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My Journal

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by Michalis, Oct 21, 2016.

  1. Michalis

    Michalis New Member

    So today i went to see the doctor in the hospital for my knees. Both knees.. The appointment was booked 6 months ago.. You gotta love NHS...

    So I was told i need a partial knee replacement for my left knee.... F*** me sideways ..

    For the right knee, that i injured after falling off my bicycle now, I know i have a partially torn ACL (had mri privately because was freaking out) .I didn't tell the doctor because i wanted to see if he is keen to investigate .. I told him all the problems i got with it and the symptoms and that i feel something feels that is torn in there... He told me not to worry as it is probably some scar tissue... I asked him about stem cells and i heard the good old no evidence talk. So i thanked him and left.. The system is super flawed and some doctors follow the script and don't deviate ..

    I have spoken to a Regenexx provider in Belgium and he has actually seen both of my knee MRI and said he might be able to help. Still looking for info on how deuterium ties with the whole thing.. i haven't made the connection yet. I know sunshine helps depleting deuterium from what i hear in the podcasts and definitely grounding helps for the currents of regeneration to occur in the bone... But how this is tying altogether i still got no clue... I am sure that having a stem cell treatment and being in the emf hell hole i live is not going to let the stem cells proliferate and do the job.. I need to make a boat load of money to have the treatment and fly straight to some place south. And my new job pisses me off so much already... But that's another story

    Guys and galls is there any specific podcasts i need to get from patreon webinars to help connect the dots? pretty tight on the budget right now but can do one or 2 one offs...
  2. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    No guarantee but get the biggest 660nm and put it over your knees.
    As many hours as you able.
    Wait about a week, see if it works.
    It works from time to time on my left thumb joint.
    (it lasts for some time,
    then wears out.)
  3. Antonis

    Antonis Free diving

    Haha, thats good. I may need to contact you again.
  4. Michalis

    Michalis New Member

    Thanks Janz, i got an infra & red combo.. I have used it in the past without much of success.. I could give it another go..
  5. Michalis

    Michalis New Member

    So i left my work contract and jumped in into a new one... The previous was doing my head as i was getting micromanaged... I don't have patience for these kind of shenanigans as my stress levels skyrocket and i want to go ballistic sometimes..

    I have ended up in the heart of the City of London again.. I landed on a great IT environment to learn new systems but extremely unhealthy.. i can feel the bloody WiFi..by the end of the day i feel like a roasted chicken. "nnemf alters collagen and alters water" i read on the forum/blog so i think this is where my connective tissue fails. Why all my joints have started clicking out of the blue.. I get the wifi in the office and the rest of the avalanche in server rooms..

    I am now seriously thinking to save up as much until August that my contract runs out. Then sell all my stuff and go somewhere sunny for as much i can afford it.. Haven't got much stuff really, bits and pieces as i say less possessions - less obsessions.

    But i feel i haven't got much time left and I just don't want this to be a dice roll. I am sure i got dopamine issues due to non sun exposure and i have been getting into a really dark place inside me sometimes... I feel my body completely crippled and things break constantly..Literally... I just don't know if it worths the hustle to stay here and try to fix my knees.

    I have seen how my mum has ended up and how her body has been failing and knowing that i carry her mtDNA terrifies me... If she has gotten all these problems in Crete which is pretty sunny the future is bleak for me and always thinking with the environment/epigenetics in mind. I have to be at least at the tropics from what i read here. I am coming to the conclusion U1a1 haplotype along with a homozygous VDR taq snp calls for the tropics.

    Even if I like computers i find myself more and more stuck in front of a bloody monitor at work and now confined at home as my body is failing.Cant do much, even in Thailand i struggled a lot.. This is not life, this is literally non-life. I have to concentrate on the short term and fix myself and then maybe look into the long term if i make it to the long term of course.

    I am super perplexed, i just don't want to make a silly move while my body is failing. I don't care about making money i care about day to day function and survival as this is in stake now but money is needed to get that plane and go and also have a backup plan too in case things don't work out.
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  6. Michalis

    Michalis New Member

    (moving this here as i think it is better to keep everything in one thread)
    I got some labs done and still waiting for my HS-CRP though.
    It seems that i got low DHEA (bad environment , no sun) high o6/o3 ratio which seems pretty bad and high SHBG. Also very low Folate! My waking up cortisol seems trashed too as it is borderline low.
    Light and EMF issues for sure there.

    I am currently reading the forum and blogs correlating things but i would like some help as i could be missing things. As i have written on my journal i work in IT in London.. No sun. No exercise because of injuries and currently very low moods as i cant move very much. Joints failing constantly.

    No CT or big BAB at the moment. Motivation trashed too and i feel like Syshyphus..

