ HDL ratio 3.73

    pending reverse T3, Testosterone, DHEA-S and salivary cortisol
  2. l.i.am

    l.i.am New Member

    I just upgraded membership so not sure the next step to have further consult. Clearly my Vit D level is a problem. Unfortunately Northern Indiana isn't going to be getting sunnier for some time. High fat / limited carb dietary choices and CT have begun. I have used a few supplements - Rhodolia, Methyl gard by Thorne but I know finishing a better analysis of my current state is needed.
  3. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    Vit D 25-Hydroxy = 29ng/ml

    129 would be better

    drezy likes this.
  4. Phosphene

    Phosphene Gold (finally)

    Hi and welcome! I could have written the above, plus add female hormones and birth control. My journal shows the aftermath—scattered and disorganized and not following rules. :rolleyes: However, I’ve seen much progress, especially over the past year as I’ve incorporated more of the protocols with some semblance of consistency. There can be a brighter future for you as well.
  5. l.i.am

    l.i.am New Member

    Medical history addenum

    Sleep apnea - long time snorer, 2016 did sleep study - started CPAP machine use. Do not notice a large difference in feeling better or sleeping. In general I feel my sleep is adequate and I get 7 - 8 hours per night. The 23andme tests revealed I do move more than most people while sleeping. (Ex wife could tell you how hard I kick while dreaming.)
  6. Dylan Petkus

    Dylan Petkus Quantum Clinician in Training

    Have you searched around on the site about sleep apnea? You should. Long story short, its a sign that your mitochondria make too much ROS with too much oxygen. So your body chokes you out to save your cells.

    Have you ever been diagnosed with Eosinophilic esophagitis? I just wonder since your eosinophils seem to be high.
    To my understanding, a high eosinophil count indicates you do not get enough MORNING solar exposure.

    Your high ferritin also indicates you need more solar exposure. (I also have the trait for hemochromatosis that I assume you have. My ferritin has gone from 500 down to 200s since moving to South Florida.)

    Your vitamin D also indicates that you need more solar exposure.

    You need more ultraviolet radiation and more sunrises.

    What prevents you from doing that?
  7. l.i.am

    l.i.am New Member

    Right now it has been the time of sunrise with decreasing day length and cloudy days. From my house the tree line blocks a direct line until mid morning. I have tried to get sun exposure most days but can be more consistent. I am looking at possibility to get some supplemental light bulbs to get UVA / IR / red spectrum light. But I know sunlight is key. Also dealing with depression / burnout episode that has me shook up trying to make sense of how to change my work. I hope that I have bottomed out yet I'm just digging out of my hole.
  8. Johnny DeMarco

    Johnny DeMarco New Member

    I agree with the CT and low carb approach but I struggle with a way of getting a natural bump in Vitamin D levels with living in Upstate New York. Sun exposure is not an option since Binghamton, NY is the cloudiest place in the states. Looks like I'll be buying a JOOV, but does that even raise your Vit D ?

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