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My Blog , My Journal (yourpaleohealthcare.com) & Journey to Optimal

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by Shijin13, Jul 27, 2015.

  1. Shijin13

    Shijin13 Guest

    Ohhhh they have those.... I want one...

    Holy crap did I go off last week... but it needed to happen...
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  2. Allow me...

  3. Shijin13

    Shijin13 Guest

  4. Gulfgirl

    Gulfgirl Gold

    My opinion is to not focus on building that CP number. The Control Pause used in buteyko can really hurt you if you push to increase it before you've scaled your available building blocks. I have seen this happen to very decompensated people. So when someone is in healing mode, trying to build a CP is no different than trying to train for a marathon. You're just going to trash your hard work at healing by pulling all of the resources toward the 'training / building' of the CP.

    Just like we would avoid cardio with an increased protein diet to not 'turn on' the mTOR response, we don't want to burn you up trying to increase your CP if you don't have the surplus co-factors on board....yet. So the ability to build a CP is related to the surplus of available co-factor to build NO. As you know from UBI #18 (I think that's the one) where Jack talks about nitrogen and CO2, the availability is related to light and surface. All of that is related to overall healing and progress. That was a BOOM moment for me b/c I realized how some of these therapies are really hurting people.

    At least this is the way I'm understanding it and interpreting it SO FAR. LOL.

    What I'm doing now with people who are turning their redox around is using more neuro-cranial approaches that coordinate cranial nerve function. It's a kinder gentler approach that doesn't burn you up (and in turn re-trashing your redox gains).

    That's what I was offering to Skype with you. I think the approach is a great compliment to OMT and a great replacement to Buteyko. The NCI approach builds NO only to the degree which you can provide it willingly, not pulling away from healing work. It "allows" the cranial shift, not creates another block to movement by demanding those co-factors serve the CP.

    The way the ALF works is to allow cranial suture movement, releasing the epigenetic material within the suture, which in turns feeds further symmetrical development and further movement. I love the concept of "allowing" rather than driving. It's so much more respectful to the body. Your body can only go when it's ready, willing and able. Any other approach is force, which is what traditional ortho does. It's an energetic insult to the body.
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  5. Gulfgirl

    Gulfgirl Gold

    Snap! I put my reply in the wrong place. Newbie mess up? LOL
  6. Shijin13

    Shijin13 Guest

    WOW... that's amazing... the kids have been on the ALF for 2 years.... they see the Osteo next Tues.... Last week we worked on my addressing craio-facial issues and my c1. still tight there but building... forward..
  7. Shijin13

    Shijin13 Guest

    I've been a bit negligent with my journal here, what with life and all that goes with it.

    The other day @alyson thiessen posted on facebook asking for ways to improve dopamine that got me thinking about how I've been so focused on taking care of the inside, that I've forgotten to take care of the outside too. I've been a fucking slob about taking care of my outward appearance. hair up, yoga shorts/pants and tank top if I'm not going in to work. Its gotten to the point that one I think I took one shower. Just not giving a fuck.

    And her post was a bitchslap. and it woke me up. I stopped caring about the outward package. as in I DIDN'T FUCKING CARE ONE BIT ABOUT HOW I LOOKED, IF I WAS PRESENTABLE OR NOT. And that's kinda fucked up. I was even half assing it when I'd go into work. Her post made me realize that no one is going to take me fucking seriously if I'm not at least looking put together.

    Talk about missing the whole package. fuckin' A. I may be good at what I do, but no one's going to take me seriously if I'm half assing it. Its not like I don't have good business clothes, or anything. hell I'm wearing them but I just haven't put myself together. in interviewing, they say dress for the job you want, not necessarily the job you're interviewing for, and I've done that... but I've let my professional side slide.

    If it wasn't for Alyson's post, I wouldn't have remembered how awesome it is to not only be sexy, but look sexy and care about it at the same time. This also goes for being professional and looking professional. So I booked an appointment and I got my hair cut. I got my nails done. I'm still working on prioritizing how I look and feel, on a given day. Am I working in the yard, or on the house, or working from home, Hair up, rats nest is fine. But when I'm going in to the office, or taking the kids to a doctors appointment, looking like a schlub isn't cool. So I''m working on not sabatoging my appearance. I'm a a hot woman, who's sexy as hell. I need to remember this daily - b/c It seems I've forgot it. And IME when I forget this, my libido tanks and I'm a bitch. So I'm bringing my sexy back. And I have a feeling that my sexy may include another hair cut in the future to short and sassy hair vs the long stuff I've got right now siting in a messy bun.

