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My M.S Reversal Journal

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by Lindsay Bzdel, Mar 22, 2019.

  1. Lindsay Bzdel

    Lindsay Bzdel Silver

    I have been observing, studying and applying Dr.kruse's teachings for 9 solid months. Reading, printing, mapping, testing, discovering and recovering. Until now I have not utilized this amazing tool. I have read most of the gems here but have yet to join in and share.

    I am a 35 year old female living in prince george british columbia Canada. ( latitude 52). I was born here but i lived in banff and calgary alberta just before getting sick. I work for an airline in the command center. Started in 2005. Night shifts and day shifts. Horrible lights and tons of computer screen along with the radiation. Very high paced job. I have been on medical leave since my diagnosis :( my brain is not the same. I have secondary progressive multiple sclerosis. Initially diagnosed with relapsing remitting ms when my first son was 6 months old back in 2009; however symptoms date back to 2001. My 2009 diagnosis was prompted by me landing in the hospital paralyzed from waste down and my right hand. Its started slowly the week before, immediately following an influenza and h1n1 shot. Also 3 months prior to my diagnosis I had the laparoscopic band weight loss surgery which I lost no weight and had removed in 2016. Right away I lost 40 pounds from the removal(I was so ignorant on the broken medical system and blindly and stupidly followed their advice.

    In 2010 I flew to to India and had the CCSVI procedure to open my veins... instantly made me gain temporary feeling back in my hands. I had a similar procedure again in 2014 but realized it wasnt the opening of the veins that was helping, it was the stimulation of the vegus nerve that happened to be right next to the veins fixing Autonomic dysfunction.. but again just a temporary bandaid. By 2014 my neurologist change my diagnosis to secondary progressive ms. I had been on copaxone since 2012 and when the doc told me I decided he did not have answers to help me and I havent went back since. I stopped copaxone.

    Unfortunately I found the food gurus next. I even completed courses at the institute for functional medicine. The amount of supplements I took was ridiculous and expensive. I followed dr.wahls protocal strict for almost 2 years. It was hell haha having next to no energy, 2 small kids and trying to make organ meat and all the other protocal foods.. I could hardly stand let alone cook. I had lost majority of my muscles and did not have enough energy to bike or somedays lift my head... so I got a vibe plate and I sat in a chair with my feet on it, gradually I stood on it..... eventually I was doing squats. I was down total 80 pounds; however as soon as I would eat anything off the diet I would gain 10 pounds overnight from inflammation. That's as far as I could get my success. It stopped, both ms progression and recovery. I re read and read some more ... luckily I found Dr Kruse and i get it. I feel I always knew this and it was just uncovered in my mind. I guess that would be our innate natural instinct that we are taught to ignore since birth.
    Right away I started 2 things. No blue lights at night and look at the morning sun. After 2 weeks of this I was able to eat food and NOT gain a pound!! This was in August last year when we had full sun. Winter has been tricky. I am at a stand still again. I have infrared lamp and uvb lamp. Uva is on it's way. My brain is fuzzier but getting better since spring hit.
    Right now our goal is to buy a villa in la paz Mexico ( my fav place) and live there 6 months of the year. I would home school my kids.
    I am sure I have missed important things but I will add more as I remember them. In my next journal entry I will give my history from early on and my moms, grandmas and haplotype. I also have my 23andme compt/VDR data as well as micronutrient testing from spectracell.
  2. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Welcome. Powerful story.

    Can you fill a cup that is topped? Is a mind truly open if it is filled with facts that inconsequential? It is only when we are ready to give up on some things in our lives that we could receive new things. Unlearn to relearn today. You did. I love people who empty their heads of the crap we've been fed the become hungry again for new knowledge that actually works for everyone.
  3. Lindsay Bzdel

    Lindsay Bzdel Silver

    My haplogroup is V1. I uploaded other tests.

    My grandmother (moms mom)was born and raised in Quebec. She came to prince George b.c in her teens. Heavy smoker until she was 60. She had 10 kids and no breastfeeding. Died at at 80.

    a year prior of having me, my mom had most of her thyroid removed because of a thyroid nodule.

