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my magnetico sleep pad

Discussion in 'The Cave' started by freshveggies, Feb 1, 2013.

  1. Cpt.Tired

    Cpt.Tired New Member

    I agree with Dr Kruse but NOT just because he's "Dr Kruse". Because it doesn't make sense from an evolutionary perspective.
    I doubt that nature designed us to only sleep on our back. In fact sleeping on our back would make us more vulnerable to predators.

    I can't think of any animal that sleeps on its back. Best to ride mother nature's waves on this one I think.
  2. RobertEzank

    RobertEzank New Member

    I hope Dr. K is right also as I prefer my side , when I spoke with Dr. Bonlie he gave a compelling scientific answer none of which I can remember , I am going to talk with him again soon. Dr. K are you aware of Dr B's stance on this sleeping position issue or was your reply your first instinct from what you believe to know about magnetism........respectfully. If none of this matters then it does not matter except mentally however if Dr B has some merit then I sure would like to know and stand corrected..........if Dr K has some extra time and feels like typing I would appreciate a scientific explanation for " a more comfortable sleep on my stomach/side position.. or is the answer just anecdotal from others. I cannot find any sleeping position in the Magnetico literature ... but someone may help me... I apologize for making a mountain out of a molehill or "mattress" in this case.. lol... but am curious to know the truth... if so.
    Last edited: Sep 19, 2016
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  3. Jenny S

    Jenny S Gold

    Would love to know about sleeping on back vs side or stomach. I have just had a lot of work done on my back and masseur told me shouldn't sleep on stomach at all , mostly on back & occasionally on side as you are squashing your organs. Also interesting as have magnetico too.
  4. Lisbeth

    Lisbeth New Member

    I am balking at the cost of shipping a Magnetico system to UK, and thinking over my options.

    Can anyone tell me does N on a Magnetico pad point up towards the ceiling or up towards the head of bed, please? (I'm looking at different sizes and shapes of magnets, amongst other things :))

    Has anyone had a good experience with a diy magnetic sleeping system?
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  5. RobertEzank

    RobertEzank New Member

    Did I hear right that some people are sleeping on 40 gauss double the amount of the magnetico full/dual core system... that would be 4 pads ........ any thoughts please?
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  6. Cpt.Tired

    Cpt.Tired New Member

    Yes, Rubin Salenas has a 40 gauss.
    The north points up so the "lines of force" go up towards the ceiling. Not parallel with your bed.

    You can order the same magnets and DIY if you want, like glue them on some plywood or something. I don't think you end up saving lots however. Maybe if you bought a big magnet and cut them yourself.
  7. RobertEzank

    RobertEzank New Member

    Can some one tell me what they may know about lying "NOT sleeping" directly on the magnetico magnets 10 or 20 gauss.
    I remember Dr Bonlie saying it could be done for a short period of time for energy and healing. However long term would backfire and drain the person. My question " I don't want to bug Doc B ...how long can a person lay directly on the pad " 10 - 15 min longer??" How often daily or weekly....... I just flip the Tempu Pedic up on its side and lay right on it.......... just started doing it... so I ask to not get in any trouble... lol RJ
  8. Danco3636

    Danco3636 Silver

    How about just spending the time lying on the ground? That way you don't have to worry about it and you could do some grounding and even get sunshine at the same time.
    Save Magnifico for sleep time.
  9. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

  10. Cpt.Tired

    Cpt.Tired New Member

    I wouldn't do it simply because the reversing magnetic field is unnatural.
  11. Liam Taylor

    Liam Taylor New Member

    Did you do this in the end?
  12. Harvey Cheyne Jr.

    Harvey Cheyne Jr. New Member

    Liam, omegajosh, Ben777 and Cpt. Tired:

    If you look at:

    http://www.shokos.com/compare-magnetic-beds.htm (are there any other websites that talk about the Magnetico? That's all I found),

    It goes into a little detail about the different magnet bed configurations. It explains the logic of magnetic mattress design.

    Several things suggest themselves as important. Observe: Magnetico has a diagram of the lines of force as they come off the different mattresses.


    The problem with Nikken is that you sleep too close to the magnets, and there is a certain amount of [undesirable] South pole energy that wraps around the magnet and will reach you. If you are further from the magnet, it must be stronger (Magnetico), but you are completely away from the the south energy field of the magnet.

    As far as the idea of cutting larger magnets goes, it's not practical. Ceramic magnets are super hard and must be cut with diamond tools, and throw off flammable magnetic particles that stick everywhere and can hit you in the eye or cut you elsewhere:


    so unless you are a skilled machinist with time to kill, a well equipped machine shop, and big magnets made from pure Obtainium, source them premanufactured to the correct size (or smaller). This brings us to the next consideration: stacking magnets will add their force, making one bigger magnet, so going in the other direction (adding instead of subtracting), you could get the force you want. You can stack magnets until their diameter equals their length, and then additional magnets add little additional force to that stack.

    I am looking at several older Nikken pads on Craigslist. If I can hack them by dismantling them, removing the magnets and then stacking them and/or decreasing the pitch (the center to center distance of each magnet), then I could eventually reach the total field strength (and energy density at any spot) I want. The aim is to equal or surpass the Magnetico. I can place the DIY pad under my 4" thick foam mattress. Because the magnets will be under the mattress and subject to little wear, all I need is a large enough piece or pieces of cardboard (too big = too heavy, so it may be in sections) to hold the magnets (with glue or tape. No need for sewing skillz). The super easy way to do this instead, tho, might be to just get three or four Nikken pads and stack them up. There's your greater Gauss. However, if the individual magnets are not touching, I suspect they may not add their forces together as strongly. I dunno. Takes more research and tinkering.

