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My bumpy road to optimal

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by kathiebu@hotmail.com, Mar 24, 2012.

  1. endless

    endless New Member

    Do you work in a high EMF environment? Wonder if that could affect your sleep at all...

    Hope you are sleeping like a baby right now!
  2. Hi Crysta! :) Nope, wasn't sleeping like a baby, night have been crapy from 1 am :(
    I do work on a computer maybe 20% of the day at work, but we don't have wi-fi...All computers are hard wired. Other than that, there's nothing in the building with high EMF, but I'll investigate and loko outside to see if there's anything that could affect me...
    Thank's for stopping by, have a nice day :)
  3. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Are you outside and grounding when you have a chance - like at lunch time?
  4. Yes I am. Mostly at home because I don't schedule lunch time at work, but might be changing that for the summer and use it to ground. Is it as effective if I do it on gravel? No grass at work, and I have to stay close. Grouding right now at home while enjoying the fresh rays of sun :)

    Slept better last night. Woke ip at one, and after turning for an hour, got up and ate...went back to bed and slept through the rest of the night! Took melatonin again last night to see if it could help, but I think I have to lower the dose because it takes me a long time in the morning to be completely awaken and myself. But it sure feels good to have slept a bit.... I'm off today and didn't have to set the alarm, so that might have played too, but at least I slept...

    Didn't add yet the Mg, I forgot the last 2 nights.
  5. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    are you avoiding eating 4 hours prior to bed?
  6. Week days, I generally do, but not on the week-ends. It rarely happens. Met with a friend last night, ate late, went to bed 2 hours later, and slept like a baby...Go understand... :/

    Did more than an hour grounding yesterday, might have helped...
  7. Slept like a baby the last three nigths. I feel so good right now.
    Met with a naturopath last week and she tought, by looking at my eyes, that I should up my T3. So I did, beginning on Wednesday, and I also upped the Pg cream a bit. I stopped the Prometrium since she told me it could me pretty hard on the liver. She also asked me to go off the melatonin, onless Im very stressed and could have difficulties falling asleep. I did took it because Im having a particulary stressed week and Im kind of afraid to not sleep if I dont take it. I'll wait until I've slept well a few more nights before I give it up.

    Still taking Uniquinol (200mg DIE) but stopped the D-Ribose until Im done with the liver detox (1 more month, for a total of 3).

    Still grouding as much as possible. Did it for 3 hours yesterday, and I've been doing it for 2 hours as I write. Having a hard time not using my phone, but at least I have no Internet and no Tv at home. I have to change the light bulbs at home, but cant find any amber ones in stores. Where do you guys buy yours? Mostly using candles at night, bit would like to change the light as well...

    Friday was my 1st anniversary of being binge/purge free. Cant believe how much i've done in the last year to improve my health and how much better I feel. I've had cravings and mini binges here and there, but nothing like before. So proud of myself. I have a lot of work to do to get even better, but I dont want to imagine where I would be if I would have continued on the path I was. I was so miserable and unhappy, im a complete different person now, I see life with new eyes and stress dont have the same impact on me anymore, I can handle it so much better!

    Gonna put the cell away now and enjoy the sun :) have a nice Sunday you all!
  8. Time for a little update...

    Sleep has been so, so lately. I'm not waking up between 1 and 3 anymore, which is good news, but now I'm waking up at 4... Been taking melatinin for a while (3 months) prior to bed, and realized this wek that it now makes me feel really bad day time until 5 or 6 pm...Stopped it yesterday and still could fall asleep easily.

    I have a hard time dosing my T3. It was to low based on symptoms a month ago, and this week I had palpitations, so I went lower again on the dose. My accupuncturist is working on sleep, and homeopath asked me to take probiotics (she says it would help with the end of night insomia, where my GI tract is overworking). I started back D-Ribose this week cause I was feeling so low energy, and will add back Vit D pretty soon. Also beeing seen by a chiropractor to help relese cervical tensions (I do sleep better when I se her). I'm really lucky to be surrounded by all those health profesionnal! We trade services, so I'm beeing treated for free, that helps!

