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My journey from frustration to success

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by Aussie Nana, Jan 15, 2013.

  1. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    AN - have you thought of not having seafood for BAB and eating it for your other meals? I think others have said that seafood isn't filling enuf in the morning. Just add more fat. I usually have dinner around 3:300 or 4:00 - I know that sounds crazy but that is when I am naturally hungry and then I am not hungry until the next morning. Pre Leptin reset - I was hungry all the time - it drove me crazy and always hungry in the middle of the nite and I am now doing much better with no fruit at all. Did you say you had grapes? I think they are really high sugar. I said somewhere here that I had a mango one nite with dinner and I was starving all nite.
  2. Aussie Nana

    Aussie Nana New Member

    Caroline, if I want seafood twice a day and only have two meals a day I need to have some at breakfast. I was finding that 180g of mussels kept me full for up to 6 hours, but by adding some pork as well I can go till 5.30 without too much discomfort or thought.

    I said I had grapes given to me. I didn't say I was eating lots of grapes. Yes they are sugary usually. These one's aren't particularly, but I still keep them severely limited. However they aren't that much of an interest to me at the moment. I found myself putting down some of them without eating them even though they were within the small quantity I was allowing myself. They don't draw me any more. A bit like cake. I'm quite happy to leave that even if someone is eating in front of me smacking their lips and making mmm noises. Does nothing for me. I just don't feel I want cake any more. I do eat a little mango if its been very hot and I've sweated a lot, but I can look at them for days without feeling like I should eat them. I've changed.

    Another change is that I'm not carrying as much fluid at night time. I used to lose a kilo (2.2 lb) overnight. Now its only about 600g. I woke at midnight (barking dog) then back to sleep. Woke as usual at 3pm, thought about having a pee but couldn't be bothered and slept till 5.30. Now it has very seldom been possible to go through the night without a pee. But it happened last night so something has changed. And though I woke at 3 I went back to sleep and didn't lie there till dawn. I hope that is indicative of an improvement.

    Oh, and after my unintended exercise on Thursday - oops shouldn't play so enthusiastically with the youngsters, especially as I'm not supposed to be doing any cardio at this stage of my reset - I didn't have any painful muscles. I used to suffer for days after taking a week to recover. This time I was just slightly tight the next day with nothing now. Also felt good after and good the next day. Now that is an improvement.
  3. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Sounds like you are doing great!
  4. endless

    endless New Member

    That's a great sign! I still have a lot of soreness when I exert....hoping to get there soon!
  5. diane

    diane Gold

    I would say playing with the grandkids is fine! And having fun is so important to our health!
  6. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    You can never have too much laughter and fun - especially with grand kids ..... they just make me glow!
  7. Aussie Nana

    Aussie Nana New Member

    The problem I had regarding the overactivity with the children is that it mucked my sleep up again. I was sleeping through my previous midnight wake up time, waking at 3am but not for long and sleeping very deeply. Since my overactivity I've been sleeping much more lightly, waking at midnight and again at 3pm. Last night it took half an hour to go back to sleep again. So I guess the amount of exercise I had when playing was just too much for me where I am at the moment. Pity.

    Went to the beach this morning and had nearly an hour in the water. Now the cyclone has well and truly gone we have nice quiet water, a gently sloping beach and I could see the fish around my feet while the dog played in the sand. It was magical.

    I've been reading the leptin posts and see that it should take 6-8 weeks to leptin reset and I'll know when my sweating increases during activity (it does), muscle fatigue reduces after exercise (it has), carb cravings disappear (they have as long as I don't eat sweet fruit), my hunger is under control (it is) and I'm waking feeling refreshed. This last one is holding me up. It was improving till I overdid it. Humph! I'm waiting to get a list of recommended labs based on my health history from Jack (paid my $99 and sent all the info in) and as soon as I get that I'll be off to the doctor to get them. We can't get things tested here in Australia without a doctor's visit. My problem is that the way our local medical clinic operates I get to see a different doctor each time I go so there is no continuity of relationship. However I've never found that to be useful in the past outside of one doctor, so I'll just have to hope I can get as many of these tests done under our government health scheme as is possible.

    i really want to make the breakthrough to health. My daughter has been making rude noises about what I eat and how I don't enjoy food much, that she really loves her food, especially her bread, etc. Well I have to admit that fish, mussels and I weren't on very good terms and they certainly weren't my first choice of food, but i very much want health and vitality, more than I want to eat bread, even lovely bread.

    I'm a bit bothered about losing my fitness while I'm not doing any cardio activity. I've also stopped doing my squats, pushups, situps, etc. It will be good when I can start again.
  8. ashryn

    ashryn New Member

    Good luck with your doctor.. I am going to see mine on tues.. Maybe I can pass on her name if you have no luck and if she's useful in this regard..

    oh, and mama grok said something in one of her posts about not losing any strength whilst doing the reset.. She said her endurance and strength was just as good after a long time of no cardio as it was when she was training.
  9. Aussie Nana

    Aussie Nana New Member

    Thanks for that tip about mama grok not losing strength or endurance. Its nice to know. Its been a long haul to build up the little endurance I have and I'd hate to lose it.

