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My Omega 6/3 ratio results - ok for CT?

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by Kathy1967, Apr 3, 2015.

  1. Kathy1967

    Kathy1967 New Member

    I just got my results for my O6 O3 ratio. I think it's good, but the results say I'm at high risk because of my 6 level but it appears that my ratio is 5.69 to 1 (06 to o3). I don't take fish oil other than fermented cod liver oil maybe 2 - 4 times monthly. I eat LOTS of bacon (I was a vegetarian until about 12 years ago and didn't understand the loveliness of bacon so I'm making up for lost time!). Doc just said my progesterone was low but I didn't SEE the results yet. When I get those results I'll post them all:
    • progesterone - 0.4
    • cortisol AM - 24 (she said this was high)
    • crp - 0.43
    • vit D - 47.3
    • B12 - 463
    So any comments would be appreciated. Does it look like I'm good to go for the CT? I've been doing it but holding off on adding ice to tub (although water has been around 40ish Fahrenheit without ice! - Oh! I have city water and it is fluoridated - it's all I have (boyfriend has well water so I love showering over there), is it still horrible to bath in it when it's cold?

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