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My Journal

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by Michalis, Oct 21, 2016.

  1. Michalis

    Michalis New Member

    On Leptin reset. Going to bed at 20:30 and reading until about 21:30. Waking uo at 06:30. Breakfast is cod or salmon or prawns with a mixture or olive oil and Ghee. I still have coffee.. so work in progress on that.

    I abandoned oysters as i mentioned on a previous post they cause me gout like symptoms.

    Started doing bone broth. My first batch seems to carry a powerful punch. I threw a lot of seaweed in there too.. Massive amounts of kelp. Organic beef bones with marrow, lamb bones and pig trotters..

    Generally my fatigue seems to have almost disappeared which is great.. My neck however is going downhill... Cervical issues... The whole cervical spine been cracking.. Arthritis seems to have settled in everywhere in such a short period of time..
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  2. Michalis

    Michalis New Member

    Still on the leptin reset.

    Each morning i have Fish+Bone broth. Generally i feel well and i really want to go and lift weights but i cant... the problem is my bones.. It seems that my neck is cracking everywhere.... Osteophytes are growing everywhere... It started in April and it seems to be accelerating.

    I finaly had a stem cell treatment for my knees and in the recovery process.. I am off to Thailand next month to give them a little boost.. Unfortunately my plan to have the stem cell treatment and leave for a sunny place immediately after fell through because of work shenanigans so i had to put up with London...
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  3. Antonis

    Antonis Free diving

    Keep it up bro. Keep thinking positive and you will find your way. Its all about energy remember. You can attract anything you want.
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  4. We will get ourselves out of this hell hole soon enough mate.........
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  5. Also, how about spot treatment of that Neck/ Cervicle area to increase Electron Flow there?

    1. Ice/ CT that area (fournier effect) with Ice bags... You could put water in freezer bags and freeze them overnight, would be cheap!
    2. Use I-R light on it
    3. Use a UV bulb on it
    4. Myofascial Release
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  6. Michalis

    Michalis New Member

    Regarding cold i am going to jump back in to soon. The stem cell doc asked me to refrain for cold for 6 weeks, which is actually this week since the treatment.

    I have been using a red+near infrared light combo from Redlightman for quite some time and also a far infrared pad that i also use on the knees after the stem cell treatment. Cant say i have seen a lot of difference on the neck.

    I was getting rolfed + did myofacial release for 5 months once per week April to August ... It helps as it was almost an emergency, i felt i was hunching like crazy ... I spent tons of money on the release and the guy worked my whole body with emphasis on the neck.

    Havent tried the UV and i think that could make some difference because of Vit D. I will see how i feel in Thailand next month with all the UV...
    I have got a TENS machine at home which have utilised in the past for injuries ..

    But i feel all these are like pissing in the wind if all this emf is altering my collagen networks and dehyrating my disks and joints...

    Sean we are definitely leaving this place.
    Last edited: Oct 16, 2018
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  7. Yeah CT is obviously a great shout. But it is fucking hard to do somedays, the dopamine being low in London doesn't help either.

    An easier alternative to CT that your low dopamine mind might not be able to make excuses for so easily, but I don't think anywhere as good, is the Sauna...

    I've noticed some really nice benefits, including feeling more relaxed and WAY LESS stressed, which if I read this blog correctly - should be a big factor in your symptoms... Tensegrity 2: Cortisol https://jackkruse.com/tensegrity-2-cortisolam-sunlight/

    It makes sense, reading that blog, why Back Pain/ Spine Pain/ Muscle Pain is such a common feature of the Modern Man under blue light. Cortisol unzips collagen networks and "steals electrons" from tissues. And this explains why lowering Cortisol with Meditation, Yogas, Saunas and even Alcohol and Smoking is so common and frequently used by these workers in cities, sometimes all in the same day, just like ourselves, to combat these pains and stress.

    Something else the Sauna does which is in the EMF rx webinar, is that it is also anti-EMF due to raising Ornithine levels, which is part of the Urea Cycle... I won't lie, no idea how that works, but I think it is the enzyme AFTER Urea in that cycle. You mentioned struggle with Oysters (prurine) indicating that you have an issue in this Cycle:

    You also make a lot of Water (sweat) in the Sauna. Which we know is probably a good thing for the Mitochondria... Not promising the world, but it is another tool for your arsenal.


