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My Optimal Journal 2018

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by Alison N, Jan 26, 2018.

  1. Alison N

    Alison N Gold

    Update to my original post:

    Maternal Haplotype: H1M

    Paternal Haplotype: R-L51

    Family History:

    Father: I do not know my father’s side of anything except that he had issues with eczema.

    Mother: Osteopenia (has had several bad car and accidents). Arthritis from nerve compression.

    Maternal Grandmother: Rheumatoid Arthritis. She cannot tolerate any medications, painkillers, etc. It makes her very nausea. Breast Cancer – “spontaneous remission” after a year. AMD + Cataracts.

    No other known diseases.

    Genetic Carrier:

    Hereditary Hematomachrosis (1 allele)

    Age Related Macular Degeneration (2 alleles)

    Genetic SNPS:

    SH2B3 +/+

    COMT rs4633 +/+

    COMT rs4680 +/+

    MAO-A +/+

    CBS +/+

    MTRR rs1801394 +/+

    DAO ALL +/+

    RAG1 +/+

    SOCS1 +/+

    GAD ALL +/+

    PEMT +/+

    TCN1 +/+

    SULTA2 +/+

    GSTP1 rs1695 +/-

    FTO rs17817449 +/-

    FTO rs9939609 +/-

    FTO rs1121980 +/-

    FTO rs142085 +/-

    CYP2R1 +/-

    CYP2R1 rs12794714 +/-

    BDNF +/-

    Vitamin D Binding Protein rs2282679 +/-

    Vitamin D Binding Protein rs7041 +/-

    FAD51 rs174548 +/-

    FAD51 rs1535 +/-

    PEMT +/-

    CYPA12 +/-

    NAT 2 +/-

    BHMT +/-

    MTRR rs1802509 +/-

    SOD2 +/-

    FOLR1 +/-

    NOS1 +/-

    FOXE1 +/-

    Mitochondrial function:

    SLC19A1 +/-

    NDUFS3 +/-

    COX5A +/-

    COX6C +/-

    SULTA1 +/-


    31 years old. I have lived in Portland, Oregon for the past 5 years. My husband and I moved from the MD & DE area near Ocean City, MD where we lived for 3-4 years prior. Prior to that, I grew up in MI since my early teenage years. My childhood was mostly in MD, PA & DE. I grew up taking many antibiotics (my mom is a nurse). I had two bouts of mononucleosis very young and Herpes Simplex eruptions from stress and ate the wrong foods throughout my youth. I was also a C-section delivery.

    I was chubby child then lost weight by working myself out to death and trying veganism. I had a lot of energy prior to that last year and was always on the beach, swimming and out in the sun, exercising. I did eat A LOT of large fish like Albacore Tuna. Eventually, I experimented with Veganism for a year and around this time I got sick (was also working three jobs) The last 6-months of living on the East Coast we lived in a musty house near the water that had visible mold and I experienced a lot of emotional stress. From this point into the first year of living in Portland, I felt the worst.

    I have had a low thyroid since 2003-2004 but never took medication for it. Hashimoto’s with antibodies around 33 (resolved autoimmunity with diet)

    I also had an ATV accident in 2005ish and had a concussion. A few years later, it revealed mild to moderate degenerative disc disease and a small syrinx that is stable in my thoracic spine. I experience a lot of pain from this. I also had two other car accidents that caused cervical stiffening and shoulder pain. A brain MRI in 2009 showed a 0.3cm “white matter lesion.” Wanting a functional MRI follow-up.

    Originally DX’d with Mercury Poisoning (Chris Shade’s lab had to extend their own graph because limits were over them). Removed three mercury amalgam fillings with a biological dentist. During this time, I had neuropathy and my entire right leg would go numb walking down the street. I successfully chelated to very low levels over 1-2 years. Then chronic fatigue set in, had all the positive mold labs including the HLA-mold-susceptible genotype. Also positive for Lyme (2015). I moved in 2016 from one very bad apartment (within 15 minutes I would be completely stupefied in that environment) to a new one.

