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My Journal

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by JVB, Oct 25, 2018.

  1. JVB

    JVB New Member

    40 (almost 41) year old living in Atlanta. Grew up on Cape Cod. Haplogroup V4. 74% Irish/Scottish/British (says 100% European in my 23 and me data)

    I know we need to get out of Atlanta and have wanted to move anyway (my husband and I are both from the northeast and our parents are still there). I'd really like to go back to New England but just looked at my results from Genetic Genie and I'm homozygous for VDR Taq, does that mean it won't be enough sun for me?

    Also COMT is -/-
    1298 +/-
    677 -/-

    Labs taken at end of August (will probably get cholesterol redone this month because of open enrollment stuff) after spending a month on Cape Cod:

    Vitamin D - 55
    Glucose - 81
    BUN -16
    Creatine - 1.01
    Total Cholesterol - 179
    HDL - 79
    LDL - 87
    TSH - 1.35

    The health issues I've had in the past mostly seem to be hormonal - lower progesterone when I was in my 30s and having kids (was on BC pill for 7 years in my 20s). I was on Prometrium for my #2 and #3 pregnancies in the first trimester because prog. was lower normal and I had had two miscarriages after my first child. After my 3rd child (about a year after) and after i had been pregnant or nursing for four years straight I had some tightening in one of my legs and then had all over body twitches for a few months. I felt terrible - brain fog, etc. and the dr. thought I was just dehydrated which I probably was cellularly. Eventually it all went away (started using magnesium lotion) but at the time it occurred I was living a pretty much indoor existence with a lot of computer time. I was looking at the labs they drew around that period and my BUN was at 24. I've also had sinus and ear pressure off and on for 15 years. I've always had a huge sweet tooth for chocolate and ice cream. I've been around the same weight since high school.

    My maternal grandmother died in her mid 70s (T2 Diabetes and heart disease). She had breast cancer in her 60s. My mother is 65 and has T2 Diabetes as well and has had multiple spine/neck surgeries. When we were kids she got terrible migraine headaches but I don't think she gets them anymore. My dad is 70 and healthy (works outside a lot and golfs). My mom and both my sisters have worn glasses from an early age but I have good vision.

    The past year or so I've felt pretty good. Better sleep, more energy throughout the day, etc. I spend a decent amount of time outside and I've been eating my seafood (which I love so no problems there). We had put a fluoride filter in our home two years ago but I've switched to drinking Icelandic or Pellegrino anyway. I want to make sure where we move is going to be more optimal for my whole family.
  2. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    Get calcium score test.
    You and your mom.
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  3. JVB

    JVB New Member

    JanSz - Because of heart disease risk?
  4. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    No to assess your blue risk and nnEMF damage.
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  5. JVB

    JVB New Member

    Ok, thanks.
  6. JVB

    JVB New Member

    Some small updates - I went to the dentist last month and the hygienist commented that there was a note about plaque on my teeth from the last cleaning, but she saw very little. She seemed puzzled.

    I also had some hip pain when I moved certain ways for about 18 months and I just realized a few days ago it's not there anymore. I had our smart meter removed about 6 weeks ago and wonder if there was a connection. I haven't done anything differently, although I have felt great the past few weeks since it's gotten so warm and I've been outside a lot more. Had a stomach bug a week ago so decided I might as well just give up coffee. My body was not really wanting it anyway (I was a less than a cup a day person) - once it started getting warmer it was just not that appealing anymore. My hormones seem to be really balanced, although I have not tested any of this. My cycle has been a perfect 28 days the past few months

    Still in Atlanta. I'm working on the house (yard work today). We're coming up with Plans A, B, and C. Even aside from the 5g thing we've realized over the past year we are not city people. Our kids love and need to be outside more and I'm doing some serious thinking about school for next year (or lack there of). We have a creek in our back yard with huge trees and bamboo everywhere and my two younger ones have basically been in the creek for the past two weeks everyday (I was thinking that standing in the creek would work for grounding even here).

