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My Optimal Journal - Carol (...and Nick...)

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by CarolandNick, Feb 11, 2018.

  1. Tanya

    Tanya Gold

    I wouldn't mind spending some time at one of those Finland's SPAs, surrounded by a beautiful birch forrest and drinking fresh birch tree juice that they provide their visitors with...
  2. Tanya

    Tanya Gold

  3. Hi Sue,
    It's great to hear from someone else dealing with our UK environment. ;-)

    Have you been completely dark for those 10-12 hours or do you have firelight? We have only used candles and fire once it has gone dark for a few months now, but as this is the only time we get to study, cos of work, we are usually listening to Jack or watching him on youtube (blueblockers on of course), so I guess this isn't completely dark...
    I haven't come across a migraine cup - I will have to explore that. We have been cold showering in the morning and before bed. I do find the cold a great hack for better sleep quality. We are dealing with a high level of stress at the moment and we are still sleeping - and we are really pleased, as our sleep has often suffered at stressful times of our lives in the past.
    I had forgotten that hack with the bed head. We were doing this in our old house, but we moved a couple of years ago and we haven't raised our bed head back up yet. And we had made our own grounding sheet with a cable out the window onto a grounding rod - but we haven't re-instated that at our new house either. We did try a grounding sheet that plugs into the earth in the wall - but didn't like it - I am sure I could feel some sort of energy interference - maybe the earthing system in this new house is not so good? We don't use it any more. We had a talk with our neighbour here, and he said he needed to put in 5 earthing straps to earth his house electric system! We live on the side of a hill, and the ground is very rocky sandstone with thin soils - he said it was because there are so many voids in the ground that it didn't earth very well. I wondered if this could have an effect on reducing the benefits of grounding by being barefoot outside here? Have you any thoughts on that?
  4. Sue-UK

    Sue-UK Gold

    Completely dark, and no heating from a fire or candles, window open to let the cold air in. It was a bit strange at first going to bed by 8 pm, with sunrise so late in the morning, but I quickly adapted. If I fall asleep soon after 8 I might wake up for a while in the night, but its a meditative, peaceful time, and I'll then go back to sleep until just before sunrise. Sometimes a dream seems to wake me up, they are more vivid and more detailed IYKWIM. I have an eye injury that means I can't read in dim light, and it was a comment by Alexander Wunsch reported by a member who had had a consultation with him, that he believed that we needed more than 8 hours darkness to regenerate that started the hack off. With the lack of sunlight over the winter, I needed to find an alternative. I got away to the sun for 10 days recently (loads of rain and high winds ....:rolleyes:) I went because I could, and wanted to, but I wasn't desperate to go like I have been in the past. I did 11-12 hours darkness at night whilst I was there because it has been such a game changer for me.

    My yoga grounding mat came with a lead to go into the wall, but I paid extra for an external grounding rod. Intuitively I wouldn't use it plugged into the wall socket, and to check DH removed the live and neutral from a plug, and just from the earth pin to a grounding wire his voltmeter picked up .8 volts. When I first got it I had a couple of nights where I didn't feel it was working, and when I checked the wire had come off the mat. I also had 4 days in Amsterdam over new year (DD lives there) and with nnemf, no grounding, population density, flights etc I came back at midnight inflamed and with my muscles really sore, whinging about how crap I felt. (Although I appeared to sleep well there, it wasn't regenerative, the muscle aches and pains seemed to accumulate). Up at sunrise after even a late night with my set up and I sprung out of bed with I'd say a 95% improvement. The last little bit was where I'd twisted my knee while I was away, and that took another 24 hours to clear. My feet and calves go directly on the mat (it wipes clean easily), not under a sheet (even 100% cotton).

    With outside grounding, although I know there's no underground cabling, I gravitate to certain spots more than others, get my sunrise grounding in from one spot, and different spots during the day depending on where I can get the best from the angle of the sun. When its completely overcast, or at night time is when I can gauge whether a particular spot is good for grounding, because I'm not second guessing whether its the variable of the sun that is having the positive effect. Before I got the mat I would go outside and ground before going to bed, and I'll still do that when dusk is later, and I can move around safely without artificial light. :)
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  5. Our friends and neighbours laugh at us, and cannot see why we enjoy getting outside first thing in the morning every day - whatever the weather ;-)
    This morning was cold, but beautiful. My feet seem to cope with frozen ground really well (as long as I don't move around too much). I am assuming that a covering of snow can help in some way to compensate for the lower light levels, from reflecting the light back as well as the CT effects?
    We are experiencing a full moon at the same time as a complete covering of snow. It is unusual for these phenomena This morning's grounding.jpg to come together for us here in our part of the UK. Last night it never seemed to be dark at all - very weird light!
  6. I have been musing on the recent results from my HRV testing with Dr Kucera in contrast to the results I have been getting when my friend does the exact same test - but in my work environment. They are very different. At work my readings are very poor - and this has been a cause for concern that my heath is not picking up - even with all the protocols I have in place. Oddly though, the tests I have done at Dr Kucer's clinic - an hours drive from work - - show results that are greatly improved and are no real cause for concern. This really hit me last week when I took the tests only 6 or 7 days apart and the results were crazy different.
    I have been exploring my nnEMF environment recently, and was shocked by how much of a "soup" I have been sitting in to work. I am in the process of changing what I can with this - but what does anyone think? Could these non-consistant readings be associated to the effects of the nnEMFs on my body? For the reaings by my friend I would stop my work at the computer and walk into her office across the hall and with the Dr I am away from work for an hour or so before he takes the reading.... Puzzled...
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  7. Sauna - First Firing copy.jpg