    I was feeling sorry for myself again yesterday. My AI eye problem flared up again - not badly, but a flare nevertheless. Then when I woke at 3am - slept through till 3, yay - it came to me that I had a little egg in a meat patty from the freezer. So at least it has an explanation and a probable cause. It could give me the excuse to visit the doctor today though for the tests.

    Back to the sleep - heavier/deeper and more refreshing than I've had since last Thursday but I was a awake for half an hour at 3am. Still, its another little improvement. I'm also at a new low in weight - 64.5 kilos, the lowest in 10 years - despite the little flare yesterday - that was a surprise. i don't usually lose weight when I flare.
  10. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Sounds like you are doing great AN - you definitely don't lose strength or endurance doing the reset - you will come out the other end in great shape!
  11. endless

    endless New Member

    It's amazing how judgemental family members can be when you are trying something different....my mother is skeptical about my choices and every time I tlak to her she asks me if I'm feeling 'much better'...the underlying implication being that if I'm not then it's not a good path. She is also resistant to CT...then again, she lives in Mexico and I live in Canada. I just keep telling her that my choices are my choices and she can do what she pleases!

    If you are almost LS I will admit to being a teensy bit jealous...I have been at it for 6 months!
  12. Aussie Nana

    Aussie Nana New Member

    I'm not sure if I'm almost LS, endless - it would be nice to think so. My family and friends also think that each lot of supplements or things that I try should be instantaneously successful - well within a week and if they aren't then they obviously aren't working so I should stop spending money on them. They don't have any problems with their non-recovery from their problems when using the CW health system, though.

    Went to the doctor this morning to see if I could get the labs drawn and have come away with a long list of them, though no hormone panels. I really felt like the PCP was doing a paint by numbers review of my condition. But first things first - get the ones provided by the government, then seek other doctors to get the rest of them.
  13. Aussie Nana

    Aussie Nana New Member

    I had fasting bloods this morning so I was late with my BAB. It was interesting that although I felt hungry it was only mild - none of this sense of starving or craving I used to get.

    Sleep wasn't great last night. Food all good, well boring, but eating clean. No cravings at the moment and despite feeling mildly hungry from about 3pm onwards I don't feel a need to eat even at 5.30pm, ie I eat breakfast but no lunch. I do eat at 5.30 so I have three hours before my cold bath, meditation and bed.

    I am annoyed that despite telling the doctor I was prepared to pay for a reverse T3 test he didn't order it.

    I've put some questions up about ordering salivary tests in the labs part of this forum - I've found I don't need a doctor's script to do it so I'm hoping people will answer my questions so I can order the right ones.
  14. ashryn

    ashryn New Member

    In case you would like the name of my GP, it is Dr Mary Davies. She works out of Jones St Surgery in Amelia Heights. Whatever you do, don't read the propaganda on the walls! I'm working on the theory it all belongs to dr Kan the other one that works there.. He seems to believe the hype and be hell-bent on terrifying everyone into compliance.. Oh, they also have western diagnostics right there on weekday mornings too, so you don't have to run around. She'll order you an rt3 just explain to her it's the way to check for leptin sensitivity.

    I'm sure she'll order the hormone panel too, especially if you give her the reason you think you need the info.

    I hope it isn't a problem that I gave out her business details.. I guess not since you can find her with a google search.
  15. Aussie Nana

    Aussie Nana New Member

    Thanks Ashryn, I might follow up on that one. I was not at all impressed with the doc I saw. You say its Amelia heights - our map doesn't show that. Can I presume its the one in Stirling city? A Jones street runs down from Amelia street there. I'll wait and see what my results are as I should get them within a week. How much does she cost?

    Last night I slept through till 4am. The hours of continuous sleep are creeping up. The clean eating might just be working. Must go and have BAB now then off for a swim at the beach.
  16. Aussie Nana

    Aussie Nana New Member

    It came to me as I was lying in bed as the sky turned from black to dawn, adrenaline running and initially complaining to myself about it all that perhaps I had got it wrong. My body is doing the best it can with the resources it has and I should use this 3F driver in a better way. Everything is primed for action, so I can use this adrenal response to activate myself. So I relaxed into it and in my mind's eye gathered together all the information from my peripheral vision. I could organise my thoughts.

    It then came to me that I, and perhaps others might find it useful too, to think of supplements in two ways. Firstly there are supplements to deal with what have become deficiencies, such as magnesium and selenium, and the magic mix of stuff in shellfish, etc. And then there are supplements which can improve our quality of life, such as thyroid. Now if we have deficiencies our body will take and use the supplements in the best way it can given our current substrates and hormonal cascades. Sometimes our body can use these supplements well and sometimes something else has to happen first in order to optimise our outcomes.