    Results below:

    Kidney Function

    SODIUM 144.4 mmol/L 135.00-145.00
    UREA 6.3 mmol/L 1.70-8.30
    CREATININE 98 umol/L 66.00-112.00
    ESTIMATED GFR 78.51 60.00-250.00 Normal range: >60
    BUN/CREATININE Ratio 15.9 I think i am a little dehydrated.

    Liver Function

    ALKALINE PHOSPHATASE 65 IU/L 40.00 - 129.00
    ALANINE TRANSFERASE 25.6 IU/L 10.00 - 50.00
    CK 152 IU/L 38.00 - 204.00
    GAMMA GT 11 IU/L 10.00 - 71.00
    BILIRUBIN 9.4 umol/L 0.00 - 20.00


    TOTAL PROTEIN 69.8 g/L 63.0 0-83.00
    ALBUMIN 46 g/L 34.00 - 50.00
    GLOBULIN 23.8 g/L 19.00 - 35.00

    Bone Health

    CALCIUM 2.49 mmol/L 2.20 - 2.60
    CORRECTED CALCIUM 2.37 mmol/L 2.20 - 2.60


    URIC ACID 296 umol/L 266.00 - 474.00


    HBA1C (MMOL/MOL) 23.38 mmol/mol 20.00 - 42.00

    Iron Status

    IRON 20.8 umol/L 10.60 - 28.30
    T.I.B.C 48.5 umol/L 41.00 - 77.00
    TRANSFERRIN SATURATION 42.89 % 20.00 - 55.00
    FERRITIN 115 ug/L 30.00 - 400.00

    Cholesterol Status

    TRIGLYCERIDES 0.7 mmol/L 0.00 - 2.30
    CHOLESTEROL * 6.21 mmol/L 0.00 - 4.99
    HDL CHOLESTEROL * 1.62 mmol/L 0.90 - 1.50
    LDL CHOLESTEROL * 4.27 mmol/L 0.00 - 3.00
    NON-HDL CHOLESTEROL * 4.59 mmol/L 0.00 - 3.89


    B12 - Active 138.000 pmol/L 37.5 – 188
    FOLATE (SERUM) * 2.48 ug/L 2.91 - 50.00
    25 OH VITAMIN D 92.5 nmol/L 50.00 - 200.00
    1 25(OH)2 Vitamin D3 91.0 pmol/L 48 - 192


    MAGNESIUM 0.89 mmol/L 0.60 - 1.00

    Essential Fatty Acids

    ARA OMEGA-6/EPA OMEGA - 3 RATIO * 12.56 1.50 - 3.00 <<HIGH!

    Thyroid Function

    FREE THYROXINE 16.6 pmol/L 12.00 - 22.00
    TOTAL THYROXINE(T4) 94.7 nmol/L 59.00 - 154.00
    FREE T3 4.57 pmol/L 3.10 - 6.80

    Thyroid Antibodies

    THYROGLOBULIN ANTIBODY <10 IU/mL 0.00 - 115.00


    D.H.E.A. SULPHATE 2.900 umol/L 0.44 - 13.40 <--seems super low according to Blogs
    FOLLICLE STIM. HORMONE 6.64 IU/L 1.50 - 12.40
    LUTEINISING HORMONE 5.84 IU/L 1.70 - 8.60
    TESTOSTERONE 27.5 nmol/L 7.60 - 31.40
    FREE-TESTOSTERONE(CALCULATED) 0.365 nmol/ L 0.30 - 1.00
    SEX HORMONE BINDING GLOB* 69.4 nmol/L 16.00 - 55.00 HIGH
    FREE ANDROGEN INDEX 39.63 Ratio 24.00- 104.00
    17- BETA OESTRADIOL 44.4 pmol/L 0.00 - 191.99 <--HIGH for Male?
    PROLACTIN 95.6 mIU/L 86.00 - 324.00 Low?

    CORTISOL (SALIVA) WAKING 6.240 nmol/L 6.00 - 21.00
    CORTISOL (SALIVA) 12:00 3.550 nmol/L 1.50 - 7.60
    CORTISOL (SALIVA) 16:00 3.050 nmol/L 0.00 - 5.49
    CORTISOL (SALIVA) BEFORE BED <1.5 nmol/L 0.00 - 1.99
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  7. Michalis

    Michalis New Member

    this seems extremely relevant to my labs


    Cortisol is trashed so it indicated a previous spike and possible burnout.
    Low cortisol = low melatonin = epithelial cancers = LR i read

    So i might well be Leptin Resistant...I really cant say from the mirror..i have ended up with a lot of loose skin. However i do get the munchies constantly so most likely LR.

    Body composition is not really great any more.. High omega6/3 ratio makes it more difficult. I stopped eating nuts with immediate effect ... i was eating nuts every single day.

