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My Optimal Journal - Carol (...and Nick...)

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by CarolandNick, Feb 11, 2018.

  1. We joined this group in September last year, and have since been addicted to studying whenever we can. I am using the term “we” as my partner Nick stays away from most tech and would never get involved with this himself, but he is just as interested as I am, so I hope it is ok to share both our stories. We have been lovers of nature all your lives, and instinctively knew being in nature was supportive. Reading Dr Kruse has put meat on those bones of knowledge and it feels so right.

    We stumbled across Dr Kruse whilst researching mitochondria after a practitioner friend of ours trained in “Mitochondrial Therapy” under Dr Michael Kucera MD. Dr Kucera is a Czech doctor who is one of a small group of specialist doctors who has been working with cosmonauts at the Institute for Biomedical Problems in the Russian Academy of Science since 1997. Working on the Mars Project 500 space programme, the scientists had to find the solution to the astronauts ageing internally 8 times faster in space compared to on earth. They have developed a Kardivar HRV testing device, from which he assess the effects of all forms of stress on the body systems and hence the activity of the mitochondria. If necessary this is followed by supplements specially developed to access the mitochondria and improve function - Carnasine complex, a Q10 complex and a Flavonoid complex. The full details of the formulations are hard to find out - as far as I am aware they are designed to access mitochondria and affect ECT - I think….

    Nick and I were tested and it was clear neither of us was in the best shape - even though we have been taking our health seriously for many years. Life had taken its toll, we were missing something...

    (We are self-employed shop keepers, and have been running a natural food and lifestyle business in the uk for nearly 30 years. We aim to empower our customers, where we can, to take responsibility for their health. )

    We have had the HRV test a number of times now, and have a record of how our body’s are shaping up.

    I’ll start with my story:

    Sorry if I ramble - but by our age quite a lot has gone on….

    I had a difficult childhood with unhappy parents, leading to me being quite independent and possibly burying my emotions. I was always outside as a kid and was a good athlete. I had issues with my digestion - but no-one really took much notice back then (1960-70s). I know I had awful bad breath - which I hated but had no idea what it was all about. I had acne as a teenager. I had crowded teeth, and had 6 adult teeth removed to make space.
    I did well at school, but rebelled in my teens and didn’t go to college I hung around with a group of people who were doing nothing and going nowhere. It took a year or so of this, before a friend gave me the opportunity of a job in his health food shop. That was the start of my interest in health, although in those days I certainly went off down many blind alleys.
    I turned vegetarian, just before the BSE crisis here - which may have been a blessing….. I was eating healthier foods, but I wasn’t really feeding myself. I would have coffee through the day and nothing else till about 8 or 9 at night.
    In my mid 20’s Nick and I met, and I fell pregnant at 27. My pregnancy seemed fine. I breast fed our daughter for 4 1/2 years on a veggie diet. I went down from 10 stone to 7 stone, which at the time I thought was cool. I now realise I was giving away loads of nutrients to my child, and not replacing them. I saw problems with my gums develop - bleeding and swelling. I had more teeth out - my wisdom teeth - taken out badly - whilst I was pregnant, and had to have another operation a few years later to sort out the pain, as bits of tooth had been left behind in the jaw.
    I went from one dentist to another over the years - no one seemed to offer any real help. I read everything I could. I tried all kinds of dietary approaches but the relentless decline continued. My gums became steadily worse and worse. I was told I had major bone loss in my jaw and my teeth were very loose. I have lost many teeth and now I have just 6 of my own left :-(
    My instinct is against implants. So I am managing for now with partial dentures. My dentist used kinesiology to choose the least problematic compound for them to be made from. I hate them, but they are better than very loose teeth… If only I had found you all sooner, it could have been a different story….

    Dr Kucera also uses a test called Heart Vue, which gives a picture of the mitochondrial activity in the heart, as far as I am aware. Because my HRV tests were not improving and there is a well known connection between gum problems and heart disease, and there was a concern of possible melanoma, it was decided that I shouldI see him in person, and have him interpret my HRV results and also take the Heart Vue test. My heart wasn’t brilliant. I had known something wasn’t right as I was getting breathless going up hills when we were out in the countryside. The rest of the time my energy seemed good.

    I had re-introduced decent protein and fat sources back in about 2001 when I discovered Weston Price, and over the next few years formulated my version of a paleo-tyoe diet. I have consumed a next to no sugar, low carb, high fat diet for years.
    Being in the fortunate position of running a food shop, I am able to stock the best quality foods - so I can eat them ;-) - but I realised I was eating very little seafood. I have remedied this now.

    I have been following Dr Kucera’s protocol since last spring, and I added in AM sunlight, grounding, blue blocking glasses and reduced our EMF exposure from September (Such a shame, as this was just as our vit D window was closing for the year. I can’t wait for spring!) when we discovered all this amazing information that gave solidity to everything we were feeling, but were not giving the prominence it deserved in our lives.
    I have developed a liking for cold showers and baths - I didn’t expect to! These have become a twice a day routine.

