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My journey so far......

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by Joanna Wong, Jul 13, 2017.

  1. Joanna Wong

    Joanna Wong New Member

    Grandma was from a province called Fujian from Mainland China, married to grandpa and moved to Malaysia. Don’t know much of her health background, what I remembered was that she loved all her grandkids, best grandma ever. She passed away when I was 16 of a heart attack. She was the daughter an opium merchant at the turn of the century before the communist took over mainland China, followed the then Chinese tradition of wrapping her feet. One thing I remember is that her legs had never seen sunlight, they were fair like snow white.

    Mum had Graves Hyperthyroidism, operated and then radiated; I was in the same hospital, shared the same taxi on the same day when she got her radiation, I was in my early teens. I strongly believe that because of her thyroid problems, she had cholesterol problems and was prescribed statin and she has diabetes too. I am not very sure how long she had been taking the statin, according to her boyfriend, it was just a while.

    On hindsight, I realised that she had been doing all her routine after retirement around the TV set, the satellite dish is just positioned outside the window of where she spent her day, she even falls asleep in front of the tv set. Again, on hindsight, her mental state deteriorated after her cataract operations.

    Thinking back, I believe I had had thyroid problems symptoms since my teenage life then, I grew fat and thin with the same food intake and sometimes I could sleep for 12 hours in my early teens, but no adults made the connections then.

    I was formally diagnosed to have hyperthyroid at around age 35, had a lot of family issues and very stressed out the, was over medicated with anti-thyroid medication for 2 months and swung to hypothyroid, gained 10 kg within that period. Went to traditional Chinese medicine and did my own lab tests and adjusting my antithyroid med accordingly, struggled for 5 years and became euthyroid, did not know better, never really checked my antibodies then and not able to lose much of the weight I gained.

    My mum had her first stroke in late 2014, I was travelling approximately 500km every other week up north to Kuala Lumpur to visit her, that was when I started to wear a Fitbit HR watch, by the end of 2015, my yearly blood test showed that I am swinging to hypothyroidism, further blood test showed that I have very high anti-bodies and have Hashimoto. I was having problems focusing, totally lack motivation, having hot flashes, just a tired walking zombie.

    Early 2016, I started taking Lugols iodine, had a 24 hours urine loading test, it showed high bromide and high iodine in my urine, meaning I have very low iodine in my body. Had horrible detox symptoms for 6 weeks, but after that the symptoms just poof and went away. I was hoping that with the iodine intake would take care of my thyroid problem, no such luck, but after years of PCOS and lumpy breasts, my Jan 2017 ultrasound tests show that all my growths had halted and one had even shrunk slightly; my GP downgraded my bi-yearly scan to a yearly scan.

    In May 2016 started to take NDT and quickly realised that I don’t convert T4 to T3 well, so, began to take compounded T3.

    I don’t know, I think I am quite instinctive, somehow, I stopped applying sunblock to my face, I hardly use sunblock on my body, I am usually in pants, I have two main melasma spots on my cheeks for a decade now, even with my sunblock, then there’s that big write-up on the danger of chemical sunscreen and also the danger of titanium oxides etc etc. So I stopped and my spots go dark and lighten at will, I think they go with my hormones and perhaps copper, but I don’t know which.

    I also got a Philips InfraPhil Infrared lamp, at first I was thinking of letting my mum use for her wounds, but it was difficult and not practical in the care home , so, I use one on my face at night to see whether it is good for my melasma or wrinkles, that was before I found Dr Kruse and this tribe. I like the effect on my face because I can feel my sinus clearing up, sinus blockage has been with me since I can remember, it’s the “family” problem, my mum has it, my brother has it. After that, I read about infrared sauna, so, I bought one more and gotten the Ruby lux near the infrared lamp and do my own very basic homemade sauna. I then found out that after the red light, I sleep much better, I have no idea why, but I continued with it, it may not be for the sauna, I will just switch one of the red light on and switched off all the other LED lights in my bedroom before bed. Imagine how I feel when I stumble upon Dr Kruse’s website!

    So, now I found this website, I bought a trifield meter, starting to unplugged a lot of kitchen equipment, I am looking for ideas to replace my induction hob, I am not sure whether an infrared hob would do. Trifield meter is not good for RF, so I bought a Cornet 85E. Guess what? I am being fried every day, twice for at least 45 minute each when I am commute to and fro work in the tube in Singapore.

    I started to sit in the green field in the CBD during lunch for about 10 min to get me some sunshine, but, this is not good, the RF reading outside is scarier than when I am in the office with all the PC as they are all wired and not wifi, we have a small wifi router but it is not as scary as sitting in a flat grass field in the middle of the central business district amongst all the tall buildings.