    Over 2014-2016 I’ve tried various treatments but nothing worked except ozone (rectal) therapy – which turned the lights back on in a big way, but after a few weeks, the effects fizzled out (environment sucked). It also became incredibly expensive. I have stopped taking any supplements at this point because I am focusing on the environment and Jacks’ recommendations. Vitamin D level has been between 33-40 consistently. I felt the best over the summer in 2017 as I began spend WAY more time in the sun.

    Current Symptoms:

    Numbness and tingling in hands and feet. I went to the ER in November 2017 for an episode of total left hand to elbow numbness but the EKG was normal (did not run labs) and the doc mentioned it sounded like MS to him. Ironically, I was standing at my un-grounded and unprotected laptop at the time.

    · Brain fog, fatigue, anxiety.
    · On-going and intermittent periods of apathy and lethargy, intermixed with days of great enthusiasm and energy.
    · IBS – had constipation forever, which after introducing Iodine caused tremendous loose stools, which has since stabilized between the two.
    · Eczema on my right hand only (gets better with Megaspore probiotics) – recently just resolved a bit after eating a lot of nuts and peanut butter (which I NEVER usually eat), but the cravings were intense. It still primarily itches at nighttime.
    · Cold hands and feet.
    · I occasionally get “lightning strike” like whips of pain across my torso – completely random.
    · Dry and itchy eyes at night – sometimes tearing.

    Home + Work Situation:

    Third floor apartment. Feeling better after moving out but still significant issues. Live with spouse who snores, loudly, all the time. I have chronically disturbed sleep and tend to awaken 12:00 am – 2:00 am nightly to switch rooms. This is not because I have trouble staying asleep but the noise wakes me up. Interestingly, on vacation, he sometimes will not snore at all.

    I’ve turned off the WIFI on my laptop and the WIFI on our Frontier router isn’t emitting a signal whenever I’m home; however, my husband turns it on because he’s addicted to his cellphone and manages lots of people remotely.. (Despite me trying to educate him). When it is on, I am on the other side of the room. It is in the range of 0.30-0.1. In the bedroom, it is 0.1-0.05. My phone is on airplane mode 90% of the time.

    Body voltage measurements in the bedroom is .887 – 1.33 and floats around 1.02 with the bed pulled from the wall. We have never had any lamps plugged in nor any electronics while we sleep. We have the breaker panel in the bedroom but after turning them all off and back on, the electric readings jump from 3.445 so they stay on. I primarily reside in my apartment where the electric levels are lowest at 0.445 – 0.673 and the RF I cannot get below 0.10. It is USUALLY at .30 most of the time.

    I have not yet measured any magnetic frequencies.

    I have a BioMat but body voltage measures over 3.025 so I don’t use it anymore – and it makes me very tired after (redox is shot).

    I work at a Fertility Clinic and I work on a computer for 10 hours – three days a week and half a day on Saturdays. The last time I measured, it was 0.30 and now it is through the roof 3 - 6.00 – the levels change according to how my co-workers use their cell phones… so my job is killing me…. WOW.. I will be trying to my hardest to figure out a new income stream so I can quit.

    I do use Indoor Bluetech glasses the entire day I work, when I’m lucky to work on the third floor we have a huge glass window that gives natural light (though it is UV tinted) the EMF’s aren’t quite as bad. I use the orange Uvex and a special made BPI 550 tinted lense together as soon as the sun goes down.


    I am now recently following the Leptin RX more strictly. No grains, beans, processed sugars or heavy carbohydrates. I am always craving high fat foods, love bacon, pork, beef (grassfed). I love seafood and get wild and fresh when I can but it’s mostly canned Wild Salmon, smoked oysters (and raw), canned sardines, clams and frozen wild scallops and octopus occasionally. I have pea protein powder and exogenous ketone powder on hand – mostly because I can’t always afford the best food.