    I went on a mom/daughter trip to Nashville last month and the whole why I don't really use a cell phone thing came up at lunch on the way there. Another mom told me she thinks I'm right and then was asking me about what I thought about LED lights in houses and in the street lights (she hates them and has stocked up on incandescents) and she really seemed interested in my answers. All the other girls (age 11) on the trip have phones and she said "Why don't we make this a phone free weekend for the girls?" So once the phones got taken away, the kids started talking, making up stories together, etc. (no surprise to me). I'm sure everyone went back to their normal tech use after the weekend, but I think one or two of the moms may think about it a bit more.
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  7. JVB

    JVB New Member

    My hip is hurting a bit again if I bend a certain way - need to start exercising more regularly (aside from my 2 mile walk in the a.m. with the dog) and be more serious about my diet. On the plus side, I had two small patches of this rash around both sides of my nose (I think it was perioral dermatitis) all winter and it's gone now that I've been out in the warm sun for the past few weeks. I've never had any sort of rash in my life so I have to think it was environmental.

    Just went to a PTA talk at the kids' school where they brought a chiropractor in to talk about health and wellness. He started off with processed paleo food, elderberry syrup, etc. but then talked about blue blockers for screens and getting out in the sun. He then talked some nonsense about diet and the blue zones, etc. Then someone asked about how one was supposed to get Vitamin D without dairy (because he was advocating no dairy) and he said "You get it from the sun and the healthiest kids are those that are outside the most". He didn't address non native EMF at all and he had to rush out so there wasn't time for a lot of questions but I was pleased that he brought all that up, although the talk was very poorly attended outside of the PTA board so only about 15 of us heard the talk.
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  8. JVB

    JVB New Member

    Small victories - My 6th grader's middle school handed out tablets to all of the kids to "bridge the digital divide" earlier this year. We declined (and the other moms didn't even know this was an option). There is a FB group for parents of 6th graders and there was a new thread on Friday by a parent who was complaining that her kid's grades were dropping since the tablets were given out and then about 15 other parents voiced similar concerns along the lines of - my kid isn't sleeping anymore, who puts minecraft and games on a tablet for 11/12 year olds? etc. So I ended up posting that they should not feel like it's only their kid and if only their kid had more self control they would be able to handle having a tablet because their brains are not fully formed until 25. Posted a ton of research and gave some sleep tips (sunrise, blue blockers at night, wifi off) and a bunch of the mom's ordered blue blockers and want to have a meeting with the principal about the problems with technology. I said I'd be happy to come along with research. I'm likely not sending my daughter back next year (her myopia has gotten a lot worse this year even though she has no personal devices) but I have to try to help other parents who are interested.
  9. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    great update JVB!

    will you home school next year? Why is her Myopia a lot worse do you think?
  10. JVB

    JVB New Member

    Thanks Caroline! The myopia - we were able to hold the prescription steady in elementary, but once she hit middle school the school day is longer, almost every class is in front of a screen , homework is in front of a screen and they do not go outside (they are supposed to be allowed to go outside once a week for lunch but in reality her particular teacher makes them eat inside and then if they have any time left they go). My husband and I both have very good eye sight but both of our mothers were myopic from a very young age.

    The other complaints on this FB thread were that some teachers were not teaching and just expecting the kids to learn from whatever computer program they were using. It's been a complete and utter disaster, but in a way how badly it has gone with giving 11/12 year olds these tablets has perhaps woken some of these parents up. They're not yet thinking about harm from wireless devices, but they are realizing that technology does have a downside and their children's sleep and grades are going downhill.