    However supplements which are there to improve our quality of life should be considered differently. When I was taking a supplement like thyroid, as I did for a number of years, then I shouldn't have expected it to "fix the problem". The problem can't be fixed by taking something that I should be providing myself from the food I eat. The supplement however was able to "hold me" until either I could deal with the underlying issue of improving my hormonal cascades or find out something else I can do which could make a difference - like CT, grounding, epipaleo. Now when we take a supplement such as thyroid or 5-HTP (which I also took for a couple of years) then this will change not just the immediate hormonal situation, but it has a huge cascading effect. Now our body turns down our thyroid function for a reason. By hyping it up to what makes us feel much better we might inadvertently make something else occur, perhaps something less than desirable. Now I don't mean I shouldn't have had the thyroid or the 5-HTP, just that I should think of them as being interim actions, not endpoints in themselves. Which I always did. So what is my point?

    I have been reading about people's attempts to understand their labs in the light of their food intake and supplements. Taking thyroid will drive down the TSH and possibly increase the rT3 because the body has so much T3 it has plenty left over, especially given that the body has down regulated the thyroid function for a reason in the first place. I think its a juggling act, holding ourselves as best we can with supplements while providing the best food substrates and environmental factors as we are able given our personal circumstances. Of course we want to feel great - and thyroid really helped when I needed it - and I really don't want to have these adrenaline runs in the middle of the night and in the morning. But given where I am in my environment, I don't have to make them a huge deal. I can work around them. And in the meantime trust that my body is well intentioned and will become more and more optimal as I improve its food and environment.
  17. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    I like your thinking a lot ......
  18. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    you are close to making a change in your life........biology is never about supplements.......it is about randomness........and from that randomness we gain from the disorder. Hard for many to understand.........but it is the law of evolution. Embrace it........ride its wave. You fight i, you're screwed.
  19. Zorica Vuletic

    Zorica Vuletic New Member

    Aussie Nana that is an awesome summary of your thoughts!! I quite like it.

    I am starting to learn that perhaps certain supplements are very beneficial at least for my situation. When I was taking this that and the other supplements a year ago I didn't really understand too much about them and how they relate to me. I then thought I was having good enough success in the summer that I didn't need ANY supplements since I was under the impression that solid diet and minding light cycles etc. would be sufficient for me. But I learned over the Fall that no it is not enough (for me). I don't test for $$$ reasons, so I have to feel my way around on these matters, but now I have added back some simple supplements after I went back and analysed what I felt had the best benefit for me and what just makes 'sense' to add back.

    I added back Vitex since it brought my cycle back in the summer (or at least I theorized but I stopped shortly after I got my cycle so I couldn't have tested further if it was the Vitex or just coincidence).

    I decide that D3 and Mg are the other two which I get the best benefit from. At least so far after almost a month (with Mg) and over a month with D3 I actually feel/notice a benefit. I notice that my skin has returned colour in it. Almost as if I have a 'tan' or something. I don't know if that's the Mg, the D3 or both (doubt it would be the Vitex)?

    I will see in the next couple of days if my cycle comes for Feb to see if the Vitex is what brought it back in July or if it is not strong enough to regulate my cycles. Who knows. I added back the Vitex at end of December and got my TOTM on Jan. 8---so any day now...? We shall see. For me personally based on my cycle history I've always been on the longer between TOTMs anyway so that might be 'my norm'. But, I will continue the Vitex for a 3 month trial so I can assess it's role a little bit better. I know I will keep up with the D3 at least until the Spring sometime (when I can get more natural sun in) and I will ALWAYS keep the Mg!!

    I don't want to mess with thyroid and/or Pg just yet. I was having a lot of hypo T symptoms in the last few months, but I want to see if I can target those from an easier/cheaper/not have to rely on dr. route first. I find it is trickier with thyroid and even Pg when it comes to supplementing those, so yes, if I can help myself out in a bigger way just from simple Mg, D3 (and maybe continue with Vitex) I would MUCH prefer that. I have learned though, that it is not a bad thing if one needs supplements even with good diet. Because for some reason our bodies can have some lingering epi-genetic defects or something which causes the body to 'waste' these nutrients that EVEN good diet cannot keep up with. At least for me. (I don't like if my body 'wastes' resources...sigh. )

    Aussie Nana I also hope you can get rid of your adrenaline surges soon. I know what it's like for adrenaline. Ew. Not fun.
  20. ashryn

    ashryn New Member

    It's the jones st that runs off Amelia st.. I always thought it was balcatta, but someone told me that little bit is called Amelia heights.. Probably like that bit of Balga called Westminster!

    She bulk bills, so it costs you $5 if she writes a prescription.

    hey Zorica, you're not meant to take vitex (chaste tree, right?) indefinitely.. It is a normaliser, so once you have yourself sorted, you should stop taking it..
    Last edited: Feb 7, 2013

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