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My Journal

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by Jim Laird, Feb 25, 2018.

  1. Phosphene

    Phosphene Gold (finally)

    Confession: I watch and fucking love Parks & Rec.
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  2. Billybats

    Billybats New Member

    Hi Jim,

    I couldn't post on your presentation thread so I will post here then if you want you can move it.

    I think you should present the videos you post first then follow with this:

    This one I just loved because of his passion:D

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  3. Jim Laird

    Jim Laird Gold

    I have been doing very well. Just got done with CT which is fantastic this time of year, with overnight temp approaching freezing the water is perfect right around 55f around mid day. I like to do my CT in the afternoon sun before my 3:30 PM shift. I have been doing an excellent job of keeping up to speed with my am light, it has become a none negotiational activity for me. Will be making some changes soon that will allow me to have even a better am experience. It is close to freezing in the am here now so I get even stranger looks when I'm sitting out in front of my gym with my shirt off getting my sunrise in and everyone walking by is bundled up like it's the artic. Had a great consult with Dr. Kruse on Sunday it was at 8 am in the morning it was fun to sit outside and have a good conversation with him, he gave me some great ideas for my business now and in the future. He also offered me some ideas on how to offset some to the dumbassery of my past performance driven choices. If your a member and you have never done a consult with Dr @Jack Kruse I highly recommend it. I am excited for the uncoming year and some of the changes I am about to implement. My evolution over the last 25 years in this business has been an interesting one to say the least. If you would have told me 25 years ago that I would be telling people to get outside and not be a Zoo Animal I would hace said you were insaine.

    The member event is coming up fast and I am really looking forward to that.
  4. Jim Laird

    Jim Laird Gold

    One thing that has really helped me is taking monthly off the grid breaks. Air BB is great for this Kentucky is great with in an hours drive from Lexington there are areas that do not get any cell service I mean zero. I have been going to this cabin I found a great place in McKee on Airbnb. Check it out: https://abnb.me/F4bI4q4ahR it's cheap and in the middle of no wear. It has WiFi I just unplug it. I will live the entire weekend with candles and fire spend all day outside with my dogs with as little clothes as possible. My sleep is amazing I come back to work so relaxed I almost can't function lol

    I so desire simple life like this and I am in the process of putting things into pla to make it happen.

    Do a search on air BB for off the grid cabins you will be pleasantly surprised. In the log book at the cabin review after review so happy no cell service ...... People are looking to dissconect. Might be a good business model for the future.

  5. Jim Laird

    Jim Laird Gold

    I have been researching putting a shipping container under the ground as a strategy for dealing with the upcoming 5 g assult. After during some research shipping containers have a couple drawbacks, weak on the sides they are strong top to bottom desged to be stacked so they can pron to collapse on the side. Some have had harsh chemicals stored inside them. Not very corrosion proof. So looking around I found this site that has shelters designed for being underground starting as little as 20,000 looks like a good option to put beside or under and existing structure as a sleeping area or as Un Der ground strand alone home.

    They also have water tight structures for areas with high water tables. I'm sure some of the tornado shelters would do the trick as well.

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  6. I actually thought about doing something underground as well...have you ever checked out Off Grid with Doug and Stacy? They are the ultimate off griders, no electricity whatsoever. They just finished building an off grid root cellar/ shelter and I wonder what Jack would think of it...
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  7. Jim Laird

    Jim Laird Gold

    I have not I will Def check it out ! Thank you
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  8. the only thing I'm concerned about is the radon levels with living underground... Is there a way to mitigate radon without the use of electricity?
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  9. Jason Yun

    Jason Yun Gold

    Jim, I also own a gym near Columbus, OH. What light's did you change out? Not sure where I heard your name from before, were/are you part of elite fts?
  10. Jim Laird

    Jim Laird Gold

    I'm good friends with Wendler, I used to lift with all those guys. I got my lights from 1000bulbs.com I put 2 black lights every 150-200 square feet. They have been great, it's not perfect but it leads to all sorts of discussion. It's a bandaid for now. I have two years left on my lease so i just have to do the best i can till then. The timing is perfect that is when 5 g will be hitting lexington
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  11. Jim Laird

    Jim Laird Gold

    i have so much going on right now. So many exciting things happening in January I will be putting myself first for the first time in my life. Totally revamping my buiness. The changes are going to allow me to live a more authentic human life. It's scary and exciting at the same time !
    Hopefully it will encourage some of my cleints to make similar changes. Amazing day in Lexington today it was cold but finally sunny. Got an amazing grouned outdoor CT session in this afternoon, followed up by a high speed CT session on my motorcycle. Time is flyin by we are almost a month away from the member event, I am really looking forward to that. It will be a nice reset to come back to my new schedaul changes.

    Happy Thanksgiving !

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  12. Jim Laird

    Jim Laird Gold

    A72E222B-48B4-4943-9B06-D258778007A1.jpeg Full house inside a rare sunny winter day in Lexington. Almost 60F ! Full house inside. Silly Zoo Humans

    Happy thanksgiving
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  13. Jim Laird

    Jim Laird Gold

    It’s been a ruff week and it’s just started. Just let me clients know that I am radically changing my schedaul. Lots of upset clients, they understand why I am doing what I am doing but they are still upset. Have to take care of myself first. This is the first time I’ve ever put myself first. It’s excotong but still difficult. Really looking forward to the member event, winter has been shitty in Kentucky very little sun lots of Cloudy shitty days. I have a sauna at the gym now so looking forward to adding that into my routine. Mexico is going to be great to recharge my batteries to get me through the winter. I’m going to by a toy hauler rv to put on a piece of property I bought that had zero cell phone service I will be spending my weekends there starting in the new year I am really looking forward to that. Just moved out of my house, threw out tons of shit I never used feels so good to downsize. I pretty much have my personal possessions down to what I can fit in my four runner it is so refreshing. I am so excited for my new schedaul and eliminating early mornings. Sipping on Malbec looking to the future. I want to live a more authentic human life.

    That’s all for now

    Laird out ....
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  14. Jim Laird

    Jim Laird Gold

    I have three dogs they could count as kids
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  15. Jim Laird

    Jim Laird Gold

    Sitting here waiting for the sun rise, excited for the new year. It's been ruff month the changes I am making are not easy but have to be done.

    I`m going to the member even I am so excited to g back to Mexico get recharged and come back and hit the ground running with my new schedule.

    Been doing a good job getting my outdoor time my am light is none negotionble. Really looking forward to Jan when my day doesnt start untill 9am
  16. Jim Laird

    Jim Laird Gold

    Been an interesting couple weeks. Downsizing my client base has been difficult but exciting at the same time. It’s tuff to end 8-10 year relationships but in the end I must put my self care first. I am really looking forward to the member event and getting back to Mexico once again to recharge my batteries to help me get through the rest of Kentucky winter. It’s hard to believe it’s almost here. Looking forward to meeting everyone that will be there.
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  17. Jim Laird

    Jim Laird Gold

    I think my clients are getting the message, gifts from clients.

    Attached Files:

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  18. Jim Laird

    Jim Laird Gold

    E2690FAA-F427-4A51-B393-C9FBDA493668.jpeg One of my clients got me lightsaber chop stixs of course I had to try them out right away :)
    Last edited: Dec 22, 2018
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