    My mom had me when she was in her late 20's. It was an uneventful pregnancy until the end. I was 3 weeks early. My mom lost alot of blood due to placenta acreta. She had a blood transfusion.
    At my 6month imunizations I had a reaction. Eye turned in and dropped face. DTP

    When I was 3 I was in a building that had a propane gas leak. I was found having a seizure on the floor. After getting fresh air I came to.

    After that event I turned into a constant bed wetter with chronic bladder infections.
    At 6 or 7 I started gaining weight and was always the fat kid. Not morbidly obese but overweight.
    at 18 I experienced chronic strep throat. Every 3 months for a couple years.

    Diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome
    And a nodule on my thyroid was also showing
    In my 20's another infection started pilonidal sinus in my tailbone. I have had it drained and packed twice but rarley bothers me now.

    My most recent issue is blood flow in my legs. I cant sit without blood pooling in my feet. My doctor said it could be from the valves not allowing blood back up. Ct showed no issues.

    I am going to get my blood work done soon and I will add it when I get it.

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    Last edited: Mar 23, 2019
  4. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    Use lots of Lugols
  5. Lindsay Bzdel

    Lindsay Bzdel Silver

    Thank you. How much is lots?
  6. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    I use 2% lugols
    I put it into coffee.
  7. Lindsay Bzdel

    Lindsay Bzdel Silver

    What about adding it to DMSO to make it topical ? I make my own 'rubs' for pain and could easily add it in.
  8. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    It is probably to much.
    If you want, you can spread Lugols over your body, but that eventually can be messy.

    When I was carring for my DW (God bless her soul)
    4% Lidocaine was working ok for pain
    that is
    on top of patches and morphine.

    Lindsay Bzdel likes this.
  9. Lindsay Bzdel

    Lindsay Bzdel Silver

    I finally got some blood tests done and I am both encouraged and discouraged. My hsCRP went from 11 mg/L down to 1 mg/L
    However my BUN/creatine ratio almost doubled. It was at 14:1 and now 29:1 :( maybe I am calculating it wrong??
    My urea is 7.9 mmol/L and creatine is 65 umol/L
  10. Lindsay Bzdel

    Lindsay Bzdel Silver

    I am having a hard time the last few months. Not physically but mentally. I can figure out and handle physical setbacks but not my brain. Multitasking, motivation, learning new things have all crashed. I need my brain to solve it and its not working. Paradox from hell. I sit out in the sun everyday. Get the best morning sun as i can through tall bushes.
    I am trying to read these new metformin posts Dr.kruse shared. I understand how it is not good for certain mitochondrial dysfunction. I want to try it but can't read the whole thing. My eyes hurt so bad like they are going to pop. I wear strong blue blockers on try avoid looking at screens. I feel I am so close to a better healthier life but this set back of my mind really stops everything.
    I hope this is not the start of a relapse. Salmon and oysters and sunshine. I now need to find ddw. I am sure i have so much forgotten info to help myself but can't remember any of them in my scatterbrain
    Do you do house calls Dr kruse? just kidding.
    Any advice would be greatly appreciated
  11. Lindsay Bzdel

    Lindsay Bzdel Silver

    I am in prince British Columbia Canada and as far as i know we don't have 5g. I bought a good electric radiation detector. I was pumped to learn it and figure it out, knowing it would be hard but i could definitely do it.. By the time it got here i did not have the brain power to figure it out. I couldn't focus on any videos or retain a single word I read in the instructions. I spent multiple hours talk to type these 2 posts.
  12. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Going to BC with MS is not wise.
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  13. Lindsay Bzdel

    Lindsay Bzdel Silver

    You are right. I am not going to BC. I am in BC. Born and raised. My plans is for Mexico this winter. .. But I can't think my way out of anything right now and no one in my family appreciates the urgency of my problem. I am trying to figure out how to get my mind back in order to keep planning, coordinating, funding this big trip with 2 kids. But unfortunately the way to do that is to get closer to the equator. oh how i wish i found you earlier in my disease progression
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  14. CjHedberg

    CjHedberg New Member

    Sorry that you can't get family to understand, try a friend a classmate but Go to MX, live in jungle, do what Sarah from UK did, GET WELL.
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