    I also eat a ton of coconut products but have tried to hold off for summer months. I buy many green leafy vegetables from the Asian markets, but I am guessing this is a circadian mismatch because gai-lin & bokchoy definitely do not grow indigenously in Oregon…. Would these be okay in the summer, despite the fact they do not grow where I am? Jack mentioned he eats coconut in the summer months, but there not native to New Orleans either….

    I just started add duck fat to my coffee and it is surprisingly good.

    I eat many alternative yogurts like coconut, almond and cashew as I cannot do dairy but I love yogurt and it seems to be a good source of cultured food. I also use a lactic acid ferment to make my own kraut.

    I drink a lot of green tea of various types – I’ve been boiling each batch for 90 seconds as Jack recommends but I drink about 40 oz. of tea a day.. I just crave the tea.. I drink coffee occasionally.

    I have a counter-top RO water machine (AquaTru) and I add minerals to it.

    Constantly craving sea salt.

    Constantly craving nuts and nut butters.

    Always thirsty despite drinking 65-80 oz. of filtered water a day.



    Shrimp (acute allergy)

    Chicken eggs (duck eggs are good)


    Dairy – would like to experiment with the cultured ghee but afraid it might cause autoimmune issues – molecular mimicry?


    Find a competent doctor to assist in progress towards optimal.

    Fix REDOX.

    Heal leaky gut and increase diversity of flora.

    I weigh approximately 145-150 lbs. I would like to use 15-20 lbs.

    Gain muscle in upper back.


    Following the Leptin RX – doing CT about 3-4x a week. My bath tub in the winter is 52-57 degrees so I don’t add ice. I am working up from 10-15 minutes to longer. My energy sharply increases when I do it – sometimes I cannot sleep because my mind gets very racey. I always shiver - If I do it in the AM, I do actually get hungry. (Jack said it usually diminishes hunger).

    Implementing the Mitochondrial RX and Osteoporosis RX soon.

    My biggest hardship is financial and needing to wait to get labs drawn, etc – things move more slowly than I would like

    Will be posting updated labs soon.

    Last BUN/Creatinine Ratio: 14

    TSH: 5.3

    FT4: 1.0

    FT3: 2.0



    For the Leptin RX - Is it okay to eat within 30 minutes of rising if it is technically 5:30-6 am and it is still dark? Or is it better to wait until the sun rises?
    Last edited: Jan 31, 2018
  2. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Hi Allison and welcome. Please don't be overwhelmed - baby steps!

    to get caught up quickly listen to all Jack's podcasts.

    Have you watched Jack's two Vermont talks? These are really important. Also the youtube event with Jack and Jeremy and Jack's youtube talk from his event in Mexico on New Year's eve.

    I see you are a gold member so you are getting the monthly webinars and the live Q&A that follows when you can ask Jack anything. Make sure to read all the Patreon blogs - they are on your dashboard.

    Jack is all about the three legged stool ....light, water and magnetism. You are doing a great job of implementing protocols!

    have you looked at the easy start guide for the leptin reset?

    what are you eating? seafood?
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  3. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    welcome. Number one, where you are right now is not optimized to your mitochondrial history and the job you have now and what you want to do with your life really needs to be thought out better. Both will bring you inside out of nature and under the spell of the power grid to make you even worse. With your med history and result already at your age this should be eye opening..........You need to rethink a lot quick.
  4. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    In my place (NJ 07054 9:52PM) is still 27th.
    Happy 31st birthday!!

    I'm 30 years old.. will be 31 tomorrow on the 27th.

    I live in Portland, OR
    maternal haplotype: H1M

    Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Libya and Mauritania.
    So your optimal latitude is in tropics.

