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My High Level Overview: Light, Water & Magnetism

Discussion in 'The Cave' started by kris90, Jul 18, 2017.

  1. kris90

    kris90 New Member

    Lately, after dinner, when I sit outside on my deck watching the sun set and enjoying a glass of malbec, I've been taking out my notepad, and wanted to share some of my thoughts:

    -IR-A light builds an EZ in water, UV expands the EZ
    -The eye slows down sunlight to make things with mass & structure
    -Light in the eye must be slowed as it travels peripherally through the body (eye clock must run faster than peripheral clocks)
    -UV light is important for signalling. Tightly coupled = signalling (run from lions), Loosely coupled = less signalling, more heat (stay warm)
    -Strong light tunnels electrons across ETC, increasing DC electric current (increased ATP, making more water to bind to proteins & unfold them)

    -Cold/Dark increases magnetism via increased oxygen tension
    -Oxygen is paramagnetic, so increased oxygen uptake in cold/dark = increased electron tunneling (fat burning) via increased magnetic flux in mitochondria
    -More electrons = more chemically reduced = less ATP, more heat = less ROS for signalling
    -Cold expands water, IR light is released from mitochondria to shrink water, bring respiratory proteins together, further improving electron tunneling

    -Forms a battery when irradiated by IR light
    -Battery is further charged by UV light
    -Provide the free electrons to drive 100,000 biochemical reactions per second in every cell
    -Natural faraday cage to nuclei in cells, protecting and inhibiting nuclear genome activity
    -Made by the mitochondria via electron tunneling (i.e. cellular respiration)

    Basically, life originated from the sea. When we stole a mitochondria hundreds of millions of years ago, we brought the sea inside the cell. Therefore, the goal of life is to maintain that sea (cytosolic water). This is the water that surrounds the nuclei, to protect the integrity of our DNA. The mitochondria makes the water via tunneling electrons. Electrons are driven by light and/or magnetism.

    That being said, to me, the goal is using light and/or magnetism (interchangeably) to maximize our mitochondria's ability to make water. In summer, we just needed to soak up the strong sunlight, and be as grounded as possible to collect the free electrons. In fall, we needed the mismatch of light slowing down in our environment relative to photoelectrically created energy (food/carbs). The mismatch slowed the central clock relative to the peripheral clocks, triggering insulin to slow down the light from carbs to create mass (fat). Basically, in fall, electron tunneling slows to make mass (E=mc2). Then in winter, when trees stopped making food for us (CHO), they become more chemically reduced by releasing more O2. This increased O2 tension in us, and increased electron tunneling via increased magnetism, and we burned all our fat before spring. Spring slowly decreased O2 tension as sunlight became stronger to tunnel electrons.

    Foolproof system, until man learned to alter the environment. Fast forward to today, and we have a laundry list of interfering environmental cues that negatively impact water production in our mitochondria to maintain life:

    -Artificial light
    -Man made EMF
    -More time indoors, less time outdoors
    -Artificial heating, and poor air circulation
    -Sunglasses, clothing, sunscreen, skin products, tattoos
    -City living, industrialization/power-grid, lack of trees, car traffic/air pollution
    -Chemicals in food, water, etc

    So we need to become a mitochondriac and understand light, water and magnetism so we can biohack our environment:

    1. Move AWAY from interference factors mentioned above (hard pill to swallow for most)
    2. Increase sunlight exposure and outdoor time in an undisturbed environment (especially AM sun)
    3. Drink clean, natural spring water (EZ water)
    4. Increase magnetism (grounding is best, CT can be used to biohack)
    5. DHA (electrons, as Jack says, sunlight's "catcher's mit"
    6. Blue blockers to protect eyes, and clothing to protect skin when stuck inside
    7. Fasting when trapped inside (eating outside has always been favorable in my N=1)

    As a mitochondriac, we need to ELIMINATE first, then MITIGATE, not the other way around.

  2. kris90

    kris90 New Member

    Also, something just clicked... You cannot explain what I just explained to someone with low dopamine. Why? Because their head will explode. This was Jack's strategy with both the leptin rx and the CT protocol:

    1. Leptin Rx - all about light (he didn't even use the word light, just gave 6 steps that he knew would increase a person's quantum yield by manipulating circadian biology)

    2. CT protocol - all about magnetism

    These 2 protocols are proven to work based on the physics, and low dopamine people enjoy having written guidelines without understanding the mechanisms (they are too complex for them). If they follow the protocol(s) long enough, they get success very quickly, and begin to regain mitochondrial function thus improving their situation. This is how they raise their dopamine and become curious, and then Jack feeds them the "guts" of light, water and magnetism when they are ready to receive.