    Something is certainly working. After years of being on a health plateau, tangible changes are happening. I feel I am coping better with the stresses coming my way. I sleep in a better pattern. I am not so breathless on hills, I have lost about a stone in weight. People comment that I look fantastic (well compared to before, anyway!)

    We have broken away from the addictive behaviour of watching TV to “relax” in the evenings and now Nick and I listen to podcasts, read and discuss what we are learning, so we can solidify our knowledge and consider how to talk to our customers and friends to introduce them to these ideas.
    We found Weston A Price’s ideas life-changing back then, and now we are on another life-changing journey thanks to you all, and it feels amazing!

    I had a test with Dr Kucera the other day, and he was really pleased with my results. There is still not enough mitochondrial activity, but what I have is performing so much better. My ability to adapt is way better than it was. Everything is now moving the right direction.

    I know I cannot say definitely which aspects of what I am doing are helping me - but I don’t need to. I love my new routines and my outlook on life. I have found more time for me, and have a better work/life balance. All I can say is Thank You for putting all this information on your site, Dr Kruse. You are stretching my mind every day. And I love it!
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  2. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    Too much deuterium (D) in mitochondria, it replaces hydrogen (H).
    Water and energy is made there in matrix area.
    (D+) is twice as big as (H+)
    Get rid of (D).

    Get this two tests first, then ask there how to improve on your results.


    After 6 months of doing what CignatureHeath tells you to do
    get the tests that Dr Kucera does.

    If you go this way
    Please post (in (excruciating) details) your story (from now on).


    All above
    is important but secondary
    to what @Jack Kruse preaches.
    Make sure to implement his advice (first).

    Sun-->CircadianRhythm--naked---in (electrical) connection with Earth

    Note that food is secondary.
    Body is able to manufacture some (many) of the elements if there is a need for it.

    Last edited: Feb 11, 2018
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  3. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    Last edited: Feb 11, 2018
  4. Thanks for your comments JanSz. I will try to find out if there is anything written from my friend who has trained with him.. I didn't have time to talk to him for very long when I had my appointment, unfortunately.
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  5. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Hi Carol and Nick ...and welcome.

    Have you seen Dr. K's 2 Vermont talks? they are really important.

    You are in the UK???? you need sun!
  6. Hi Caroline. We have watched the Vermont talks so many times already - they are fantastic! ....and every time we pull out something new to fill out our understanding. We were watching the 2017 one again last night.
    ...and as for the sun... I am longing for it... but we are not in a position to take a winter break, sadly, and moving is not an option right now as our business is shop based. We are working on making it web based, so that will give us more options in the future.
    We are trying to help ourselves as much as we can, with these limitations. We have taken on board so many ideas already that they have become second nature. We are eating seasonally now (that bit was easy ;-) ), and have sourced Icelandic glacial water that should be better than our berkey filtered water, and I hope will help deuterium depletion. We eat within an 8 hour window. We only use candlelight when it is dark, or no light at all. A few years ago we did a course with a guy who had learned to be in and move through nature at Tom Brown's Survival school. We spent the whole time in a woodland with no shoes on, no torches or lights of any kind - just fire. It was remarkable how we adapted to the light thing. The first night walking back from the fire area to the tents was hilarious! We were all stumbling into bushes and falling over, and were really "lost" and slow. Within a day or two we learned how to sense the environment in other ways. Being barefoot was crucial. By the end of that week it was really hard going back into our modern world, as we had settled into a different brain energy and we were all so chilled and connected... it was a stark reminder of what we have lost in this crazy frenetic world we have created...
    We are located at 53◦N, so any other suggestions to improving on what we are doing gratefully accepted... especially on how to cope with the lack of winter sun.
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  7. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    Please post link to that source,
    also it deuterium content.

  8. Hi JanSz, I will look into cignature health. I have had a quick look at a youtube already. Thanks for that suggestion. I am trying to get my head around deuterium, but I am not a scientist and I have to keep re-reading stuff. We have yet to commit to a higher level of membership, as money is tight right now, and we have so much of Dr Kruse's other material to get through. When I was with Dr Kucera I did ask him some questions about how his treatments work in the mitochondria - but his answers, with his thick Chez accent and very scientific approach were quite hard to absorb. I didn't broach the deuterium issue this time. I am seeing him again in 3 months.
  9. I have emailed them to ask for the deuterium content, and I am waiting for a reply. I will let you know.
  10. Hi @JanSz I have had a reply today from Iceland:
    The level of deuterium in our water is -53,4‰, which means that it is -53,4‰ less than in ocean water. This picture should explain how this work.

    My deuterium education is still in its infancy.... how does this compare, is it good enough?