    TSH 5.9 -
    FT3 2.5

    drink Gerolsteiner and Mountain Valley Water.
    diagnosed with mold toxicity
    diagnosed myself with Lyme via urine PCR
    DDD Degenerative Disc Disease
    Brain MRI of 2008 showed small white matter lesion. Brain fog has increased exponentially
    others say its a progression towards MS.
    Husband snores…
    The only supplement I’m on is Iodine with Selenium, Magnesium, C, Zinc, B - the co-factors
    I have a lot of GI issues - I know there’s leaky gut and dysbiosis.
    replace Gerolsteiner and Mountain Valley Water with half and half (Aquafina) and (Preventa-25)
    Aquafina is sold everywhere, just google
    Preventa-25 get from CignatureHealth.com
    From CignatureHealth get tests Breathy and Urine test, do them before you start drinking Preventa
    afterward do those tests every 1-2 months until your test results stabilize at somewhat below 130ppm
    Consider drinking (Aquafina) and (Preventa-25) as 99% of your water intake for long time.

    Get BREATHE RIGHT MASK from CignatureHealth, for your husband and for youself, use it nightly and at other times when convenient.

    Get Redmont Salt, eat at least 2 teaspoons every day.

    do search on this board, look for threads withword deuterium in their title. Read all of them.
    Peruse my posts on all pages of this thread.

    Last edited: Jan 28, 2018
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  5. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    When able you may want to check your body's (breath condensate) for deuterium.
    Desirable is to be under 130ppm (D/H)

    Eat lots of fat, pork and beef lard, butter, coconut oil they will lower your deuterium.
    Egg yolks are low in deuterium
    Do not drink coconut water it is high in deuterium.
    Solids in the green salads you eat are low in deuterium, but juice made of it is high.

    Aquafina made by Pepsi is the only known to me RO water that was tested and found low in deuterium (139.5ppp (D/H), that is much much lower than any known to me natural waters (that usually are very expensive).
    I have send for testing RO water sold by Costco, will publish results when get them. That water is the cheapest that I know of.

    Body makes matrix water out of the fat you eat. 1 volume of fat make 1.1 volume of water.
    When you eat enough fat your need for drinking water should be less.
    Think of 1.5 -2 liters/day

    Eat Redmont salt, at least 2 teaspoons a day (but no more than 12 tablespoons (twelve Tbsp).
    It eases kidneys energy use, and adjusts positively many micronutrients.
    Body, when adjusting to low available salt recirculates existing salt, that makes kidneys work overtime.
    Up to 60% energy used by kidneys may be spend on that work.

    KIE of D to O, N, and C.
    (hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, carbon)
    (less common) isotopes are used by our bodies to adjust biological processes


  6. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    diagnosed with mold toxicity
    diagnosed myself with Lyme via urine PCR
    DDD Degenerative Disc Disease
    Brain MRI of 2008 showed small white matter lesion. Brain fog has increased exponentially
    others say its a progression towards MS.
    Husband snores…

    Get this test fasting, post results here, complete pdf file or jpg pictures of all results.
    Do the test at LabCorp or Mayo Clinic
    Some other laboratories skip some fats of the list or distort reports.

    Fatty Acid Profile, Comprehensive (C8-C26), Serum

  7. Alison N

    Alison N Gold

    Hi Caroline!

    I have yet to listen to the December 2017 talk with Jack & Jeremy. I have listened to the Vermont talk.. is there more than one? I saw the 2 hour one from 2017. Was there another one from 2017 or one from 2016? I may be missing one.. I have a link to all of his podcasts as well.. one by one.. I was trying to get as much foundational knowledge under my belt so I'd really understand all of his latest points..

    I have read his book and the leptin RX. I was following these steps but have since found myself having trouble eating a large amount of protein in the morning. It's not 100% but I'm trying. I wake up at 5 am to get to my job by 7 am and it's still dark outside when I'm at the office.. it gets light around 8:00 am and I often don't have time for a full 75 gram breakfast, but this is my own issue to figure out. Consistency is my issue here.

    I had mercury levels through the roof over the past two years after chelating but I came from eating very large fish on the east coast. I'm focused on the crustaceans and shellfish now and I do love oysters!
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  8. Alison N

    Alison N Gold

    Thanks JanSz!

    You are quite helpful! I appreciate all the input. I know I need a lot of labs to coordinate more specific next steps and I'm in the process of gathering what's needed to take this to the next level. I've had trouble posting labs/images on here but I'm obviously missing something.