    I may homeschool, I have to see where we land. I really wouldn't mind it, but I have an 11 year old, a 7 year old and a 5 year old so I just need to wrap my head around how it would work. The elementary school my younger kids go to is amazing except for the wifi. I've been able to work around some of the technology this year in ES by simply asking the teachers to not allow my kids to use iPads, they eat breakfast outside and then they are outside from 3 to 7/7:30 every day. I actually agreed to co-chair the school auction this year for the elementary school so I could have some name recognition with the principal, as I am planning on talking to him about the wireless issue before the end of the year. I may not be sending my kids there again, but feel like I need to at least raise some awareness with the school and with my friends.
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  11. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    I love how you write ....you are direct but yet have an idea of how to get what you want and need with understanding and compassion and intelligence .....you are a force to be reckoned with.

    Awhile ago I spent some time with a Family who homeschool [I am in OZ btw]

    There was 4 children....the oldest was going to be going to high school the next year. She had been entirely homeschooled up until then.

    These children were remarkable .....all very bright, engaging, fun, very social and a huge love of adventure - as were their parents.

    Since home schooling takes a fraction of the time going to a regular school takes - these folks had travelled all over Australia and had a blast.

    We have run into this a few times on our travels ......the kids are just head and shoulders above their peers in so many ways.
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  12. JVB

    JVB New Member

    The homeschooling taking way less time is appealing and I think I would enjoy it, but would miss being part of the school community. But it's making me feel stressed out that my kids are sitting in a wifi soup all day. My 11 year old is the type that really only needs a library for an education and she'll teach herself. She's very introverted and really values her alone time so she wouldn't miss the social aspect of school as long as she could continue playing soccer and tennis. Both of her best friends have not been in school with her this year (one went to private and one moved to Northern California unfortunately) so it's been sort of an odd year for her anyway, even without the whole adjusting to middle school thing. And not having a phone has probably also been isolating for her (for some reason everyone around here gives their kids a phone as soon as they go to 6th grade). It's so sad on the days I pick her up to see the kids all streaming out of the doors, not talking to their friends, but glued to their phones.

    My husband is not totally onboard with homeschooling. He's an attorney, so I think his first inclination on any subject is to argue the other side (but then later agrees that I am right), and I also think for both of us we have such great memories of the social aspects of school that it's just a new direction that may take some getting used to. We are also both first born rule followers (get good grades, go to college, get a good job, buy a house in a good school district, etc) so walking away from what we thought we both wanted just takes some self reflection and some time but he's getting there. I think he also feels irresponsible walking away from his well paying job because we have three kids, but for weeks at a time he barely sleeps because he's up late working and he's just too old for this nonsense.

    Anyway, one possibility (and my #1 choice) is moving to my home town - my dad's house is empty (he lives with his girlfriend) so we wouldn't even have to buy a house right away, and my mom is friends with an attorney who said he'd be interested in talking to my husband about a job. Small town, tons of family around, low stress, living near the beach (although a cold beach) and I could home school and see how the whole wifi in school thing shakes out (since Massachusetts is looking at this). My best friend from high school's family has an oyster farm. The high school I went to (and where the kids would go eventually) is actually in a national park and is more like a college campus in that it has separate buildings, so you have to go outside to switch classes and you can eat your lunch outside. I had no idea how lucky I was!
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  13. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    I forgot to mention .....the one family in particular who home school - That was my big question - what about all the friends and social aspects of home schooling.

    They all said ...Absolutely NO problem. Homeschoolers have various connections with other like minded people! In fact they had quite a social life if they so choose.

    You have so many positives in your favour ........keep piking thru the debris until you find what suits all of you!
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  14. JVB

    JVB New Member

    So we went to Serenbe last weekend. It's this yuppie "wellness community" about 30 miles south of Atlanta with a lot of green space, trails, etc. It was great and so relaxing. We have friends here in Atlanta who are building a lot of the houses in Serenbe and the husband had mentioned to me the weekend before we went that he was doing an EMF fortress for a client there with wire mesh in the walls, no LED lights, etc. We were at a very loud event so I didn't get all of the details, but am now intrigued. He told my husband that he thinks I'm right about all of this EMF stuff.