    I know I need to manage stress, it's been a while since I did yoga, but I try to meditate every night and it helps calm dowm before bed. I moved to a new place I LOVE! Feel so great in this new appartment! It's quiet, luminous, and has a basement where I'll probably end up sleeping once I'm done setting down. I have a back yard, but since I moved it, it keeps raining and haven't done much grouding :(

    Food wise, I'm doing pretty good, but I don't feel like eating at morning. Have to force it down, but not eating much. And usualy eat too late at night.

    Lost a few pounds, now down at 136 lbs :D Can't wait to feel better and start to lift to tone up a bit, but I'm pretty happy with what I see in the miror. Abs and nice guns with no w/o, how awesome is that?? :)

    Goal for the next month: going back to CT!! Even if it's only with ice packs, that would be a start. I know that would help me, I need to kick myself in the b*** and get started!!
  9. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    You are doing so well ...I am so proud of how you are taking charge and moving forward - just awesome.

    You must be very proud of yourself - all the hard work is paying off and you are getting where you want to be...

    Being binge free and craving free is so huge - that happened to me too - yeah us!
  10. Inger

    Inger Silver

    I bet if you start forcing more food for breakfast it will kill your evening appetite? That is how I do.. I eat huge breakfast, even if I am not even hungry. And I am practically never hungry at night. Yesterday I ate dinner at 3 PM - little less that an pound of raw fish and 1 raw duck egg + lingonberries.. and as I went to bed at 10 PM I still felt perfectly satiated.. I kept thinking I should maybe eat something but no hunger there so I didn't. I was not even hungry today morning but I still had my BAB. Air dried reindeer with marrow. Yum.. I love my food so much I can always eat even if not hungry..lol Might also be a damage from my bulemia times, IDK. But good in a way that I always get a huge breakfast in! I need to be very disciplined about my food timing and choices to feel really good. I usually do not eat after 5 PM.
  11. Thank you girls!

    @Audrey: I am proud! I thought I would battle binges all my life, and it's not even in my mind anymore. It feels so good. We are awesome!! ;)

    @Inger: I usually eat late at night because of work... But I tried it this morning and had lots of fat with some protein. Just had some food for supper, and hopefully I'll be finbe until I go to bed.

    I slept so great Friday and Saturday night. Can't believe sleeping could -and should- be that awesome everynight. Its very new to me, and very welcome!! It seems that I'm too stressed week days because I don't sleep that well- if I sleep any. Need to calm down and control my thoughts when I go to bed. Saw a psychologist this morning, and through hypnosis, we'll work on that: not seing the next day as a big stress, be more positive and change my toughts about sleep. If I fall asleep right away when I go to bed, I'm fine, but if it takes too long, my mind starts wander and is all over the place, and I start to freak beacuse the time is going by and I'm still not sleeping. I can sleep, I have the proof every weekend. Now I have to do that every day. And retrain my brain. Can't wait to start! Was really disapointed because we couldn't start hypnosis this morning, but looking forward to the next appointment next week.
  12. I'm still here!! Been pretty busy, not coming here as often as I'd liked, but feeling sooooooo much better!! Sleep has improved a lot. I do sleep through much of the nights, but I've been waking up again around 5 in the last few days. Also feeling much better day time, having teriffic energy!

    Did only 2 times of hypnosis, and it really helped me deal with stress. I feel much more relax and don't focus as much on my sleep. Will do some more, but I was doing so good my therapist didn't see the need to do any more for now.

    Food wise, I'm still doing good. Had some dark chocolate 3 weeks ago and felt like crap minutes after. That was the last time I had any. The leftover is still sitting in the cupborad, which is pretty unusual for me, but I have no desire to experiment that feeling again. Same thing with eggs a few weeks ago. Had some at restaurent and felt very bad for hours afterward. I'm much more aware of the negative side effects food is doing to me.

    T3 seems to be in touch. Was having palpitations for a few weeks, and then realized it might be because the dose was too low. Upped it 2 weeks ago and palpitations are gone. That was a bit freaky!!
  13. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    You are doing awesome ...wonderful!
  14. Thank's Audrey! :)

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