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My journey/journal

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by Christine_L, Aug 8, 2018.

  1. Update 1/15/19
    After I wrote this post, I went outside with my meter to test the park I go to to escape the office. Well, the park is worse than the office! The 2 buildings next to mine have cell towers on the roof, and because the park is so open without trees theres nothing to block the signal. Now at this point, I wonder where am I supposed to go to during the 4 days a week I am here! I cant suffer with the insane RF to get morning sun, so I have to find another spot where the building is blocking the RF signals. When I tested yesterday behind the building was better, so I'm going to hang out near the smokers spot then...

    Any advice would be awesome.
  2. drezy

    drezy Gold

    If the area gets sun and has lower power on the meter it sounds better to me.

    Don't get too close to the smokers so you don't mess with your oxygen intake.

    Good luck.
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  3. Thanks @drezy. I'll do my best! I'm listening to the new 5G webinar about float tanks. There is a place near me, I can add this to my list of hacks.
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  4. drezy

    drezy Gold

    $10 if you throw some ice into one of @JanSz big aquariums and hop in...

    Pictures or it never happened.
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  5. LOL its within the realm of possibility! We are both in NJ afterall
  6. Update 2/1/19
    About 1.5 weeks of dealing with my mom and sis coughing, sneezing and feverish with the flu, and guess what? I didn't get sick at all! A massive win and thank you to the beautiful sunrise and cold AF air everyday for keeping me healthy and in order! Of course thank you to @Jack Kruse as well!

    Using my Cornet trying to test almost everyday to find out if anything is popping into my bedroom. First was (color me shocked, Jack was right again!!), from my Oura ring! That SOB's airplane mode is only set to 24 hours now unless you sync the ring and turn on airplane mode again. Well OK, thats fine but they didnt let anyone know unless you read the FAQ page. BT on that thing is pinging like crazy up to ~0.850! Well tossed that sucker off my finger asap. Oh well, I will have to be more careful with tech and don't believe the marketing BS!

    Then we have the suspicious average ~.0200 - 0.0250 yellow reading on some nights and then averages ~0.0060 green reading on others. I think its from my neighbor's teenager next door and her TV/Phone/other devices pulsing through the walls. Obviously we like the lower reading. I am brainstorming some hacking of my window treatments to add some shielding and see how that goes.

    Bought a laser thermometer, yes it's as fun as everyone says it is! My tap water is coming out around 56-58 degrees F and my tolerable cold bath is ~64 degrees F. Not bad! After a 10-15 min CT in my tub, my skin temp is ~74 degrees F. I will be working more on that. Funny, last night I overdid the warm temp coming from the faucet, ended up with a bath at 83 degrees F, remembered that anything below body temp is still CT, said screw it, and enjoyed the calm bath with lavender. Stayed there for 30 minutes. As soon as exiting, skin shivered a bit and felt cold. Funny! When I am actually cold I get numb and when I'm not really cold I shiver, that's got to mean something! LOL

    While I know that CT via the cold air isn't as effective (due to air not holding temp the same as water, and water as a faraday cage versus open air), I am enjoying being outside in the cold wearing shorts and t shirt getting sun on myself daily. With the wind chill and cold air temp at anywhere between 5 - 20 degrees F, I am getting the skin temp down as well. Its easy for me to "supplement" more with outside air CT at this point in time. Nice!
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  7. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    very nice......
  8. Update 2/4/19
    Drove around with the Cornet, had my mom hold it and she had fun telling us the readings. Some areas aren't bad and others are darn GOOD - anywhere there are residential areas and tons of trees. Unfortunately I know this isn't going to last if we start getting small cell towers. But it buys some time. I'm very very happy to know the park near my house rates .0005! Anywhere there were large clusters of people, the reading shot up. Well that confirms the population density is a concern. Using my little experiments to confirm what we've all learned. Well, we hung out in the sun where the reading was good for a few hours Sunday afternoon. Felt fabulous after.

    Working on what I can affect at the office - bought a salt lamp for my desk to try and off-set the florescent lighting with some more red. Didn't want to end up with some red light and lamp and standing out too much :p Let's see how this goes.
    Last edited: Feb 4, 2019
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  9. Fell off eating well the past 3 days due to work outings and happy hours. My breakfast is always good and on target at least. Yesterday was OK but ended up especially needing CT after getting a headache past few days. Assuming due to environment EMF.... :(

    Set up my tub at 60 degrees F, coldest I've done. I'm working through what temperature and length of time is best for me, 15 minutes is tolerable at 64 degrees. My legs/back/torso became pink with skin temp at 68-70 degrees and numb but felt good, toes and hands got too cold for my liking around 62-64 degrees. Hands were too white, numb and made it hard to grasp objects. Did not like that obviously and I think the coldest water at the bottom was where my hands were. Took at least 1 hour to feel normal. I don't rush to warm up and dry off as recommended. Stood in front of my red light nude to "warm" and massaged my hands and feet before getting dressed. Some time later in bed was still cold, felt internal shivering mechanism though I was not actually shivering. Going to checking out the CT forum :eek: On the plus side I feel skinnier today and my mom mentioned my hips look smaller. Nice win.

    Bought the MovNat book - whoa! I failed the first test lol. There's a workshop coming up in NJ, going to attend it. I have a lot of work to do!