    Besides bringing my sexy back..... school is chugging along. Medical term is a breeze. A& P is a bit tough but I expected that. Still need to buckle down and knock out the current chapters and get them under my belt, prep for a quiz, an exam, and write a paper all this weekend (I'll be doing this out side weather permuting)

    I'm still working on dialing in on light. On the days I work from home, If the weather is sunny (regardless of temperature) I'm sitting out side working, getting sun on my eyes all day. If there's no sun I'm standing at my desk, with the black lights on. I'm still on chapter 1 of Light shaping light (I know, I know catch up). One thing I've noticed is even though the light is fading Waking up without an alarm clock is getting easier and easier. this morning 6am BAM! eyes wide open ready to go. Same is happening for the kids too. everyone is going out side to watch the sunrise. I'm having my am chaga while they're having breakfast and brushing their teeth.

    I am still struggling with coffee. Its not the actual coffee itself, but the ritual of it. This is my first week of chaga and so far so good for it filling the ritual. the coffee/caffeine is meh. Don't want it... but I want the ritual and most teas haven't filled the bill.

    On the other end of the spectrum of everything we took a short notice trip to Ohio this weekend. It was a quick in, out and shuffle off to Buffalo sort of thing. got a call that my 90yo Grandmother had a TIA and fell and broke her hip. She's now in a rehab facility/nursing home. So we took Friday and Monday off, packed up the kids to see my grandma, and their only living great grandparent.

    Seeing her was pretty sobering. My once lively and vivacious Grandma 'Ona confined to a wheelchair, limited ability to speak, coupled with hemiparesis on her right side. First thing we did was get her outside and let her sit in the sun and the kids read her stories, and poems. the kids ate lunch with her, and talked her ears off. and she'd be falling asleep during lunch. We also were able to get the full story, about what happened, and most likely she didn't have a TIA, but a stroke that caused her fall. The challenge in the diagnosis was there wasn't any evidence on the two CT scans - either because the stroke happened earlier than was thought, and that the pain of her broken hip, and her in ability to walk, led to the treating doctors to avoid looking at a stroke as the possibility. they never ran an MRI and they also never gave her anti-clotting meds - most likely b/c the stroke was diagnosed after the fact based upon degrading symptoms.

    The reality is she'll never leave the nursing home. I just don't see it happening. I'm glad both the kids and I got to see her one last time before the toll of living in a nursing home takes its toll. I asked my mom to make sure her brothers and sisters make sure Grandma 'Ona gets time in the sun every day. At least then she'll get some healing light, it may not be much but its something.

    my take away for the past several weeks - live life, own your sexy because you may only have today
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  8. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    I gotta say Gretch ....you are one smart cookie - generally speaking ..... but sometimes you are even later to the party than me!!

    I think I have a new thread in mind for us girls - something JK said to me that kinda rubbed me the wrong way ..... remember the "dress" thread where we learned so many important life lessons????

    Get yourself a pair of short, hot orange shorts and a tank top ..... It changes your life. But we do need to take the time for manicures and pedicures and a great hair style.It is something we have to do ...it has to be factored into the budget!

    How can we have any impact on others when we walk around like a shlumpadink???? I did the same for years - too many things to do ...kids, working around the clock, short on money, sleep and all the usual suspects.

    sending you a hug.....

    John got a smile on his face????
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  9. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Be open and discerning using your intuition and realize that your intuition grows as you strengthen your mind. The mind is a function of the electrons in your senses. The way to strengthen your mind is giving it things it is made up of DHA and seafood. You have gotten that message a long time. Maybe this is the day that message hits home deeper. Every time you look at your phone or this keyboard with its blue light it destroys your DHA in your brain. This limits your ability to receive messages from anyone during a talk, a meeting, sex, or any connection................disconnect to reconnect via your senses.