    Very exciting day!
    This is the first firing of our home built wood fired sauna in our garden. We have been working on this project since last autumn, so enjoying our own home sauna experience has been hugely anticipated.... and it didn't let us down! We were concerned we would not be able to heat the space enough with our stove - made with the old gas bottle stove from our yurt. But it worked a treat! We reached a high enough temperature with ease.
    The sauna cabin is a repurposed summer house that we bought from ebay. We live on the side of a hill, and our garden is on 4 levels up the hillside, so even getting the shed into place was a challenge. We have to carry everything we need up to the sauna site - around 20 stone steps. Real functional fitness training ;-)
    We have left the front windows in the cabin - but created some "double-glazed' units to keep in the heat. Being able to look out over nature - just the trees and hillside is ace. Maybe we will need to make some blinds as time goes on, we were thinking of natural felt maybe, for extra insulation in the winter, but for now it is fine.
    We have insulated and the whole shed, tiled the floor, panelled the walls with some great quality pine, and of course installed the stove and chimney.
    Sauna Stove copy.jpg

    We have yet to build the seating etc, but our garden chairs are working fine for now ;-)
    Our plan is to create two tiers of benches so we can sit at different levels. Crucially though, we plan to make the lower bench extendable to become a double bed. We really want to be able to sleep in this cabin too, sometimes - to be completely away from all our electricity. Can't wait!
    We have come across various reports of the benefits of traditional Finnish sauna - using wood fires rather than electric heaters. We will be experiencing IR from the fire - but is there a study into the differences between wood fired saunas and modern infrared saunas that anyone is aware of. I would love to know more. Maybe some of the Scandinavian members could help me with this?
  8. I feel so lucky that both Nick, my partner and I just love reading and researching Jack's humongous body of work. When we have free time together we love listening to a webinar or reading a blog post so we can discuss it all. We have been on this journey together for over 30 years now, and discovering Jack's work in 2017 was a real life changer.
    We have worked together for most of that time running our own business selling natural foods and remedies. The way we run our business has changed several times over the years as research lead us to reconsider our approach. We both now fully understand that food isn't everything - it is our environment that is key. This has lead to some interesting conversations with our customers. It is very clear that the vast majority cannot grasp this thought though and we have to know when to stop!. We hope we are leading by example as we do tell people what we are doing. It is great when we see "light-bulb" moments in people and they start asking us more questions and wearing the glasses, getting outside etc.... We are not a conventional "health food shop" and hope our shop can act as a gateway to new ideas for people when they come in to discuss their health concerns. We do carry some of the standard stuff as we need to make a living, but we hope some good does rub off on people when we talk with them. :)
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  9. Another thing I have been thinking about today is when Nick and I met Jack at Heathrow airport last year and we were able to help him out by driving him to his destination. We spent a couple of hours with JK and looking back - what an amazing opportunity! There are now so many things I wish we had talked about and didn't. We were quite new to all this then - we still are compared to so many people here. I am hopeful that we will have other opportunities to speak with Dr K in the future.
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  10. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Well if I come back to the UK this summer you might have a chance to collect me again and deliver me to the venue.........provided you bring the water again! ;)
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  11. @Jack Kruse We are certain to be coming to a UK event, I do hope it can be arranged. Any help we can give - we will be happy to oblige :thumbsup:
  12. We have just taken our Cornet meter out for a walk around where we live and have been observing our environment.

    There are approx 20 homes within 1/2 a mile of us and maybe 30 within a radius of a mile - for for this small island we are in a quiet area. Our house is on the side of a hill amongst trees. When the trees have no leaves we have massive views west, north and south as we look over the Cheshire Plain. We can see hundreds of square miles. This was one of the things that drew us here. Now I have mixed feelings about this long view. At night I feel insulted by the lights I can see. I know I am even seeing lights from Liverpool Airport which must be 30-40 niles away!
    We have another airport - Manchester, only 14 miles as the crow flies. I am now wondering if this is too close? It must be 5G enabled already. Most of the time the flight paths don't come our way, it depends on the wind I guess.

    I find myself looking forwards to the trees having their leaves again so they block out the view and shelter us from the lights.

