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My Journal - Light at the end of a tunnel...

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by PJP71, Aug 5, 2018.

  1. PJP71

    PJP71 Silver

    Additional things I thought I would mention:

    I practice intermittent fasting 5 days a week. Usually from 6pm to 12pm or later the following day.
    I work as a Computed Tomography Technologist
    This year I started wearing prescription glasses when reading or using computer. The lenses are anti-blue light but not sure how much they block. Purchased them at Costco.
  2. Jenelle

    Jenelle Evolving

    (copied and pasted response I made elsewhere on the forum recently)

    ~ if you want a detailed discussion of what's going on with your labs, I think your best bet is going to be to look into an actual consult with Dr. Kruse. I believe you can do that by clicking on the "contact us" button.

    Otherwise, it will be sifting through the giant amount of information available at your fingertips ~ in his book, the forum, and all of the resources you've now gained through Gold membership. Fitting pieces together like a puzzle.

    Perhaps he will comment on your labs here ~ perhaps he will not. But in an actual consult 1:1 I imagine you'd get a ton of valuable information about what some of these lab values may mean in your particular context.

    Some of the best tips I can give you while navigating the forum and all of this new information:

    1) Pay attention to what you see Dr. Kruse himself say. Do not look at information from other members and assume it is correct and in line with his thinking. Some of it is, some of it is not ~ and you will do well to remember that. When something sparks an idea in your mind, it sounds good to you, and you want to know more about it ~ google whatever it is along with "Jack Kruse" and see what you find.

    2) I think almost everyone comes here eager for answers and wanting to make changes right away. There are changes that can be made right away, and cost you nothing. They are foundational to everything else you will learn. Get the basics down before you start diving down other deep rabbit holes. For example: really, what good is trying to learn all of the details about deuterium ~ if you are still staying up way past dark, and sleeping in past sunrise?

    3) Keep in mind this is a marathon, not a sprint. It's a journey. This place is different from pretty much everything else you have come across ~ meaning, no one is going to give you a list of foods you can/can't eat, a list of supplements you must take, etc. Seldom will you see someone say "you must do this" and if you do, and it isn't Dr. Kruse ~ question it. No one is going to make promises like, "such and such happens in 30 days!" Things are very individual here ~ as we are all unique individuals. There will be no quick fix. Optimal is not a place where you arrive one day and say, "okay, I'm here!" It's a lifelong commitment to being the best human you can be, and your view of optimal will be forever changing.
  3. PJP71

    PJP71 Silver

    @Jenelle, Thanks for the tips. Everything you said is completely my mindset. I realize things will take some time. That being said I would like to implement the basics as quickly as possible. I remember you mentioned getting water form a reverse osmosis source and @Joyfun mentioned Berkley Filter (her reply to this thread doesn't show up anymore for some reason?) For simplicity, I was trying to find a refrigerator filter that removes fluoride. No luck as of yet. I suppose I could get bottled water but aren't BPAs a concern?

    So on the basics list:
    I'm doing pretty good with the AM sunlight.
    Looking for filter or simplest source of un-flurodinated water.
    Need to start dipping my toes into CT.
    I've never had a taste for seafood but need to find ways of getting more DHA in my diet.
    Am I missing anything here? Does anyone have any recommendations on these?
  4. Jenelle

    Jenelle Evolving

    Believe it or not ~ the purified water bottles from Aldi are RO and say "BPA-free". Yes, I'm sure there are other things in the water bottles that will kill us. No, we don't drink them all day every day. But I've got 3 kids in sports & I am dealing with limited (ha) finances and real life every day here ~ so... that's what we buy for now. *At home* and for the majority of the time ~ we have the big 5-gallon hard plastic jugs which are also BPA-free. I was delighted to know that the water we've been refilling with for the past 15 years is RO. Prior to that, we lived in the country and had well water with a RO filter system.
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  5. PJP71

    PJP71 Silver

    Ah, good to know about the Aldi bottled water being BPA free as well. There is a location in town that has opened recently.
  6. Hi there! I use a Berkey at home too -- but its not the most optimal solution. From what I have read the only 100% way to get all fluoride out is with RO or distillation. The Berkey uses activated alumina which does remove some fluoride, but in optimal conditions (a specific pH) it only gets out something like 96%. Unfortunately, most tap water isn't in that narrow range of optimal pH level so you are left with an even more reduced percentage of fluoride removal.

    When we buy a home we will probably get an RO system installed, but until then I am considering getting a few glass carboys and filling them with RO water at the store.
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  7. PJP71

    PJP71 Silver

    @countingstarsx Thanks for that info. I was able to find some bottled water at Costco that is fluoride and BPA free. Also there are some places I can get RO water in a refillable container like @Jenelle. Would love to have a RO system but will look into that later as we may be moving in the near future.
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  8. PJP71

    PJP71 Silver

    4 consecutive days waking without alarms and getting AM sun while grounding in the grass. Usually around 30 minutes. Unfortunately, for the next 2-3 day I won't be able to do that because of my work schedule. I will however try to step outside whenever possible in the AM, etc. I also picked up some RO water which I will bring. Need to work on ways of getting more DHA in my diet.
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  9. PJP71

    PJP71 Silver

    Past 2 days at work I was able to go outside around 730am and get around 15 minutes of AM sunlight. I've also been drinking the RO bottled water. Noted this morning that I had dreams last night and some the night before, which doesn't happen often for me.