    You mentioned salt - that's interesting. I often carry pink sea salt with me all the time because I crave it constantly.

    I've been using Leanne Veniers red light #4 but since stopped because (even though the panel was fine) I had 15 volts on my body from the body voltage meter... it was from the plug.. and I started to experience ectopic heartbeats.. this also occurred while I developed the flu. I'd love to find a doctor who'd agree to let me wear a Holter Monitor, ha. Finding a good doctor isn't easy. I should say, one is willing to work with you towards optimal health.. not just one to diagnose you with something.

    Thanks again for the advice.
  9. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Hi Alison ....it is 50gr of protein for the BAB. You can add more fat .....like a Bullet proof coffee.

    There are two Vermont talks ....2016 + 2017

    Please do listen to Jack and Jeremy ......and I think you will understand how simple this can be to start with .....the science can come later.
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  10. Alison N

    Alison N Gold

    VDR Snps

    VDR Taq +/+
    VDR Fok 1 +/+
    VDR BSM -/-

    "2-fold increase in risk of developing discopathies (such as herniated disc) and/or osteochondrosis (derangement of bone growth), while the A allele was protective."

    This was really eye opening...

    VDR Taq I polymorphism may be associated with susceptibility to Oral Squamous Cell Cancer......so avoid booze and tobacco and you should be OK. This SNP links VDR to NK T cell activation. I would also say I would pushes curcumin and K2 with this SNP. It is also associated with periodontal disease......so it is linked to heart disease too......if their HCY is up make sure it is not above 12. If it is they need expensive methylation testing done. Why the oral cancer link? Viral and heavy metal toxicity because when VDR Taq 1 is +/+.....it changes how COMT enzyme behaves. COMT is all about dopamine clearance. These two genes work together so the status of one will affect the other. When you combine the SNP's you can actually act more like a COMT -/- (not good at all). This is why further testing is needed.

    When COMT is double negative or there are sequential SNP making it behave like you are COMT -/- it implies that the enzyme is working very well and is rapidly breaking down dopamine. This means you are using up methyl groups (BH4) rapidly and there is less available for other physiologic needs. This drives your HCY higher and it can down regulate immunity, especially T cell function. You might have to add methyl donors in supplement form for optimal dopamine and serotonin balance and for optimal methyl balance in the body.

    In addition, since phase two detox requires methyl groups for heavy metal clearance you are more susceptible to toxic heavy metals in the mouth or diet and your viral/bacterial immunity will be altered. It will take longer to excrete metals and clear infection and this chronic immunity down regulation also leads to cancer/infections.

    VDR Fok ++ = VDR (Fok-I) polymorphism is associated with the risk of bladder cancer and SLE (lupus) for many of the same reasons above. VDR gene Fok I polymorphism has been associated with SLE in the Chinese population. The SLE patients carrying F allelle ± are more likely to have serositis and produce anti-dsDNA antibody, anti-Sm antibody and anti-Histone antibody, presumably as a result of down-regulation of VDR mRNA. So here you would need to see if you are making AI antibodies which are also directly tied to T Cell function. Look for lowered CD4/8 ratio's and elevated HCY above 12 or below 7. This SNP seems to have very different expression in different populations. It is bad in Asians but not so bad in Indians and we do not know why as yet. That is all I know.........

  11. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    [quote="Alison N, post: 233791, member: 20498" I've had trouble posting labs/images on here but I'm obviously missing something.[/quote]
    Post complete test reports.
    Scan all pages, set printer to give you PDF file.
    Attach PDF file to post.

  12. Alison N

    Alison N Gold

    Post complete test reports.
    Scan all pages, set printer to give you PDF file.
    Attach PDF file to post.