    Am I right @Jack Kruse you brilliant dude?
  3. Billybats

    Billybats New Member

    Awesome.. that's my thought.:) I am going to use this as my reference:thumbsup:
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  4. Billybats

    Billybats New Member

    lolhahahahaha..sooooooo freakin true... oh yes my head felt that way in the beginning and still sometimes but getting better.
  5. Cindy Domitrovits

    Cindy Domitrovits Gold Member

  6. Billybats

    Billybats New Member

    I would like to add this would be great for newbies. I just thought of something, thinking back even this would have made little sense to me, but it is extremely helpful. If I didn't listen to the videos it would have been harder to understand. So to add to this for newbies that are better at more explanations in more detail, plus listening to something can connect it better then reading. I am better at listening to something if it interest me then reading, sometimes. Anyway, what you wrote helps me at this point in my mitochondriac. Thank you Kris
  7. kris90

    kris90 New Member

  8. Cindy Domitrovits

    Cindy Domitrovits Gold Member

    @Billybats Kris came to my place over lunch and we sat outside in the 35celcius heat discussing what he just posted here, he had a pad and pen and made diagrams, we had a great discussion as we always do on this subject of Light Water and Magnetism, thanks to Dr. Jack for getting us all so curious, Ive always been that way but even more so now :)
  9. Cindy Domitrovits

    Cindy Domitrovits Gold Member

    @kris90 I still hope to try an oyster some day, never say never. Had fun yesterday watching the process of splitting open the oyster and then seeing you eat it. Had never seen or sniffed one up close lol!!!
  10. kris90

    kris90 New Member

    In the words of Jack: "you need to do things that scare the shit out of you".

    Remember, you overcame the cold, and now you start and end your day with it to increase your magnetic flux. Oysters will provide you the DHA you need to get into your cell membranes so you can increase your DC electric current. You feel it in a big way.
  11. Cindy Domitrovits

    Cindy Domitrovits Gold Member

    @kris90 eating an oyster scares the shit out of me...you are lucky you have that try anything attitude...haha mind over matter, hey didn't you get your Mitochondria from me? Hopefully before the year is over I will have eaten one oyster lol!!!
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  12. Billybats

    Billybats New Member

    Oysters. ... were shall I start..lolhahaaaaa. I finally found a way to eat liver, grated into ground beef and in a beef stew sauce and some times I don't mind them with bacon and onions but have to be in the mood. Now oysters I never had raw and never had until a month ago, not much because they are let say funky to me, but I did find a way to hide them. In mash sweet potatoes. They are canned oysters.

    Now it would be awesome to have a discussion with Dr. Kruse. . Yeah yeah yeah yeah Kris I know you already did.. blah blah. .wa wa waaaaa. .lolhahaaaaa :) Lucky duck you.

    I wanted to add that when you told me to keep it simple and don't over think it I repeat that in my head when I my mind starts spinning.

    Hey Cindy you can do it:thumbsup: I wonder if raw oysters tastes better. .hmmm
  13. kris90

    kris90 New Member

    Raw oysters = magical. The water inside an oyster is literally a taste of the sea and all of its powers. If you really want to know what it feels like to capture an electron from food, eat a raw oyster.
  14. Cindy Domitrovits

    Cindy Domitrovits Gold Member

    @Billybats maybe we can meet Jack sometime soon!!! Its on my bucket list :)
  15. Billybats

    Billybats New Member

    Yesssssss. . Yep ..a bucket list must. Does he have nonmember seminars. I just read a protocol I missed and it was soooooooo dam interesting. The EPCOT RX. I have to figure out how to make the fish head smoothly. .maybe. .lol
  16. Cindy Domitrovits

    Cindy Domitrovits Gold Member

    @Billybats I think its time we become members :)
  17. Billybats

    Billybats New Member

    I would love to but I have to show my boyfriend this isn't a Billy's following another guru. How long have you been incorporating Dr. Kruse protocols.
  18. Cindy Domitrovits