    This made me start thinking more about sleep and looking into the Magnetico pads. They are a bit pricey though. Also read some good reviews on the Earthpulse. If anyone has experience with these, please share.
  10. Jenelle

    Jenelle Evolving

    It's great how the small changes start adding up & before you know it ~ there's been a big change! :)

    Sorry I don't have any help on the magnetico etc. I got as far as putting our mattress on the floor... husband didn't like it with his back issues, so it's back up high. :( I know there are a lot of discussions here about it, but for now it's on the "future wish list".
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  11. PJP71

    PJP71 Silver

    I slipped up reading on my computer too late a few nights ago and payed the consequences getting very poor sleep. Problem is after 7pm is part of the only time I have to read on the forum. I wear anti blue light prescription glasses but they apparently don't block it all> I guess I need to look into glasses that go over mine.
  12. PJP71

    PJP71 Silver

    I bought some uvex glasses to wear over my prescription glasses. I've been using those the 1 or 2 hours I am able to get in each night trying to research before bedtime. I've been trying to make the most of my Gold membership and do my due diligence on my concerns and trying to getting up to speed, but that seems to be leading me off on tangents. Just trying to find which general labs to get done for a baseline has been very difficult. Honestly, I am getting a bit frustrated. JanSz recommended some (much appreciated) which I will probably end up using unless I can find some type of other "offical list". I signed up for the Biohacking e course which states it will tell us labs to get done haven't seen that info as of yet. If anyone can point me in the right direction, I would be grateful.
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  13. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Do you have Jack's book? he talks about labs etc. there. Jack's book is the first few years of the blog.

    Have you watched Jack's 3 Vermont talks? they are extremely important. Do you listen to all Jack's podcasts? they are a great way to get fast and easier info if the science is too over your head - like it is for me.

    Honestly ....the three legged stool is where it is at ........light, water and magnetism. These are fundamentals to live by.

    BTW .... please post a pic /avatar of you. Jack [and all of us] like to see who we are talking too.
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  14. PJP71

    PJP71 Silver

    Hi @caroline , thanks for chiming in.

    I don't have the book, but thought I would be able to find that info here somewhere with my Gold membership.

    I have watched the 2016 and 2017 Vermont talks. Is there a 2018? Haven't heard and podcasts. Honestly, I've been trying to read/watch as much as I can but between work and helping take care of my young daughter, it has been quite challenging unless I go back to late night binge reading/watching on the computer.

    I have been doing pretty good about getting morning sunlight while grounding....drinking RO water and wearing uvex glasses later in the day.

    My avatar is a pic of me and my daughter. I don't really have any head shots, but will try to find something.

    I was trying not to bombard the forum or Ask Jack with countless questions by searching on my own....but I guess that is part of what my membership is for.

    I'll look into picking up the Epi Paleo Rx book. Maybe replace my after work computer research with that.
    Last edited: Aug 26, 2018
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  15. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    if you are a gold member the 2018 Vermont talk should be available to you. All the podcasts are outstanding - I think there is a list of them on your dashboard......

    Of course all the info is here ......but it is pretty hard to get caught up for a newbie.

    There is a gold FB membership .....maybe ask mission control about that. But - that is just one more thing to look at!

    there is a great youtube event with Jack and Jeremy from last December.....see if you can track that down. It was $19.00 as I recall. That is one of my very favourites ....but, of course, I adore Jeremy [and Jack too]
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  16. Phosphene

    Phosphene Gold (finally)

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  17. PJP71

    PJP71 Silver

    Noticed this on the pdf:
    "If you would like Dr. Kruse to do an email lab consult with you to recommend which labs you should start with, you may sign up for an email lab consult. (Note: you must be a Silver or Gold Klub member to get an email lab consult."

    Is this accurate?
  18. PJP71

    PJP71 Silver

    Cross posted this in the cave:
    I've been a gold member about a month. Went to make a post in ask Jack but it says I have insufficient privileges. Also noticed that my avatar still says new member. Tried to send a support ticket but it asked me to sign in again and doesn't recognize my password I have been using and still can use to log into Klub dashboard. What can I do?
  19. PJP71

    PJP71 Silver

    Since I was at work earlier, I forgot it was a holiday weekend. Jack clued me in and slapped me back into reality in my other thread in the cave.:rofl::thumbsup:
    All in good time. I hope everyone has a great weekend!
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  20. PJP71

    PJP71 Silver

    I posted this in Optimal Labs as well but figured I would put it here too so I can add to my progression. Any constructive feedback is appreciated.

    I bought the ZRT labs Adrenal stress from Amazon. This test uses saliva to measure both DHEAS levels and cortisol at different times during the day. Here are my results:
    Last edited: May 7, 2019

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