    Low DHEA seems to indicate that IL-6 is up.
  8. Antonis

    Antonis Free diving

    I believe you definitely need to change the environment man. If Cyprus is bad environment, imagine UK.
  9. Michalis

    Michalis New Member

    I need to man.. and ASAP... Looking into it right now and a bit on panic mode. Gάυdοs island might be a solution... population density 90 bodies in the winter..
    It would be definitely better than London even with the naval radars passing...
  10. Antonis

    Antonis Free diving

    It will be better option for the beginning I think and then you decide again somewhere tropical
  11. Michalis

    Michalis New Member

    Got my HS-CRP results back. Seems low but can do better maybe.

    CRP - High sensitivity 0.6 mg/l 0.0 - 5.0 Optimal should be 0.5 or lower...

    I am sure that there is more than meets the eye on my tests. Anyone that is better making any associations please help!

    What bothers me is the low DHEA and low folate.

    Ideally i should not take supplements but i think i need to supplement l-methylfolate to buy me some time for now ... I have been eating Brussels sprouts and broccoli almost every day the last few years but it seems that folate got trashed now.... which is a bit weird... I think indicates higher methylation rates...and having MTHFR A1298C rs1801131 GG +/+ doesn't seem to help very much. Is heteroplasmy rising in if methylation rates are higher?
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  12. Theka

    Theka New Member

    It sounds like you know your answer. While Crete is better than London, if it isn't enough you run out of EU places. There is a great Greek community in Panama and I know some came from Crete. Maybe it would work.

    We are in a similar place. I am U5B2A2 and while my husband has been trying to get a job with Enisa in Heraklion, it isn't enough, just better than Germany.
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  13. Michalis

    Michalis New Member

    Currently trying to work out how to move and disengage from London.It is constantly in my mind day and night. Putting money aside. I am having a stem cell treatment for my knees in August and then i need to get the hell out with the money i have left. It is pretty hard and lonely journey.
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  14. drezy

    drezy New Member

    As long as it doesn't end like every Oregon Trail game:

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  15. Michalis

    Michalis New Member

    In leptin reset at the moment, eating a lot of seafood every morning and try to sleep early everyday now. Had a month of full sun exposure while unemployed at London but dont think it has been enough. OBVIOUSLY

    Started a new work contract 2 weeks ago.I will be spending my hard earned money to oysters and salmon and the stem cell treatment for my osteoarthritis.

    My previous work contract got royaly screwed by these political animals i was working with and my plan to have stem cell treatment and leave for a sunny place for at least some time went down the drain. Logistics and funds screwed.

    The amount of non-work productive work that is going on in corporations is mad.. To survive in such environments you need to make sure you dont stand out..

    Anyway, After my first week in the office i feel i need more coffee again but resisting. Also feel like i am putting weight on. Because i am in the contractor game sometimes i get work downtime so i can definitely say the difference when i dont work in an office.. i am definitely better when i dont.

    Generally my health deteriorating : Connective tissue + ostoarthritis spreading everywhere and extreme fatigue.
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  16. drezy

    drezy New Member

    I always get a kick out of how I eventually appreciate what I called front stabbers. In a room full of backstabbers the front stabber that will tell you to your face that they don't like you, your attitude, or your approach ends up seeming like a pretty OK person. I've been in situation where after someone said exactly that to me and stormed off my only comment was "I like that guy."
  17. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    Calcium score test
    Max time outdoor, naked, any time of the day
    Spectracell Micronutrient Analysis
    Spectrecell lipid analysis (it contains homocysteine)
    DUTCH test
    Lots of variety of indoor lamps

  18. Michalis

    Michalis New Member

    Thanks Jansz, you are spot on about the tests, if could afford all these tests i would have done yesterday... Right now i am spending the cash on wild caugh salmon and oysters .. will reset and see when i can go from there.

    By the way why do you think a Calcium Test is relevant? Is it revealing someone's heteroplasmy rate indirectly ?
  19. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    Calcium test will give you approximate number of days until you get heart attack or stroke and need stents or are put on machines like my next door neighbor.
    He is on machine for 5th year, he lives, but does not know about it.
    Whatever else that test will tell you depends on IQ, but is that much less important.

    @Jack Kruse still have not came clean about seafood.
    I obviously buy into the DHA, but seafood come with a boatload of EPA.
    All seafood, except oysters.
    Note that Jack have a special place for oysters.
    As far as I can tell, oysters is the only food in seafood category that have more DHA then EPA.
    Live oysters are very expensive. Buy canned Korean oysters are very inexpensive.
    Cousin of my in-law had his fishing day spoiled.
    Nothing that few stents would not patch.


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  20. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    New item in my Costco.
    2 lb, 10 pieces inside. So each piece 3.2oz.
    Little to much meat but ok.
    Taste ok.
    $11.99 for 2lb
    Comparing, in my Polish store I have to pay $10/lb of pure sal.

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