    I'm reaching out far here to back up my Sauna use, but hear me out............

    Ornithine lowers Ammonia Levels. https://examine.com/supplements/ornithine/ (apologies for the crappy source)


    "A little-known fact about a Warburg metabolism: everyone focuses in on the glucose aspect of Warburg’s findings, but if you read his original papers, he also found a lot of ammonia released simultaneously to glucose use. Why did he find that? Ubiquitin up-regulation creates excess protein turnover, and this leads to the production of a lot of ammonia. When ammonia production is increased, oxygen levels fall, superoxide levels drop, while Reactive Nitrogen Species increase. Non-native EMF does it as well. "

    Seems to me like lowering Ammonia by Sauna use increasing Ornithine was on Jack's mind when doing the EMF rx. If you are under high nnEMF then you will be making a lot of this Ammonia, and Reactive Nitrogen Species. The Sauna could be good for this, on days where you can't get yourself in the Cold tub. I also don't see what's wrong with doing both? CT before work, Sauna after work.

    The Saunas also release Heat Shock Proteins, which do a myriad of things for the body. One of them is increasing Growth Hormone by massive amounts. Something you may want to do with your debilitating bones.
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  8. I hear you with the pissing in the wind...........

    But something I've learned lately is that kind of thought process may lead to you being Extra Stressed while in a nnEMF environment. Thoughts RAISE Cortisol too. As much as the nnEMF is a REAL problem, you don't want to be adding extra effect by thinking every time you go into work "my bones are getting destroyed today".

    All of the things I'm mentioning here are to buy you more time, and make your time in London easier while you figure out how to leave. It may take a while before you can get the cash and the set up to move...
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  9. but we will get out, 100%... New Zealand looks good man
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  10. Antonis

    Antonis Free diving

    Thailand will be good as long as you consider population density. It's tropics man.
  11. Michalis

    Michalis New Member

    Yes i actually read about it already. Getting stressed about being stressed. I admit that sometimes i cant see a way out of this situation and i get low.. Nutrition, avoiding blue light and some hacks helps to raise dha and dopamine etc. But it is all about mindset in the end of the day.. We need the substrate which is good food and good light environment and then we need to work with the mind.. As i said in a previous post it is an uphill battle sometimes.
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  12. Phosphene

    Phosphene Gold (finally)

    Pig trotters... :D

    If I had your condition I’d be making and chugging that bone/fish broth by the gallon, with heaps of turmeric, and a little vinegar to help leach all the goodness. A pressure cooker speeds up the process a bit, or a slow cooker is easy if if you don’t mind your flat redolent 24/7.

    Curious to hear more of how your stem cell treatment goes. I know it’s an option for MS as well. Not sure if it’s just pissing in the wind for my friend...
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  13. drezy

    drezy New Member

    I think I'm getting stressed out about you getting stressed out about being stressed out.

    Oh my where does it all end!
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  14. Michalis

    Michalis New Member

    It is like looking deep into a mandelbrot fractal! :)
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  15. Michalis

    Michalis New Member

    I do have a lot of broth, at least 2 cups per day... cant do more as i feel it is really potent... I get a weird sensation from it.. like a high or something or it could be the flashbacks of my past acid tests haha .. but it might be all the seaweed i throw in ... It definitely has impact... However i dont get any gout like issues i had with the oysters.. I cant have it in the evening though as it will keep me up. Cant sleep...
    I slow cook it... After doing it the first time it is easy... Just throw everything in , set to the lowest heat and go to bed. I cook it 12-16 hours... I havent tried to do more... I would not use a pressure cooker as the pressure and high heat might destroy the nutrients..

    There is lots of vinegar in the broth and i use colliander and lime..

    Bonus: my poop goes straight down like a rock so i can only assume i am depleting deuterium.

    As for stem cells i did a Regenexx procedure.. They injected my tibia and femur where the bone edema is with my stem cells.. And on my right knee the ACL and the ligaments too... I partially torn my ACL after a bike accident last year.. So it is a waiting game.. i am off to Thailand for a month again to give them some boost and relax...I need all the sun i can get this time..
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  16. drezy

    drezy New Member

    I've been informed by previous managers that I don't look worried ("enough" being implied).