    I know what I should do, I should move out of this crazy country, but, financially, it is not possible yet. I bought a blusheild plug-in for my home and a mobile blusheild for me to carry around. I know it is not ideal, but ……

    My ultimate aim is to wane off from all my thyroid medication, so I will not be held hostage here in this little island of sin, the medication is expensive, and the medical bills are high, the testing is also expensive.
  2. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Hi Joanna and welcome to journal land.

    Please listen to Dr. K's Vermont talk - there is a thread with links.

    Can you get outside for sunrise?

    what are you eating? drinking?

    Do you have all electronics out of your bedroom?
  3. Joanna Wong

    Joanna Wong New Member

    Thank you! I listened halfway through this morning, will continue tonight.

    I usually go outside during lunch time, that is around 1pm sunlight. I only have the luxury of morning sun on Saturday. Weekdays, my morning sun light only will be like the "smoke" break of about 10 min top but will be in the fully loaded nnEMF environment.

    I am trying to figure how to eat 50g or protein in the morning, I usually eat 2 raw eggs within 30min from waking up, I know it is not enough, but this is really challenging for me. This morning, I just tried a burger petty with onion and I could not get the two raw eggs in. Work-in-progress.

    Lunch and dinner eat out, usually is very low carb and high in protein and fat, I eat lots of shrimps and shellfishes, around 3-5 times a week.

    Water is a big problem here, our government has wisely follow the US government and fluoridated our water, because we are a small island and our water source depended on the undependable Malaysia (my beloved country ;p) the govt recycle the water by calling it new water, who knows what is inside the water. I use filter, but cannot get the fluoride out, started drinking spring bottled water from New Zealand, but cannot afford a total replacement. My lugol iodine is taking care of dispelling the fluoride from my system hopefully.
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  4. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    The Vermont talk 2017 is built for rebuilding nature's wisdom in you.

    This is very important in avoiding your dopamine drop.............The eye is the key for Hashimoto's .

    Dopamine and melatonin creation begin in the eye. Now that my Vermont lecture is up you can see how the central retinal pathways work.

    Now let us discuss how the eye is the beginning of AI conditions like thyroid disease:
    Dopmaine is created first in the eye in humans and it even affects our immune system.

    A study published this month (shown below) examined the effects of dopamine on immunity. The findings revealed that changes to dopamine in the nervous system influences gut inflammation and the immune system. This suggests that manipulating dopamine levels could potentially treat conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, autoimmune disease, cancer, inflammatory bowel disease, and Crohn’s disease.

    Because of the complex relationship between the immune system and the brain, conditions associated with dopamine are difficult to understand when you do not understand how light is slowed down in the eye and why the retina is built backward to take full advantage of slowing light to make things that have mass and structure. Dopamine and melatonin are two things with mass and structure that are created by aromatic amino acids and slowing AM light with IR-A and UV-A light. http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0960982216306753

    So you don't think they eye is where illness and autoimmunity begins? You've got a lot to learn says Mother Nature about the light you live under and see with your eyes first thing in the morning. https://medicalxpress.com/news/2017-07-eye-microbiome-immune-cells-fend.html
  5. Joanna Wong

    Joanna Wong New Member

    That's why I am trying now, I do have exposure on morning sunlight, I am in the tropic unless it is like today, totally wet and cloudy, not a continuous 30 min but, I do get about 15 min on and off, I will try to get more morning light for my eyes going forward.

    What is the effect if one had lasik surgery ? Asking for myself.

    Doc, what can one do, if one has cataract? Will more morning light help? Asking for hubby.
  6. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    There is a thread about cataracts - follow Emma Sabin. Also discussed in Jack's Vermont talk
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  7. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Lots of ideas about lasix but most require getting a short term POMC fix for the eye by snow bird.
  8. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

  9. Joanna Wong

    Joanna Wong New Member

    I know, right? But, will eventually reach.

    Just checked my DNA SNPs, don't have POMC. I am a tropic baby from a very flat land, the only time that I saw snow was my trip to Mt Fuji, it was only around -4C and my nose almost fell off :p. I am trying to start my shower with about 1 minute with cold water, will try to increase and maybe re-read the CT in your book again when I feel better. I am way darker now with the sunlight, even my ex-colleagues realised that in the dark during a gathering last night.
  10. Joanna Wong

    Joanna Wong New Member

    Just finished the 2 hours plus Vermont talk. Am looking eastward and skyward more often now, had implemented the b-cure 20 seconds protocol, only infrered light in my bedroom. Had been wearing the Uvex glasses the moment I reach home in the evening despite being the butt of the joke by hubby for more than a year now before know who is Jack Kruse.

    Using Blushield for the nnEMF at home and a portable with me all the time when I leave home.

    Just checked, grandma was from latitude 25.3N, mum grew up in latitude 3N, me too and now I am at latitude 1N....
  11. ellore28

    ellore28 New Member

    I am curious about the blushield devices...do you find they are helpful?

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