    Are the deuterium tests the most important ones at this point - opposed to a fatty acid profile or ASI? Which would you prioritize?
  13. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    Are the deuterium tests the most important ones at this point - opposed to a fatty acid profile or ASI? Which would you prioritize?[/quote]
  14. Sheddie

    Sheddie Silver

    Hello Alison, You have a lot to contend with but I think your 'sleuthing' guided by the new paradigm is getting to the bottom of identifying such hefty environmental onslaughts... One by one corrections will yield encouraging results.

    You get my applause on your observations while using the "Bio-Mat." If it's the same manufacturer I had one, over 5 years ago now, and the plug on the mat, the one right near the cranium, tested very badly on a TriField meter. I had a few months' fight with the company CEO from Korea about the issue, but I did finally get authorization to return it for refund. So, I would say this -- IF the manufacturer hasn't yet corrected the known harm/design flaw in their product they should be eviscerated in public warning channels!

    I kept my correspondence so it would be evidence of my report on the issue with my single purchased mat. I didn't go very cyber-wide to publicize the issue but I did complain to Mark Sircus who was at the time strongly promoting and recommending these mats. I did not purchase my Bio-Mat from him. So, I wondered how long you had your mat before you noticed it wasn't as 'health-supporting' as it might have claimed? If it's newer than, say, 4 years or so I should think you could be able to return it...? PM me if I can help with that. (The specific item I had was a Richway far-infrared Amethyst Bio-mat.)

    Best luck furthering the very good progress you're making in analyzing the problems that, at your age, are simply heart-breaking.
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  15. Alison N

    Alison N Gold

    Hello Sheddie!

    Thank you for your response and kind words! I am so sorry to hear about your experience with the Biomat. 5 years of use with bad ratings... that is very, very upsetting. How did it make you feel initially? Were all the levels bad or was it one field more so than another? The electric levels were above what I wanted. The RF levels were on the lower end but still showed a response; even with their built in EMF reduction. I don't yet have a magnetic meter, so I'm curios what levels you found there? It sounds like we have the same mat. I purchased it last year so perhaps they fixed this issue. Since I haven't measured the magnetic field I just haven't taken the chance and unless all of the fields show a reduction in a new environment, I'd be very hesitant to use it again. So it just sits until I figure out what to do with it..

    I had used it off/on for a few months, a couple of times a week. I had read that feeling bad or excessively tired was a sign of poor REDOX but I wasn't sure what to make of it.. so I pushed through until I started measuring. Lesson learned for me. That's part of the lesson I'm continually learning the more I experiment, however, but it beats doing nothing - and certainly better than getting poor advice from those who push unsavory advice in the name of the profit.
  16. Sheddie

    Sheddie Silver

    Alison, I might have written a possible misunderstanding -- I have since checked and I bought it in 10/2009, queried about the EMF issue in early Spring , wrangled about an exchange, and finally allowed to return it for refund in 7/2010 -- so it was some 9 months of back & forth with the company.

    No, I only used it a short time, couple months, and I discerned no ill effects. I was even beginning to adjust to what felt like sleeping on a pioneer washboard! Someone gave me a device to check out my microwave; I then went all over the house and that was when I got very high readings at the plug on the Bio-Mat. Stopped using it immediately and started to pursue returning it to the Florida distributor. As I was somewhat past the period for returning the product I recall quite a fight but, eventually, was successful. I doubt I had lasting ill effects at that rather short, cumulative level of use. For all I know, the manufacturer has resolved the design issue. I certainly hope so in the almost 8 years since...
  17. Greenie

    Greenie New Member

  18. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

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  19. Alison N

    Alison N Gold

    Wow. Well I'm glad you were able to return it, especially at such a high cost!

    It was definitely like sleeping on a washboard, LOL. In the beginning of my use, I would sort of cheat with CT by warming this up and then laying on it afterwards with a red light panel. Unfortunately I didn't measure anything before jumping into using these devices, so I think I had some short but cumulative damage myself.
  20. Greenie

    Greenie New Member

    Thank you, Jan. I figured that some new findings produced the change in stance. How many ppm is considered low in respect to Deuterium concentration? (I saw you mentioned <130ppm, though I am not sure if that has also changed.)

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