    Cindy Domitrovits Gold Member

    @Billybats I would say for at least a year, I'm always learning more everyday and between my son and I we share info and questions and I read everything I can of Jack's posts and watch all the podcasts. I do the cold shower in the morning and evening before bed. I have never worn sunglasses or sunscreen, I have been fortunate to be a stay at home Mom and haven't had to work under blue light since 1988. I exercise in natural light, I have been exercising since I was 18 and I'm now 55. I rise with the sun and get as much AM sun as possible. I follow Ketogenic diet for a few years now, I do eat some carbs in the summer. I stopped wearing nail polish a while ago, I don't put anything on my skin anymore, not even perfume. I go to bed when I would need lights on so I don't have to be using them. I have blue blockers for the odd TV I watch or when on laptop. I have f.lux installed on my phone and laptop screen to block bluelight. I'm working on getting my internet hardwired instead of wireless. My son and I have bought a Coronet meter and measure our homes to continually check how things are and make adjustments. In the winter I use red lights at night if I need lights on, I think this winter I will try candles. I have a near infared light and a UV light as well for days when there is no sun. I have things I'm working on, I need to get more DHA through eating seafood, I would love to not wear makeup anymore. Maybe I need to travel in the Winter to Mexico or maybe one day relocate. I find it difficult to connect with anyone as I live and think differently than the people around me. For now I'm doing what I can and everyday is a new day!!!
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  19. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Cindy ....I am not a big fan of oysters either but I do eat them. My preferred way is lightly grilled in their shell and on a BBQ. And then a dash of melted butter and a grate of parmesan cheese .....very yummy!

    It is hard connecting to people when we live and think differently - that is why we need to change our tribe......
    Last edited: Jul 19, 2017
  20. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    My thoughts:

    Do you really know what I stand for? I stand for light, water, and magnetism and put food much further down on the list than most other people. Do you know why? Have you ever asked why I do this? I do this because my perspective as a mitochondriac is quite different than the rest. I want you to examine why I say as I do. The physics of cells is far more important than the fuel we put into a cell. If you doubt me, I want you to think about a Ferrari. Does it go 220 miles per hour because of cheap gas we put in or is the engine tuning the most important part of the equation? The physics of the organization of cells is the key to understanding how the basal metabolic rate of mitochondrion are set and this determines the life you get. The lower your basal metabolic rate the more life you get says all the metabolic scaling laws that we know about. As a neurosurgeon I know how our brain separates use from every other animal and how that scales to modern neolithic diseases. When inflammation is present in the human brain, three fundamental laws of nature are altered. This causes our blood to decrease their ability to deliver higher levels of oxygen to the neocortex below to maintain proper cognitive function. This decreased oxygen density over specific portions of the neocortex acts to limit its function, relative to other areas of the neocortex. This single event acts to uncouple’s mitochondrion in the neocortex and it raises that neuron’s basal metabolic rate. A chronic raised basal metabolic rate leads to many cerebrovascular diseases you all know about because it increases mitochondrial respiration and the amount of physiologic work a cell has to do. The problem is today in medicine they do not appreciate this fundamental linkage. You must if you are to win the battle of health. My book is beginning for this discussion. In the end, science is just a progress report of where we are now in our understanding. It is not our final destination, but it is a data point on the road to understanding to the deepest wisdom nature provides us. This is precisely how leptin resistance causes neuro-cognitive decline in humans. The CSF around the hypothalamus becomes less dense and has a higher temperature with higher levels of cytokines in it, causing us to lose of energy to the environment. We’ve know for a long time that only two things lower metabolic rate in living things, strong solar stimulus of light and cooling. That is it. The problem for medicine is that these scaling laws of energy flux have not made it into clinical textbooks of medicine yet. My book kicks that idea down. This loss of energy means less oxygen is delivered to the neurons in the hypothalamus, which is designed to work optimally when there is harmony and energy balance in humans. This is why in the EMF 2 blog post long ago, that the leptin receptor was an ‘account’ for protons and electrons. All bits of matter that make things up roughly have equal numbers of electrons and protons. The basics of what most people forget is that if this were not so, there would be an excess of positive or negative charge, and this would create a massive force pushing all the excess charge out, leaving behind a core group of neutral charges. When sunlight moves electrons in us with the energy in light waves is alters the arrangement of our bio-molecules. Different molecular arrangements have different energies associated with them. This difference in energy is how bio-molecules are quantized to light frequencies and this organized them in a very fundamental way using the electromagnetic force. Life is electric. It is photoelectric and it must be tethered to the sun to work properly. It also explains how metabolic networks became coupled to sunlight frequencies and this explains why circadian biology trumps issues around food at every levels of human biologic science. It is time you know that too. Always eliminate poor things in your environment before considering your next move. https://www.amazon.com/Epi-paleo-Rx...RR6_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1500401513&sr=1-1

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