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My Journal - hormonal imbalances and low blood pressure

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by Sun-sybarite, Apr 29, 2017.

  1. Sun-sybarite

    Sun-sybarite New Member

    You are right there are lots of such buildings in the city. Before this I live in detached houses on the ground level but still had many wi-fi around. In this building now for the last few months I've noticed at night all of them switch off their routers so no wifi signal. I don't know why. Its a small apartment building not too overcrowded maybe 20 tenants.

    That still leaves cell tower signals though. I have bad cell reception in my room which I always used to get irritated about as I had to crack open the window to make or receive a call. But maybe thats a blessing,lol. I have asked a couple of companies for quotes on anti-EMF window curtains as it seems to me most of the signals comes in through them. Apparently they also sell anti-Radiation bed canopies - suggested for pregnant women - which maybe can consider down the road.

    @WalterNL, thank you for bringing this to my attention about the water! I think I am what you call late to the party. I researched the water quality here and it appears we have some excess fluoride, nitrates and arsenic in drinking water. Totally shocked, and feel a bit like an ignoramus. I was only worried about the chlorine( as we can smell it) but had no awareness of the other pollutants. It appears clean drinking water is a bit of a myth:( Reverse Osmosis systems are not cheap, but I am saving up for it, also I have to convince my family, they are not ones for change especially when it doesn't seem urgent, but I care too much for my health. I am also painting myself regularly with iodine which in retrospect is a good thing.

    I had bone broth twice this week, tasted so good.
    Have installed flux on the desktop, thanks.

    I have ordered the amber glasses to wear over my prescription ones and am excited to try it. Hope no one looks at me weird though, not too many people wear 2 glasses at the same time,lol.

    I am doing facedunking, maybe on alternate days( somedays this week I was so exhausted I fell asleep abruptly) before bedtime and getting good sleep. Doing regular earthing. Doing exercise with small weights for posture - I have that forward neck posture going on and weak back muscles.

    The magnetico sleep pad sounds interesting but maybe too prohibitive for me given the exchange rates and shipping charges. There are magnetic pads available here too but I don't think they're the same as mentioned by Dr.K.

    Its also very hot here, I'm craving lots of fruits. I have maybe one meal a day, eggs, and some fruit and juices - mangos, water melon - the rest of the time. Having butter as it will help my cholestrol.

    My blood pressure was weird for a couple of days -around 108-87 - had mild headache.
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  2. Beristere

    Beristere New Member

    Hormonal problems are often caused by the thyroid gland, which secretes varying amounts of hormones. This problem is more and more common among women, so it is recommended that they give tests at least once a year to check the condition of the thyroid. Low blood pressure is closely related to lifestyle, and of course, it is related to your hormonal instability. Your body cannot interpret these changes, and your heart rate decreases. Patients also face skin problems, which is why ipl skin rejuvenation is necessary.
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