    The hill we live on is not very high, but it is the highest point around here - 800 feet ;) The lane past our home doesn't go anywhere so there is not much activity here apart from mountain bikers and walkers enjoying the views. At the top of our garden we can see east as well, but that looks into a range of hills so we don't get such a long view.

    We have been assessing the cell towers etc that we can see and the distances from us. Our closest big tower is about 1 mile away to the north, maybe a little more. I am not aware of any smaller cell towers closer than a mile away from our home. We have a mast that links to Manchester Airport on a hill to the south about 2 miles away. To the east there is a mast on the ridge about 5 miles away. To the west we have Jodrell Bank - a group of radio telescopes that is around 8 miles away. (Can anyone tell me what may be coming from there and if we should be concerned?)

    We have noted the readings from the Cornet as we walked around the paths here, and now we need to work out what they mean.When we walked along the lane the signal was pulsing, peaking at around 7mW/m2, but when we walked along the ridge line it was more stable at around 0.05 - 0.005 mW/m2. Interestingly, the place with the lowest reading was were we sit outside the back of our house to eat our meals 0.0005mW/m2. Nice! I then took mu phone off airplane mode and the reading shot up to 105!!

    Making sense of what all this means is not my strong point, and I intend to take the meter out with me more so I can get better used to interpreting what I see.
  13. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Sounds like you have some issues now around your place.....The pulse is concerning. Putting on the wifi also is a tell the airport is likely the issue.
  14. Interesting. Thank you for your input. We have walked around the area again, and there is no pulse where our house actually is. It is in trees, and I guess that is helping. We start to pick up that pulsing RF about 300m down the road. I used to think we were a long way from the airport... I am re-evaluating that one!
    How far do the nnEMFs from airports reach? What would be called a safe distance?
  15. When my OH was out a couple of weeks ago an old lady pulled out and smashed up our trusty Subaru. Luckily no-one was hurt - just the car! We have been driving a hire car for the last couple of weeks - new and full of tech, unlike our Forester. We have had to make some long journeys to view potential car replacements and we both noticed we slept really badly after those journeys and I had a really strong stomach ache the day following one of these journeys too - very unlike me, so I used the Cornett again to try to form a picture of what kind of fields we were sitting in. The most noticeable was a reading on the gauss meter higher than I had seen anywhere in my measuring so far. None of the readings were very good compared to our old car.
    We reassessed what kind of vehical we wanted to buy - a low tech one was the priority. We have been really lucky and found just what we wanted. A 20 year old Landcruiser in amazing condition. Walnut dash, leather seats, sunroof and not much tech - it even has an analogue clock ;)
    Strange how things work out.:thumbsup:
  16. ..... a lovely thing happened today at work..... we talk to people in our shop - if they will listen :), and we have spent quite a time talking with a local lady who has shopped with us on and off for 20 years. She told us she has MS around a year ago, and so we have tried to offer helpful ideas in her direction. She is slowly taking things on board. Like so many people she is more open to dietary changes, but at long last we persuaded her to get some blue blockers. We sell some German ones, made by a company that Dr Wunsch advises.
    She was so excited when she came in the shop today. She said from the first day she started to wear them she slept for 5 1/2 hours straight - something she hasn't done for years. Normally she is asleep for around 3 hours, then up and pacing around the house in pain, taking medication and going back to sleep for another hour or so - up again and so on. This was not a one-off either. It has happened every night for the last 5 nights!! I am so happy for her.
    She is one of a small group of MS suffers that Terry Wahls is personally coaching and monitoring in an 18 month trial. They are about 3 months in. She is getting one-to-one sessions with her every week. But - do you know when these sessions are happening? In the middle of the night because of the time difference!! She was staying up until 3am on the nights of the Dr sessions. I wonder if she will be able to stay awake now she has her glasses ;)
  17. Anne V

    Anne V Silver

    Hi Caroline, i do Kucera too. what made me think about environment,;), is that i did a session with Tyrone in Ipswich and the heart muscle looked great. but in London
    there is inflammation showing (with red on the pic)
  18. Yes both Nick and I had different readings in different locations. When we had testing done in the therapy room in our own shop it was worse than a test performed a few days later at his clinic near Manchester. Disappointing really that it showed our work/shop environment was not good, but it was a great demonstration that we needed to sort it out. We are still working on making it better. I had my Heart View test done in his Manchester clinic and that was OK. I haven't been for a while now, because no-one there could explain the differences in my testing - so I guess they had no concept about the environmental impact.
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  19. Anne V

    Anne V Silver

    @CarolandNick so what does it mean xcept buying more pills? they seem to say one can never stop !!!
  20. Yes I know they say that. I wonder if the pills are trying to be a substitute for the real mitochondrial healing from these natural laws that Jack is teaching? That is my instinct. I am not using the supplements any more. I don't think they can improve a bad environment, which is what I saw through my testing. We did follow the protocol for a couple of years, and still had poor readings in our shop and good readings in the Prestbury clinic. That never changed, I believe, because we had not started to change our environment back then.
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