    Attached Files:

  11. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    You may read in some of my posts about RO water being (excellent) choice for mixing with DDW-25.
    Then I give example of RO water that I can buy at Costco.
    Usually you should also see a disclaimer that my opinion is based results posted by http://cignaturehealth.com
    for Aquafina (by Pepsi)(139.5 ppm (D/H)

    Eventually I have tested my RO water from Costco.
    It came not bad but very far from what I expected. (149.4 ppm (D/H)
    removed their web page where they listed Aquafina values.
    my guess
    they are not sure about that value

    In my research to date, specially about (naturally) low D waters,
    I came to conclusion that they are very expensive (big deal very expensive)
    you care only about low deuterium content you can get much bigger bang for your buck by buying
    Aquafina (and assuming that it have no more than (150ppm D/H)
    or any other cheap drinking water
    mix it with Qlarivia-25 ppm
    then you can mix it to any desired by you strength.
    Below are some mixing exemples that involve mixing only multiple half liter bottles.
    All those waters come in 1/2Liter bottles.

    Currently I mix one bottle of Preventa-25 ppm with two bottles of Aquafina.
    So I am assuming that what I drink is at least 108.3 ppm(D/H)
    Note Preventa-25 comes in 1.5L bottle = 3 half liter bottles

    Last edited: Feb 12, 2018
  12. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    I do not see anything on their web page talking about D ppm(D/H)
    But going by your number -53,4‰
    and your picture:

    They are talking about δX
    their water have δX= -53,4‰
    that is= slightly better than San Pellegrino

    I noted that
    When helping (healthy people) CignatureHealth like to put people on 105ppm
    When helping sick people, the start at about 85ppm
    But in their tests they also use a value they call
    which I thing may give better overall view of given person.



    Last edited: Feb 12, 2018
  13. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

  14. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    Last edited: Feb 12, 2018
  15. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    I love your story and all that you are doing - especially the survival school! Do you know of Erwan Lecorre? Jack did a webinar about him etc. and then a live Q&A with Erwan.

    If you can manage it - become a gold member and then you will have access to all Jack's webinars and Patreon blogs and the live Q&A every month when you can ask Jack anything.

    You need SUN!

    there are lots of folks here from the UK. Follow Sue - she does a ton to mitigate her environment - but she does take frequent Sun breaks.

    Maybe plan a trip to the Yucatan next year to meet up with Jack etc. and all the Black Swan mitochondriac's......
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  16. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    You are drinking this water:


    @Jack Kruse
    is drinking this water



    Wonder if that is just different bottle
    different water.

    Last edited: Feb 13, 2018
  17. Tanya

    Tanya Gold

    @JanSz , Icelandic glacial and Iceland water that Jack is drinking in the above photo are from two different companies.

    Also, I happened to see what you said earlier about birch tree juice. No wonder you felt good after drinking it. :) If all the conditions are met, it is very low in deuterium, but I have not seen the actual number to support it. They sell bottled birch juice , but it has none of the properties of fresh one left in it. They go away even after a few hours of storage. It needs to be collected early spring before any leaves show up and the birch tree is full what hey call of birch tears. You don't want to have it neither from a very old or a very young tree. That tree cannot be located close to any traffic area either....etc. etc.
  18. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    Some properties may go away,
    that does not apply to Deuterium content,
    if bottle is closed.

    Those trees were very young (in 1946).
    They were located in absolute sticks. Far away from nowhere.
    My Dad was saying the we were living in the place where Devil was saying Good Night.

    About birch trees.
    I think, do not remember correctly, but some birch (like) trees are special kind of trees.
    possibly not even trees, but close to fungus or grass.
    They spreed and grow from under ground roots.
    Likely similar to bamboo trees that comes up on my place now and it can come from a tree that is like 30 feet away.
    But those that I was getting juice from, were not spreading (from the roots) over the years, behaving like tree is expected to behave.

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  19. I

    If you look at their websites they are using the same photo. I have looked at their locations, and they are in a similar area, but I'm pretty sure they are not the same company. What can we tell about these waters from its pH? One is 8.8 and the other 8.4? I haven't found out if I can get the Icelandic Spring yet here, but I can certainly get the Icelandic Glacier.....

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  20. Sue-UK

    Sue-UK Gold

    Hi Carol :)

    I've just got back from 10 days in Fuerteventura - It was nice when it stopped raining and the 50km winds dropped ....:rolleyes: Decided to work with what I'd got, got into the sea when it was raining and cold and grabbed what sun I could between downpours .... Got home to find the heating system has packed up, so I'm living in an even colder lane than usual waiting for the repair man, cold wind, no sun and almost constant rain .... ho hum :D

    One of my best hacks of the winter has been darkness - between 10 and 12 hours of complete darkness for at least 5 nights a week (including on holiday). Window open to let in the cold air, blackout conditions, summer bedding and using a migraine cap out of the freezer when I first get into bed, take it off when I'm drifting off to sleep or when it warms up, and the head end of the bed elevated by 8 inches. I've also got a yoga grounding mat connected to a grounding rod outside the window, that I use as a runner at the bottom of the bed so that my feet and calves are connected. With the lack of sun over the winter, cold dark boring and grounded overnight has made a big difference ...:cool:
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