    Senses are the fastest way into the mitochondria to affect it via size and shape changes..........and mitochondria is where your life's reality begins. Senses alter the Angstroms between cytochromes and this changes vibrations, oscillations and the speed of electron tunneling. It also alters the ability to make ROS in a singlet or triplet state...........fundamentally.

    Electrons and light enter cytochromes...........from foods and from things we collect from the environment. UV light is purple. It is furthest from the red part of the spectrum. The directional flow is determined by water pathways on which light travels. How light goes determines the life you get.........If light flows badly, it leads to metabolic dys-regulation and an AMPK deficit which is tied to leakage of infrared light in the cytoplasm to the environment causing outward migration of mitochondria from nucleus to cell membrane cause cell to increase in size and this change in size triggers insulin resistance and nrf2 and nf kappa beta activation. This cause physical and chemical mito nuclear coapatation affect leading to redox shifted mitochondria that make singlet free radicals and tissues are destroyed and replaced by fibroblasts leading scarring and organ failure.

    Your nucleus and its proteins store UV light while you go further out to the cell membrane there is more red light. Purple and red light therefore are topologically organized in a cell making the cell a playground for photons. This causes them to be retained too. How? That light set up an electric and magnetic field that dictates where the mitochondria are in relation to the nucleus. Think ubi 5 blog. The distance is a redox function

    The charge of the nucleus and mitochondria act like the sun and planets in the solar system. Cathodes and anodes.

    Their distance remain fixed unless charge changes. Charge main variable in physics is its atomic mass. This is why size and shape alter thermodynamics so rapidly in a cell or any system. The electric and magnetic field act instant roundly at speed of light

    Atomic mass is linked to gravitational pull in any system, whether it be in the solar system or inside a cell.

    The more atomic mass the nucleus contains the more purple light bends via gravitational lensing to come toward nucleus where DNA/RNA histones and chromatin all work to store UV light. Remember that DNA/RNA is kept very folded and compact by histones and chromatin........maybe now you know why. This is how the nucleus takes advantage of gravitational lensing.

    All nucleic acids fluoresce at 340-350nm. That means their incident light has to be below this emission spectra. That is hard core UVB below 340nm........probably 260nm-300nm.

    I think we can store 260 nm and above because base pairs have unique abilities in a stacked helix. They become an exciton like a Birkland current. This delays photon emission and stores light naturally just like a star does. Macrocosm meets microcosm...........in physics and biologic organization

    The more UV light you store the more compact your DNA and RNA become limiting epigenetic activity. The more you retain UV light the more epigenetic control over genes to limit ubiquitin rates. This all leads to stable redox conditions in a cell across all dimensions..........because light, specifically the UV part of light has more DC electric current in it because it has the smallest most powerful wavelength.

    All DNA/RNA is hydrated and it is well established that the water battery in our cells (EZ) absorbs best at 270nm. Photons and electrons increase the EZ allowing more UV assimilation.................Everything fits nicely together.
    Last edited: Oct 14, 2015
  10. Atta girl....love this post......!!!!

    I agree with you...we need to 'bring it' inside and out.....post some pics :)
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  11. nicld

    nicld Gold

    You go girl not put on a pair of black knee high boots (which every woman should have) and a short cute skirt or dress and just go grocery shopping :):):):):):):):)

    I wore a black t-shirt type dress today with my black boots and tights for a customer meeting (with my skull scarf) and felt great!!!!!

    Too bad about Grandma, hopefully the sun will at least make her feel better.

    Oh and I have replaced tea for my morning coffee. I found some turmeric tea, Wild chai tea and some Roobios that is pretty darn tasty. Good luck on quitting coffee....the "habit" is the hardest part.
  12. RobH

    RobH Gold

    The elegance and complexity of this is mind-boggling and yet beautiful. The above is so clear and frankly amazing it blows me away.

    Here is a link suggesting that hemoglobin absorbs in the 300nm range, thus I imagine it can emit in that range also.


    (can't seem to post just the images)

    I found another references that all cells try to maintain a distance off 40-200um from capillaries. I'm presuming hemoglobin could then deliver not only O2 but UV light across that distance.