    My favorite was "Look at you sitting like that!" Apparently I sat too alpha for him and wasn't hand wringing.

    I think appearing stressed can be built into the workplace like a religious ceremony. Not looking worried enough can raise suspicion and pitchforks. I'm apparently very bad at it.

    +20 points for standardized test word

    Very much so.
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  17. Michalis

    Michalis New Member

    I keep wondering though... Bone Edema.. Is that water trapped in the bone full of deuterium because of mitochondrial dysfunction on that particular tissue because of mechanical + past leptin issues ?!!
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  18. Totally agree with this.

    I've started listening to "consciousness" books, basically self-help, and learning to "relax and release" when your Voice in your head starts to pull you towards negativity. So any angry or jealous or fearful thoughts, you have to detach and become aware of them. That is the premise of the book, and detach from my voice in my head which is leading to a negative view of my life. The book says, "stop trying to change the external environment, and change the internal". I've started using this, because despite gains in my health, I have this inner sense of an unhappy feeling some days.

    Now look at that paragraph above with Kruse glasses on... In nature, in the Sun, as a member of the Hazda Tribe, would you get these feelings? Would you need to do this relax and release technique to get through your day? Do the lions and tigers and gazelles need to do this?

    It makes sense, why millions of Londoners/ New Yorkers etc. are all buying these books, taking up Yoga and Meditation, going Vegan, and trying to go spiritual etc. Because their environment is making their subconscious go "FUCK THIS SHIT". But, they don't want to or can't leave that place, they are conditioned. So these books are actually training them to TOLERATE the situation even more, and stay in their nnEMF hell hole and be obedient little idiots some more.

    My view, is that using this book has helped me feel better here the last couple days. And I think I will use it for the remainder of my time here. But I am also aware, that perhaps I'm getting angry because in truth I'm totally unhappy with the situation and the environment, and that these thoughts are there to protect me, just like if a Tribal Hazda saw a hurricane coming and got stressed by that - he would get the fuck out. Except, I'm just sitting in it.
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  19. Michalis

    Michalis New Member

    I agree. As i currently work for a publisher i get to take a lot of books. There are a lot of them that i have read with exactly this underlying theme/pattern... Basically detach from the thought that is creating the problem. Or between the thought and the action there is a few miliseconds space , however if you train your mind (and obviously if you have fed the substrate well) that split second expands massively in subjective terms, so you can change your action. Subsequently you can cope in this hostile environment. Makes you cope for years, build a succesfull career, endure assholdes etc until you get cancer in the end or eventually get fried by emf while staying put.
    I am not disregarding those practices.. Actually they are very usefull and we all need them to cope in this climate but there is a deeper level of things which is assesing what why do things and what is actually good.Those practices are ancient.. People in Asia have been using them for thousands of years.Mindfullness is an amazing tool.

    Also, Ancient Greeks were the first in the west talking about "Phronesis". Think before you act.. There are may of these JK memes that are very similar to what ancient Greeks have already said. It is knowledge you won't get in school but it is known things, there are not very popular though , they are not mainstream like Rihana.. You need to either go to uni to study it or have a zest for this kind of knowledge.

    I think Epicureanism is really an antidote for what we are currently living. But people get it wrong. They think that Epicureanism has to do with lust and gluttuny and indulging which is completely wrong. Actually Epicurus was Democritus' pupil and in contrast with Plato that was talking about his airy-fairy stories, Epicurus told that the world is actually QUANTIZED. 2000 years ago.
    Last edited: Oct 18, 2018
  20. Michalis

    Michalis New Member

    I got my Deuterium results in :

    Breath 144.5 (Sub-optimal)
    Saliva 136.5 (Sub-optimal)

    ATP Production Factor Breath 22.4% (Sub-optimal)

    Depletion Factor Breath & Saliva -5.9% (At risk) <-might explain the rapid decline of my health. I am just not regenerating most likely.

    So that basically means to me i am not depleting deuterium on a satisfactory rate for optimal health , i am actually accumulating it. And my Krebs Bicycle could be shot. London hell.
    Last edited: Oct 24, 2018
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