    As far as the footprint of the pad is concerned, the field must be larger than anyone or any group of people who sleep on the bed, so that everyone on the surface of the bed is within the North flux lines:

    I.e., if you have a twin pad for yourself on your side of the bed, and nothing underneath the side of the mattress where your opposite number (Reason for Living? Sweet Babboo?) is sleeping, that person/entity/sentient being will be in the path of the flux lines coming around from the South. Stay away from the Dark Side of the Force.
    However, if you're strapped for cash, and all you can do is a twin size, and you want to both sleep on it at once, just, um... stack yourselfs on top of the magnets. The Beast with Two Backs, as Shakespeare put it.

    The Nikken pads in Denver CL I see today are $35 to $50 for a twin size. I don't know how many I would need to get to 40 Gauss per magnet, but there is a Gauss calculator:


    to put me in the ballpark. Gauss is directly proportional to volume, though, so get your magnet stack the same size/total volume and you should be close. We're not building a bridge here. Next question: if I have a 40 Gauss magnet, at 4" below my body, what is the optimum density of these magnets?

    So look at this picture:


    and if the magnet is 1 7/8 x 7/8 x 3/8", and these look spaced closer to each other than one magnet width, eyeball TLAR (That Looks About Right) engineering should suffice. Here's the thing: look at the diagram of the force field around the Nikken magnets :


    see how far apart they are? I wonder if the Magnetico magnets being spaced closer than the width and length of the magnets pushes the flux lines of the South pole away more forcefully? In other words, if the magnets are touching at their edges, then would that push all the flux lines together and make them go further out to the side? Look at this diagram:


    if it is accurate, the individual fields of the magnets coalesce into one large field that fluxes out away from the bed two or three feet horizontally. I suspect that those huge flux lines are what may keep certain animals from approaching the bed, even if it feels amazing once you get through the 'shield'. I also wonder if it feels crummy to stand next to the bed? "Sorry, honey, can't make the bed, the magnetic flux hits me right in the balls." Research shows that there is an inverse relationship between how much housework a man does and how often he gets laid, so Don't go there.

    They also tell us how many magnets per mattress at:


    so it looks like the DIY reverse engineering is straightforward. Did Jack ever spill any details/pix/stories about his DIY magnet bed effort beyond ''it came out in favor of the Magnetico''?

    We'll be talking the price down with Craigslist people by showing them the state of the art and telling them that their mattress, while it was nice in it's time, is really only suited for use as raw materials today. It only makes sense to use their Nikken to make something that, practically speaking, works much better. Because of the smaller and fewer magnets of the Nikken product, to make this DIY work economically, you can't pay more than maybe US$25 for a twin Nikken, if that. I see a Nikken King for $200 in Denver today and it's already had the fabric stripped off it, and I can see the magnets are much smaller than Magnetico's, and many fewer of them. Bargaining skillz required! Don't pay more for the Force than you would pay off eBay; you should pay less, because DIY, and your time is worth something to keep their Nikken out of the landfill.

    Here's how I talk people down on CL:
    do it in person, people hate being talked down over the phone
    praise what they have and show emotional appreciation, let them talk about how much they like it
    conspiratorially tell them about the market realities
    "I think the market is pretty hard on these, even tho it's a nice [whatever]"
    "Have you turned down any offers on it?"
    "How long has it been on the market"
    "If you've thought about it, what do you feel you really need to get for it?"
    "Because [magic word] of what people are doing these days, I'd have to offer you [much less than the price you had it listed]

    Any other tricks anyone has for plundering CL ? I'm all ears.

    Good luck

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  13. Liam Taylor

    Liam Taylor New Member

    Good post. Thanks for doing that. I am realising there is a lot to this. Right now I am drawn to the magnetico for ease and certainty of quality. Just issues getting it shipped to UK. Until that time I will continue to research the DIY side of things. Keep posting if you make any more progress with this.
  14. Boga

    Boga New Member

    Hello everyone!

    Considering buying the magnetico soon, but wanted to know if people here still useing their magnetico sleeping pad :)?

    Do you still feel the benefits from it?

    Would really appreciate for some new feedbacks.

  15. Cpt.Tired

    Cpt.Tired New Member

    To be honest I haven't noticed anything...but that's not saying that it isn't doing something. I could feel worse if I wasn't on it!
  16. Boga

    Boga New Member

    Thank you for feedback.

    How long have you own your magnetico and how strong is it?

    Wanted also to hear from some of the people from 2013-2014 if they are still using it :)

    Thanks guys!
  17. Kate

    Kate New Member

    I just tried going to Magnetico's website and it's not working, neither is their 800 number??!! I am looking to buy one as well!
  18. Hunger4More

    Hunger4More New Member

    I know they've been experiencing issues with their website lately. Strange about the 800 number though...
  19. Jenny S

    Jenny S Gold

    Same but sure it must help!
  20. Boga

    Boga New Member

    Thank you Jenny for your feedback.
    May i ask how long have you own your magnetico and how strong is it?

    Was hopeing someone do report about better sleep quality with the magnetico :)

    Anyway thanks guys for replying back. Was hopeing to get more activity in this thread since its have been quiet for 1-2 year here now.

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