    I think this goes to the critical importance of surface chemistry that you have referenced as being the most important factor in life. It's all about our ability to transfer light surface to another, and some of those we don't even think of as surface -- conventional consideration of body surface are skin, mucous, membrane and gut. But, every cell, in every part of our body, no matter how deep we consider it, has a surface that can (and must) interact with light...?

    What boggles my mind then is -- how as a species we do as well as we do without more constant access to UV? Speaks well of our ability to store and utilize what little that we absorb in our lives sequestered from the sun, and how efficient we are at squeezing everything out of the UV photons we get from every source (food included), even as we get sicker and sicker from not enough of what we really need.

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  13. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    We are recycled version of our ancestors. Factor X is huge and you all never got the reason why. Now you might be.
    Capacity is why Rob. We have a huge ability to store light and we have massive mitochondrial capacity to boot.
    What Nature doesn’t forbid, will happen.
    Hemoglobin’s peak light absorption peaks at 280 mm, 420nm, 540nm and 580nm and has sharp cutoff at 600 nm. It spans the UV to IR spectrum........covers colors in between. Even plants have hemoglobins.

    Proteins in solution absorb ultraviolet light with absorbance maxima at 280 and 200 nm. Amino acids with aromatic rings are the primary reason for the absorbance peak at 280 nm. Peptide bonds are primarily responsible for the peak at 200 nm. Secondary, tertiary, and quaternary structure all affect absorbance, therefore factors such as pH, ionic strength, etc. can alter the absorbance spectrum.

    Nature presents us with a series of great opportunities brilliantly disguised as impossible situations. We are forced to take our atoms and collide them against the light we face in our daily lives. If that light is man made, you get a facade for a life.

    I told you all long ago the KT event was key to understanding Jack Kruse's perspective on things. This answer has that shot of truth in it.......
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  14. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    go back to the factor x webinar now...............re listen
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  15. endless

    endless New Member

    Audrey? Really? That's hilarious! I'm going to take an eyeliner pencil and write on my bathroom mirror 'Don't be a shlumpadink'. :p I am very guilty of walking around looking like a hot mess most of the time.
  16. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Hot is good! you do mean smoking - don't you????????
  17. Lahelada

    Lahelada New Member

    @Shijin13 Wot? No selfie? :D:p

    @caroline Shlumpadink - love itit. Made me laugh.:rofl:
  18. Shijin13

    Shijin13 Guest

    Audrey - Its not that I'm behind, its just that I put that lesson to the side and was so focused on everything else that I *forgot* that you need to take care of the whole package. I do think we need to revive that dress thread, or the start a new one....

    As for John... He does have a smile on his face. One thing we've been doing is taking time to dance, and sit and talk and cuddle as well as everything else.... ;)
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  19. Shijin13

    Shijin13 Guest

    Thanks Jack. you know what a hard headed individual I am. It takes me a while. I get the light in the eyes makes or breaks health. I've been wearing those custom blue blockers for over 4years now when ever I'm on the computer. I've changed my work schedule so on the days I go in to the office I can work outside in the sun, until 10am. On the days I'm working form home I'm sitting outside hard wired on my deck.

    Rublyth coverings in addition to iflux are on all my screens. This is the first fall transition where I've been migraine free! and its all about the light. I will be sitting my ass out side year round (rain and snow excluded). I don't care how cold I get. sun light will get on my eyes. Interesting thing... on the days I'm spending out side... hunger is not present until mid afternoon I'm eating the sun. I'm charging my battery. The more I've done this, the greater my desire to move has become. I want to run, jump, play and work out. when I walk down to pick up the kids I run an all out sprint to pick them up . It feels great. nothing more that than... I've never been a fan of fall.. but this year I'm loving it...

    things are changing and moving in different ways for me right now.... I'm different person than I was last year or 4 years ago, or 10 years ago. I'm continuing to work on my masterpiece.... part of that masterpiece is also yearning to pick up the paints again.....so I'm channeling that by coloring anatomy books....
  20. Shijin13

    Shijin13 Guest

    haha. gonna go get my hair did, and nails done for you girl... and glam it up... may even look at taking new headshots....

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