    Another CT thought... NJ shore is empty... Ocean water around 40 degrees... On a "warm" day, would be fun to escape to for a few hours of sun and CT outside. Duh... Didnt think of this before!

    Off to get oyster lunch with my momma!
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  10. My last CT at 62 degrees F, kept my hands out of the water and felt alot better. We finally got real snow yesterday, this morning shoveling in shorts was pretty fun. Heated up quickly and took my jacket off. Maybe its from lack of attention or something but I like being the weirdo with shorts on when its cold out!

    The hippie art conservatory park near my office is not bad! Will be nice to go and sit on a bench in the sun in the next few weeks and months as the UV gets higher. Venturing into the walking paths will be off limits unfortunately because the Cornet reading goes up to the red, no bueno! I can see an office complex behind the trees with a big ol' satellite dish on it. Blah.

    Everyone likes my salt lamp at work. They're jealous I have this cool glowing ball on my desk.
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  11. Havent posted in awhile so I wanted to share some soul music

    Well, I've been afraid of changing
    'Cause I've built my life around you
    But time makes you bolder
    Even children get older
    And I'm getting older too

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  12. Listen to the wind blow
    Watch the sun rise
    Run in the shadows
    Damn your love
    Damn your lies

  13. Two weeks of UV 6-7 has caused me to wander around the yard and sun bathe in my Kiniki. The sun feels good. Does anyone else garden (pick weeds) in theirs? LOL Its a fun challenge to turn from white to pink to red-tan (?) in the next few weeks before the summer starts. This is the first time I have ever sun bathed or wore shorts before May! Awesome. How did I live before? Time has slowed down in my mind, it still feels like February rather than April but I'm pretty happy overall.

    Thinking of...

    All the damn cell towers on every apartment building, all the people who live across the street from one, the ones on/in hospitals and across from schools. I see all of them now, is this my curse or my blessing?

    Working on upping the ante of the beauty of my outdoor space. Thats been a pleasure to brainstorm. I dont mind the work and it gives me an "excuse" to be outside without idleness. Its creative and interesting.

    What I can do to contribute to the cause. A meet up group for NJ/NYC/CT/PA people to meet in person? We need more interpersonal friendships. I want to reach outside of this screen.

    Thinking about my own life and getting my shit together. A company that serves the community to leverage their knowledge? A consulting biz for my main gig? A set of extended vacations to stay out of the office? Or changing everything completely? I know what I have to do, its just DOING it, picking a path and sticking with it. Small steps, small steps...

    My loves. Do I choose one or choose none? Why does this seem like a singular choice only? Why cant just everybody get along...
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  14. UV 9 is all mine
  15. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    I must say - when I was younger ....I thought I had to pick a path and then stick to it.

    I now feel that it is utter nonsense! Why would we stick to a path that isn't working? That isn't fulfilling? that has changed in subtle ways that we couldn't for see?

    We grow and change everyday [hopefully]. Staying the same is the kiss of death to a mitochondriac's journey

    Paths change, we change, others in our life change ......

    It isn't about the destination ...it is all about the journey. I know that you know that!
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  16. Ahh @caroline I still fall prey to thinking I have to stick with a path or I wont be successful. We are all taught that in school and as kids its hard to break the habit. I have an easier time doing that with work and a harder time with my personal life! Its definitely all practice. Sometimes I feel like even when the journey SUCKS theres ultimately a bigger payoff, which is the end. So how do we determine which is more important?

    I'm facing some personal things that are bothering me. A lot has to do with getting older and all those "nexts" that come after being a successful person in career and relationships. What is the end? Is there an end? How do you know its worth it? Avoiding risk only pays off sometimes. Why do we always say "Better safe than sorry" but then life penalizes you for being safe?? Being risk adverse only pays off so much. Taking calculated risks and planning give experience even with "failure" but then again if you overplan you freeze. So thus I remind myself to make small steps, have conversations, make those appointments, take small leaps of faith and just DO. That's what pays off. Thats the journey, I guess. The other stuff is mental fatigue! :eek:
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  17. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    I used to always overthink things .......and I still do -but after the fact!

    Now I go with my instincts ....and then I go WTF did I just do!

    I am overwhelmed by all the "flying by the seat of my pants" that I have done the last number of years .....and I wouldn't change one single thing.

    I feel like I am in the driver's seat when I go with my instincts! I am not listening to others and all their cautious advise, I am not succumbing to my fears about unknown spaces and places and people.
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  18. There's always going to be unknowns we did not even think about!

    On a positive note, I took a MovNat class with a wonderful instructor this weekend. What a kind, amazing person! My mom and sis came too and we had a ball. What a great time. We laughed and smiled and felt joy while moving. I'm looking forward to more of this.

    Working from home today and going to working outdoors, 75 degrees here and high UV, heck yes.
    Last edited: Apr 23, 2019
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  19. Im sitting outside my house working in full sun and watching the insects, bees, birds and people zoom past in their cars. The sky is perfectly blue, the leaves are popping, my violas are blue and yellow - lovely!

    If we didnt do anything to make this garden look nice it would be covered in weeds. If I wasnt sitting outside working I wouldn't get to observe any of natures cycles in action and see how from Nov to April things have changed. If we dont take time to observe by doing "nothing" how do we ever learn?

    The past few days were so busy I couldnt stand it. I had to take a step back and its paid off today.
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  20. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    love your observations Christine....

    Did you see Jack's webinar about Movnat? and then the Q&A?
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