    My husband and I both were talking about how great we felt there despite having better cell reception than at our home in Atlanta and my husband mentions that for the last six months he's felt his body is vibrating, but that the feeling went away there and his tinnitus was barely noticeable. The area only has 3 cell phone towers. My oldest daughter and I did goat yoga (weird and painful) and the kids just rode around on their bikes all weekend.

    So we're thinking about building a house down there. It's only 45 minutes from my husband's office and they have a Montessori school in the community. There's been a lot of bad stuff happening in my community this week and I feel like these are signs from the universe that we need to get out of here fast. A 50 year old AT&T exec that lives a few houses down from a small cell in my neighborhood dropped dead over the weekend, there was just a murder suicide last week and the kid goes to my kids' elementary school and today we got an e-mail from my daughter's middle school that a former student had made threats against the school and they were on lockdown. People really are going crazy.
  15. Saichi

    Saichi New Member

    Public school has no value anymore in a city. No amount of money is worth the mitigation of consciousness your kids are suffering there. Although real Time is eternal, we really don't have much time left in our current form, luckily. Wasting the present for an unreal future is a poor investment.
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  16. JVB

    JVB New Member

    Just some observations after being at my 20th college reunion over the weekend. I am the only one in my group of close girlfriends (4 of us) without a mitochondrial disease and we're all only 41/42. They all live in NY/NJ. One friend - Type 1 diabetes, another rheumatoid arthritis and the other with a huge thyroid and skin (severe acne) problem. Two out of my three friends are teachers. I was talking to my friend with RA and she knows that cell phones are bad and her work environment is toxic. She of course has really low Vitamin D so her dr. has put her on supplements. I told her some of the things we've done (no wi-fi, cold showers, sunrise, etc.). I tried to not be pushy, but finally I had to tell her to take off her Apple watch - she had never even thought that would be an issue. She said her hands are so painful that it takes two hours to really get them working in the morning. Not sure if she'll listen but planning on having a girls weekend this summer at the beach - yoga, no tech, oysters and laughter.
  17. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    when you have poor wifi reception ....all your devices are always searching for a signal....
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  18. JVB

    JVB New Member

    So I get zero cell reception at my house on my cell phone (we're in the middle of the city but have huge trees all around and we happen to live in a little valley of sorts as Atlanta is really hilly), and so I leave it on Airplane almost all day. I've set up my wired computer so that I can get text messages there. My husband does get a cell signal and he uses his phone more for work but he's really limited it. My friends and family just know to call me on my landline or text.
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  19. LieselK

    LieselK Titanium Member

    Hey JVB! I was searching for homeschool on the forums and found your journal- wondering how you are doing? My 11 year old daughter and I were just at the eye doc yesterday and her myopia is a lot worse too. They think it's because she reads so much and her brain thinks she only needs to see close and is making her more near sighted. The doc suggested that at the end of each chapter she should look up at something far away for 20 seconds. I plan to tint our own blue blockers after we move to Florida next month. I can't afford to buy her the prescription ones and can buy supplies to do it on my own. On the contrary, my eyes barely changed for the first time in FOREVER. I have been doing my morning light and wear my blue-blockers for the last year and a half. Small win!

    We are also starting homeschooling- I was just at the homeschool store this morning!
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  20. JVB

    JVB New Member

    Hey Liesel! I just got back to Atlanta after 5 weeks on Cape Cod and Rhode Island and so I haven't been on here at all. My myopic daughter got a decent amount of beach time without glasses this summer. She's so much happier being in a small town and so doesn't fight me on the take the glasses off outside as much up there.

    My husband has been interviewing so I have to think something is going to hit soon. We're waiting to see where we land (hoping for small town New England). But please keep me posted on your home school experiences.

    I was doing some shopping last week and popped into J.Crew and they were selling non-prescription blue blocking computer glasses there for $18 - it's officially gone mainstream.:)

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